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Real Housewives of OC Preview – “Fashion Victim”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 22, 2011


Peggy orchestrates a surprise trip to Las Vegas with her husband.   Also there to spin giddy in Sin City: Tamra and Eddie.   Meanwhile, Gretchen corners Slade about the debt-related problems of their relationship.   And a fashion show is held, but a medical emergency causes a no-show and mounting drama.

You can read the other recaps here:

On “Watch What Happens Live” Tonight, Gretchin Rossie is the guest. 

Vicki Gunvalson is in the hospital and Tamra Barney is visibly upset but is creating a huge distraction for everyone.  Gretchin is skeptical on whether Vicky is truly ill or trying to upstage the fashion show in a very crafty way.  In a way, I can’t blame Gretchin but I am not sure who would create a serious illness to thwart a nemesis fashion show just because she wish’s you to fail?

Here, Vicki gives an interview on her recovery from an ulcerated colon.

   YIKES!!  SLOW DOWN VICKI!  Your going to work yourself into a physical breakdown!

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Andys’s tweet about tonights episode!


Gretchen Rossi is in love with Slade Smiley but not in love with Slade’s baggage.   Well, I have to say that I am glad Gretchin is in love but not blind to potential issues on her bank account.  If you think about it, if Gretchin and Slade marry, Gretchin will automatically inherit Slade’s debt and her income will be considered for child support for Slades children.  Gretchin doesn’t even sport a stretch mark yet to even considering financially supporting children that have a lot of expenses!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


24 Responses to “Real Housewives of OC Preview – “Fashion Victim””

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Going to try to stay up to watch OC. Can’t wait to hear what Gretchen has to say to Slade. How far is he behind on child support? He’s got to get a job that pays better. Also, I wonder why Vicki is in the hospital. She does need to slow down…always looks like she’s running even when in one place. Reminds me of an aunt I have…and a neighbor I use to have. So much nervous energy. Just watching her & listening to her can wear me out at times. She always seems so stressed…well, all the times she hasn’t been drinking. Life is too short not to take a truly calming/relaxing break once in a while.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Watched OC. I have never in 29yrs of marriage been physically or emotionally abused. I have a wonderful husband. No prejudice here. LOL. Jeana, could be ok in my book. However, she had NO right to put her nose in Tamra’s business. I don’t care if Simon asked her to, or she felt the need to. Her nose belongs in her own business. I don’t know how hard Simon threw the dog leash. I wasn’t there. Apparently, it took place at Tamra’s home and Simon came over with the dog while their son Spencer was there. I’m sure Tamra, Spencer, and Simon were questioned separately by the cop(s) who answered the 911 call. The officers decided they should arrest Simon & put him in jail. The court threw it out w/ not having enough evidence. That entire business is between Tamra & Simon, AND the court. Jeana was abused for a very, very long time by Matt. Her kids grew up seeing/hearing the abuse. I could tell Kara wanted to see her mother move on. Her own son, the eldest, could be so emotionally abusive to her. Very, very sad. I know Tamra, and Vicki, have had their share of putting their noses where they don’t belong in people’s business to be sure. However, I’m with them on this. Jeana put up with years of abuse, & she needed to mind her own business. She wasn’t there behind closed doors for their marriage. Again, it’s between Tamra & Simon.

    I want to know if Tamra thinks Simon is acting out because he’s upset with only her, & the break up of their marriage. I know Simon has rights as a father, & I thought he pretty much had custody of their children. I don’t know. Maybe they split the children…half with her…half with him. If Simon is known to go off as Tamra is saying, then I must admit I’m surprised she would allow Simon to be with their children. I have a lot of questions. It’s difficult for me to relate because I’ve never been divorced, & I have never had to see about splitting time with the children. Again, I’m just glad the children aren’t on the show anymore. I’m sure they’ve been through hell with their parents’ divorce…without being on national tv.

