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Real Housewives of New York Recap – Its Not “Travel Reservations” but Shit Stirring Reservations

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 20, 2011


Here we go people!!  It’s time for petty bitch fights that end no where and finally, the declaration of who is the “Thug in a cock–tail dress!’  The theme of the night..  SHIT STIRRING!!!!

LuAnn and Sonja meet for lunch and again, Sonja is claiming to come from the gym again.  I think Sonja just rolls out of bed to meet the ladies for lunch time to time and blames her appearance on a treadmill workout.  Your not fooling me Sonja.. I am the queen of that excuse!

The “Dahlings” decide to plan a trip to rid all the tension between the women and they decide on Morocco which is westernized and sophisticated per LuAnn.  LuAnn calls Jill and Bahbie gave Jill permission to go.   Sonja calls Ramona and does anyone find it funny that Sonja’s dialect changes when she speaks to Ramona?  LuAnn calls Cindy and she is eager.   Sonja calls Alex and of course Alex is on board because she loves Moroccan food but doesn’t get it much because Simon doesn’t like couscous.

LuAnn calls Kelly and you can tell in LuAnn’s face that she is not optimistic and now Kelly is going on and on about skeary island and is wondering if Sonja, Ramona and Alex would be going. 

Ramona and LuAnn meet for lunch and it appears it starts out pleasant because both Ramona and LuAnn are smiling initially.  Then LuAnn goes right for the jugular and starts in on Ramona, already taking Jill’s side without even knowing the background.  This is in regards to Ramona’s wine party where she found out from Jennifer that Jill was grilling her on why was she friends with Ramona and why would she invite Alex to her wedding?  We all know that Jill denies this all over twitter and her blog calling Jennifer a liar and claims she just wants to be on tv.  Does Jill think she owns tv or something?  That is something we hear in RHONJ as well where Teresa said, her sister in-law Melissa just wants to be on tv.  How does one own TV and who appears?


LuAnn now claims that Ramona is not a good hostess who says hurtful things.    Ramona claims she at least will say things to your face and not behind your back and this stops LuAnn dead in her tracks!  Hmm let’s think LuAnn..  you are the biggest shit stirrer who is polite to everyone (prior to this episode) when engaging and as soon as you have a one on one interview, you slam, stab and burn your opponents when they are not looking.  Then LuAnn claims she does not talk about anyone behind their backs.   Has LuAnn seen this show?  Why is it that Cat Ommanney AND Gayle King both told Andy Cohen that LuAnn is a big shit stirrer and a back stabber!  I guess LuAnn thinks that if people are talking about her, it’s because she wears ridiculous ostentatious jewelry.

The Countess LuAnn New Jewelry Line – High Falutin Shit Wear

 LuAnn presents Ramona with Jill’s gift of the freakin Koala bear as if it’s an olive branch to excuse both Jill’s and LuAnn’s bad behavior.  Ramona is having none of it.   Again, LuAnn brings up Cindy’s brother Howie which LuAnn has her dementia moment and forgets that she counseled Ramona on how to approach and when.  Maybe that necklace LuAnn is wearing is cutting off oxygen to her brain?  Who wears that stuff?  Oh I forgot.  Ostentatious jewelery is reserved for Royalty.  Royal shit heads that’s who.

LuAnn is now trying to shame Ramona by asking her how she sleeps at night.  I am sure there is no chapter in LuAnn’s book on how to shame people into getting your point across when it is not received.  Now LuAnn says she is not fighting with Ramona while she says.. “God knows you put your foot in your mouth..”  LuAnn is the most passive aggressive Real Fake Housewife of all time!

S & M Anyone? Anyone??

Does A Whip Come With That Toast?

Sonja is having a photo shoot in her home for her toaster oven recipe book that does not even exist yet.  But first things first!  Lets get some inspiration by getting dolled up and pose for pictures on your dining room table set with dinnerware.   Kelly arrives to give some pointers to Sonja and Kelly can’t get over the fact that the photo’s are not toasterish.   I kind of have to agree with her but who really cares?    Sonja is totally enamored with the photographer so I guess ditching her undies for a more natural look is the way to score a date!

