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Real Housewives of Orange County RECAP – Whine Pairings

Posted by tinselkitty on May 2, 2011

Did everyone do their Twitter homework like I assigned? You never know when there will be a pop quiz.

Let’s start this week off with some little known Housewife trivia. Which couple was the inspiration for Luann de Lesseps oh-so-famous song, Money Can’t Buy You Class? That’s right, kids, Peggy and Micah are so utterly devoid of class that they actually inspired Luann before anyone had ever heard about them. Did I just blow your mind?

“Every year Micah and I host an exclusive dinner party for some of our closest friends.” Which is what I shall now be calling all of my most poorly attended events. Exclusive. Look at me be all chi chi foo foo, just like that.

“This year Micah and I really outdid ourselves for the dinner party.” No, Bravo outdid your other dinner parties for you. Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken outdid themselves for your dinner party for you.

Micah is outdoing his bitchy little self by directing the set up team on which vases should have fish in them.

Peggy is outdoing her wanna-be little self by making sure she name drops shamelessly in front of the camera. Every other year she’s had to sit by her lonesome in her room, regaling her reflection in the mirror with just how fabulous she and Micah are. Now she has an audience! Life is so good behind the Orange Curtain, what with the Gucci jacket (really, Micah, only one? how embarrassing) and the Bentley and the Hummer and the Breitling watch they got to match the Bentley (because that’s what richies do, match their timepieces to their cars) and Susan Feniger (not that they know who she is, they just know someone told them she’s a celebrity chef). If they had wanted to, they could have had Cirque du Soleil acrobatting it up in the back 40, but they don’t want to be show-offs. Isn’t it a shame how some people get a little money and go overboard trying to impress others with it? Thank the GOP that Peggy and Micah aren’t like that. Name droppers are just so tacky, right?

“In the past, when all these ladies get together, there always ends up to be some sort of drama, but I’m really hoping that tonight they’re going to leave it at the door.” Wait, what? Is it that Peggy doesn’t realize how these shows work or she’s trying to play herself off as above it all? Hmmm, I wonder. Which one could it be? Someone should call Mystery, Inc. and see if we can’t get this one solved.

Gretchen and Victor have arranged a nifty little scene for us in which they explain how they want us to view the whole Slade Smiley child support debacle, sneakily disguised as a hairstylist heart-to-heart. And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for Tinselkitty and those meddling kids.

After the obligatory Tamra bashing – who would ever want to date Tamra, how fun could that be? – Princess G slides in how bummed she is that Slade can’t go because he’s got his boys that night. Which, really, seems rather odd since this party was put on the calendar a month in advance and Slade’s only function, per Gretchen, is to be Gretchen’s bitch. But right now, that’s neither here nor there, because we must discuss the getting hitched sitch and Victor kindly steps up to the plate to lob the ball. Softly, of course.

And Gretchen started off so strong. “Okay, here’s the thing, Victor. He’s has some shit he has to get worked out. You know, with his son, with the child support, and with, you know, him going through a lot of financial difficulties, like, he has to get that worked out. And until that happens, like, I don’t feel, like, I’m feeling anxious…” Yes, Gretchen, yes, you should feel anxious, this is good, we are glad you are seeing what is really going on!

“…I’m feeling anxious that if we have a kid together, that people are going to have a lot to say about that.” Oh. Um, okay. That’s not…where I thought we were going to go with that. People are going to look down on Gretchen for being with someone who’s a deadbeat dad.

It doesn’t matter how frowny of a face you put on, Gretch, you just lowered my opinion of you a lot. Here’s what you should be worried about. That Slade will do the same thing to you. That when life throws you for a loop, Slade’s not going to be there to help you through it. That if, heaven forbid, something awful happens, not only are you going to have to deal with it on your own, you’re going to have to spend time, energy and, possibly most likely, your money in hunting his shifty ass down at his new girlfriend’s place and trying to figure out how he’s stashing his money away from you. That when your kid needs him, he’s going to let the kid down. Those are the things you should be wringing your hands over. Not what the public opinion of your union will be. Hell, if you are so worried about what we think of your relationship with this dude, why are you still with him? I think we’ve all be hollering at you to dump his freeloading butt.

Princess Gretchen winds it all up by whining about being dealt a pretty, like, hard hand. No, Gretchen. No, you haven’t. Someone’s been dealt a hard hand, for sure, but it wasn’t you.

Eddie is about to come face to face with the Vickster, and Tamra wisely decides to give him a head’s up on what might be in store. I hadn’t thought about it before, but Tamra was right. There were exactly two reactions that could have happened and Tamra nailed it! Eddie performed perfectly, cinching Vicki’s admiration by announcing that he was okay with stopping off at McDonald’s on the way over so they could pick up a job application for Slade. If that wasn’t sticking the landing then I don’t know what is.

