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Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Season Finale Tonight “Skinny on the Skinny”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 9, 2011

Tonight is the season finale for “Bethenny Ever After” and we end this season with Bethenny on her tour with family in tow and she learns of the acquisition of her ‘Skinny Girl Margarita’ brand.  Details are not clear on if it was completely acquired are sold into a partnership.  Also rumors have been swirling to negotiations amount as high as 120 million dollars!   Even if its only half-true, that’s still a lot of dough! 

Ramona Singer has recently given an interview to ‘Popeater’ claiming “Bethenny likes to exaggerate” and that more likely the sale of her ‘Skinny Girl Margarita’ was more like 30 million because….  Everyone knows Ramona is a Bidness woman who knows everything about everything since she just slapped her name on a Pinot Grigio bottle while 3 sheets to the wind…..

“I was thinking before that figure came out she got about $30 million total,” Ramona say. “And divided that between her and her partners David, and usually they do a pay out, they don’t give you the money up front, they pay you out over time.”

To be truthful, Bethenny will not divulge the information publicly so we really don’t know how much she made but we do know the amount made her so happy that it brings her to tears tonight which is good enough for me!

What is with all the housewifes naysaying their cast mates endeavors? 

 Previews and more below!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Below is the deleted scene from last week where Bethenny has dinner with Nick.  She really offers him up good advice and now we know why Nicks blog has not yet appeared on Bethenny’s website until last week.  I guess they were waiting for the airing of the clip which never happened last Tuesday.   What I did notice is that the clip is now included in the reruns of last weeks episode.  Strange, but glad Nick had his air time.   You can read his last weeks blog on the food fair here.      Tonight Nick will have a new blog posted.  More at

Vodpod videos no longer available.


19 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Season Finale Tonight “Skinny on the Skinny””

  1. Bobbi said

    Did you see Bethenny’s response to Ramona’s digs? Check out part 2 of the aftershow she did with Andy last night. Its posted on Bravo. No fireworks but I think she was pretty accurate.

  2. cali said

    Ramona may be a bit jealous?

  3. Maggie said

    Ramona may be crazy jealous, lol

  4. Ramona is not jealous but doesnt think anyone but her can make money.. she is truly delusional crazy and i love it!!

  5. BobLHead said

    Romoaner must be crazy jealous! After all, B developed her brand, Romoaner just slapped a label on someone else’s wine!

  6. Dani said

    After watching the show last night, I continue to be impressed by Jason’s insight. He always brings everything back to the importance of their family. For all Bethenny’s success with her business, her biggest success is Jason and Bryn. That baby is just adorable.

  7. I agree Bobl! Ramona will say she shqueezed out the grapes herself.. lol

    Dani, your so right about Jason, he really brings the normal to Bethenny. He has such a kind way of coaxing her to not be too spontaneous and just enjoy the moment.

    ok.. this is tff. make sure you click to enlarge the last picture..

  8. Dani said

    IJS, too cute. Love the art work.

    No nose, no problem, your grandson obviously has the most important things down pat. LOL.

  9. @tweatcyn said

    I beg to differ but the Nick dinner scene WAS aired on first airing of episode. Saw it with me own eyeballs. Perhaps you were on a potty break?

  10. zando said

    Bravo needs to put out a Bryn special of just Bryn doing stuff. She is so cute. But then I guess it might get boring after a while, what with all the non-stop smiling and laughing and all. OK, a 30 minute special then

  11. BobLHead said

    OH TK! Get better soon! Just not the same without your sparkle!

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