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Of All the Things You Might Associate with Caroline Manzo…

Posted by tinselkitty on May 20, 2011

Were handbags high on your list? It wasn’t anywhere on mine, much less high up. Had she done a pasta sauce or an all-purpose countertop cleaner or branded tissues for when your kids run off and leave you behind, I would have thought about it for a sec and said, yep, makes sense. But Caroline and purses? I can’t even remember seeing her carrying one much. Ah well, gotta sell something while you can get people to shell out for your name.


5 Responses to “Of All the Things You Might Associate with Caroline Manzo…”

  1. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    TK….HI! LMAO!! Caroline could have her brand name kitchen cleaners & tissues for sure. No, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her much or at all with a purse…unlike Teresa. Surprised Teresa doesn’t have a purse line, or a clothing line. Maybe after another book.

    Sorry if Teresa already has a purse or clothing line. I don’t keep up with what she sales. I haven’t even bought one of her cookbooks. I haven’t bought anything the HW sell.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @1 Sorry. Meant “sells”.

  3. GingerTee said

    looking at the picture, I would purchase most of those

  4. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    lmao at the “boutique” really? looks like a the hooks on which the purses hang! lol! is this really in someone’s garage? i keep picturing the scene on sex and the city where the girls go to L.A. and Samantha takes Carrie to buy fake designer purses, from a guy who sells them out of the trunk of his car! Hmm i wonder if she will sell those purses at the strip club/carwash? those purses look so cheap and i love the “sexy” shot of her on the couch being drowned by the purses! watch out Coach and Chanels…youse got some competition (i didnt even mention Wretchen Christine cuz really can her handbags even compare to mama manzo?)

    • Thug – I cant handle large purses at all. I remember many many years ago attending a pocket book party and found this white leather large satchel shaped pocketbook with metal at the closures and bought it for 150 bucks when I was just raising a new family and really couldnt afford it. i finally got the delivery and my ex was pissed! i immediatelty thought it was the price and actually that was not his issue. His issue was the size and he quickly equated it to a “Ho Bag”. I was like.. how do you get that from a hand bag? He said it looks like something a ho would carry to have a change of clothes and some person hygeine must have’s for a ho! lmaoo!!! I no longer have the husband but I will forever relive that moment when I buy handbags in the perspective of a man’s eyes. 😉

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