Vicki declares Eddie a good looking guy with nice muscles, but the jury is still out on the final decision. You see, “Simon was a huge wedge between Tamra and I last year. There will be no wedges this time.” Whoa, Vicki, how is this about you? You can have joint custody of Tamra with someone else, you know. She doesn’t have to be all yours or none yours. Setting her up to have to choose between you and someone else is inserting your own little wedge in there. But I suppose one of your wedges is okay, eh? Just as long as it’s not one of Eddie’s wedges?

The last minute flurry is on at Chateau Poseur, including last minute champagne chugging by Micah and Peggy. Gretchen is one of the first to arrive and it’s a good thing she’s toting one of her massive bags as the process server has finally caught her in a spot she can’t squirm out of and foists Photoglau v Rossi documents upon her (many thanks to our blogger buddy at Absurd to Sublime for the tipola!). Those bags are the perfect size to hide legal papers and a tube of lip gloss.

The suit was filed by her ex boyfriend Jay Photoglou ,a source familiar with the situation said Rossi’s attorney’s refused to except service, Jay’s attorneys had her served publicly.

It happened at the home of Peggy Tanous, the new Orange County cast member. Stars from Bravo’s reality series got together at Tanous’ home for a dinner, that was taped by the network.

“Gretchen pulled up in her car and as soon as she got out she was served with the legal papers,” a source told “She turned away and acted as if she was going to try to avoid being served. But there were two people there to serve her and she had no choice. She finally just accepted service.”

As Gretchen kindly points out, the party setting is quite eloquent. Or elegant. One of those two. And remember, Peggy and Micah have managed to make it eloquently elegant in spite of the low-rent Mexican pool party food they got stuck with. That achievement alone should be celebrated. Hip hip, hooray! Or maybe we should say hip hip, ole!

Peggy inquires about Slade’s whereabouts but isn’t too upset by his absence as he is spending time with his kids. Peggy really respects that. Just to the level of in your face respect, not so much in talking head respect as she got in a dig later about being disappointed.

Out of curiosity, I had to pause my recording to count the place settings so I figure out exactly how big this exclusive dinner party is. If it’s a yearly gig as Peggy told us earlier, there should be plenty of non-Housewife guests there, right? All of their nearest and dearest besties? By my count, there are 16 plates at the table. How does this shake out? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Peggy and Micah

Alexis and Jim (Dylan)

Gretchen and Slade (Jack)

Vicki and Donn

Tamra and Eddie

So that knocks out ten spots right off the bat. Also in attendance is Peggy’s friend, Mishel Thorpe, also a Benchwarmer trading card model and fellow famewhore, natch. For those of you smitten with Mishel, you can buy your very own set of autographed cards at her site. She calls them Sexy Souvenirs. We’ll assume she’s got a date for the evening. so now we’re down to just four more, highly coveted openings to the OC affair of the year.

Back in the limo, in addition to being late to Peggy’s party, Eddie proves he’s already managed to get Vicki on his side by bursting out in laughter at the speed of her questioning as to Jim Bellino’s employment situation and not getting a dirty look. Then, he cracks a joke about not hearing her the first six times and Vicki, holy crapola, laughs along with everyone. This makes it official, peeps, Vicki is a smitten kitten.

FYI – Vicki speaks the truth about loan mods. You have to not pay anything for a certain amount of time as determined by the note holder (at least six months, possibly more) before you can get into any kind of program with the bank. Tamra also mentions that the Bellinos frequently change houses and cars. Interesting. Very interesting. One could conceivably go months, nay, years even, without paying car or home payments. That is assuming you’ve got someone that is familiar with financial contracts and is adept at juggling around said contracts. For example, there is this one guy in Orange County that slid his multi-million dollar home around through shell companies while declaring bankruptcy in order to stall a foreclosure by Chase.

Alexis arrives sans Jim and after Peggy’s exhausted her supply of respect for no-shows. There is no respect left for Jim dissing her party. They planned it a month, now! This was rude, you see, for Jim to drop out without at least calling Micah or told them himself instead of sending his lackey Alexis to do it. It was okay that Slade didn’t call, but most definitely NOT okay that Jim didn’t call. That was weird, right? When I saw it last night I just thought it was so weird. Why is Peggy so pissed off about Jim but not Slade? It was almost like Peggy took it really personally, but why would she do that?

Why indeed? Could it be…satan? Nope, more likely it was that Peggy used to be Jimbo’s main squeeze. Yeah, I know, eww and all that. But doesn’t Peggy’s reaction to Jim blowing her off make much more sense now that you know that? Doesn’t it kind of fit into place now? A nice, green, jealous sort of place? Almost as if Peggy had a strong interest in proving to Jim how happy she is and how fabulous her life is and look, she did it all without Jim yadda yadda yadda. And then Alexis’ reaction to Peggy’s reaction (meta reaction?) falls into place, too, don’tcha think?

