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“The View” Watch Recap 5/10/2011

Posted by stacee1 on May 11, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Today’s Show: Guest co-host Teri Hatcher, Mark Harmon


Hosts at the table: Barbara, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth
Whoopi has the day off. Actress Teri Hatcher is a guest co-host. I haven’t seen her in awhile and her face looks…very Botoxed. Barb said she’s hot. Sherri agreed and Hasselbeck said something about searching “for mine”. They then discussed this Season’s upcoming finale of “Desperate Housewives”. Teri said a lot of things will be happening on the show this Sunday.

The first topic of the day was Arnold Schwazenegger and Maria Shriver seperating after 25 years of marriage. Joy joked how they were in a mixed marriage (Democrat/Republican) Sherri said it’s sad seeing people who you think have gotten over the hump and this happens. Hasselbeck said anyone who is married is operating in fear of divorce. Teri said she wonders why people would divorce at that age. Barb said Marie is intelligent and beautiful and has at least 35 more years to have a whole other life.

Next topic was the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of bin Laden. One claims bin Laden’s body has been on ice for years, while some say he’s still alive. Sherri said people will start saying they saw him in New Jersey. Joy talked about the 9/11 deniers who believe the government was involved as well as the birthers. Barbara wondered if President Obama will show photos of bin Laden dead. Sherri said no, because it won’t shut people up.

They then talked about unusual baby names. Alicai Silverstone named her child “”Bear Blue”. One of Mariah Carey’s twins is name Morracan, the other Monroe. Barbara mentioned that Sweden will not approve names that might be harful to a child. Sherri said she new a girl that named her child “Covassier” (after the liquor)

After break, they discussed the Christian group that is posting ads saying the world will end May 21. Sherri said noone knows when it will end but just in case, she will clean her house. She also said when she was a Jehova’s Witness, she was told the world was ending in 1975. As such, she did not pay her bills and got into a lot of debt.Hasselbeck said maybe this rumor is put out by someone with the intent of boosting our economy.
Yeah, it makes even less sense after typing it out.

They then discussued Suri Cruise, who made the best dressed list. Teri said she thinks many kids have a sense of what they want to wear. She then talked about her daughter, Emerson, who is 13 years old. Teri said Emerson has great fashion sense.

Next discussion was about Marg Helgenberger saying Justin Bieber was a brat when he was a guest on a radio show. Hasslebeck disputed the statement, saying when she played basketball with him, he was very kind. Teri agreed, saying he was very nice during a rehearsal for a concert. Barb said Bieber is a star and all the attention is on him.

The first guest to appear was actor Mark Harmon. Mark is s an actor who has been starring in U.S. television programs and films since the mid-1970s, after a career as a collegiate football player with the UCLA Bruins. Since 2003, Harmon has starred as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the CBS series NCIS (sOURCE: wIKI). He said the success of the show is due to the people both in front of and behind the camera. He called them professionals who are allowed to do what they want without looking over their shoulders. Mark said this is a real agency that they portray which is a difficult job done for little money. He said it’s something he’s glad he does not have to do in real life.
Mark has been married for the past 25 years to Pam Dawber. He advised couples to keep their sense of humor when marrying. He said he does not pay attention to what goes on in tabloids and keeps himself in the middle.
Mark will star in a movie called “Prey”.

Albert Brooks appeared next. He joked that he’s never seen Whoopi look so radiant (pointing to Teri). Teri responded saying “I’t the boob job!” He then talked about his real name, which is Albert Eistein. He said he asked his dad why he named him that and his dad told him Jesus Christ was alsready taken.
Addressing Joy’s point about people thinking he’s a comic genius and asked how he feels about that, Albert joked, “Horrible!”
Albert has a new book out called “2030“. In it, he discusses the future and where we are headed. He said we will see more resentment between the generations because the older people are living too long. He also thinks China will be playing a bigger role.When asked if Donald Trump will be president, Brooks said, “I don’t know how much I can say no to that”.
Brooks has turned down roles in “Pretty Woman”, “Big” and a permanent member of Saturday Night Live”. Brooks said Julia played a much better role than he could.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


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