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How’s Kara Keough, You Ask?

Posted by tinselkitty on May 20, 2011

Well, she’s whoopin’ it up with Princess G, so I suppose that means she’s good. Is this for sure Kara, do we think? I’m not completely convinced. Like, 90% or so but not quite there. Convince me.

Here’s the tweet associated with the picture –

@karakeough so fun to see u tonight! Your guys house is awesome! Congrats my friend!


14 Responses to “How’s Kara Keough, You Ask?”

  1. cali said

    Many of you may don’t agree with me; Gretchen is pretty, and as far as I’m aware off- without plastic surgery.
    I’m not sure if it is Kara.

    • Cali.. you and I can agree there. I think Gretchin is pretty. She is also young and doesnt need any work. I actually admire her for not enhancing her breastesses. What restraint for Orange County!

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @1 Cali…Hi! I think that Gretchen is pretty, and I don’t think she’s had plastic surgery like other OC HW. Lawdy, like Alexis. However, I do think Gretchen will wear too much makeup. Perhaps she has acne, or some acne scars she’s trying to cover. Sometimes, even with a real or fake tan, I think her face can look orange compared to her neck. Again, I do think she is pretty…but could wear less makeup. So many of these HW look like they’ve had a TON of botox treatments. Also, so many look like they’ve had TONS of lip filler, or whatever it’s called. To me, from the side profile, their lips don’t look human. When I see most of them eating together or just chatting…from a side profile…their lips look super scary. WOW!

    It kind of looks like Kara without much makeup, and without the dark expresso brown dyed-hair. I think Kara usually had ash-blond to more of a lighter brown shade of hair as her natural hair color. Looks like her eye color, too.

  3. LWoo said

    I wouldn’t want to do anything to my face which would impair my smile. But that’s just my opinion. Gretchen is the only one who can give a full smile out of all these women…I’ll give her that. But, to me, she’s not that pretty.

    Now, Fernanda: HAWT! If I were a lesbian, I’d be all over that! And she’s beautiful- without plastic surgery!

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    LWoo! Hey sweetie!! 🙂 Hope your classes went well. Are you done?

  5. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    LWoo, I’m sorry I keep forgetting to ask you for your email. I really miss you, too! I have various emails from folks here, & have fun. I wanted to catch up, but I totally understand if you can’t give me an email. Again, hope all is going well.

    MHJ XO

  6. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @Cali, @MrsHughJackman, @Lwoo hello! i am new to posting but have read ur posts before and u r all so funny as is this whole site! i have to agree with ur posts above..miz gretchen is pretty but her face looks weird to me..somehow different? what are ur thoughts..cheek implants? AS for Kara, it looks like her. she is a pretty girl and one of the least anyonning oc housewives favorite is Vickys daughter Breanna. i would love an update on the rest of the oc kids..i heard that one of them was pregnant? can anyone fill me in? was it Tammy Knickerbockers daughter? and what is going on with Laurie Peterson’s stepdaughter? Missing? Btw i luv Kara’s grammar on “your guys house” really? lol

    • Hello Thug in a cocktail dress!! Welcome to the blog. I am glad you stopped lurking and are joining in on the convo! my favorite daughter of RH’s is Avery and Kara. Both have their heads screwed on straight. obviously the moms are doing something right. I have read stuff about Lauri’s step daughter but I havent heard anything new with the mom looking for her or her twitter and you tube pleas that are a bit over the top to publicize. I have contemplated blogging about it but I dont want to blog about kids misfortunes. well mostly 😉

  7. G-sus said

    Yep, I think that is Kara, she looks great.
    Gretchen is pretty I think. I have a friend that looks just like her, same makeup and everything. She has really bad acne scars so she doesn’t go anywhere without full makeup on.

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @6 Thug In A Cocktail Dress….Hi and welcome! Love your name. This is a great site, and IJS & TK do a great job! You are very sweet, & I think they’re are a lot of funny folks here. Hey, I’m just glad you think I’m funny & not *funny* weird. LOL!

    I TOTALLY agree about Breanna. I think she is more mature than any of the OC HW…many of the HW…definitely more mature than her own mother. I’d like to see more of her, & I hope she’s doing well. I didn’t hear/read anything about a pregnancy. That will be interesting. Also, I know what you mean about Kara. I like her just fine, but I’ve noticed that. Even straight A students, like Kara, can let their grammar slide. Use to drive me crazy at times with my honor roll kids. What’s really bad, is to hear a teacher you volunteer with use poor grammar. LOL.

