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That’s Rich, Jill Zarin

Posted by tinselkitty on May 20, 2011

Sweet Saint Jill, protector of all, keeper of secrets and generally nice person this year (SHE’S NICE, DAMNIT! WHY CAN’T YOU SEE HOW NICE SHE IS?) took to Twitter last night to drum up support for her stepdaughter. What, you didn’t know Jill Zarin had achieved sainthood? She sure did, right after she died from what Ramona said.

I have issues with this. See, the Official Sainthood Bestowtion Committee obviously looked away when they got to the portion of Jill’s submission that covered Jill’s past behavior. I’m thinking specifically of how Jill Zarin, anti-bullying crusader spectacular, also took to Twitter awhile back to insult Rosie Pope.

WHAAAAAAT? She was just asking. There’s nothing wrong with that. All you people that tweeted Jill to give her a smackdown about it are just stupid! Like this dum dum tweeter.

See, it’s totally okay to say something if everyone agreed. Duh. And it wasn’t just some people agreeing, or most people. It was every people. Including y’all reading this now. Every single one of you agreed with Jill.

Unless, maybe it wasn’t so much everyone. A few more people must have kept up with their own personal bullying campaign against our dear, sweet, Jill. What other reason can there be for this (much) later tweet wherein she apologizes?

I mean, the other reason could be something like her PR people saw the damage she had done with this, waited a few weeks until it was off Jill’s radar and snuck back onto the Twitter account to quietly post the apology. Hmm, seems a bit more likely, doesn’t it? Especially since Jill has since deleted all Tweets about Rosie Pope except for this one. And really, what’s more Jill-like: to truly apologize for something she said/did or to delete it all and act like it never happened?

But, yeah. What Ramona said was SOOOOOO horrible. Awful. Jill died.


27 Responses to “That’s Rich, Jill Zarin”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I just love how JZ acts like she has a filter, words everything so nicely/appropriately, and can NEVER do any wrong. Sorry, so many times she sounds exactly like my mil. In two sentences she can give someone a compliment…usually that someone being herself…and then she can say something so mean/nasty/vile in the following sentence.

    Jill has put down everyone around her…even her so-called friends. I’d not only hate to be her enemy, but her friend. I don’t think Jill knows how to be a friend…not with all the backstabbing. It’s always been I and Me, Me, & more Me for her. What was the comment she kept making in regards to Ramona? Oh yes, something about Ramona being a dog and have to hold her back. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all dogs…they are all precious. I talk to every dog I see walking buy with his/her owner in my neighborhood. I talk/play with every dog I see at the vet. Of course I love my own dog and spoil her immensely. However, I have never said that about or to a human what Jill kept saying about Ramona. Jill…with that very crude & unsophisticated way of putting on her narcissistic snub…will never win me over. She hasn’t changed for the better, and no amount of tears or playing the victim…esp when she has stirred the pot…will make me change my mind. Too bad she keeps repeating the same bad mistakes over & over. But narcissists never can understand that they have a problem. No, they’re too busy being right all the time. Imo if a person is truly sorry, then they will be willing to truly change…and not for just an hour OR for the cameras.

  2. Julia said

    Don’t forget that she just yesterday retweeted a fan calling the today show “retarded.” I guess a slur is okay as long as it is Jill’s defense.

  3. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @2 Julia…Hi! You’re absolutely right. I remember when she said that, & I was appalled. Jill, the all-knowing one. SMH.

  4. Brooklynite said

    First off I am not a mean person<(tell that to my victims…LOL), but I thought the whole scene was hysterical. Leave it to BRAVO editors to make Ramona look uniterested in a heart touching scene. Then the interaction with Jill where Ramona fixed her wine display but had obviously been paying attention, got better. Not with Ramona's comment of "You could barely notice her face was deformed, but by Jill's TH where she says (?) if this is a taste of what Ramona'll be like it's gonna be a long trip" LMAO LUV LUV LUV me some Crazy Ass Mona this year!

    • Brooklynite. I watched that scene a few times and I saw Ramona was a bit Ramtional when she left the table. I think the speaker touched her in a way that Ramona couldnt even express properly since she has hoof in mouf desease! I truly feel she was heartfelt but didnt know how to convey that. Poor Ramona and the camera angle.. Ramona is great tv.. love her!

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @4 Brooklynite…Hi! LMAO! You’re so damn funny. Yes, I agree about Bravo’s editing. I know Ramona says things in a manner I wouldn’t usually say, however, I think her heart is in the right place. I know she can not always have a filter…for sure…but again I think her heart is usually in the right place. I rather take her over Jill if you couldn’t tell. LOL.