Kelly is trying to provide direction and can’t seem to adjust to Sonja’s style.  As Kelly makes a suggestion for a pose, Sonja somehow flashes her ‘Britney” and Kelly lost her chit!  She is shocked and appalled that Sonja has no underwear on and has to face the wall.  Kelly was..

“Literally Disgusted!”

Really Kelly?  You were so disgusted that you were forced to see what your own vagina looks like?  Havent you ever taken a mirror to view your girly bits like it was suggested on “Fried Green Tomatoes?”  I don’t believe you Kelly that you have never seen a womans vagina before!  Or maybe you don’t have a vagina with those male abs you sport?

LuAnn, Kelly, Cindy and Jill are now traveling to a spa that Cindy had arranged and why is Sonja, Ramona or Alex not there?   Of course with Ramona and Alex not present, this would be a  great time to gossip about them.   Cindy Barshop is like watching paint dry but we do get a bit of juicy gossip.  Cindy purposely did not invite Sonja, Ramona and Alex because.. “She didn’t want to?”   Does Cindy think that because she befriended Jill, this will get her viewing or fan points?  NOPE.  Cindy you are setting yourself up to get axed at the end of the season and I hope I am a good predictor.  Please god.

Kelly starts dishing on Sonja’s photo shoot at the lack of a toaster present and tells the girls in a muffled voice that she saw … wait for it..  Sonja’s vagina!  No one could hear her and now they have to pry it out of her which made her crawl up like a little girl and hide her face!

Kelly is profusely blushing while the other women can’t believe she has lived such a sheltered life.  Ok, Kelly has posed nude for Playboy, must have at least once opened a Playboy magazine to see what she was getting herself into?  She has modeling experience and am pretty sure quick changes for runway modeling does somehow enable you to see nude models inadvertently?  I think LuAnn, more than anyone is shocked because it appears she has seen many a vagina’s and I want more details on that. 

Great Wall of Vagina

Provided by Tinsel. Can you guess which is Tinsel's vajayjay? Winner gets a 50 dollar coupon for Vagisal products. Bet you can't stop lookin huh? Did you know there were so many varieties of Vajayjay?

I need to send this piece of artwork to Kelly to trigger her memory.  I know damn well she has been to this particular art studio and I have proof!  She has studied various Vajayjays!!!

Kelly only pretends to not have any knowledge of Vijayjay's in order to mask her obsession with them.

The conversation switched from Sonja’s vagina to Ramona because if Sonja is displaying any bad behavior like flashing her ‘Britney”, it must be Ramona’s fault.  LuAnn had made it clear,   “Ramona can be such a diva bitch”.    WOW Countess!  Is that a classy thing to say?  By no way should you confuse female dogs with Ramona who speaks her mind to your face and not behind your back!  Um, LuAnn?  Did you just speak behind Ramona’s back when you told her at lunch the day before that this is something you dont do?   LuAnn, ask Jill how to explain that one since she is a master at it.  Now LuAnn is stating that if Ramona doesn’t behave, she won’t be going on the Morocco trip.  Not if Sonja has anything to say about it LuMann.

In the car, LuAnn and Kelly are having an intense conversation about how hard it is to live in the Hampton’s as pampered housewives who married old men.    I have no words..   The conversation goes to Kelly not having the ability to meet any men who are not “sharks, bottom feeders and the minnow’s”.   I truly believe if Kelly possessed a few brain cells to rub together, she might find a man who would be interested in Kelly Land eating lollipops and gummi bears and doing cart wheels on the beach. 

