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Real Housewives of Orange County Preview – ‘Cutting Loose’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 15, 2011

Tonight, it’s a girls only trip to San Antonio.  Not sure which girls are going because we know they all don’t along and secretly want to kill each other for the limelight. 

Also tonight we finally see the drama with Tamra and Simon go down with the mysterious leash throwing incident which lands Simon in Jail.  First Tamra  said Simon just walks in her home, then she said her son lets Simon in the house which to me sounds like he is invited.  Did Tamra set boundaries with Simon and/or her son?  Who knows.  We already know that Tamra is a big fat liar and I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.  That’s not saying that abuse is not alive and well anywhere, but somehow I believe Tamra will say or do anything to get her way or make anyone look bad in order to smell like a rose but she has no idea that she smells like a big fat liar.   We have no idea what led up to the confrontation where Tamra makes it look like Simon barged in the home and threw the dog leash at her frustrated with a dog?  My opinion is that when you are caught lying time and time again, who would believe something when it’s finally true?  

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We also see Tamra confronting Jeana as to why would she call her at home to encourage her to drop the charges against Simon by saying she was drunk?  Holy Chit Jeana!!  How is that any of your business?  I can speculate all I want, but I would never call someone and get involved in their domestic disputes on behalf of the soon to be ex?  Truly we or Jeana was not there and can’t really say definitely what happened.  We do base opinions on past behavior’s but really its just speculating.  Truly, if Tamra is trying to set up Simon, it’s up to Simon to set boundaries to ensure this would never happened again.  If Tamra’s son is letting any Tom, Dick or Harry into the home, it’s up to Tamra to school her son on what is appropriate.   The children need to be aware that the parents are doing the right thing to ensure they get to see both parents but the parents are not friends.  I am totally sure that the children hear them bad mouthing each other as well so it’s not a stretch to explain it to them.

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We have a first that I have never seen, we have 3 previews for tonight and I am wondering why Bravo released 3?  It’s no secret that most of us are finding this whole season a snooze fest and I think this franchise is played out.  How many more plastic surgeries or ugly divorces will play out here?

Alexis is behaving really strange in the preview here pretending to eat a lot and making an ass of herself.  She then discusses her battle with an eating disorder and you can tell that she has serious issues with food that she claims stems from her parents divorce.   I think it may also stem from preventing her husband from trading up to a younger and thinner woman.   Alexis is a beautiful woman (on the outside) and she has no confidence in herself what so ever.   Now that’s another issue altogether. 

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I should not be allowed to create post’s for Orange County since all my words are dripping with disdain for these women..  SORRY!!!  Preview’s below.  I feel I have now watched the entire episode.


Tonight on “Watch What Happens Live” is.. Jeana Keough and Lauri Waring.  I am sure this is planned for Jeana to get all the hate calls and tweets for truly getting involved in something that is none of her business.  She should gossip like we do instead!  😉  It’s a hell of a lot safer!



32 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Preview – ‘Cutting Loose’”

  1. G-sus said

    Ok, here’s the thing. She says she didn’t want him arrested. She says she was surprised that he was arrested over a minor thing. Then can someone please explain to me why then she hauled Bravo cameras and all the other papparazi down to the courthouse to file a restraining order? And I seem to remember her saying at the time he was upset about one of the kids birthday parties and that was why he threw the leash. This woman smells to high heaven.

  2. KurlyHairedB said

    Divorce takes work. I know of people who drop the kids off for visitation in the parking lot at the police station due to past issues. Keeping things civil for the sake of kids is hard, but it is the right thing to do.

  3. G-sus said

    I agree KHB.

  4. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi IJS, G-sus, KHB! It’s been a long time! 🙂

    IJS, with your wonderful artwork I forgot most of what I want to say. The star above Gretchen is priceless. I know she is looking forward to her “star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That, and her Oscar for her superb acting skills. She still can’t convince me that I need to buy one of her bags. Not even Oscar-winning Jane Fonda could get me to buy one. I LOVE the Tamra “devil” look. Fits her perfectly…always plays the victim role. I know Simon isn’t a saint, but I don’t think Tamra is either. She has definitely been caught in lies. Oh, and of course Alexis is dreaming of a loaded chili dog. I hope one day she can actually eat one, & not just dream about one.

