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Real Housewives of New York Preview – “Follow Pecking Orders”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 5, 2011

Tonight’s episode, Jill returns from Australia and maybe, just maybe we missed Jill?  The past few episodes have been like watching paint dry and I need something to get my blood boiling!  Even Sonja appearing to act a bit snooty hasn’t really have my nose out of joint,  yet.. until maybe tonight?

Also tonight, Sonja summons Cindy to her townhouse to explain the pecking order in the group and to make it clear, Cindy is a replacement.  (my word from BGC).

Also tonight, Cindy and Ramona meet for drinks to settle the whole Howie/cigar issue and lets see where that lands.  I would think Cindy is going to give Ramona a pass since Ramona was key in getting Cindy casted on this one horse town show.

Lets see how long it takes for Jill to insert foot in mouth tonight!

Tonight on WWHL, the guest is Kelly Ripa and I am sure we will get a glimpse of her hubby Mark Consuelo.

Previews below! – Watch Sonja and Kelly role play Ramona and Kelly and make fun of Ramona.  Is Sonja being a 2 faced bitch?  Tonight should give us lots of fodder folks!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


15 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – “Follow Pecking Orders””

  1. @tweatcyn said

    Kelly and Mark are always fun on WWHL

  2. carrot said

    To be fair, Cindy IS a replacement. A boring replacement. Yaaaawn.

    @ IJS
    “I would think Cindy is going to give Ramona a pass since Ramona was key in getting Cindy casted on this one horse town show.”

    lmao. Did you forget what show this is? When is anyone giving anyone a pass especially outta gratitude? 😛

    • Carrot, Cindy needs to get along with alteast a few if she wants to remain on show. I can be certain Cindy is doing this for the business exposure. She hardly tweets and mostly about peeps asking about products and mentioned that its hard to keep up with the orders since the show aired.. If she gets alteast that.. good for her. I dont think Cindy is cut out for RH’s of any kind..

  3. carrot said


    Exactly. I get a lot of apathy from Cindy about anything pertaining to RHoNY, don’t you? That’s just not the way to make it on these shows. But you’re right, good for her if she can sell more products from this exposure. Just kinda sucks for us. ;( These housewives are like actresses, and it is their job to bring us some sort of entertainment. I don’t necessarily mean fighting drama, but do SOMETHING. What Cindy does is kinda like an inadvertent “ef you” to viewers versus Ramona, the Countess, and Sonja who really play up their personas, even to their detriment later on.
    Perhaps things will change.

  4. Say WHAT ! said

    Did anyone catch from last week, LuLu recapping the party at her house. Going on about Ramona insulting her…. then they cut to her, being upset.. then she suddenly said “alls I knows Iz” … I swear. I laughed so hard I replayed it three times. Sheesh, get her mad and she gets gutta. LMAO

    • I didnt catch that mona.. I still havent seen more then 15 mins of the show.. did my usual running around to make house presentable and get this.. cooked him some chicken and rice 7 veggies.. and and.. DESERT!! The turd had the noive to make me change channels once I finally sat so he can watch Survivor. he doesnt know it yet but I put laxitives in his carmelita bars.. snicker snicker..

  5. Say WHAT ! said

    Only HexLax!!!! Wow, I commend your restraint.

  6. Say WHAT ! said

    Still haven’t figured out the whole Blackberry Phone thing. Freakin me out. I just can’t imagine how Dan’s phone would record a phone convo I had. You didn’t hear hubby’s voice. Annnd, it recorded other peoples convo. A woman woke up saying how much she didn’t want to go to the gym and needed a good cry. So weird. It was probably a neighbor. I want to go knocking on doors and ask.. “Do you go to the gym, and do you need a good cry”? lol

  7. Coffee FIRST said

    Is Kelly for real? I love her rehashing Jill’s line from a couple seasons back: I can forgive but can’t forget. Her realisms this season sound so spoon-fed, and I’ve no doubt they are. Looks like Ramona and her drinking is the target this season. Kel’s been dropping coherent “bombs” about Ramona since the first show. (Kelly and coherent is fishy..sumthins up)Lu has too, as well as Jill and Ramona’s good friend, Cindy. Looking like Sonja played a bit in that sandbox and quickly left. Smart move Sonia!

    B was right in calling Luann a snake cause that’s exactly what she is! What a severe passive-aggressive Bitch! She’s getting more bitter each season! I thought being in “LOVE” = spreading your sunshine. lol

    Cindy is stooopid! So much for my high hopes for her. 😦

    Alex: The piano scene was hard to watch. It reminded me too much of the 1st season! Enough! ;(

    Jill: I actually liked when she talked about changing 😀 , then ruined it the first chance she got 😦 Liked how she’s trying to make amends with Alex 🙂 but we shall see if she keeps to it.

    Sonja: What happened to her? I adored her last season; the calming voice of reason, seeming very UES, well-adjusted, stylish to this = awful on every level so far 😦

    Ramona: I have a soft spot for her, but she’s off the wall more then usual. I believe she may be going thru the change and therefore a huge pass (As I’ve been around women who’ve endured it and am so not looking forward to it when my time comes!):D

  8. GingerTee said

    I like Ramona because she is the same Ramona that she has always been (wild and crazy). What you see is what you get. It’s just strange that LuAnn is so arrogant when she has no money, no job and one of the smallest income. A lot of what she had is Season 1 was rented. She has that home in the Hamptons and that is all.

  9. Dani said

    We do seem to see a pattern of jokes and references to Ramona’s drinking.
    GingerTee – I agree about Ramona. She may a bit wacky at times but she is consistent and always owns her gaffes, apologizing when needed. You don’t see many of the other ladies doing that.

    I don’t care for Cindy and I can’t quite put my finger on why. There is something about her that just bugs me.

    Sonja is a different person this year. I like that she remains a friend to Ramona, not throwing her under the bus around the other ladies. But she has been out there in left field with her behavior. She has always stated that she loves men but Holly cow, it is like she is a teenager with raging hormones. Quite frankly, I question the drinking more with her than Ramona.

    Luann in her one on one confessionals is just plain mean. She sounds bitter and jealous.

  10. carrot said

    GD @ the firemen. It’s so funny– whenever I see local firemen, they never look like the ones on TV 😦 I loved how casual Sonja was when the hottie asked for her info. Like sure, whatever.

    Luann and Sonja both made me angry this season, so I know where you’re coming from. I really think they are just playing up in front of the cameras– but who knows. I’ve adjusted my views on them to match the “acting” but it IS difficult to excuse their behavior sometimes.

  11. Dani said

    Carrot, seems to be a theme of Sonja exposing her unders this season. First in the presence of the firemen and then next week with “let them eat cake” scene.
    The part I thought was so funny with the firemen is how she shows a little “ass” and suddenly someone wants her number. Men, are you really that easy? Yep, guess so.

  12. carrot said


    No kidding. That Marie Antoinette scene next week looks crazy! It’s one thing to not put on undies, it’s another to let the whole world see! lol
    I’m with you on the firemen– I think Sonja is attractive, but I definitely think the flashing got her the tall drink of water in the end. dummies.

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