 Kelly now discloses the fact that she has been abused by men using their hands or wrists.   LuAnn is shocked and comforts Kelly.   Jill and Cindy are in the backseat being quiet as church mouses.  Kelly and LuAnn have a moment and embrace but I am wondering if anyone else but me remembers that she attacked a boyfriend at her home and was arrested for assaulting said boyfriend?  And convicted?  I won’t touch this one with a ten foot pole.  This certainly is not a subject to joke about but I have a problem believing anything Kelly says or does.   She is also the same person who said Ramona text messages to her were threatening and Bethenny Frankel wanted to kill her with knives.  Hey.. Just saying..

The girls arrive to the Canyon Ranch Spa and are greeted with gifts and LuAnn is mortified that Jill opened her gift IN THE HOTEL LOBBY!!   REALLY DAHLING!!   Oh LuAnn, you give me too much material to snark on.  

At the Ranch, the girls go to some kind of drum class that release’s the toxicity from your pores and I don’t think they didn’t bang hard enough on the drums.  Did anyone else notice that LuAnn is wearing another big and bulky necklace to this class?  Oh god..  LuAnn just became a self-professed large jewelry wearer.   This is ridiculous and boring.. lets move on.

Back to the city and Ramona, Sonja and Alex are visiting a dermatologist Dr. Sharon Geise.  Did I tell anyone that last week when I mentioned the Dentist Cindy went to, Dr Marc Lowenberg,  he actually started to follow me on twitter? NO LIE!  Maybe now I will get a follow from Dr Sharon as well.   The girls get a consultation and get some minor work.   It appears Alex’s face is a bit caked with foundation and the person working on Alex is not happy to have to do such a cleaning.  lol 

What is interesting to me is that Sonja said her doctor who did her lipo suction told her she needs to do a little exercise after her procedure but said she never got around to it.   How come every time Sonja meets someone for lunch, she claims to of  just leaving the gym?  I think my theory above is the answer.

Back at the Ranch, the ladies are having dinner and the conversation quickly goes to Ramona.  Again.  Why is Ramona taking more heat than usual?  Does someone have to be the red-headed step child for every season?  Well then again, what would I write about?   We are talking about vagina’s again and I think Bravo should of changed the title of this episode from “Travel Reservations” to “The Vagina Monocles” or “Crack Ass Shit Stirrers”.   Kelly now brings up her abuse from her past and tells them that she was scared to death to go on this boring trip with these boring ladies because she is fragile.  Really Kelly?  I can’t.

Kelly is surely using Ramona as an excuse not to go to Morocco for fear of people catching her firing up her crack pipe.  Sonja will certainly detect the smell of cat pee again.

Back to the city and Jill is hosting a charity event for “Bullying”.  Cause everyone knows Jill has been so bullied via the internet that she hired detectives to identify the perps and hired assistants to go through Lynn Hudson’s  twitter account to make sure that anyone who was following Lynn would be blocked from Jill’s twitter account.  How do I know this?  Because I was one of the people blocked!! NO LIE!  Jill then sent her paid minions to attack anyone who followed Lynn at the time and it was the most hysterical march of the wooden block head soldiers raid in twitter history!

Alex is helping out Jill produce the swag bags for the charity event and Alex is instructed to stuff LuAnn’s CD’s in the swag bags.   Jill is so pleased that LuAnn donated the CD’s but seriously, what is a woman to do with a garage filled with many cases of CD’s that never really sold?  And here we go again, the subject goes right to Ramona who Jill is “not happy” that she is coming but will put up with it since Ramona paid $200 bucks to the anti Jill Bullying via Internet cause.  I KID I KID!  Bullying has become an issue for teens and kids but I am wondering why on Jills blog and  on the show we don’t know the name of the charity the money is going to?  On Jill’s blog she promotes Zarin fabrics and her book but nothing about this charity?  Just askin?

So sorry for the visual peeps.. I needed to hammer this home!