Alexis doesn’t do well with Peggy crawling up her ass about Jim and hightails it out of the center of the group, which is what I thought you were supposed to do when you needed to regain your composure. When Gretchen asks about Alexis’ whereabouts, Micah seizes the chance to make fun of her and tell everyone she ran off to call Jim to tell him she missed him.

In another case of Tinselkitty befuddlement, Tamra and Vicki finally get to the invite-only soiree and are greeted by Peggy hollering “Heeeeellllllllllooooooooooo!” at the top of her screetchy register. How in the world can Tamra and Vicki get so irritated with Gretchen’s voice but not find their last nerve getting plucked by Peggy’s vocal range? I had to rewind this part several times to catch everything and every. single. time I heard Peggy say hello I found myself hunching my shoulders and wondering how much it would hurt if I stuck the business end of a knife in my ear. Things that make you go arrghh.

While Gretchen is out on the patio telling Micah how she suffers from separation anxiety when she’s not with Slade, Peggy moves out of Alexis’ ass and up into Tamra’s and Vicki’s. This is really an awesome feat, if you think about it. If either Tamra or Vicki moves more than five feet from the other, Peggy’s going to have to do some serious shifting to maintain her grip on both sphincters. All while working so hard to put on this fabulous party. That she planned a month ago. That some people couldn’t even be bothered to show up for. Ungrateful bastards.

Vicki’s got answers for it all, though. Jim’s intimidated by them and Slade’s a big, fat, non-child supporting chicken. “Slade’s not here the same day the press came out about him not paying child support. What a coinkydink.” I hope Peggy figures out that Slade bashing is way more fun for Vicki and Tamra than Jim bashing, otherwise her BFF plans are going to fail.

Peggy introduces her girlfriend Jessy Kyle as literally – LITERALLY – the next Sade. I have serious, serious doubts that Peggy knows who Sade is and I’m almost positive she’s been told to announce Jessy this way. I would put down $100 right now that when Peggy reads this she’ll be wondering who Sade, rhymes with Slade, is and why I’m not saying Shah-day. Yeah, that’s right, I’m saying Peggy reads this blog. Can you prove she doesn’t? Nope, you can’t, so I’m counting her as a TV Time peep. Booyah.

Is Jessy a guest or just the entertainment? She’s got a dude there with her so I’m assuming she tied up two more of those 16 seats. That leaves room for just two more friends. I spy two other unidentified blondes. I hope they were there together because if they had dates, at least one couple got stuck sitting in the kitchen.

Alexis looks at Eddie and Tamra and thinks they look happy, even though he’s younger than her. Gretchen looks at Eddie and Tamra and goes an entirely different way and proceeds to discuss escort services with her friend, Jack. Loud enough that Tamra could hear. Whoops. No one asks how Jack knows so much about who is for sale and where. Now, you know I love y’all and I take pride in bringing you as much linky goodness as possible when I do these recaps, but I’m just not going to google 999-salsa to see if it’s real. It just might be and I don’t need those kinds of pop-ups taking over my computer.

Vicki has a crushy-wushy on Eddie. You can tell in her talking head when she’s defending Eddie. Her eyes are actually sparkling. Eddie even gives her enough fuzzy-wuzzies that she says Slade’s hot.

Donn has received the batsignal and moves in to assist with the Gretchen takedown, asking where Slade is and then laughing when he hears he’s with his kids. He’s been a good pawn and it’s sad to know that he will soon be tossed out of the game. Gigglemeister D declares that Gretchen looks like the lady from The Munsters with her red lips and pale skin, causing his little group to laugh it up. This offends Peggy. Yes, Peggy is offended again. She is the most offended party thrower in the history of party throwing, but I suppose that is to be understood given how much effort she put into that party, only for it to not be appreciated.

Tonight’s TMI – Micah wants to get laid more, Peggy wishes he’d just roll over and go to sleep. Such a change from our first day with Peggy when she’s bragging about humping her dude in the closet while their kid is out on the bed, crying.

Alexis is still sad at being at a couples gig without her guy. Tamra has decided that Alexis should be happy to be away from the ball and chain for two hours because, back in the day, Tamra would have been happy to be without Simon. This, I think, is decidedly unfair, mostly based upon Vicki’s Season 5 Florida freakout when the men decided that they were going to fly out and meet the ladies. Vicki didn’t want to be in a group of couples, either, and bailed on the activities. Or does that not count because it happened in another zip code?

After 20 minutes, Gretchen goes off in search of her friend, leaving Dylan to fend for himself against work Vicki, who knows a thing or two about booking client dinners. Sensing weakness, douchenozzle Micah jumps in to throw a few jabs and tell everyone that he’d never let another man escort his wife other than himself. Ever. Escort, eh, Micah? What an interesting choice of words for a Hummer driving, gold-digger marrying, tiny penis wielding, non-mortgage paying jackass such as yourself. How much have you drunk, anyway, Micah, to think Dylan looks like Jim? Does that Gucci jacket have shoulder pads in it?

