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Watch What Happens Live With Jeana and Lauri After Show

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 16, 2011

Last night was Alum night on “Watch What Happens Live” with Lauri Waring and Jeana Keough from “Real Housewives of Orange County” previous seasons.  You can tell Lauri is so over the Housewives and has no regrets for leaving the show.

I knew Jeana would immediately get questions and regarding her inserting herself into the drama between Tamra and Simon and even I thought she should mind her own business, but I was thinking more about that this morning and have a few comments on this.

Tamra totally inserted herself into Gretchens personal life and made it her mission to destroy Gretchin.  How was this any of Tamra’s business?  Also, Tamra says she feels threatened by Simon by the hurling dog leash and gives us crocodile tears last night as to the pain she is experiencing in her divorce.  I remember at the end of last season Tamra being served divorce papers via messenger which she had the biggest smile on her face and danced on her coffee table totally elated he initiated the divorce and now she sings a different tune all together.

Also, in an upcoming episode this season, don’t we expect to see Tamra shoving Jeana where she stumbles back into a wall and Tamra throws a glass of wine in Jeana’s face?  Is this not threatening Tamra?  Should the police arrested Tamra on the spot and put her in jail?  I would hope Bravo camera’s would be invited to go down to the court-house so Jeana can file a temporary restraining order against Tamra?  Or is that only reserved for the victim Tamra.

Hey!  I’m Just Saying!!   Lauri and Jeana were right in the after show.   The women are all about digging and backstabbing and they don’t miss the show at all.  I don’t blame them.  No good will come to any of these women with the mentality they have to score famedom as DumDum’s.

Didn’t I say last night I should not be allowed to post anything RHOC?  I should follow my own advice.  😉


I hope Jeana gets invited back to WWHL after Tamra assaults her so Jeana has her turn at Tamra.  I truly think Tamra is a disgusting human being who is using this season to play a victim in a divorce battle that she wanted and initiated by moving out.  I have no issue with a couple calling it quits for what ever reason, but you can’t initiate it, celebrate it then suddenly act like your are a victim.  Own it!

Check Out Tamra’s tweet about Jeana.  If she really feels Jeana ripped her a new arsehole, then she better not read this blog post!  😉

 Last nights poll was “Who Side Are You On?”  And Tamra won over Jeana with like 75%.  I think people have short memories. 

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


8 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Jeana and Lauri After Show”

  1. G-sus said

    IJS Yep people do have short memories. Jeana should have minded her own biz, but it seems okay for Tamra being up in everyone else’s biz, like broadcasting Alexis’ foreclosure and Slade’s issues. Funny thing is that she has been saying all season about how she NEVER brings up Gretchen on the show. Really? What show? Certainly she doesn’t mean the show she is on, like it isn’t on tape when she talks about Gretchen and Slade.

    And why put that out on Twitter? I was actually surprised she didn’t call up Andy last night. Woman has serious issues.

  2. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS…HI! I didn’t watch the WWHL, however, I totally agree with what you’ve said about Tamra. I’m not saying any of these women on OC are perfect. I don’t blame Jeana or Lauri for leaving the show. Sure, they have their faults but I always felt they tried to be nicer overall than others. (I still think Vicki’s daughter…name skips me…was more mature than the older women. Definitely more mature than her own mother. LOL.) Also, Tamra has definitely done her share of crying croc tears each season. Like I said before, she likes to stir the pot and see just how much trouble she can stir, AND see just how far she can step over the boundary line. She has been very good at dishing it out, but not being able to take it. Reminds me of Jill Z. in that respect. Apologies…like w/ Tamra…don’t mean a thing if no sincerity behind the apology. A person who is truly sorry, will try very hard not to make the same mistake(s) or cross the boundary line.

    I have a question/comment since I’ve been trying to catch up on something like 2mos. I saw an episode recently where Slade was with his mother. She was visiting Gretchen & Slade. Slade, and his mother, were dissing Slade’s ex-wife. Of course, I feel EXTREMELY sorry for his ex-wife and children. I take it that his parents divorced because I was surprised to see that was his mother. Back when he was w/ Jo, he had his parents come to visit. They were not thrilled w/ the way he was living…not thrilled w/ Jo either. I guess it was his stepmother I saw w/ Jo when Jo was a HW.

  3. MHJ I think we saw Slades mom for the first time. She did seem like a voice of reason to me taking her son to task.

    This is my other issue with the Slade support thing. I do think he should find some sort of work and not compare to the earnings he once had and I dont think McDonalds is the anser, but how in the hell can a judge hold him to support payments on earnings he no longer has in this economy for the kind of job he had? It was totally supported by the real estate market where now we know where that is. I went through the same thing after 911 where I couldnt make the same money and my ex tried to hold me accountable for the same earnings where my industry tanked for 2 years. My judge gave me enough time for find a job and a serious salary cut at that time. What judges are not connected with the economy?

    Sometimes I think Slades child support circumstances have him in a rut in findging a job that would solve all problems instead of just putting some kind of decent earnings on the books for the judge to compare too. Doing nothing will do him more harm then good, but really, his support payments or in the mid 4k a month? WTH?

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    IJS, I totally agree about Slade’s mother trying to push some (common) sense. He really needs to get a job, & he needs to realize that he won’t be able to do as well as he was considering the market. Buck up & do what you have to do to support your children. Some people work a full-time job with a few part-time jobs just to make sure they can provide for family. I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to you after 911. I was watching one of the news shows…I believe Jane Velez Mitchell on HLN not long ago and she had a guest who was a survivor of 911. I had seen the guest before, and always enjoyed her interviews. Very touching. She said she lost her job…company she had worked for was in one of the towers. She was left without a job…nothing. Very, very sad. She finally, after quite a while, was able to find work. If I remember correctly, she said she had even had to live in a homeless shelter for a while. No job, no money, and no way to afford a place to live. She bounced back though. I hear a case like that, and then I think of Slade. It sounds like a case of pride & laziness, and he needs to take whatever job…or at least sell his watch collection. How many watches does one person need?! I wonder how much he gets paid for being on the HW? Seems like he’s been on every season. I wonder if the judge is going by what Bravo pays him. Hmmmm. Lawdy, now I’m even having a flashback to that one show…perhaps two or more…where he would set Jo up on dates after their “breakup”.

  5. KurlyHairedB said

    the economy is tough on everybody. We own our own business and hubs still has a full-time job and I have a part-time one too. Our business takes about 50 hours a week and we supplement what we lost with the downturn in the economy with the other jobs. Yet we still manage to make our mortgage, pay our water/electric/cable/phone, get groceries, pay car payments and insurance and we have 2 kids and 3 cats.

    You learn to reduce your expenditures and eliminate what isn’t needed. Gone are the twice weekly nights out to dinner, the twice a year vacations and it may not sound like much, but I don’t get my nails (mani/pedi) done every 3 weeks. We’ve gone from having HBO package to plain basic cable. We didn’t get new cell phones like we’ve done every year.

    You learn what is important and adapt to what you have. Not borrow knowing the fact that you don’t have the money and then want a bailout.

  6. G-sus said

    I agree about Slade. His support should have been reduced. Problem is that many guys will hide their assets and claim that they have no money. Makes those who truly lost all their money pay the consequences.

  7. cali said

    Tamra is THE hypocrite; she always ‘projects onto others what she herself is doing.

  8. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @7 Cali…Totally agree!

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