    G-sus and KHB…..I agree with you. 🙂

  5. Coffee FIRST said

    Haven’t even read the post yet…Your picture Killed me!! I Love It!! hee-hee

  6. Coffee FIRST said

    Oh Ya, You da BEST!!!!

  7. Hi, peeps, I’m back in the saddle and furiously working on a recap for yous. Glad to see so many long lost friends.

    IJS, you need to fix the pic on this post. Everybody knows that Peggy’s left boob is the bigger one!

  8. Coffee FIRST said

    Jeana’s an ASS! Lauri….wow, no comment needed.

  9. Coffee FIRST said

    @9..He did…the night Bin Laden’s death was announced and was suppose to have a news personality on…obviously he left early!

  10. Hey, coffee! I was talking about porn star Alexis Couture. Should have specified, sorry. He just seems so enamored of her.

  11. Coffee FIRST said

    @10 For real! Really odd…she (Jeana) was trying to find a ‘daddy’ replacement for Kara! No , not odd at all. hmmm

  12. Coffee FIRST said

    Hi Tinsel, There’s a porn star called Alexa Couture…Reading over your last post..I get it! Sorry, I’m late to the party….. 😦

  13. Coffee FIRST said

    Where is everyone?

  14. Coffee FIRST said

    @16~ I scared myself with my own belly-laugh @ your remark.

  15. Tania said

    I used to really like Jeanna but now not so much. I don’t know what’s up with Simon and Tamra, but unless she was there, Jeanna needs to stay out of it. She should concentrate on her own mess, like the fact that her grown son is staying in her guest house.

  16. MHJ!!!! glad to see you again!!! Well my grandson isnt the only one who can use paint program.. To be truthful, he was picked up around 6 pm last night and I really needed some of his expertise. I cant believe the 5 year old knows more about paint program then I do! WTH!!!!

    Hello blogga’s! I havent seen the show yet. I keeled over at midnight watching survivor and now watching Celeb apprentice. I stayed off twitter last night not to get any spoilers and need to catch up! I will then watch RHOC then WWHL. I got a busy day today! Thank god its dreary outside.. again cant go and pull those weeds.. dere is a god!

  17. G-sus said

    Good morning all! HI MHJ, welcome back!

    I agree with the above, Jeanna should stay out of it. Let Tamra deconstruct on her own and let Simon deal with his own issues. I guess I don’t think it’s too weird about Simon and Kara. I just think of how Simon was with his bratty stepson what’s-his-face. He did try to give him career advice as well.
    One thing about Tamra, even from her account, it was a minor incident. Yet the previews of the finale show her throwing a drink in Jeana’s face and shoving her which seems to be WAY more physical than what Simon did. So why wasn’t her ass hauled off to jail?

  18. LWoo said

    Good morning, peeps! I didn’t watch last night, but I DVR’d it. Without watching it, I can say that it’s none of Jeana’s business what Simon & Tamra’s marriage was like. She’s only believing one side of the story without considering the other.

    Gretchen’s handbags?? “Affordable”??? Really? The lowest price is $169. Um…it’s not even Coach quality! I’m not an accessories girl, but I’ll buy a Coach over Gretchen Christine handbags any day.

    Alexis pisses me off in every episode. She’s NEVER wrong- even if she’s lying and saying that “God” will forgive her. Damn, just tell the friggin’ truth! And I DO remember her saying that her dress line is her “baby” but she “HAS” to listen to Jim because he’s her husband! Um…really? Am I missing something here? I know what she’s missing: a backbone! It was obvious that she was annoyed with JIm, but she ‘can’t’ say anything.

    Vicky. Whatever. You made your bed, now lay in it. You can’t say that you have no communication, but you ignore the man and don’t talk to him. It’s hard to gain empathy or sympathy that way, Vic!