Wow, Micah, you’ve turned out to be quite the little bitch, haven’t you? Not that you or Peggy think there is anything wrong with your behavior. Micah didn’t even bother to respond.

He laughed because he was trying to be gracious to his hosts. For someone so uptight about how people aren’t appreciating you for all your efforts and disrespecting your laugh riot of a dinner party, you’d think you’d be more conscientious about it. And stop crying EDIT, you dumb bimbo. Editing only highlights your bitchtasticness, it doesn’t create it.

Handy dandy Twitter tip time, Peggy. Just because you start a new Tweet instead of replying to someone doesn’t mean people can’t find the initial Tweet. You are not that slick and it just reaffirms your shadiness.

Tamra and Vicki are now comparing notes on the many reasons of Jim’s absence and you can hear the little wheels in Tamra’s head a’churnin’. This is not a good look for Tamra. It is at this moment that I realize what it is that brings out the ugly in Tamra. It’s Vicki. Previously, it was Simon. Now it’s Vicki, who, coincidentally, behaves towards Tamra in an increasingly similar fashion as Simon did. When Tamra is around forceful people, she gets mean. Tinselkitty, lover of all things happy and glitter, does not approve. This look of glee on your face as you listen in at the bathroom door? Tinselkitty does not approve.

So, I have to ask. Is Bravo playing a background noise track to make it sound like that party is bigger than it is? That table is damn near empty, also pissing Peggy off, yet it still sounds like they are in the middle of a busy restaurant.

I think Peggy forgot she was on Real Housewives and not Nanny 911 when she was talking to Alexis in the bathroom, giving her a choice to either A) you compose yourself or B) you leave. I will lay down another $100 that Peggy is also that person that lets her kids get all crazy in the middle of a restaurant and ruin everyone else’s evening instead of yanking them out of the dining room and making them sit in the car until they can behave. If you take me up on that bet then you are a dumb bunny because we’ve already seen Peggy settle in at the pool while making Micah take her kid to the ER.

Micah offers a toast you can tell he’s spent hours on. “Good food, good friends, to love and relationships, new, old, older, old, new” WHILE he is pointing to each couple. Class epitomized, Micah. For realz. You can afford to be so classy because no one else’s daughters are calling you dad. That’s just something Micah could never live with. Very similar, I think, as to how I could never live with someone like Micah. Very similar, I also think, to how Tamra could never live with Slade Smiley, because a man should always take care of his kids.

Gretchen, I understand you’re irritation with Tamra’s nonstop Slade bashing, but you really need to take a long, hard look at why she keeps saying this stuff.

In keeping with the disrespectful to Peggy theme, Donn and Vicki decide to get into it over their respective memories of the past, ignited by Tamra’s attempt to get Vicki and Donn to explain to Eddie why he doesn’t want to have kids. Tamra’s made a fatal flaw this time in not figuring out where Donn and Vicki stood on this subject before jumping into it after a few dozen glasses of wine.

Great job getting out the word Patron without raining down spittle all over your guests, Micah. Also, add that to the name dropping. Oooh, you have Patron. Aren’t you the big man about town? Patron is just sooooooo exclusive and expensive and hard to acquire. The only people that can get a bottle of Patron are the lucky few that have $50 in their pocket and happen to be driving by a liquor store. Hell, they sell Patron at Walmart, that bastion of high class and elegance.

And once again, Micah follows it up with an insult. “A guy doesn’t go check on a girlfriend in distress.” Then, “Send Jim’s stunt double.” Micah managed a two-fer there, invoking the earlier you-look-like-Jim insult as well as the implied I’m-a-real-man-and-you’re-not-pansy-boy insult underneath. Dylan, you behaved much more graciously then needed. Kudos to you.

By now, Peggy’s getting really annoyed. Is this new? I don’t think it’s new. I think Peggy’s been annoyed since 1985. “I have fabulous food, fabulous wine and fabulous entertainment. To be gone that long at a dinner party is rude.” Sounds like something Peggy read in Luann’s book.

Dylan is dispatched along with Gretchen to fetch Alexis, saying he’s going to powder her up. Does this really confuzzle you, Vicki? Women have been excusing themselves from the table using the powder the nose excuse for years. It’s more polite than standing up and announcing you’re going to hit the loo and take a whizz.