    I feel sorry for Donn. I think he has always loved Vicki so much, but it just always seemed like an odd match to me from the start. Vicki can be relentless in asking someone a ton of questions, or giving them a ton of “advice’. However, she really didn’t want to talk about anything with Peggy. No, everything was just fine with Vicki. She looks like she’s really hurting. I think they need marriage counseling if they want to work things out. Unless she ended up deciding to go w/ a divorce.

  3. Michael R said

    The old man is spinning in his grave. You have 4 women talking like tough guys and made mob guys from the street, Renee demands respect like who the fuck she is, She’s a JOKE, the blonde she’s so tough, but she backs up pretty good the only one with class is Carla.These woman are a disgrace to the mob.

  4. G-Sus said

    @ MHJ. I agree, Jeana should have stayed out of it, but I could never really understand Tamra’s reaction. Tamra has been publicly talking about her marriage, divorce, Alexis and Jim, and Gretchen and Slade, so why is it suddenly off limits for someone to publicly take Simon’s side? No one know but them what happened in their marriage, but her physically putting her hand on Jeana seems way out of line.

    THe one thing that I could not understand about these shows is how anyone would think it was okay to plan and plot your divorce on national tv.

    • G-Sus.. I didnt watch yet.. still trying to finish up Celeb Apprentice but I get what you mean. Tamra put it all out there.. trashed everyone and now she is off limits? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander? I think so..

      • Oh crap.. watching Vicki lose her chit over her marriage and not Don is amazing to me.. How many 4 – 6 weeks do you travel at a time and never invite your husband when will you get it? How insignificant can you make him feel? He hasnt been invited on vacations.. always girl times and not do a rendavouz on a business travel? NEVER?? HELLO!!!!!

  5. AlwaysChangin said

    I don’t know what has happened to these ladies, but they have definitely changed. Not like they used to be. Gotten cattier, meaner, more competitive and it makes them look foolish.
    Gretchen and Alexis should be ashamed of themselves when they questioned Vicki being in the hospital. Who does that?????
    Alexis always touting how christian she is. Maybe she will get some of her own medicine one of these days. The same for Gretchen. She would not be where she is today without Jeff. She makes a damn fool of herself. I believe in karma, what goes around comes around. Get rid of the egos ladies and you may be likeable!

  6. Dani said

    I have strong feelings regarding the domestic abuse issue w/Simon. Granted nobody knows what goes on in a marriage but the two involved. Simon did on TV exhibit classic controlling behavior w/Tamra which is also a part of domestic v. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard other women make this statement, “I would leave the first time anyone abused me.” Abuse takes many forms also. One of the reasons many women stay is exactly the attitude Jeanna is toting. It is hard enough to get out, and then knowing you have to deal with the ramifications of people questioning what you lived makes it even more difficult. And people wonder why women stay? Unfortunately this is often what happens.

    It is also not easy to sever parental ties no matter what that person has done. The courts do not do this easily, even if you as the other parent are trying to protect your children. The court often views your desire to keep the other parent away as a negative towards you, so tread carefully. If it is a custody battle, you can risk losing custody by doing this.

    However I do feel that Tamra had no right to physically attack Jeanna. I understand her frustration but better to just walk away and keep on walking. Take the high road Tamra. I didn’t see the previews but I am assuming there was some type of physical altercation. Feel free to correct me if I have it wrong.

    On Vicki, ironic how she wants a perfect marriage and expected it to just magically happen. Marriage is work from both parties if it is to be successful. Is she really that naive?

  7. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi everyone! 🙂

    Again, I’ve never been abused…physically or emotionally…by my husband. I could see moments where Simon could be very controlling. Twice in particular that made me uncomfortable. However, I did see times where he seemed fine. I don’t like to see any kind of abuse/controlling behavior at any time. (I saw that with my mil & with a few of her relatives that I NEVER liked.) No one should put up with any crapola from anyone. I’m glad Tamra got out if she felt/knew Simon was doing things he should not do. Having said that, I don’t think Tamra should do anything…like throw paper or what have you at Jeana’s face. A person shouldn’t say they don’t like to be abused, etc. & then turn around a do something like that. I have seen where Tamra can get really tough…she has said her fair share of hateful things to people each season. I still think Jeana should mind her own business, but I know she really likes Simon as a friend. I know she really likes Donn as a friend, too.