Jill is projecting that Ramona will bully her at her anti bullying event.   Lots of martini’s are being served and Ramona comes in with a case of wine that she says Jill’s assistant requested.  Ramona says hello to Jill and Jill wanted to discuss not discussing what should have been discussed already.  Jill is now projecting that the plane ride to Morocco will be stressful and she would rather

 “pick her nose”. 

 I do believe that Jill will pick her own nose since I am sure that Ginger won’t be on the trip to Morocco do that for her.

LuAnn arrives and I am like ugh.  Please, I am so tired of LuAnn and this whole episode with her and the Countess Ways and I can’t take much more of her. 

 I think I would rather have Ginger pick my nose too.

EXTRA EXTRA!!! Get your shit right here!! I am dishing it up and stirring it up as well!! EXTRA!! EXTRA!!!

LuAnn gives her air kisses and goes straight for Ramona by complaining that Ramona wants to keep a designer all to herself.  Then says, “It’s a bitchy thing”.  Geez LuAnn, I am going to start a petition to remove your Countless Crown and replace it with a pile of steamy hot wreaking CHIT!  This woman is on my last nerve and I am tired of typing her freakin name.

LuAnn says Ramona is so “Nasty” for not allowing her to wear Ramona’s exclusive designer!  I guess LuAnn wants to walk in the next fashion show?  How petty is this for me even to recap this garbage.   Oh Crap. I am gonna get all Jersey on LuAnn now..  LuAnn now tells Ramona that she just spent a weekend with the girls and they don’t even want to go on the trip because Ramona is coming.  Also letting Ramona and Alex know that they were not invited.  Who is a bitch now LUMANN!!  P.S. LuAnn, you have some hairs on your uppa lip, get that waxed!  Your true gender is showing!

LuAnn is now telling Ramona that she did not follow her instructions to the letter to call Jill and apoligize or fix things.  Who died and made LuAnn the boss?  If shooting my tv screen would allow me to put LuMann out of her hairy lipped misery, I would sacrifice my 64 inch flat screen!  I SWEAR!

Even Alex tries to tell LuMann that she is being negative and picking a fight. 

FINALLY!!!  LuMann is the “Thug in a cocktail dress!!” 

LuAnn just wont stop talking and attacking and Ramona truly stayed calm.  It’s almost as if LuAnn tried to get Ramona worked up to point the finger at her to show Jill that she wanted to ruin this event.  LuMann is a really a crafty bitch.

LuAnn claims she is not gossiping by telling Ramona what others had said about her and claiming she is not getting in the middle between Ramona and anyone who might have a problem with her.  HYPOCRISY! 

Off with her head!

I like this look.

LuMann is still railing on Ramona breaking every Countless Crash and Burn rules and now Ramona just plainly asks her if she now has to answer to the Royal High-Ass now and tells her not to get involved.  Now LuMann is blaming this on Jill because she asked her and goes back to the designer issue.  I think LuMann is toking on Kelly’s crack pipe now.

Jill and Ramona are debating on whether the Pinot was requested for drinking or for swag.  I can’t take this anymore.  WHO CARES??  Camera goes to LuAnn who sniffs the wine and rolls her eyes.  Jill goes on that she already planned the meal and picked the wine.  No you didn’t Jill.  You are serving martini’s.  No wine is there.  Actually, in your blog you said that the caterers didn’t have enough wine glasses and had to use martini glasses for the wine.  Get your story straight woman.   I would never begrudge a case of wine.. NEVER!  But I do prefer chardonnay 😉

Is this almost over?  Finally the fashion show begins and Jill is ignoring it by talking about.. guess who?  RAMONA!!!  She is remarking that its pretty early in the day and Ramona is the only one with a glass of wine in her hand.   Didnt we just see a ton of martini’s served?  Jill is trying to make Ramona look like a boozer and at that moment pretending no alcohol is present. 

Even LuAnn is on the plan to make Ramona look like a boozer by saying…  “If you have to bring your own Pinot to a party, then there is an issue”.  Once again, WAS RAMONA NOT ASKED TO BRING THE FRIGGIN WINE!!!!  Crafty ladies, but we are not buying what you are selling..   Cause it smells like LuAnn’s hat and earring in the photo way above. 

