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**UPDATE*** Watch What Happens Live After Show with Kelly Ripa

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 6, 2011

Whats In That Drink Baby?

Andy Cohens guest on “Watch What Happens Live” show last night was Kelly Ripa whom we know is a favorite of Andy and I am guessing they hang out ALOT!  Why do I assume that?  Has anyone else notice how much Andy and Kelly emulate each other?  They both chicken cock the neck when speaking in snark and exaggerate the L’s in any word and every first letter of every word.  I think they have been BFF’s for a long time to look like a brutha and sista of the same mutha. 

Kelly really nailed Sonja with her behavior this season with acting up to get more camera time compared to last season.    NO CHIT CHERLOCK!!  How fantastic did she imitate Alex’s model shoot?   I didn’t find this episode amusing enough since it seemed to be more of an infomercial of the pinot/running shoes kind.  What has this show turned into?  My DVR cut off before I catch the poll resluts.. so if anyone can elighten me, I would be grateful.

Anywho.. below are the after shows which I did not yet watch and since the after shows of LuAnn and Cat, nothing can beat that.  NOTHING I TELL YA!!!  I want all aftershows having all the guests wearing large ridiculous hats and Cat being the co guest to really tell it like it is.  She has all the balls and no one is gonna chop them off her.  She is my new hero..

**UPDATE**  I forgot to ADD!!  If you want an interview with Cat and Lynn Hudson on the goings down on the WWHL with the Countless and Cat?  CLICK HERE FOR A FANTASTIC INTERVIEW!!!   WTG LYNN ON THE SNAG!!! 

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 Responses to “**UPDATE*** Watch What Happens Live After Show with Kelly Ripa”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I think I was one of the few who liked Cat when the DC show was going on,,,she is great IJS,,,they call her rude,,, but if u want to know where u stand with her,,she will tell u,,to your face..

    I mean c’mon LuAnn is offended at Ramona for pitching her jewelry line and says her style of jewelry is not her taste while wearing a huge ass butterfly at her throat? Give me a break…..

  2. G-sus said

    I agree Olive. I loved Cat. I actually loved DC as well. Mostly likable women, with the addition of a pathological drama queen and king. I was sad to hear that it wouldn’t be renewed. Would have watched it even without the Salamis.

  3. Grace said

    I liked Cat, but did not find the other woman the least bit interesting, except the Salahis who were interesting in the train wreck kind of way. I think BH is going to be one of ny favorites, NY is so boring this season, it’s obvious why they delayed the premier. From the previews of NJ, I think Teresas look alike cousin will be a new monkey face to hate.

  4. […] **UPDATE*** Mind Wh&#1072t Happens Live Aft&#1077r Sh&#959w w&#1110th Kelly Ripa … […]

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