    I think Jeanna’s heart was in the right place, but I just think it wasn’t any of her business. I think it’s for Tamra, Simon, and the courts to work out any issues they have.

    Poor Donn. I wish I could fix him up with my sil’s sister. I wonder if he goes for sweet, smart, super tall, brown hair, & brown eyes. LOL. He is such a nice man & tries so hard with Vicki. Vicki can act very spoiled…very much like a narcissist. I wonder if she has EVER really considered Donn’s feelings? He seems to always try to bend over backwards for her, & she never seems to appreciate anything he does for her. She’s a workaholic, & I agree that she should take a vacation with her husband. It’s great to work a lot at what you love, & have fun with your friends. HOWEVER, you also need to spend time with your spouse. WTH even get married?!

  8. G-sus said

    My issue with Tamra/Simon is would we have thought that Simon was controlling if Tamra hadn’t been telling everyone he was and then making that scared face whenever he was near her? I know he got upset with her talking about him to Vicki, but to me that wasn’t controlling, it was just him being pissed, which I don’t blame him for. You don’t talk badly about your spouse like that, especially in front of a camera. He didn’t want her hanging out with Vicki for that reason, which again, I don’t see as controlling.
    All of the controlling things were simply Tamra saying things about him, like telling her what to wear and who to hang out with, etc. I tend to look at Tamra as someone who exaggerates things and blows them out of proportion. Simon was opinionated, definitely. I am sure he voiced an opinion when she wasn’t dressed appropriately, but if he ever was controlling in that way, he was unsuccessful, because she has always dressed like a 20 year old.
    Overall, I just think it would be sad if people’s opinions were based on something Tamra exaggerated for the cameras. I didn’t see anything in the prior seasons that would indicate anything except Simon being a good husband and father. It was just when Tamra decided she didn’t want to be married that all the controlling talk came about.
    Course, that is just my view on it.

  9. G-sus said

    Oh, couple other things about last night. What I couldn’t understand is if Vicki was so sick, why is she texting pictures of her IV to Tamra? She should have texted her to say she was in the hospital and couldn’t make it and Tamra should have left and went to the hospital if she was so worried. Was very interesting on WWHL when Gretchen said after the fashion show, she went to the hospital to see Vicki, and Tamra and Fernanda went to the bar to have a drink instead.

    And Alexis’ fashion line, where to start…. Looked like gawdy pajamas to me.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @11 G-sus…I see what you’re saying. Maybe Tamra was acting it up for the cameras. (I wish I could have seen what happened EXACTLY w/ the dog leash & read the police report.) It wouldn’t be the first time. I’m not a good actress, and even though I may try hard to not show if I’m upset…folks can sure tell. The few/rare times people have said they couldn’t…I was proud of my acting chops. Where’s my Oscar?! At times…really just twice…it did seem Simon was being controlling to me. Frankly, I didn’t like it. I must say though, there were many times that I thought he was trying to be helpful to her, their children, AND to Ryan. Lawdy, he tried his best to get Ryan a job, & see that he became independent. I was glad when he tried to set rules for Ryan. Now as far as Ryan goes, he has always given me the creeps.

    Real quick, before I forget, I do remember seeing in an earlier season where Tamra & Gretchen are in a group eating out. The usual lunch or dinner scene. (Not the scene at Tamra’s home where Tamra eggs Gretchen on to get drunk…more drunk…but a restaurant scene.) Tamra was caught in a bold face lie, & she tried so hard to get herself out of trouble. To no avail. The expressions on her face seemed so fake/insincere. Talk about really bad acting skills. Deer-in-headlights…I’ve been caught in the biggest damn lie. Now in that instance, I could tell she was not telling the truth. However, the 2 times that worried me about Simon where he seemed to go on & on telling her what to do/how she should act…I don’t know…I thought that she may be immature at times for sure, but still she’s a grown woman…maybe her tears really got to me, too. I must admit, I’m not always the best at detecting crocodile tears.

