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Watch What Happens Live Recap And After Show With Gayle King

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 20, 2011

Did Gayle Not Have the 411? I am Impressed!


 What a pleasant surprise (to me) that Gayle King watches The Real Housewives!  I had no idea!  I knew she was an aficionado of all things tv and music but this blew my socks off!  Thank you Gayle for making yourself more of a viewer than I had imagined.  Mazel to you and yours.  Now I wont talk about your dress that was too tight for your body.  I will leave that alone.  LOVE YA GAYLE!!  (who couldn’t stop staring at the bodice of the dress for many a reasons! ssshh)  Sorry, I pay a lot of attention to detail..

Drinking game alert!!  No surprise.. its.. OPRAH!!  What a stretch Andy!!  Gayle cant stand that she doesn’t know the word and is digging for clues.

Gayle totally noticed that while Kelly is pouring her heart out to LuAnn but Jill and Cindy are quiet as church mouses in the back seat..   Do you think they have some thoughts on the legitimacy of this claim?  WHo knows!!  All is fun and war when you get arrested for assault.. HAH!

The discussion of  LuMann not avail to David Meister which is Ramona’s exclusive designer,  but Gayle is funny to me.  Andy ask’s Gayle her thoughts and says Oprah would never do that.  I don’t have any concerns that Ramona feels she is Oprah enough to feel generous to share a designer who wants to exclusively partner up.  When Ramona gets a billion dollars a year, I would imagine she would not care.  Hello Gayle!?!?!

Gayle thinks the women are getting really petty and not nice to each other.. Ya think? 

3 things Andy is obsessed with..

–  Jill hosts a fund-raiser to end bullying and they bullied each other.. HELLO LUMANN and JILL!! 

– Sonja’s posing for photo’s for her toaster oven cookbook.. um  way before the book was cooked!!  We learned that Gayle’s vagina likes to wear a ball gown.  Seriously?  Anything connected with Ball and a Vagina, and am down with that chit!!  Can we make them connect for a new sex tape?  A photo?

– The picture of Oprah and Gayle back in the day.  Latest issue of Oprah magazine posted a picture of Oprah in an Afro and Gayle with a serious curl that was not brushed out gives the lmaooo all day long.  How precious is old pics that you can’t take back or touch up?  I got lots of them.  I more resemble Gayle in mine.  😉

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King

Don't you just love old pics of you?

 Gayle confesses that it was way before you have hair and make-up and team.. CAN WE GIVE A SHOUT OUT TO THE GLAM SQUAD!!  Hoooorahhhh!!!

They touch upon Maria Shriver during her stint to appear on The Oprah Show right on the heels of the allegations and reveal of Ahnolds baby mama drama.  Love me some Gayle and sensitivity towards Maria’s plight.

Of course its my favorite time because its.. “Class with the countess!!”  We get a few air kisses and few slaps to make sure .. “everybody knows”… too pay attention!!  Jill totally had a faux pas to be excited to get a gift and forgot the memo that you can’t do a reveal in a hotel lobby.   sigh..  where is the fun?

FANTASTIC!!  A caller-in ask’s Gayle if she thinks LuAnn is a trouble maker…  Lets ask the countess of all right-handed media!!  ANSWER PLEASE!!!….  rat tat tat tat tat tat…    YES!!  Gayle says LuMann is a trouble maker!!  Ok I can go back to making ugly pictures of Lumann and sleep at night.  😉  Yes.. when I go to sleep tonight.. I will sleep well. 

Kelly Bensimon tweeted in telling Andy to take care of Gayle since she is her friend.  Funny, but Gayle has a different story..   Gayle has some concerns for how Kelly is coming across.  Maybe she IS free-spirited and coming across not how she wants it to be?  Thank you Gayle for not making us look insane!!   The viewers are concerned as well!  Kelly put down that crack pipe and stop sharing it with LuMann!!  I am so glad I got that off my chest..  phew.. I feel a ton better.

 Now It’s time for the Mazel for the week!  But somehow I can’t hear Andy and am rewinding 25 times to recap!   I hear so many things.. Rubin Kind.  Shtippin kind.. fuke me Kind?  I have no idea what he is saying.. Andy need to clear his throat before he speaks. 

Does anyone know what the hell he is talking about for the Mazel of the Week?

So what!!  Who cares!!

Holy Crap..  Did Andy finally repeat the Mazel for “Human Kind”??  who or what is that?  I google lots of results and I don’t get it…  per Ramona..

Jackhole of the week:  Ahnold Shwatzeneggme.    Yep, he is a Jackhole for eggen me on!  NO!! My eggs are barren!!  I had enough kids to produce many a litters!!

Result of Poll Question:  Whose side are you on?  Blondes   52%     Brunettes  48%   SUCK IT BITCHES!!!

After show below mah friends..


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Vodpod videos no longer available.


10 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live Recap And After Show With Gayle King”

  1. Coffee FIRST said

    IJS – You da BESTEST!!

    Great Recap!