  9. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @ImaJustSaying LOL “lurking” ur so funnny! 🙂 and thank u 4 the welcome! I love Avery too..she is very mature and it has been fun to watch her grow up over the seasons..another housewife favorite will b Brynn..can u imagine how cute/funny she is gonna b? Bethanny is my all time favorite housewife and i miss her on the show…wish she was still on there making her funny observations! Im so happy 4 her success, she has worked hard to get where she is and I for one am not hating (unlike koo koo kelly, who cant even say vagina…lol).
    @MrsHughJackman, thank u for ur sweet and kind words! LOL u r not funny/straightjacket like koo koo! lol! i am so excited to have joined and dont know why i didnt do so sooner, as Kim Zolziack (spelling?) would sing(lmao)against, I have been taardy for the pardyy oooh oooh (in a raaaaspy voice, as if she has been gargling with razor blades) but i will no longer be tardy for the pardy!!:) on a side note, i will b on here a lot, yes i have no reality i am laid up at home in poor health,so i cannot thank u all for lifting my spirits! 🙂 and i am a believer that laughter is great! unfortunately it is @ the expense of others, but hey, they put themselves in that situation, right? LOL hope everyone has a great weekend!!! love and light! lol 🙂 (speaking of gahbage, her daughters werent bad and i feel very concerned for them..she always brought them into her drama and that was “so not good” (so many wise quotes i cant hellp myself LOL)
    ps: favorite housewife daughter of all time: ashley holmes! she is my hero………………………………. lol..not!!!
    pss: not trying to pick on Kara, im not perfect with my grammar either! 🙂 at least she didnt say “youse guys” LOL I DIE!!!
    ok longest post ever, so hope all “my people” have a great weekend and remember as a wise sage says “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere” so go everywhere!!! “dont be tardeee for the pardee” dont make me come spank u!!!

  10. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @11 Thug In A Cocktail Dress…I’m so happy you found us. It really is a great/fun place. I’m very sorry to hear you’ve been laid up. I know how that goes…I couldn’t really walk for a few years due to a freak home accident falling down stairs. Opted for no foot surgery(ies). Doing much, much better. Again, I’m glad you found us. I LOVE the HW shows, & have been addicted to all from the start. What I love about being here is you can state your opinion…unlike Bravo blog…and actually get it posted. That, and we can go off-topic. YES! I’ve missed some HW shows lately, & trying to catch up. Thank goodness for recaps! Oh, & don’t think twice about a long post…I think I hold the record. Oh, and don’t think about grammar either. My mother has a PhD in English & she use to scare me at times. Hey, even recently my one daughter reminded me not to say “Hey, guys.” I try to say ladies normally. Like you said, I make sure it’s not the same way Teresa would say it. LOL. If my mother, or my sister for that matter, ever watched any of the HW shows…or heard Teresa speak…they’d have a heart-attack. LMAO!

    Please, no comments from the peanut section about my long posts. 😉

  11. @tweatcyn said

    I do think that is Kara. She and Avery are my favorite daughters also. Laurie’s step-daughter heard is not missing, just avoiding her bio-mom and refusing to have anything to do with her. I think Gretchen is pretty and I LOVE that dress. I’m pretty sure she’s had a nose job judging from early pic of her on bravo, and her teeth have that horsey veneered look like Cindy Barshop. Glad she hasn’t gone for the fake tits though. I hate those. Natural is better, no matter how big or small.

  12. Thug in a cocktail dress said

    @MrsHughJackman u just made my day!!! 🙂 I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!! 🙂 I am addicted to all Hw shows..except for HW of DC and Miami .. yawn!! well i take it back, if Miami could do a spin-off wherby Mama Elsa got her own show, I would watch!! she was the only reason I watched! I cannot believe i missed the last episode of HWofNY and Bravo isnt airing it 😦 grr.. so while having read all the funny recaps i am missing out!
    @TweatCyn thank u for filling us in On Lauri’s stepdaughter saga..i dont remember where i heard she was missing! i agree that Gretchen is pretty (which is why IMO Vicky and Tamra cant stand her cuz they r so jealous!!) i think Gretchen looks different too but i thought it was her cheeks..ur right about the teeth. But at least she has avoided the boob job all the other ladies seem to need.

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