Dessert has finally arrived – chocolate port and tress lechay, more commonly known as tres leche. Unfortunately for Alexis, that cake has three milks instead of three sugars and Peggy has no intention of sweeting up, even as Alexis is trying to talk to her and explain and smooth things over. “I’m the hostess of this beautiful party, I’ve done nothing but be fabulous all night to everybody, and you’re going to try to tell me that I’m responsible for you not having a good time?” Well, yeah, Peggy, according to every other Housewife franchise, that’s exactly what your job was as hostess.  And I mean every. single. one. The hostess always takes responsibility for their guests’ enjoyment. You probably don’t understand that as you didn’t actually do anything for this party, no matter how much you say you did, so maybe you aren’t fully invested in the hostess duties. This was your party and your party failed. Spectacularly failed, but not in an enjoyable-to-watch-the-trainwreck way like they do it in Beverly Hills.

Jessy Kyle, she of the unknown guest status (did anyone see her seated at the table?) is back at the mic, the Housewives are back on the dance floor and the night is winding down. Eddie passed with flying colors, Peggy cemented herself a bit more firmly into the Vicki/Tamra circle and Alexis has caught a glimpse of who her real friends are not.

A few final Tinselkitty thoughts.

Peggy’s weave is bad. Really bad. Like, get thee to a new hairstylist today.

Peggy’s got a lot of Jill in her as evidenced by her non-stop stream of discussion about stuff, stuff, stuff.

Donn had quite a few ass moments tonight but he did correct Tamra, saying “I have her two kids” instead of Tamra’s “you had her two kids”.

Vicki could not have sat farther from Donn in the limo if she tried.

Peggy’s got to be pissed that she’s not getting the gentle, complimentary first season intro but has been thrown right into the bitch pond. But that’s all editing, right? Right.

Alexis was a much better sport on WWHL about the Alexis Couture porn star thing than I thought she’d be, going so far as to say she’d love to supply Alexis Couture with Alexis Couture dresses.

In case I hadn’t said it before, Micah’s an asshat, most likely an asshat with a minuscule penis. I feel like I just haven’t said it enough.


52 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County RECAP – Whine Pairings”

  1. Sus said

    When I read Peggy’s twitter about her Versace dress, I’m hearing her pronounce it like the girl in the movie “Showgirls”

  2. carrot said

    lmao@ “Well, yeah, Peggy, according to every other Housewife franchise, that’s exactly what your job was as hostess. And I mean every. single. one.”
    No HW show will ever top BH’s dinner from hell. There would have to be a strangling, a gun shot, or someone’s boobs popping out to top BH. And I mean mean boobs, plural, both of ’em.

    Vicki and Micah pissed me off with attacking Dylan. What was with Vicki not letting the damn powdering comment go? Mebbe you should turn around and focus on your marriage, Vicks… oh.

  3. Dy said

    Gotta agree Tinsel..Peggy’s weave is bad, spend a liitle money girl your on Tv now..Sheesh!!

    I thought Donn was hysterical

  4. G-sus said

    My guess is that Bravo edited out her part of the “look at all our fabulous things” tour, so she needed to even things out via twitter.

    It seems most of the ladies put on their big girl bitch panties that night. Gretchen, Vicki and Tamra have perfected the art of tearing people down to make themselves look better. What a great personality trait…. NOT! They think they are funny, but they just come off as petty and immature. Even Donn and Eddie joined in, which is sad.

    Tamra, as always, bothered the crap out of me. I wish she could go one episode without bashing Simon. You got divorced, you found a new guy, get over it. Think of your kids. Per usual, her mouth precedes her brain. Anyone else get the impression she spends an inordinate amount of time on the internet reading blogs?

  5. Dy said

    @ G as much as Tammy Sue bothers you( wow that rhymes) Gerty bothers me,everything about that her.

  6. LWoo said

    You know what I think is declasse’? Tamra even mentioning Simon in front of Eddie and discussing the kind of husband he was. I found that creepy. If a guy asks me, “Did your last man do this?” I’d tell him that it’s none of his business.

    I know you’re going to hate me, but I thought Peggy had every reason to be irritated at Alexis. Alexis was acting like a big baby! If the plans were made a month before, then Jim KNEW he didn’t want to come. I think he was going to go, but they got into a big tiff and he told her to go by herself.

    I was disappointed in Tamra, Vicki, Eddie and Donn’s behavior at the table. Even though I thought it was priceless that Tamra calmly turned to Gretchen and said, “I can hear you.” Nice. But she should’ve left it at that.

  7. Dy said

    @Lwoo..I agree AlexAss, was a complete Ass,and she would have irritated the hell out of me at my dinner party.. Something eles was going on there, I don’t care what that trick had to say..If you are that upset, you freakin excuse yourself and LEAVE, you do not make a spectical( sp) out of yourself so that everyone will talk about you, Wtf did she expect..She made a fool out of herself.

    Sorry I thought Donn was hysterical

    Grety started right off with her..’ The bitches are here comments,and making the remarks about Eddie( with her assitant) at the table..HOW MUCH DID SHE PAY FOR HIM.. DID SHE CALL 1 999 SALSA..