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I really liked that Gayle said LuAnn was the instigator, after the caller asked her. Yes, LuAnn kept badgering & bullying Ramona. Anti-bullying?! Right. I was glad when Alex stepped in, and after listening to more of Lulu’s tirade against Ramona, said something. Oh, the irony of LuAnn talking about how classy she is all of the time. LOL.

    I’m totally with you about the designer issue IJS. What a joke. I could see the green-eyed monster with brown-eyed LuAnn. LuAnn had a bone she wouldn’t let go with that whole designer deal. I don’t know if I recall her ever getting so pissed off…the former fashion model was PISSED.

    Gayle’s dress and shoes were nice, but that dress did not fit at all. She needed a better seamstress to work with the fit. I thought it was funny that she talked about height, & being picked on as a child. My aunt at 6’2″ was really the size of most adult women when she was in kindergarten. (1940’s K-graduation photo is cute, but my poor aunt.) She ended up marrying my 6’5″ uncle. Both were looking for tall people apparently.

    I know it was close…and I’m not the biggest Sonja fan esp w/ that “pecking order” & always wanting to show hers goods…but I was happy to see the blonds beat the brunettes. I’m a brunette, too! I know Ramona has always had her moments, but I still feel like…even w/o a filter at times to be sure…she has a heart & it’s in the right place. Jill and LuAnn are narcissists and I don’t think I’ve heard 2 HW complain SO much about everything, and put down others SO much. Get a life!

    Arnold is a jackhole no doubt. SMH. I always read through the years about problems. For me, imo, I thought it was odd they were engaged for so long…8 years(?)…longer than some marriages. Frankly, I’m not surprised he cheated. I’ve read for years that he was a womanizer…BEFORE & after he got married. I also read that he could say hurtful things to his wife…mainly about her weight. I always thought she was pretty. I also thought she was very smart and so nice. Sometimes, I wondered why at times she looked too thin. Sad when some would call her a skeleton. Wonder if she didn’t eat much because Arnold was on her case about weight. I look at the photo of the maid (with their son’s face blocked out)…not nearly as thin or pretty. It’s bad enough that Arnold had the affair, BUT really awful he was with the maid in the house. Reminds me of Joe Kennedy with his mistress Gloria Swanson for years…brought her to the house…Mary knew & didn’t/couldn’t do anything. Very, very sad. Some men of power think they can do whatever they please. No conscience.

    The Arnold case reminds me somewhat of the John Edward’s case. I know not all men with power, money, and fame cheat…but what is it with some like Arnold who have a very loving wife & family act like they can do wth they want?! Incredibly HUGE egos. Very, very, very selfish. I guess they think they’ll never get caught.

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @3 Sorry. Meant to say Rose Kennedy instead of Mary. Too many names to remember.

  4. Dani said

    Moring all. Hi MHJ. Missed you.

    I think Sonja has a theme this year. She is trying to reinvent the paparazzi crotch shot aka, Pais and Britney. The newest member of NYHW is really Sonja’s butt and lady bits. I think they have made an appearance in every episode so far this season. And if they could talk, I bet they would have some interesting stories.

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @5 Dani….Hi sweetie! 🙂 I’ve missed you, too! I can’t stop laughing. Oh gosh, I’m all joked up. The really sad & pathetic thing is, I may just have to take Sonja’s butt & lady bits over Jill’s mouth & LuAnn’s mouth. Heaven help me. If I hear Jill & LuAnn tell me just how perfect they are, & how imperfect everyone else is, then I’m going to scream. I admit, I could do without Sonja’s special blue tea cup & pecking order. However, I rather hear that one time and see her (conveniently) forget her bloomers…or panties than to hear Jill & LuAnn bully people constantly.

    I’ve always been against book burning, but I could go for one with Jill’s book, and of course LuAnn’s book. I wish for once, they’d follow their own advice.

  6. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I apologize for being SO off-topic, but did anyone catch Danielle on Dr. Drew’s HLN show? I don’t think I caught all of it, but most. Just curious if anyone had.

    Personally, I think she was sexually abused as a child. She said she was a toddler, & had memories. She also said she wanted to get help for her daughters’ sake. I may be very naive. (Don’t laugh too loudly.) I HOPE she does get counseling, & this isn’t a publicity stunt. I hope her daughters do as well…considering what they have had to deal with. I wonder if Dr. Drew will help her himself, or if he will refer her to another doctor.

    There was a little girl, a toddler, who I use to teach in VBS back during one summer out of college. I knew her parents. They were in my parents’ Sunday school class. I liked everyone in there, but I never had an easy feeling about the little girl’s father. Not an easy feeling at all. The little girl was precious, however, I had difficulties with her. She could get very aggressive with the other children…bite them, etc. I had a talk with her mother. I always thought the world of her mother. She took her daughter to the doctor…then a child psychologist…found out the (SOB/POS) father had been sexually abusing the little girl. It broke my heart of course. The mother got a divorce, full custody, and moved away. We had a very nice talk before they moved away. From what I found out, the little girl grew up doing very well. I was just very happy she had a mom who left, & saw to it that she got the counseling she/they needed.