    @12 Alexis & her fashion line…Thye did look like silky pajamas for most part to me. I must admit, I did like the one dark dress…black or navy w/ some rhinestones. It was hard to tell with her (controlling) husband Jim telling her to contort her body & stick her butt out more. It was as if he was on a Playboy photo shoot instead of a catalog shoot for Alexis’s company. Also, wth w/ telling the (paid professional) fashion photographer how to do HER job?! P-l-e-a-s-e, grab a Starbucks, sit down, relax, and BE QUIET. I will give Jim this, he did tell the photographer to stop w/ the fog machine after alarm(s) sounded. I’ve used a few fog machines for Halloween each year, & that smoke can kill ya. WHEW! Just glad the kids all love it.

  11. Oy Vey said

    @11 I agree, I think she blew some stuff out of porportion. On other thing I noticed and has always bugged me is when Tamara crys, she really doesn’t have tears. When Gretchen was talking to the camera and was visibly upset, you could tell by her voice that she was upset and her eyes had tears. Same with Vicki, while she was crying about the mess she made of her life, her voice cracked and she had real tears. But when Tamara crys, she really doesn’t have tears. Even when Eddie hugged her at the end of the one show, she had the same look on her face as she did when Simon hugged her at the end of year party last year. Like now what do I do, hug back, pretend to cry some more?

    Sorry Vicki, what ever is happening in your life is all your own fault. Donn tries to talk to you and you walk away, yell at him or ignore him. I wouldn’t touch you either. Besides, I thought you got touched by the college kid in Mexico?

    I can’t even comment on those bizare clothes that Alexis thinks everyone will wear. At least a purse and make up are usefull, a dress that flashes my vay jay jay, not so usefull. Maybe it’s for high class call girls? And Jim is just gross!

  12. G-sus said

    @Oh Vey “Besides, I thought you got touched by the college kid in Mexico?” VERY FUNNY. You’re right, how are you supposed to have a good marriage when A) you are gone all the time and B) you treat your husband like he is an outsider to your family.

    @ MHJ I really think out of any of the guys, Simon was keenly aware of the cameras and the damage they could do. I think he was always trying to protect Tamra because he knew she wasn’t coming off well. She was able to twist that protection into control. I also think she wanted out of the marriage and what better way to do it by calling your husband abusive on national tv? It was a win-win for her. After it aired she got divorced, moved on with another guy within a month and got to play the sympathy card. Can you tell I don’t like her much? LOL

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @15 G-sus…If it makes you feel any better, I’ve never been a Tamra fan. LOL. Oh, and no, I couldn’t tell you didn’t care for her. ROTF! I always thought she had a chip on her shoulder…very insecure…always wanted to be the sexiest HW, etc. The way she could carry on for the cameras…I wouldn’t want her children to see. I really did feel like Simon loved her, but at times he did seem to talk to her like a child. Having said that, I think she could be very immature in her choices. Maybe part of that was for the cameras. She seemed like she was a wild teen or going thru a mid-life crisis at times. I do think Simon wanted some kind of order in his life…for himself, his wife, his kids, and his stepson Ryan. In a way, whatever order Simon may have wanted…Tamra didn’t want. She ended up with her freedom. I find it interesting that she married someone like Simon (who could be a take charge kind of guy), and had 3 children with him. I have a hard time understanding why she would keep on having children if she didn’t love him and he was as abusive as she made out. I never thought Simon was as abusive as she made out. Again, just 2 incidents I saw where he seemed to want control. Now, I can’t even remember what it was all about…except it involved Vicki. (Vicki may have been abused a lot…emotionally AND physically by her 1st husband, however, I feel she has not been nice to Donn at all. Vicki has been very selfish when it comes to Donn.)