Ramona carefully approaches Kelly to try to arrange and hour with her and Sonja and Kelly divulges that she is afraid to go with her since what happened on skeary island.  Ramona playfully tries to say, “Kelly I didn’t do anything to you”  a few times and Kelly stops her in her tracks and explains that when Ramona herself is approached by her 16-year-old daughter, that she most likely would consider the feelings… of a CHILD!  This totally confirms it for me.  When Kelly was a child, someone stole her candy and her brain stopped developing at that very moment.

They agree to get along, I think, and they go on their merry way holding hands and skipping.  Kelly offers Ramona some of her paste to eat but Ramona respectfully declines.

The luncheon is under way and Ramona is asking for wine glasses.  Well, Jill did say that they already have wine paired with the meal so one would think that wine glass would have already been set on the tables right? 

Jill introduces a speaker which is her step daughter who speaks on the topic of bullying based on her experience.   Ramona appears to be pouring wine and I can tell she is a bit uncomfortable and distracts herself by pouring wine for people at her table.   At the end of the speakers speech, Ramona leaves the room and Jill goes to find her.   Ramona seems a bit out of sorts and tells Jill what an unbelievable speech that was and remarked on her inner confidence that maybe people didn’t notice the facial deformities?  YIKES RAMONA!!!!  I truly believe that Ramona tried to pay homage to the girl for her courageous efforts but Ramona lacks tact in expressing herself.   Jill is obviously offended but truly Ramona didnt disparage the young woman but maybe was insensitive with her choice of words?   It’s almost like you are not allowed to acknowledge the obvious or maybe not mention it?  Sort of like whispering.. “cancer”?   I would imagine this debate will go down at the reunion show.  NO DOUBT!

The next three weeks we will be in Morocco and it will be a bloggers dream!  I really do hope that it is LuAnn getting bucked on the camel.  PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!

I will see you guys in Morocco!!  Buckle Up!!  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!!  We at least for LuMann on the Camel who does not appreciate the hair on her uppa lip!

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35 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap – Its Not “Travel Reservations” but Shit Stirring Reservations”

  1. G-sus said

    IJS Get out of my head girl! You picked up all the little things I did last night. Sonya and her apparent constant exercising? Her mouth says it, but her ass tells a different story. And I haven’t seen her cook anything in the toaster oven except fish and asparagus, neither of which she even bothered to put any type of seasoning on, just wrapped it up in tin foil. Yuck. For someone with a servant for everything, I don’t think she does much cooking.

    Loved the pics of Luann especially in the blue bikini ala Vera de Milo. But, no crap necklaces?

    Did you notice how Kelly calls her old boyfriends demonic? Seems to be a running trend with her. She described both Bethenny and Alex that way. Something tells me that girl has a little paranoid pschizophrenia in her. And the first thing I though of also when I heard her story was, “Didn’t you give your boyfriend a black eye a couple years ago?” It all seemed weird to me. Especially the non-reaction in the back seat. Especially the JILL non-reaction in the back seat. Me thinks something is fishy with that story.

    Morocco is looking to me to be a staged excursion by Jill and thug-life Luann to try and make Alex and Ramona look bad in order to try and redeem themselves and have their own version of Scary Island.

    Great Recap IJS, and kudos to the vajajay shots from TK. I don’t know which is TK, but I am going to guess that Luann is the camel toe, third row, 4th from the right.


    “Great Recap IJS, and kudos to the vajajay shots from TK. I don’t know which is TK, but I am going to guess that Luann is the camel toe, third row, 4th from the right.”

    Girl.. if you think like me then I need you to help recrap some of this stuff! come on girl.. ya know you got an inner voice waiting to rail out against these fantastically crappy housewives!!