    I can’t wait to see the Morocco trip. I hate to admit this, but going by the previews & if my eyes weren’t deceiving me, I sure hope that camel gives Countess Lulu a hard time. It looked like she was riding a mechanical camel. I’m waiting to hear Lulu go on & on & ON about what an expert camel rider she is. That, and telling all the other women the proper way in which to ride a camel.

    I know Ramona has her own quirks TO BE SURE, but oh how I LOVED her impersonation of Lulu throughout w/ just her & the camera. LMAO!!!! Lulu always makes fun of Ramona’s eyes getting big, but Ramona has Lulu down pat with her speech and mannerisms. Priceless.

  6. SHOCKED said

    Typical Jill, to turn an innocent mistake/comment in to something big. What a bitch. Oops sorry to use that word.
    Are you tinselkitty or imajustsaying? Or is it just one person lol?.
    Who ever you are, I really like how you break up your posts. Instead of crunching all in to one. I like that style.

    • @ Shocked! hey and welcome to the blog! Me, Imajustsaying and Tinselkitty are 2 different people who live in 2 different home with different garden flowers.. My flowers are dark and dreadful, and Tinsel flowers are glitterfied! 😉 There is another blogger who has been on hiatus called tvtime who is now recapping Jerseylicious. I am sure you can tell the difference between our writing styles once you read our posts long enough.

      Thanks for the kadoooze on how we post articles and I totally agree with you on the innocent mistake/comment by Ramona. it was apparent she was moved by the speaker and maybe a bit disturbed to hear raw truths.

      Welcome to the blog! 😉

  7. SHOCKED said

    Did I miss something? Did Jill insult Rosie or something? Couldn’t (I hope not) of been any worse than Andy Cohen mocking it on WWHL, playing the script from Saturday Night live: The lady playing Rosie and saying she talks like that because her tongue was stung by a 1000 bee’s.
    What is a comment like that?
    Even if she did make an innocent mistake, still hard to forgive Jill. Because she never gives anyone a pass.

  8. NJ Bev said

    Long time lurker here, posting because had to tell you how much I enjoy this site-
    Just love the way you are able to show what a hypocrite JZ really is. Thank-you!

    In another site(you know, lol) Amber pointed out how Jill mocked Ramona for
    bringing home wine, but it’s ok for Jill to bring home Lamb Chops for Ginger,
    Hypocrosy thy name is Jill-
    Thanks for the well written posts!!

    • Hello NJ Bev! Long Time Lurker no more!! Hope to see more of you! your comments are always welcome! Hypocrit Jill she is.. she has a way of twisting words and making them always work for her. She has a seriously short memory and trips herself up all the time with viewers who REMEMBER EVERYTHING! Someone has to keep her on her toes. 😉

  9. Brooklynite said

    Ms.Hugh Jackman, Thank you and hello! I was always a Bethenny fan, but with her gone it seems Ramona and all her crazy is now my girl. That gang of hoodlums, Jill and Co. are ruthless as they don’t pull any punches and play to the end. Win lose or draw, Jill keeps the game going, unbeknownst to the players until they notice the damage. When Jill loses, like Bethenny said, everyone loses. She chooses new targets, while keeping her original foe on the back burner. That is one jealous shrew of a bitch! I bet she gets it from her momma! LOL

  10. AllSmiles said

    It seems like Jill apologized for real. Maybe she deleted the tweets because she realized it could have been taken the wrong way. I know I’ve said things that I later apologized for even tho the original intent was not to upset someone.

    • All Smiles.. welcome to the blog! I think Jill didnt mean any harm either. But because Jill doesnt give anyone else a break.. I cant give her one. She will hold someone feet to the fire but explains herself away all the time. But all of them make mistakes as well. Its just our job to point them out! 😉

  11. Dalai Mama said

    I think Jill is operating under a fundamental misperception – that if someone else is caught behaving ‘badly’, Jill herself is automatically elevated morally, and can bask in her own goodness (on camera).
    The reality is, there is enough ‘good’ to go around for all of us. It’s not like a rent controlled apartment. We don’t have to knock someone out of the slot so we can snag it for ourselves.
    But this is one of the fundamental underpinnings of reality tv. Watching other people behaving badly or spending egregiously or getting hammered on camera may make us feel a little safer – we can think ‘well at least I’ve never done THAT’.
    Sure works a charm for me.