    You guys are going to hate me, but Tamra STILL doesn’t bother me. I know how it is to be in a verbally abusive relationship and you act out in certain ways. I think she’s happy now and she’s just not used to it. And, let’s be real: she did invite Gretchen to her shindig. Gretchen DID go. And she did insult Tamra. Just sayin’…

    HI MRS. HUGH JACKSON!! Holy shit, where have you been?!?!? 🙂 *Kiss kiss*

  19. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    Hi CoffeeFirst (My hubby needs to steal your name!) and Tania. 🙂

    IJS, G-sus, and LWoo (Kiss-Kiss right back at ya)…H-E-L-L-O! Lawdy how I’ve missed you so!! I think I fell into a canyon & aliens abducted me. I’m ready have lots of FUN & dish on the HW…and any other nuts on these shows.

    TK, I’ve missed you, too! I sure wish I would have had one of your sparkly capes to wear during abduction.

    BobLHead, hey, I hope you haven’t been slacking off with the workers. Remember, chop/chop get to it!

    Love you guys! You’re the best! 🙂

  20. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @21 LWoo….Hey sweetie! Gretchen’s handbags look cheap don’t they? I bet we could make some that look nicer for the same price. They look like cheap plastic to me. I agree about Alexis with Jim. She seems to give all of her “power” over to Jim. Whatever happened to 50/50?! I guess that went out the window as soon as he told her he’d provide her with a certain lifestyle. (I wonder how her line is going anyway…didn’t she say that she wanted to reach QVC or something?) I couldn’t agree more about Vicki…she sure made her bed a long time ago. She needs to shut her mouth for a while, and actually do some listening. Very full of herself. Her own ears would probably bleed if she had to listen to herself on a tape recorder. (Do they still make those? I’m still in the 20th century.) With Tamra, I can see where you’re coming from. I think with her 1st marriage she married way too young. She really was a child herself…guess 18. Some people mature at a young age, but she wasn’t one of them. Although, I can’t imagine being a single mom trying to raise a child without much help or money. After her 2nd marriage didn’t work out…and having a husband who could be controlling at times…I can see why she felt like she wanted to let loose…although a bit too loose imo. LOL. She went from a somewhat responsible middle-aged woman to a wild-type of teen who acted like she didn’t have one care…or responsibility (3 young kids). I know Simon isn’t a saint and I saw controlling-manipulative ways that seriously bothered me. However, I still don’t think Tamra is a saint at all…but again I can get what you’re saying.

  21. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @19 IJS….LOL!!!! Your grandson did a great job! When I use to do a ton of volunteer work w/ preschoolers, K, & 1st…. they knew more about computers than I did. Freakin’ hysterical. They were great teachers, too! 🙂

  22. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    @20 G-sus…Hi again! 🙂 xo I couldn’t agree more with you…esp the bit about Simon & Tamra. I have the exact same question about Tamra & the drink in Jeana’s face. Wow!

  23. G-sus said

    Oh MHJ, I missed ya! You nailed it for me about Tamra. I wouldn’t give two cents what she did if she didn’t have 3 young kids at home. She doesn’t learn from her mistakes, she just keeps repeating them. And with her, she does awful things and then just blows them off with a simple mea culpa. Yet if anyone else makes a mistake, it’s “off with their heads”. It will be interesting to see the finale dinner. I remember the reports about some nasty comments hurled at Jeana’s friend by Eddie. Will be interesting to see if Bravo shows that as well.

    I also think Simon was more protective than he was controlling. He didn’t want her to keep publicly making a spectacle of herself and then when she was talking to Vicki about him on camera behind his back, it just was the last straw. I don’t blame him whatsoever, I would have kicked my husband into next week if he did that to me. I remember watching last season and thinking that Tamra was manipulating how viewers saw Simon by calling him controlling over and over again. Yet it was really only two issues he had with Tamra, her verbal diarrhea and her backstabbing with Vicki. Not one of those things I saw as controlling.

  24. KurlyHairedB said

    I put this under the wrong post, so I am reposting. Excuse my manners!!!