    Oy Vey, now that you mention it, I would notice Tamra crying but with no tears. Sometimes though I swear I’d see tears. I do better if I watch an episode 4 times. No joke. LOL. That way I make sure I catch everything.

    Back to Tamra & Simon AND the dog leash. I was thinking about all the times I’ve handed or tossed the same retractable dog leash to my husband… and vice versa. (No, we don’t do it as if we’re upset or going to kill each other.) If it’s not caught just so, it can give a teeny-tiny punch. No biggie. I wouldn’t call the cops. I can see your point G-sus about Tamra using that as part of an excuse to divorce. She did move on rather quickly with Eddie. Many great points you make. Just curious, how old is Eddie anyway?

  14. Dani said

    I respectfully disagree with most of you I guess. Simon not wanting Tamra to work, trying to pick her friends, demeaning her by the clothes she wears, telling her she looks like a slut, just a few things in my eyes which show control. I wouldn’t want to be living in a relationship like that anyway. Total lack of respect. Not to say that she wasn’t doing things that were wrong also but it still doesn’t make that behavior exceptable in my eyes.

  15. G-sus said

    I can see your point Dani. I do think Simon wanted his way, but as much as he wanted it, he wasn’t successful. She still hung out with Vicki, still got a job while they were together and still dressed the way she wanted to. I think they both spoke very badly to each other. It was a very dysfunctional relationship. He wanted her to be something and she wanted to be the exact opposite. I remember hearing something where a friend said most of the people who knew them couldn’t believe they were getting married because they fought all the time.

    @ MHJ I think you’re right about the wild teen thing. She didn’t have a relationship with her father so I think she married someone like Simon to make up for that. It was exactly how their relationship was, he was the father and she was the rebel 16yr old. Good point.

    I think it would be great if Bravo wiped the slate clean and started fresh on the OC. These ladies are too much already.

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I agree about this being an odd relationship. Odd for lack of a better word. I said a long time ago…believe after I saw that long talk Tamra had with her dad…that it seemed like Tamra misses having her father, or some kind of father figure around…so she married someone like Simon. He seemed to act more like her father than a husband. (In my 29yrs of marriage…my husband & I have been very INDEPENDENT. We don’t like ANYONE to control us. A traditional marriage for most part…he was/is the breadwinner while I was a stay-at-home mom with our children. We agreed on that from the start. But he never told me how I had to dress, or who I could hang out with. I never told him who he could hang out with…but I may have told him once or twice a tie I preferred. LOL.) I could be totally wrong about why Tamra married Simon, but JMHO. I think she married him looking for support, because she did feel some kind of love, and because she wanted more kids. Who knows for sure but Tamra. I thought that she married very young w/ 1st marriage. Some people…even ones I have known…have been able to get married very young (18 or 19) and have a very successful/non-toxic marriage. However, so many I know that married very young…whether a pregnancy made them want to get married…ended in divorce.

    I think Tamra got married too young & had a child too young. At least for her…too young. I will say that she must have worked hard, & raised Ryan probably the best way she could. I think she was a single parent for a while, and didn’t have any help. Then, I think she married a man who liked things done a certain way…he was super conservative & she wasn’t. She wanted to have lots of fun. I think Simon liked that about her..having a good time, but at the same time he wanted her to slow things down. She had a career w/ real-estate, or part-time job, with raising 3 children. Not easy. I think she wanted to have more fun in life…get wild & crazy…and Simon wasn’t for that. Again, JMHO.

    Personally, I don’t think they should have ever gotten married. Isn’t 50%, or maybe 60% by now, of marriages that end in divorce? Frankly, I have seen so many people in my life…neighbors, church, schools, clubs, etc. get divorced. I must say, most of them I wasn’t surprised at all. The marriages seemed doomed from the start. So many were total opposites, and most involved toxicity from both partners.

    I have never condoned any kind of abuse. If a person, for whatever reason…but esp when it involves abuse…I’ll walk them to the courthouse myself. I don’t think anyone should have to put up with any abuse. It’s never ok.