    P.S. All of Sonja’s servants are friends from another country who needs a free home for their kid to visit the city. They have no skillz and probaly never seen a toaster oven before! I FLOVE IT!

  3. G-sus said

    Oh IJS, thanks for the confidence. But I have a hereditary lazy gene that likes the fact that you and TK do all the hard work and I get to just sit back and enjoy the benefits. I would make a great CEO, lol.

    Those poor kids at Sonja’s. They think they are going to the big city to enjoy the life and instead they are stuck fetching her tea. God help them if they don’t bring it in the right cup! Like she said, she’s divorced and everything, and nothing helps that but having your fabulous friends sending you houseboys.

    • G-Sus.. lmaoooo those poor kids are right! But methinks those kids are getting some kick backs via Sonja and her wildly ways. I am sure she cleans the kitchen nekkid. 😉

  4. G-sus said

    Oh gross IJS!

  5. G-sus said

    Oh, I forgot to mention. You nailed it on Jill’s supposed anti-bullying event. No mention of the charity’s name anywhere. And really, how many people were there? 50? 100? At $200 a pop, I am guessing that just about covered the expense of the food, drinks, venue, and fashion show. So according to my calculations Un-Named Charity $0, advertising Jill $10-20,000.

    • G-Sus.. I was just curious.. wanted to know the name of the benefactor and wondering what the money would go to. I couldnt find nuttin.. I did hear from Jill this was her first anual gala of the sort.. but no name of where the money was going to. nuttin, zilch. what if her 2 fans/viewers wanted to kick in some buckaroonies?? nuttin, zilch.. very impotent I guess.. HEY!! I’M JUST SAYING!!

  6. G-sus said

    I think the word “Charity” is synonymous to the words “free PR” to some of these ladies.

    BTW, did you read Sonja’s Bravo blog? I don’t even know where to start with that one.

  7. Coffee FIRST said

    @IJS – Jill has been selling (?)”memorabilia”(as in the Nene Leakes hat for CA @ double the price….and original price was $500 for charity) stating that money will go to ‘The Zarin Family Trust.’ She’s alluded that it’s a charity, but a ‘charity’ for whom? I’ve looked into it with all roads leading back to ‘The Zarin Family Trust.’ I’m not getting anywhere and I noticed there’s a poster over @lynn’s by FLG looking for the same(he seems much more knowledgeable about charities, the ins and outs) and he’s unable to find any standing for this charity called “The Zarin Family Trust.”

    I know TK is an expert sleuth and you IJS is just an *expert*…LMAO! 😉

    What do you think?

  8. Cofee.. I was just concerned! I didnt hear the name of the charity and if peeps who were viewing maybe would donate? I am an expert. at bullchit.. and I am callin out bullchit.. lets allow tinsel if she avails herself to us to be the sleuth to get to the bottom of this! I have no issue to have the true facts if they are layed out.. I will post an article to support.. but where is the info?

  9. Dani said

    Why was Sonja taking pictures of herself in formal wear for a toaster over cookbook? Huh. I get the connection w/the long black leather gloves and the S&M shot but the rest, not so much. The two things just don’t jive.

    Gsus, I think you are right about the trip because these ladies don’t seem to have an original thought. They are going to recreate their version of scary island.

    I also had the same thought about Kelly when she was telling LuAnn about being hit. I don’t doubt that happened to her but Kelly continues to contradict herself. That is what is so bizarre. She often does the same things to people that she accuses others of doing.

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, first off, that was an outstanding recap. I agree 100% & the artwork is priceless. LOVE IT…esp LuLu. LuAnn is definitely a shit stirrer, and if I hear her one more time tell us how classy she is then I will scream. She may be the worst hypocrite of all the HW. She goes on & ON constantly about how classy she is, but turns around and instigates/backstabs. I wouldn’t trust her with anything. I always thought she was a LULU from the start, and her latest words/actions sealed it for me. Poor Ramona at that lunch…she looked like a deer w/ headlights…I thought considering the non-stop badgering Ramona handled herself extremely well. “How do you sleep at night?”. I’d like to ask LuAnn that.