    Did anybody stay up to watch WWHL? Total borefest again. Though I will admit that I was particularly disgusted to hear the shoes that the blonde had on cost between $3-4k. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous in the least and they look nice…but come on. even at $3k that would pay my mortgage for 3.5 months or buy our groceries for a year or pay our cable and electric bill for an entire year or pay our car payment for a whole year. Don’t understand the excess and hopefully I never will. I value people, relationships and family way more then a $3k pair of shoes. My Keds will do just fine.

  25. G-sus said

    KHB I couldn’t believe it when Laurie said that about her shoes! I mean come on!!!! Even if I did pay that much for shoes, I would be too embarrassed to tell anyone about it. And did you notice how she rebuffed when Andy asked her if they were over $4000, like $4000 was way too much, but $3000 was okay. What an idiot. Sad to see, because I actually like Laurie.

  26. KurlyHairedB said

    I was talking about that with a friend of mine. She said, those shoes better come with 4 tires and a steering wheel to haul my ass around in. I laughed so hard that I blew my coffee out of my nose. Warm coffee that hurts going out the nose….

  27. G-sus said

    OMG that’s funny KHB.

  28. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    G-sus, I have always thought Tamra was a nut. Although I’m not a Gretchen fan, I didn’t like a lot of what I saw w/ how Tamra dealt w/ Gretchen. As in 2 wrongs don’t make it right…or the slightest ok. Tamra has always been a “character” in my book. Frankly, I think she can be VERY good at being the mean girl. No doubt about it. She seems to seek out causing problems…stirring the pot. Simon really only got on my nerves a few times. At first, I thought he really did love Tamra faults & all…and was not in a controlling. He seemed to want what was best for her & his kids. Lawdy, he even tried to help Ryan w/ advice, job, etc. (Ryan is a MESS.) A selfless love. The way I think love in a marriage…relationship…should be. Sure, we all have our moments…but my eyes did get wide, & I had to sit back twice with Simon. First at a dinner party, and then at another function…outside at a party. Both where he pulled Tamra aside & I felt she was scared (really worried anyway). I guess he felt he had to rein her in for lack of a better term, but I felt she was a grown woman and could make her own (adult…even if off a bit) choices. The only thing that worries me is how her actions affect her 3 young children. It’s bad enough when crapola happens, but esp when aired on national tv. I don’t think Tamra seems to care because she’s too busy drinking up the “fame” from HW fountain. She doesn’t seem to care if she receives positive…OR negative…feedback. Just as long as it’s feedback/attention. I guess some would call her a media whore. NO KIDDING. LOL. Guess most…perhaps all on these type of shows…are. So many of these women on these shows don’t have a filter and it drives me nutty. Get a filter stat! Bottom line…they don’t care how they are perceived. Sometimes, I think they try to do damage control, but it doesn’t last long. So many of them don’t care what they say, or who it may hurt…even their own family members. What kills me about Tamra, NeNe, and HW who do whatever is that they actually think they have class. SMH. They have no class whatsoever (Tamra throwing drink in Jeana’s face…someone with class imo would not stoop that low & NeNe threatening Kim Z. on the bus…outright bullying.)

    G-sus and KHB….talking about those shoes….talking about “class”….If a person really has the money then they don’t need to say how much shoes, jewelry, car, etc. costs. LMAO!! I don’t think Melinda Gates…ok, wrong choice because she’s very low-key conservative with dress/jewelry…make that Jackie O. or Oprah….They would never announce how much their shoes or diamond earrings cost. Also, so many of the women on the HW shows seem to have financial problems. Surprised most of them can afford any $3K or $4K shoes. I remember when hubby’s cousin was over $100K in debt after grad school. Her dad bailed her out. Of course, she could afford the best shoes and clothes. She even questioned why I didn’t buy a silk blouse in every color. Hey, I may have not had the lilac silk blouse I wanted…only the amethyst color. However, I didn’t have any debt. SMH.

  29. Mrs. Hugh Jackman said

    KHB…LOL!!!! Those shoes cost way more than hubby’s first car.

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