    • @ Dalai. “I think Jill is operating under a fundamental misperception – that if someone else is caught behaving ‘badly’, Jill herself is automatically elevated morally, and can bask in her own goodness (on camera).” WELL SAID!!!

  12. Dalai Mama said

    However. I’m having trouble getting over Ramona’s charming assessment that she was concerned about going to Morocco, because it was a third world country and she “might not come back”.
    Because we all know of Morocco’s legendary predatorial appetite for peri-menopausal housewives.

    • Dalia.. again.. Ramona has the hoof to mouf disease. She has a note from her doctor excusing her for poorly selection of words or inability to know a region that is unfamiliar to her. If it aint NYC.. its all busted 😉

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @9 Brooklynite….HI! I couldn’t agree more. I really liked Bethenny when she was on NY. I must admit, I haven’t really watched her spin-off. I’m very happy for her, & her new life. Jason is very sweet, & Bryn is a cutie. Love her dog, too. LOL. What really did it for me with Bethenny & Jill was the blow-out, & where B kept trying to no avail to work things out with Jill. Jill was so cruel & hateful to her. Everything has to be on Jill’s terms. A narcissist for sure. I was upset by the phone call where unbeknown to Bethenny, Jill had other(s) listening in to what was suppose to be a private conversation. I also was uspet how Jill handled the engagement ring scene with Bethenny. So fake. Jill is very cruel and crass imo. Yes, her mother Gloria is scary. LOL!

    Totally agree about Ramona and Jill w/ “gang of hoodlums”. Well said! LOL! I always liked Ramona & Alex over Jill & LuAnn. Ramona may be on a romanacoaster from time to time, however, I still think her heart has always been in the right place. As far as Alex goes, I think she just got tired of hearing all the put downs & wanted to stand up for herself. Nothing wrong with that. Narcissists like Jill & LuAnn don’t ever like to be wrong, or have people confront them & stand up for themselves. Funny how they think everyone should take their crapola.

    IJS…”hoof to mouf disease”…LMAO!! So true. Agree her heart is in the right place. Sometimes I think people in general, under certain circumstances…as in one so sad/emotional…are not always capable of finding just the perfect words to say. I give Ramona a pass. She meant well.

  14. @tweatcyn said

    Don’t for get me IMA, tvtwaddle, a very infrequent but hilarious and multitalented blogger and smartass correspondent for tvtime101, who likes to channel Bethenny Frankel.

  15. G-sus said

    @ MHJ I agree, Gloria is SCARY. Bravo has done a good job editing her to look nice but I remember when she first arrived on the scene and how Jill and Bawbie were talking about how much it mattered what car they picked her up in and how she was never happy with anything. Not to mention the time she was on WWHL lives with Andy. She is a pill! Just like her daughter.

  16. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @22 G-sus…I always thought Gloria was a pill, too. LOL. She seems to always complain about this & that a lot. Yes, I remember the car bit with Gloria. Heaven help Bobbie. He not only has a control-freak for a wife, but for a mil. What about the time Bobbie got Jill that Mercedes 4×4, and Jill was still complaining that it wasn’t perfect enough. Narcissists just live for complaining. The photo shoot Gloria was in with her daughters was scary. Even Jill got nervous. GEEEZ! I couldn’t be in the same room with Gloria for more than an hour. No way. Jill’s sister, Lisa, seems nice and has her head screwed on well.

  17. Beyoncca said

    I noticed that Jill on the 1st episode had some not so nice words about Alex. Jill on Andy Cohen live accussed producers of putting the verbal insult into the scene at the wedding. Jill said “Andy I was bothered when I saw that, because “I said that in private to the producer with no camera around and my lips don’t even match the sound”. Ramona said ” So. It came from your mouth though”. I believe producers set scense up so they could be taken out of contexted. Perhaps Porducers are doing to Ramona with editing what they did to Jill, or maybe Ramona’s a Pinot Chugging Wine-o. Why else would Ramona slap a female producer of the show.{WINE-O}

  18. Abigal said

    Jill Zarin and all the gossip is so interesting. I follow her on facebook to get all the latest gossip and read her newsleter. If you are a true fan you should definatley check her out at

  19. […] her statement in full. Besides, one of her minions named Abigail just visited yesterday to leave a pro-Jill comment so shame on them if they miss this big-ass […]

  20. Lala said

    HAHA Thanks Abigal. I actually might do that, but probably not for the same reasons as you.

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