    Kelly, short dresses, and private parts. Hmmm. That whole business was hysterical. I couldn’t believe it when she told Ramona that she’d have to do something about fixing the length of her short skirt. WTH? Kelly wears stretchy tops, and calls them a dress. You can see her “Britney” 6 states away.

    Did Ramona think her wine was meant for the event?…as in drinking…guess she did. I don’t think it was clarified by Jill’s asst.(?) that the wine was to be given away. Not sure. I didn’t hear the bit about LuAnn’s CDs being stuffed into bags. Skipped over that part. I wonder if LuAnn’s book on manners/class did better than her CDs? I wouldn’t buy either one.

  11. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi Dani and everyone! 🙂

  12. Daniela said

    Hi Everyone:
    I was hysterical reading the recap.
    LuMann is the Empress of Shit Stirring! If I recall she had a lot to do with stirring between Jill and Bethenny. That situation was made worse because of LuMann. What a phony biotch.

  13. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @14 Hi Daniela! 🙂 Totally agree. LuAnn has always stuck her (instigating/backstabbing) nose into others’ business. She sure did with Bethenny & Jill. “Phony bitch”…LOVE it. Hey, if the shoe fits……..

  14. Daniela said

    How are you MHJ?? Its been awhile. I haven’t been on in ages…I’ve been super busy with family!
    You haven’t been either, is everything OK?
    I didn’t watch OC, but I have DVR’d NY, haven’t had a chance to watch all the epi’s. One of these days, I will catch up. So I feel so out of the loop.

    This could be one of the reasons LuAnn has her feathers ruffled:

  15. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @16 Daniela…Hey sweetie! I’ve been ok…just so much going on. Part family, some vacation trips, part being sick…this & that virus, pets w/ their issues…8yr. old dog going to have surgery here soon (should have had really long time ago, but stupid vets) & my 21yr. old cat w/ her leg/stitch due to a bed sore…has to wear a cast type thingy, etc. My pets are really healthy, but switched to new vet(s) & they are SO much better than last vet. I feel like I live at the vet. I think I wasn’t here for 2mos., but since I’ve been back I’ve been posting like crazy. So much fun here. Totally addicted. Oh, and don’t feel like you’re the only one out of the loop. I feel the same way. 🙂

  16. Superb Recap Ijs.. U took the words right outta my brain, too. I don’t think I’ve ever been so SICK of hearing LuMan talk her Dahling chit as I am Now. That is One Big Azz Chit Stirrer if ever was one. Ramona has her..Uh..Moments, but at least she’s honest & doesn’t say anything about some1 that she wouldn’t say to their face. I like that she keeps em Honest.. I too, Was pissed at remark about Ramona “Starting to drink so early in the day”. For Gosh sakes, I saw LuMan, Alex & Kelltale with a glass of wine in their hands too.. Yep, they’re plotting/Scheming up a lotta Chit to be Stirred on the “Road to Morroco. Scary Island was a REAL unplanned moment, and Cannot & Will Not ever be Repeated. They’re grasping & fighting for their NYHousewives spot in Bravoland..But, The acting sux..the previews for Morwacko, where Jillous & Ramona are having a “Arguement” looks so rehearsed that I couldve done it much better. Its Pathetic when their own lives are so Boring & Blahzay that they have to “Act” to try to look interesting..For Me, Its a Major FAIL. And YES, Kelly punched some dude (probably crack Dealer) and was arrested/Convicted, She’s trying to come off all “Sane/Lucid” this Season, but I Ain’t Buying it…Nope, She’s still a Loony tune. Jill, Well she’s a BITCH, same song, third Verse. I’m about Done with these New Yawk HW’s.. They Give “Real Women” a Bad Name… BTW: I HOPE its LuMan taking a Big Azz Spill off that Hump, too. 😀
    Would Make My Day! 😀

  17. P.S. Loved ur Wall of Vajayjays & All your purdy artwork.. You has a gift.. 😀

  18. Daniela said

    Hi IJS, I will…. when I can actually sit for 45 min. intervals with no disturbances (kids, dogs, phone, doorbell, “The Rapture”) without falling asleep! lol

    MHJ, you poor thing! It must have cost a small fortune. I told my boys to become vets! OMG, that is unreal with your 21 yr. old cat! Just like senior citizens, wow! A bed sore, that is unreal.

