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Watch What Happens Live Recap and After Show with Kelly and Cindy

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 14, 2011


Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop where the guests on “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday and I kind of think these two are somewhat related.  They are both constantly offended or put off by Andy’s or the viewers questions and can’t really seem to answer them without a look of disgust.   Cindy really acts if she is above it all and I am still wondering what the hell is she doing there?  Cindy’s answer to everything is that she doesn’t get caught up because..  I have children, I just gave birth, (did she?) and I have multiple business’s that render her above drama.  Sure…..  going on about someone stealing your hangers is quite dramatical don’t you think?

Kelly was asked a question as to why is she so much more calm this year and asked if she was now on sand castle meds?  Kelly proceeds to tell us she had the greatest season last year.  Yeah she really did!  No I am not lying!!  So far this season Kelly is afraid of Ramona, finds late night text messages threatening due to last season and has coined last seasons trip ‘skeary island’.  If that is a good time to Kelly, I want what ever meds she is on.  Kelly is grateful for her new career at all costs.

Does it not appear that Cindy has been instructed to run interference for Kelly on questions that may expose her unicorns and rainbow mentality? 

Finally a question to Kelly who is 40 something on whether or not she is hypocritical for criticizing Sonja who is 4o something who may need to cover up but Kelly poses in playboy?

 Kelly tries to explain the question by repeating the question and proceeds to tell us that her playboy shoot was so last year and I think she has aged a decade since last year.  Kelly thinks there is a time and place for everything.. and and..

Here comes Cindy to the rescue!!  According to Cindy, there is a huge difference between posing nude in front of a camera lens than posing for a video lens?  deflect deflect!!

Kelly proceeds to tell us how cute Sonja is now.. lol.  Cindy now tells us that Sonja judges people on social and financial status and how she feels ‘really bad’ for Sonja now.  I am not really sure what the dig on feeling bad for her means but Sonja has always been upfront in regards to financial status and claims to the be the most frugal housewife.   The pecking order for social status may be truthful but I think Sonja really meant in their RH circle and not all of NYC.  Cindy forgets she is a replacement.  😉

Kelly and Cindy just stroke each other and I am pretty sure after the show they gonna git vajazzled together while holding hands.  Wait they are holding hands now!  Are they gonna kiss with the tongue?

Kelly contributes all of Bethenny’s success to Bravo only and not her hard work.   People, it is always possible to give a compliment and taketh away..  Question was if Kelly was jealous of Bethenny’s success and I think she did answer that truthfully.. she may be since she is only handing out backhanded compliments!  Wasnt it Kelly again who also put down Bethenny for doing the Peta ad when she was just releasing her Playboy SPREAD?  Hey, I’m just saying..   I think her meds are starting to wear off. 

Cindy presents Andy with his own Andy inspired vajewal and Cindy wants to wax him and apply it.   Cindy really tries to be coy or funny and it doesn’t work.   I think Andy is a little freaked out. 

These Pants are "Real"! Really horrible

It’s now time for Simon van Kempen to perform his new single “I am real” and he traded in his red pants for some electric blue ones!  The pants do not improve the performance because I can’t stop staring at how tight the pants are!  How the hell did he get into those pants?   Did Simon lose weight folks?  I am thinking Simon is not lip syncing but it is back tracked with some serious autotune.  Simon is real folks!



Results of the poll:  Who needs therapy the most?

Sonja  – 6%
Jill  – 16%
Ramona  – 29%
Alex – 2%
Kelly – 44%  WINNING!!!
Luanne  – 1%
Cindy  – 2%

After show is below and it just more of the same.  Andy seems to get annoyed with Cindy and makes mention that she just cut his head off for a viewer question.  When Andy closes the show he does not look like a happy camper and couldn’t wait for it all to end.  This is a really short after show 8 mins in total.   

 Andy starts off the after show by expressing his amazement on how brave Simon is.  What is he trying to say?  Was it the pants?  The Autotune?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


8 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live Recap and After Show with Kelly and Cindy”

  1. NMhousewife said

    This was one of the worst WWHL I have ever seen. It is bad enough with 1 housewife on, but 2 is the pits, and these 2 just were too much.

    I have a question for those who twitter, did Andy tweet any mention of this show?

    • NMH – Andy didnt make any mention of WWHL after the show was completed. This show was the pits.. the women dont even interact and play along. They dont seem to get it.. its like watching paint dry

  2. Blog Troller \'QQ\' said

    LMAO, See I\’m not such a bad troller after all now is I? .Lookie what I foundzie . Got to admit Jilly is sneaky. Sorry Lynno, your not the #1 Google result for IhateJillZarin no more. Maye she fired her old PR? I can see that show Spin Croud being responsible for this.
    Thank for this one.

    Sorry must got, have to go trQQling on the websites.

    The The Blog Troll

  3. G-sus said

    I don’t even know if these two would have been interesting if Andy had managed to get them Jackee’ drunk. Kelly has obviously been coached on how to respond to questions about last year.

  4. zando said

    I couldn’t wait for this recap to comment on WWHL so I did on the RHONY recap but Kelly does seem super careful there. And her response “I don’t know what meds but that sounds good” is total bullcrap. If she is not on drugs then I am Abigail Adams

    • Zando.. I coulndt wait to recrap.. but Bravo held out on part 2 for a whole day! not that is was inneresting.. but wanted to complet the whole recrap and after show. Did Kelly not have a buddy like Cindy to have her back and totally instructed by her handlers or Jill? How funny was it that when Andy was doing his normal shtick that Kelly exclaimed that Andy NEEDED therapy?? lmaooo

  5. Say WHAT ! said

    Wow! Andy did not look happy. When Kelly had to explain a question to Cindy…. (KELLY), that’s when you realize what a couple of twits they are.

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