  7. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS….LuAnn can’t help herself. I couldn’t believe one of her tirades involved David Meister. She was so pissed that Ramona had David’s clothes. The former fashion model was PISSED. Hysterical to see the jealous/envious look in her eyes the whole time. Reminds me of the competitive look I see in women’s eyes when they get pissed about something. LOL.

    “When Ramona gets a billion dollars a year, I would imagine she would not care.” Couldn’t agree more. I use to watch Oprah years & years ago when she first had her show. I haven’t watched in ages. I like her fine, but Ramona may not pump her own gas…who knows…but I’m sure she doesn’t have an asst to salt & pepper her eggs for her. (No, I’ll never forget that one.)

  8. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @IJS u do not disappoint!!! omg i almost PEED i was laughing so hard!! then i started watching WWHL clip and looked at GK’s dress..omg ROFL so hard i got a tummy ache!!! wow what was she thinking?! Im a bit slow, finally noticed that on the Bravo website, where all the ladies r pictured, LuMann and KoooKooKelly r wearing..the same outfit!!! so there may be some truth to Ramona’s comment that LuMann is a copycat?! I love how LuMann is finally being called on her BS!!! Dahhhling!! anybody who goes around saying how classy they r is the exact opposite!! Puhleez!! she is countess poo poo stirrer! who does she think she is? her little laugh and her dahhling get on muh last nerve!! And her Bff is Jillousy..well..birds of a feather flock together!! BTW, wasted my time but was curious, so I read Jills blog on Bravo..the first paragraph is just a commmercial..she is so desperate to sell her products, she keeps pushing them at us! pay attention puhleasse Jillous, nobody cares about ur Skeweez Couture and btw, since when did pantyhose become couture? lol! and i havent seen her bed in a bag designs nor do i care too..i cannot imagine her having enough taste to be a designer and will not be surprised when her goods end up for sale at the just saying!!!
    @MrsHughJackman…i hope Danielle is sincere and not trying to get on celebrity rehab. Obviously something traumatic happened to her in her childhood, and she is in serious need of counseling and healing. She was a very hated person but there has always been a part of me that feeels sorry for her. I sincerely hope she is able to make peace with her past and grow up, for the sake of living a more peaceful existence. she is a tortured soul and i feel for her. Her beautiful daughters are getting to the age where it is crucial that they have a strong role model and need their mom to be one for them. Being Danielle i know we havent seen/or heard the last of her yet!!
    As for Sonja, she is hillarious!! photo shoot b4 the book has even been written!! LOL!! I dont dislike her..she is not as likable as last season, but she is harmless, unlike Jillousy and Countless! As for the Sperminator (Ahhnold schwazzzenegaahh) i am not surprised at all!! Dont trust him as far as I can throw him (am under 100 lbs, so wouldnt even be able to push him!! lol) what did surprise me was his mistress!! THAT is who he decides to have a love child with??? Not that he could do any better, apparently!! LOL TMZ has the best pics evah!! I urge anybody to go check them out and IJS would love to hear ur take on it/ maybe pics along with ur to die for funny captions? the pic of her dressed as a pirate shivers me timbers!! he hit that? more than once? oh no he ditnt!!LOL!! she is a thug in a pirate costume!! but she is laughing all the way to the bank!!

  9. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @9 Thug In A Cocktail Dress….HI! 🙂 I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. I can’t stop laughing. LuMann, Jillousy, & KooKooKelly…you’ve got that right! Lawdy, ever since I heard Lulu say “daaahling” from the start, I’ve wanted to scream. I wonder if between the two of us, through screaming, she could hear us through the tv screen. Hmmmm. Agree about Danielle. I think she comes from a very, very troubled childhood. Also, agree about Sonja. I liked her better before, but I still don’t mind her. At least she’s not nearly as arrogant & haughty…with all the mean-girl instigating & backstabbing as Jill and LuAnn. SMH…narcissists and hypocrites. Oh, & I really want to scream when Lulu corrects people all the time…as in pronunciation of words. She took more than the norm to correct Ramona’s Italian…putting down Ramona w/ everything having to do with her wine…and then how she goes on & on speaking Italian. Trying to impress anyone?! I don’t mind that she speaks Italian, or is fluent in various languages. That’s great. My one daughter always loved languages & can speak German, French, and Chinese. I for one, LOVE to hear all languages spoken, but I’m doing well to speak English. LuAnn reminds me TOO much of my mil and one of her relatives. They live for correcting people on any/every subject. Mil’s one relative corrected my sil, masters in English, on how to pronounce someone’s name. I’m not kidding, she corrected her 15 times. I counted. LOL. My sil was steaming inside, but damn if she didn’t keep her cool. Some people are just know-it-all morons.

    @6 Sorry. I meant “choked”. I’m laughing too much, & can’t spell.

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