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Watch What Happens Live After Show with Bethenny Frankel

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 9, 2011

Bethenny Frankel was the guest on “Watch What Happens Live” last night and as usual she does not hold back.  She answered a lot of questions regarding various housewives and she did play it safe there since she admits she doesn’t really know the housewives in question.  Unlike like us bloggers who have lots of speculation and crazy imaginations!

What was more interesting was the After Show where Andy asks the questions we want answered.  More importantly on what does she think of Ramona Singer saying that Bethenny exaggerated the sale of her liquor brand.  We learn that Bethenny is certainly aware of Ramona’s comments on whether or not the show would be better without Bethenny and Bethenny had made last season ‘Dark”.  Bethenny also goes on to say that Ramona is fine when the camera’s are there and did appreciate last season’s support as well Alex.   I still love Ramona but she really has been sticking her foot up her… um in her mouth A LOT lately and it will make for a very good reunion show debate.

Ramona also claims that the brand is only sold in 14 states and not the 40 that we saw a few weeks Jason and Bethenny talking about.  I clearly remember the conversation where Bethenny asks Jason.. great 40 states now?  what about the rest?  Something like that.  I really have no clue how many states the hooch is sold in but I can’t imagine Ramona is privy to all this information.  Really Ramona?  Why speak of things you have no relationship or knowledge of?

Andy also asked Bethenny on her thoughts on the WWHL after show with Cat and LuAnn.  You can watch the after show below and more stuff!

Also yesterday was a special day for Bethenny and for all the mom’s out there.  Yesterday was mothers day as well as Bryn’s first birthday which was celebrated earlier in the day.   I love me some babies and Bryn seems to have the best disposition for a wee lass.

bethenny frankel bryn birthday cake 1 300x224 Bethenny Frankel Celebrates Bryns First Birthday! (Photos)

And lastly, the poll last night and results below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


15 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live After Show with Bethenny Frankel”

  1. cali said

    The family pic w/the hats is very beautiful.

  2. G-sus said

    I did a little G-search for you IJS. According to the skinnygirl website, there were only about 10, maybe 11 states that didn’t have a retailer listed for skinnygirl. So I guess in this case, Ramona is talking out of her a$$. Something tells me she may be a little Jill-y belly, since she is trying to hock her own brand of booze. I don’t think that Pinot de Ramona will be a very big seller. She should stick to her jewelry line.
    And I highly doubt Ramona would know how much Bethenny made on her deal.

    • G-SuS!! Thanks for getting the info! I really had no way of knowing but thought why would Ramona care and be a naysayer if she is just assuming? Why does Ramona think she is such an expert? I do think she should stick to jewelry.. she does a great job with that. I really wanted a few pieces and she even responding to all my questions I had which was really nice. She is one of the first who was doing sterling silver laminated with a coating so it would tarnish. her stuff is really beautiful. Also how does Luann pretend she didnt know Ramona was doing jewelry other then religious items.. she WAS on that yacht last year with Jill where Jill was pissed that she didnt have swag for her and LuAnn and Ramona got into that tiff in regards to Mario. ugh.. that was rambling huh? lol

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  4. G-sus said

    LOL IJS. I think all of these housewives need to learn a little from Bethenny. Stick to what you know. When they start trying to make a buck doing things they know nothing about, it goes nowhere fast. Especially the ones who try to sell skin care lines, when it’s obvious they look the way they do from the help of a plastic surgeon. Ramona’s jewelry line is pretty. If I wore more jewelry I probably would order some. And with jewelry, she has all of Mario’s experience in the business to back her up.

    • G-Sus.. so true.. do what you know and making more stately like jewelry seemed like a better fit.. RHONY so far looks lame. I am wondering how the trip to monaco will be more interesting. I hope so!

  5. G-sus said

    The next episode looks a little more interesting. Looks like “nice” Jill meets it’s maker. So much for that phase.

    • I still look forward to each episode.. but still keeps getting disappointed.. we will see. I want to see Ramona do the crying on the bed ala Kelly on skeary island style.. lol

  6. KurlyHairedB said

    Its like a trainwreck/car crash where you just cannot help but strain your neck to get a better look. Trying to avert my eyes….can’t….I need help…….I won’t look at it anymore….wait is that a HW doing something inappropriate…….people outta my way so I can see……

  7. KHB I know!! I keep saying I am ‘DONE’ but im not!! lol!! MY NECK HURTS!!! lol

  8. hmmmm looked what Ramona tweeted today.. lmaooooo she is so transparent..

  9. @tweatcyn said

    I like the jelly bean birthday cake. Reminds me of my childhood bd cakes which often had easter themes since end of March.

  10. Mum said

    This new info about Ramona blew me away..I thought she respected Bethenny and was a friend and I find out she nothing but a tacky, simple-minded hater. I intended to seek out her Pinot but I’ll just stick with my homemade wine.

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