    I had an incident with my baby chihuahua. She had gastroenteritis(sp). Within an hour and a half the poor thing crashed. I had to rush her to the Emergency vet. for IV fluids. She is a little under 3 lbs., so she dehydrated so quickly. The vet said it is similar to our stomach viruses, but they bleed!! I freaked out!

  19. Daniela said

    Hahahaha! I got a better look at the Vag pic, I thought I was looking at elephant butts!

  20. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    I can’t stop laughing. Hell, I can’t stop choking from laughing so hard.

    @22 Daniela…LMAO!!!! You said what I was thinking.

    Daniella, I feel like I have spent more money on vets all these years (Other cat lived to be almost 22yrs….All vets & vet techs are amazed & want to know my secret.) than I have on myself or children with a doctor. With our dog, I have basically had her in every week to have some special work done. Don’t want to gross you out, but I’ll just say it has to do with her glands. So, I’d take her in each week & hubby thought it was rather a rip-off. Plus, the vet techs…maybe even a vet or two…would tell me if I did the special procedure myself that I could kill my dog. Well, I didn’t want that. Plus, I thought I could pass out in the process. I’m always afraid of seeing any animal in pain. So, after all the visits (2 different animal hospitals in the last 10yrs.), I decided on a new vet. They cost more…they all cost a lot…but damn if the 2 vets that own this new hospital didn’t say BS to what I’ve been told by past vets/vet techs really. They saw the problem right away, & suggested surgery. Hell, at the cost….$1,000…I have spent WAY more than that on just one thing thru the years. It’s unreal all the money we’ve spent just for 3 pets. I don’t know how my girlfriends that have 4 or more dogs…4 or more pets do it. One friend has 8 big dogs, wants to adopt more, but hubby said no. Well, I’ll just be glad when my dog has her surgery. Oh, and it is wild about my senior cat and her bed sore. Whenever the new vet talks to me, I feel like he’s talking about my kids’s great-grandmother. Old, but still going strong.

  21. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Also, Daniela, I hope your baby chihuahua is doing well. I’m so sorry to hear that. What a precious baby. 🙂 XO

  22. @tweatcyn said

    I hate Jill, LuAnne, Cindy and Kelly sooooo much this year I can’t even watch a full episode of RHNY anymore. Made it through only 5 minutes Thursday night before having to turn it to something more uplifting- Law and Order SVU. Not even Ramona or Alex can draw me in to this FAKE drama anymore.

  23. H8Yankees said

    Great recap!!! Laughed the whole way through it but I was trying to eat and pics of the “chit” kind of destroyed my appetite…maybe I should read this same blog everyday at meal time huh? Great way to lose a few lbs huh? Looking forward to Morocco!

  24. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @27 TK…HI! Yes, please do! 🙂

  25. G-sus said

    @ TK Go get em girl! But if you come across any nekkid Bawbee or Jillousy pics, feel free to keep those to yourself.

  26. […] conversation and exaggerating and I think I just found a new wife to despise for shit-stirring.  Don’t she know what I did to RHONY Countless LuMann for shit-stirring?  They bring up the dinner and somehow Carla never brings up the fact that Karen is coming.  We […]

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  28. […] So did Teresa just say she didn’t know where her kids were at that moment when the chit hit the fan?  (I was contemplating posting a pic of chit hitting the fan but thought I did enough of that with the RHONY recap.  […]

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