    They all acted like fools, one no better than the other..

  8. G-sus said

    @ Dy, yep, I agree, Gretchen bothers me as well. I wouldn’t be able to spend one minute in a room with her. That laugh, yuck. She has that “look at me” vibe going on which is always annoying. Though she won’t be able to overtake Tamra on my list, mostly because Tamra says things to purposely hurt people, which I think is gross for a 42 year old woman with young kids.

    @ LWoo, I agree with you on Peggy, she should have been annoyed at the whole lot of them, Alexis included. Though I think Mary Sue and Susan should have been the ones that were the most annoyed. Though at the end of the night, they were the smart ones who probably went home with a nice big check.
    The behavior at the dinner wasn’t too unexpected from the “ladies”. Too bad the men decided to join them in the muck.

  9. G-sus said

    My guess with Alexis is that this was the time in the filming that Jim decided he didn’t want to be filmed anymore. Alexis probably was getting heat from him for going on without him. Jim seems the type who would do that.

    • I know this might be a bit far out there but who cares. We’ll throw it up and see what sticks. Peggy seemed pretty offended Jim didn’t come and gave off a more than just friends vibe. I’m wondering if she’s been putting the loves back onto spiky man Jim. Could be crazy, who knows. Just seems like there is a whole underlying issue running through it all.

  10. Dy said


    AlexAss is spewing all over her Blog and last night on WWHL,that JimBlob didn’t want to go because of Tammy Sue and Vicki..Aww Boo Hoo, what a baby, What man says that??..I’m thinking just as Slade dirty deets about being a Deadbeat hit the fan that week so did all the crap about JimBlob and his money troubles did too, so that is why he didn’t show his face along with the Sladester. JMO..
    Wonder why they didn’t show Gerty getting served, that happened at that party too.

  11. Dy said

    @11 Tinsel

    I don’t know, but she did seem a little too bent out of shape about it.. I mean big freakin deal,so what he didn’t come, she brought a guest to take his place so it didn’t mess up her table seating..
    I have had situations where a guests husband has not been able to make a dinner or whatever for whatever reasons,and they have brought another person( or sometimes not) to take there place, no big deal, you handle it.. Geeze!

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  13. G-sus said

    Alexis said on WWHL last night that she told Peggy the week before that Jim wasn’t coming to the party. So why all the drama from Peggy when he didn’t show up? I don’t think Alexis would lie about that one.

    @ TK If I were Peggy, I would be very happy that she didn’t end up with Jim. Seems Micah has more money in the bank, doesn’t see his kids as a nuisance, and doesn’t treat his wife like a servant.

  14. Dy said

    She did not mention that in her blog though G.. I think she is /was lying the whole time..I think she lies alot.

    Also Micah does not have money..Their home is in forcloser, RT has run all kinds of stories about it.. Tinsel did too.. They are broke as a joke too.

  15. G-sus said

    @ Dy, I dunno, hard to tell who tells the truth on these shows. Would be a weird thing for her to lie about. And Alexis, though annoying, doesn’t strike me as one to lie too often. Little white ones, maybe, but I don’t think she would lie that she told Peggy before the party that he wasn’t coming.

    I guess I was going more at the time of filming regarding Micah. Didn’t seem like they were having money issues at that time. And I do think a lot of these foreclosures aren’t because these people are broke, more because their houses have lost value and they choose to walk away and take the hit of a foreclosure on their record. Or they use it as a way to renegotiate with the bank. Let’s face it, we aren’t going to see any of these people sleeping in their cars.

    With that said, I am off to bed. Night Dy and TK and all you lurkers, lol.

  16. Dy said

    Good Night G..

  17. LWoo said

    @ 15 G: I think Alexis lied on WWHL. You have to think of who we’re talking about here…Alexis can NOT be wrong! LOL

    She’s trying to put blame on everyone else because she knows that she didn’t tell Peggy anything. Do we really think that Peggy would’ve been that irritated if she wasn’t expecting Jim in the first place? Oh, Alexis, you liar.

    @ 16 Dy: (Hi, baby! :)) Peggy’s home is in forclosure too?! Damn! You know what it is, though? They’re living beyond their means. Even Tamra downsized. Peggy & Micah better sell those watches and Bentley!

  18. Dy said

    Hi Lwoo

    I think that is what irritates me the most about AlexAss,always right never wrong, just like Gerty. Oy! Their Blogs are one big bash on Vicki and Tammy Sue, so high school, it’s crazy!
    Yes RT has run numerous stories about them losing their home( not paying their mortgage for a long time) and I’m pretty sure Tinsel did too.. At least when the crap hit the fan with Tam ,she and Simon did a short sale. They all seem to have a some kind of money issues except Vicki and Gerty..Vicki cause she works works works, and Gerty because Jeff left her beau coup bucks, whatever good for her.

