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Gasp!!! Public School? The Horrors!

Posted by tinselkitty on May 22, 2011

Really, Luann? You really think anyone is going to believe the timing on this is just comically unfortunate? Do you honestly believe that Housewives fans are that stupid? Fans, you gonna take that?  Aw, hell, even if I gave you the benefit of the doubt (which I don’t, duh) I would assume you couldn’t afford the high tuition cost anymore. Yeah, I wouldn’t be charitable in my assumptions about this at all. At. All.

Now I am so glad Bravo included that filler scene with Luann and Victoria in the kitchen, talking about how Victoria didn’t want to move back to the city because she didn’t want to leave her friends. Don’t care if she can still hang out with her buds on evenings and weekends. We all know school friends are pretty much your life when you’re 16. I figured it was groundwork for the upcoming scandal of a teenager smoking weed (SHOCKING!!! SOMEONE NOTIFY THE AUTHORITIES!!!)  but now I’m guessing the editors gave us a bonus because they knew we’d eventually find out Victoria got the heave-ho. Another reason for extra editing time? Hmm…

Am I the only one that noticed that Luann’s dating Ross and her kid goes to went to Ross? Anyone? Am I the only one giggling? Ah, ’tis okay.

From Page Six

Victoria de Lesseps, the teenage daughter of “The Real Housewives of New York City” castmate Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, left the tony Ross School in the Hamptons soon after a video of the young de Lesseps rolling what looked like a joint and using a racial slur appeared online.

While sources tell us Victoria was asked to leave the school after the video episode, the always super-collected Countess LuAnn strongly denies to Page Six that her 16-year-old daughter leaving the school had anything to do with it.

Her rep told us, “Your information is incorrect. Victoria withdrew from Ross School five months ago, but it was unrelated to the video. She is happily looking forward to studying art in Paris this summer.”

The scandal broke in January after “Housewives” castmate Ramona Singer posted a link to the YouTube video on her Twitter feed, stating, “the countess’s daughter rolling a cigarette swearing n – – – – r!”

The clip quickly reverberated through the blogosphere. LuAnn, who wrote the etiquette book, “Class With the Countess,” was said to have found out about the clip while filming a music video in Atlantic City.

The video of Victoria quickly disappeared from YouTube and Singer later apologized to LuAnn, while the countess reportedly called her daughter’s actions “unacceptable.”

It’s not known if administrators at the private Ross School, where tuition can run upward of $45,000 a year, took note of the brouhaha over the video. Past students have included Billy Joel‘s daughter. But by spring, Victoria was already enrolled at a public school in the Hamptons.

Victoria had earlier attended Miss Porter’s prep school in Connecticut, but transferred to the Ross School so she could be closer to her New York-based family.

A spokesperson for the Ross School declined to comment.

So, five months ago would be…like, what…January or so? Huh.


4 Responses to “Gasp!!! Public School? The Horrors!”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    LuAnn reportedly said her daughter’s actions were unacceptable. Well, if your daughter never did anything wrong then why say that?! Hmmmm. All kinds of things come out of LuAnn’s mouth, so I wouldn’t be surprised what may come out of Victoria’s mouth.

    Also, LuAnn’s boyfriend reminds me a bit of David Schwimmer in that pic. Although I think Schwimmer is better looking.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Sorry, off topic. Watched NJ again. Too many things I noticed 2nd time around, but won’t get into every single one.

    Now I know why Teresa was so mad at Kathy’s husband Rich. He told her she should stop spending so much. LOL. Well, someone has to tell her…her own husband didn’t do a great job, plus he went WAY over his head w/ spending and debt. I had missed the part where Teresa is trying to find a purse for one of her daughters. Hey, I admit I’ve always been addicted to purses. However, I have NEVER seen so many purses for little girls in my life…and I have a girlfriend who really spoils her little girls. (Marie Antoinette would be jealous with all the stuff.) WOW! A closet (vault) of little girl’s purses. Money that could have been spent on bills, paying a business partner, making sure tenants get what they need…anything BUT all those purses. Also, I don’t understand why there isn’t a safety gate on the stairs. Unreal. I know Teresa cares so much about how her home looks…even though I think it’s gaudy…but I think FrontGate has some nice gates for such purposes. I’m so worried about her little one, and the next 2, falling down. Very dangerous.

    I really do think Teresa is jealous of Melissa & Joe. She has always seemed like she has to outdo others, so I’m sure it’s been killing her that her sil…esp her sil…and brother live in a 15,000sq ft home. I don’t know her brother’s financial situation like I have an idea about her husband’s situation, but I think all of it has Teresa boiling mad inside. It sounds like Teresa & especially Joe weren’t involved with the M & J’s baby until the christening party. So very sad, and really sad to see the kids have to see “adults” act out negatively. Poor Gia, having to hold her mother back from more fighting, & hear her uncle/godfather call her mother names.

  3. G-sus said

    To me he looks more like Balki from Perfect Strangers. Here is his pic for those who don’t remember him.
    Luann would have been better off to say that sometimes things we do have consequences. What kind of example does it set for Victoria if her Mom publicly lies for her.

    @ MHJ, yep I agree. There whole lifestyle is really disturbing. I made a comment before that they were raising their kids to be just like them. Crazy spending, crazy fighting, and crazy jealousy.

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @3 G-sus…LOL!! He does look A LOT like Balki. He looks like a cross between Balki & Schwimmer to me. He has Balki’s nose & perhaps teeth.

    Also, you are so right about the example Teresa & Joe have set for their daughters. Yes, their lifestyle is disturbing. Spend, spend, and spend more. I always said that about them. It’s one thing if a person/family can afford such a lifestyle, but another if can’t pay bills and cheat others. It was so sad to see Gia try to hold her mother back, & I’m sure she was trying very hard to get Teresa to remove herself from the table Joe & Melissa were at. It was so sad to see Gia in that position. She seemed to be the adult, & didn’t want any crazy fighting between her mother & uncle to ensue or at least continue. In some cases, the children are so much more mature than the adults. To me, it seemed like instinct kicked in for Gia to hold her mother back from fighting. I bet those children have seen all kinds of things we’re not even aware of. If that’s how certain “adults” acted in front of a camera, I’d hate to see/hear them off camera. They may put on a bit for the cameras, but I think pretty much what we see is the real deal.

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