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I Could Have Sworn She Said She Was a Size 2

Posted by tinselkitty on May 23, 2011

Do you see any 2s in here? I don’t. Didn’t Jill tell Alex she was a size 2? And wasn’t it in the same breath that she used to insinuate the other ladies were most definitely NOT a size 2? Didn’t that happen? Because these are all Jill Zarin dresses being sold on ebay but there aren’t any 2s. I’m so confused!

Maybe the 2s are in the next set of dresses. Scrolling…scrolling…scrolling…

Nope. Nary a 2 in sight. I’ll be gosh darned, isn’t that just a mystery? I wonder if these are actually Jill Zarin dresses? That must be it – there must be some evildoer selling counterfeit Jill Zarin goods and maliciously listing only items that are not size 2s. I bet it’s Alex or Ramona. Those bitches.

Since I like to maintain my journalistic integrity, I bring your attention now to the measurements listed for a couple of actual size 2 dresses vs a couple of Jill’s dresses. Please note – this is an informational service only. This brings me no mirth or joy. Tee hee. Oh, pardon, I must have had a hiccup there.


10 Responses to “I Could Have Sworn She Said She Was a Size 2”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Ok, I’ve always had a very large bust…larger than Jill to be frank. No fun really. I’ll never understand women who want to have ps to get large breasts…but to each her own. I never thought Jill was a size 2, but perhaps she was. Back in the day, I use to be a size 3 & many people were concerned I was too thin. My own sister, who knows I love food, & is thin herself was so concerned she asked me if I had an eating disorder. What?!?! My sister has always been a toothpick & she’s 5’9″. I’m 5’8″ & I guess size 3 was pretty small. I wish I had that problem now at 52. LOL. I remember Jill saying she had breast reduction surgery, & I could tell. After that, she may be able to wear a size 2. However, I don’t know if she was before…going by above as well. With large breasts it’s really impossible to wear a dress that is so small like a 2…have to have lots of room upstairs. Usually try to go with separates when large-breasted. Most dresses aren’t made…including or esp designer…for large-busted women. Well, who knows about Jill. I’ve always had a difficult time believing anything she says. However, I do believe she feels better…shoulders, back…after having the reduction & that she can wear more (sexy) outfits.

  2. G-sus said

    I wonder if the proceeds from the sale are going to the “Jill Zarin Trust”?

  3. Hrfe said

    I’m gonna be honest this posting is legitimately just mean spirited and rude. So maybe she said she was a size 2; maybe she used to be and gained weight. By the way I never remember her saying she was a size 2, just that she almost fit into that sample size 2 for that designer in season 2(I think it was) but not that she actually fit into it. Her chest was clearly too large. Maybe she had a size 2 pant. I know you all hate Jill and I’m all for exposing hypocrites and all that but this is just way too much for me. You’re at her level right now.

  4. BobLHead said

    It’s called SNARK Hrfe….lighten up!

  5. AllSmiles said

    And a designer size 2 and a regular size 2 are often very different. Just a thought.

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 G-sus…Hey sweetie! 🙂 Good question.

  7. G-sus said

    @ MHJ Right? Why is she selling her dresses? I doubt she needs the dough, but then again, maybe the charity business doesn’t pay what it used to, lol.

    @ BobL You got it girl, if they are missing their snark decoder, they are at the wrong place;)

  8. G-sus said

    OH MHJ, I just figured it out, she’s selling them because she thinks she’s Princess Diana.

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @7 and @8 G-sus…about Jill…ROTFL!!

  10. @tweatcyn said

    She’s selling them cuz they were free (to her), she can’t wear them again because she’s a famous celebrity you know, and she’s greedy. Most certainly feeding the Zarin Family Trust.

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