  19. BobLHead said

    Morning all! Laughed my ass off at Donn…..need to let him know that if Icky doesn’t want him, I know about 30 ladies that would be glad to have a man that wants to spend time with his woman!

    Peggy bugs me, bad. I grew up in Orange County….these bitches remind me of why I moved! Pretentious snobby losers! ALL of them!

  20. Dylan said

    Thank you for your kind words. I couldnt believe how some of them acted towards me. I kept it classy. Xo


  21. Bryan said

    @ 22 Dylan, consider the source, I cannot understand how someone can treat or allow a guest to be treated like that in their home, you were an innocent bystander, these women may give the illusion of affluence and style, but in reality they have the manners of peasants

  22. Dylan said

    The funniest part is I was the only person at that table besides Peggy that was born and raised in orange county. These women do a terrible job of representing this area. The writer of this review was spot on. Half the things I didn’t even know they said untill I saw the episode, they were too scared to say it to my face. Oh well, they made themselves look horrible, and I am glad you all noticed what really was going on.


  23. LWoo said

    Dylan…for real? Dude, you should’ve started a food fight! LOL!! Just kidding!

    Their behavior was abysmal. (Did I spell that right?) I was disappointed in all of them and I hate that Alexis made it about her. Everyone was wondering where Alexis was.

  24. KurlyHairedB said

    tinsel – that should be kadooze, a la Ramona. Love the recap, they are so dysfunctional, that I can barely comprehend that they are living, functioning people.

  25. DigitalDeb said

    I can’t understand how Alexis went on and on about “I like all my parties to run smoothly” (yada yada)–how she reamed Tamra over and over again about that stupid mace comment YET went on to be the epicenter of tantrum at Peggy’s. Somebody needs to throw that back in her frozen face. I can’t comprehend a grown woman acting like that…something IS fishy with Jim. None of it made sense…not her saying that she told Peggy that Jim wasn’t coming, then saying that she told a lie, then saying Jim was with clients (no he wasn’t–he was on the freaking phone with her all damn night). Tamra better knock it off with all the man comparisons. (In a few years we may see her with a checklist to do them) Donn dished it–he no longer gives a rat’s ass and the Vickster HATES when THE truth interferes with HER version of the truth. Is it just me or do I already have NO sympathy for Vicki’s impending breakdown in the previews?

  26. I really thought it looked childish for Tamra, Eddie, Vicky and Don to giggle away in secrecy of whispered comments and laugh as if it was funny as to make others think they were really trading barbs that were not so high school. Don making fun on Gretchins looks was just to pander to Tamara since both Tamra and Vicky clearly were jealous of Gretchin when she first came on. I will never forget Vicky staring at Gretchin in amazement saying how beautiful she is and Tamra was visibily furious. I cant believe how all these woman act like children in defense to each other.

    Don lost tons of points in my book by his partaking in high school like behavior.. Tamra again taking the time to bash Simon where you now her kids are watching this is truly disgraceful. Truly that woman has no morals and stop at nothing to win the biggest famewhore trophy while swinging on a pole. This franchise is getting too old for me or I am getting too old for this franchise.

  27. Dani said

    There was a point in time when I seriously had to question my sanity as to why the heck I was watching this. The behavior of most all these people was truly pathetic. There was so much cruelty being spewed.

    Early on in the HW series, these women seemed to have more genuine friendships. Then if a disagreement occured, it held honest emotional value because you felt these ladies were truly vested in each other. Now it seems to be strictly about one upmanship and they all appear to despise one another.

    Bravo needs to be careful and not underestimate their audience. I do think Bravo pushes the agenda to some extent. But these are grown ass ladies and they are ultimately responsible for their actions. I for one, would like to view a little more lightness. It doesn’t always have to be so negative and dark. After awhile it tends to just suck the lifeblood out of a person.

    • Dani well said.. Its really grown thin on me and the cruelty is too much for me. If one fell down and bled, the others would laugh..

    • Dani, I second your motion for more lightness. Sometimes you just want escapist fun. Alternatively, if they need to have some drama, I’d rather see them work through real issues instead of this petty, made up Oklahoma on your ass BS.

  28. Dani said

    IJS, Exactly. I truly have not seen that much immaturity all at one table since I was in the lunch room of my middle school.

  29. carrot said

    @ Dani and IJS

    Totally agree on this show. I was talking to my mother today about OC and how everyone is just a damn vulture the minute someone else has a problem. This episode was particularly bad: Gretchen’s Slade problems, Alexis’s Jim issues and crying, on Dylan, Tamra’s new man/divorce, Peggy’s hostess attitude. SWARM SWARM SWARM!!