    The only people that really know what went on in that marriage is Tamra & Simon. I don’t know what went on behind closed doors. I do feel we get to see a glimpse…even the “truth” at times when the cameras roll. Tamra will have her version. Simon will have his. I’ll let the courts decide. Tamra got her divorce. I still don’t think Jeana should have involved herself so much. It’s one thing for her to listen to Simon, & another to get as involved. It’s between Tamra & Simon. Hopefully, Tamra & Simon can get along well enough for the sake of their children. In cases like these, it’s the kids I worry about.

    Are Vicki & Donn getting a divorce? I wouldn’t be surprised. Donn is lucky if he gets the time of day from Vicki. I will say this, I did notice Donn hushing Vicki a bit at the dinner table when they were with Tamra & Eddie. Vicki has no filter a lot of times, and I thought that was interesting he wanted her to be careful of what she said. Could some see that as Donn being controlling? Frankly, I could hang around Donn…but I would have a hard time hanging with Vicki. People without filters get on my nerves. I don’t say anything to them, but I do try to avoid them.

  17. G-sus said

    MHJ, I agree, noone really knows but Tamra and Simon. You make good points. They both would have been better off not having it play out publicly, especially because of the kids. You make it public, people are going to have something to say about it.
    Vicki and Donn are getting divorced. She has a new boyfriend. It was interesting though, Jeana said on WWHL that Donn is still living at the house. I wonder if he gets to stay and I wonder where Vicki is living?

  18. Dani said

    MJH and GSus, you both have compelling logic that I don’t necessarily disagree with. I do think Tamra married Simon so she would have someone to take care of her. Yes, she had father issues from what we saw about that relationship. Truth is the first and or second season I really liked Simon. He was a good person and he seemed to genuinely want to show Tamra’s son (Ryan) some guidance. Helping him get that job to pay his way and setting boundries were all life lessons he was trying to impart on Ryan. Tamra really seemed to want Ryan to straighten up but she also enabled him with his bad habits in many ways. It was painful to watch.

    Last season, I really was quite taken aback by Simon. When Tamra would attempt to express herself, his manner of shuting her down most always involved demeaning her intelligence and crushing her spirit. My gut instinct was just telling me something was way off. I saw him in a totally different light at that time.

    Because Tamra eventually left the relationship to me doesn’t necessarily mean those things weren’t what they were. People evolve and she may have been asserting herself in preparation for leaving. In fact the more she stood up to him, the more controlling he became with her. Maybe she could tolerate the behavior more when he was making the money too and once that gig was up and the tension increased even more, she was out the door. The show did show her struggling with the relationship. I think she wanted to please him when she got the tattoo, but that was really just a bandaid on a messed up marriage. I in no way feel that Tamra does not have her faults in the marriage also. She has a wild streak, no doubt about that. Perhaps they made the classic mistake of thinking each could change the other one within the marriage. We all know that one never works. Or perhaps they just simply fell in love or lust and logic flew out the window at that point.

  19. Dy said

    @21 Dani..I agree with you completely.

    Woo Hoo..Tonight is the finale, and I get to see Tamra throw her glass of wine in Meana Jeanas face..I for one am going to love it. I do not like Jeana, she is a two faced, passive agressive, nasty person.

  20. Rosie said

    Hi Dy! Yay for the finale tonight! Can’t stand people like Jeanna, always taking a stand for questionable men.. She’s surrounded by them. She enjoys being a verbal punching bag, and wants other women to take it like she does!

  21. Dy said

    Hi Rosie xo

    I agree!..Oy Jeana, she left the housewives, but can’t stay way from involving herself in the bs. She could have said no comment to the reporter, or said Tamra and Simons business is none of mine, but noooooooo she has to run her mouth about something she knows nothing of..Tamra and Simon are the only ones that know what happened that evening with the dog leash, and they are the only ones that know what went on in their marriage.

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