  30. G-sus said

    IJS and Dani, totally agree. There is absolutely not one likeable person on this franchise. One thing that is really bothering me about Tamra and Vicki is the glee they find in kicking people while their are down. Tamra has even now gone to the extent of getting in touch with Slade’s ex. Why? So you can beat him down a little more? Christ on a cracker, he has a very ill son and it must be devastating for him. She needs to concentrate on her own kids and the pain they must still be dealing with.
    This franchise as a whole needs to go away or they need to replace the whole cast. Now that would be a refreshing twist. There isn’t one of them that I would miss.

  31. Dy said

    @29 Dani

    I agree with what you are saying.
    All the Housewive Shows have become this NYC ( last year the Jill Bethenny thing..The breakdown of Kelly, and how they all made fun of her, I hope to God I never see that again, it truly made my stomach turn. The nastiness of NeNe on ATL. On BEA her being disrepectful to her in laws, their hometown,and the people in it. Her speaking so poorly of her parents, her freakin breakdowns, etc. OC, They are in competion of who can be the meanest woman.. NJ, it seems it will be family against family thats sickening to me..I still love my housewive shows and will watch them , but I’m telling ya..They are all nuts, every last one of them

  32. Dani said

    Hi Carrot and TK.

    I feel like Bravo had some success with these dinner parties from hell and just has continued to give us the same w/each franchise, attempting to outdo the one before. It really does almost become an insult to the viewers after awhile. Yeah, I’ll cop to some shallowness as I do watch for the pure mindlessness of it and I love snarking w/all but geeze, I am not totally devoid of intelligence. The ugliness of that last episode was not entertaining. I am all for escapism. Escapism for me just does not equate to cruelty.

    Carrot, love that description … swarm, swarm, swarm. Perfect.

    TK, you are right about Tamra. She is a whole lot meaner when she hangs w/Vicki. I was actually enjoying the fact that she was liking her life this season and was having some fun. But her and Vicki together brings out the nasty.

  33. Dani said

    Hi Dy.

    It does seem to be a pattern. I actually enjoyed Bethenny last night. It was the first show this season where she actually seemed to just enjoy herself. She was playful and snarky but not mean snarky. The ass pads cracked me up. Guys are so much more visual than women and watching his expressions as she paraded around was a hoot. Then even funnier when he found out they were fake. Poor guy was totally deflated. Plus how cute was it when Bryn said “mama” for the first time?

  34. Dy said

    @37 Hi Dani

    I did too the only one that I really could not snark on this season( I posted my coments on her preview thread) Still not a fan of hers, I’m a fan of Babydoll Brynn and Cookie .:) Brynn saying Mama, brought tears to my eyes…Awww

    Hi G, Carrot, Everyone!

  35. Dani said

    Dy, do you find Bryn to be almost zen laid back for a baby? If she fusses, they sure don’t film that side of her. She almost has a grown-up persona in a baby body.

    I also got a kick out of Cookie stealing food off the table last night. I have a friend who has this cat named Otto. Now Otto is just a poop head. (sorry TK) but my friend always says, yeah you pretty much just have to love Otto for the poop head that he is and we all do. That’s Cookie to me.

  36. carrot said

    @ 35 Dy

    Heya girl. The reason I liked Miami is because it seemed so mellow, and while everyone didn’t all get along with each other and there were too many dinner parties, they seemed to have fun. It was kinda counter to all the shows you listed and their issues.

    Slightly off topic, but are you looking forward to NYC this week, Dy? I am, I wanna see how Sonja uses Camille’s “pecking order” comment. I still like Sonja, but she is really running with her foot in mouth this season.

  37. Dy said

    @39 Dani..
    That child is so good, she goes to anyone and everyone no fussing no nothing..I know Bethenny has rights to editing, maybe that is part of it, but really still that child is a babydoll. Cookie cracks me up, dear Lord she probably has to steal food when she can, her Mama probably has her on a diet too..She’s freakin hungry..That will be Queen B. next thing Skinny Girl Kibble for Cookie, and Skiing Girl Baby food for Brynn..Oy!

  38. Dani said

    G-Sus, sorry I missed your post. I am squawking too much tonight. This episode just set me off. I think about that sick little boy and it is heartbreaking. It throws a whole different perspective into the arguing. I would never want to be in Slade’s shoes regarding having such a sick child. Can’t even imagine the heartbreak.

  39. Dy said

    @40 Hi Carrot

    I liked Miami too..Loved Elsa, she was something elsa..Lol..

    Oh I love Nyc..Those ladies are the Queens of snark.. I love Sonja too, she has always had a high opinion of herself( she’s the straw that stirs the drink,and all men love Sonja) WE just didn’t see the snrk side of her last season, cause she wasn’t on the full season I think.. Yea, she has stuck her Jimmy Choos in her mouth this season, but I still like the gutzy straight shooter broad that she is..She cracks me up!

  40. Dani said

    Dy, LOL. Don’t give her any ideas. She is gonna own the world in no time at this rate. But all harmless. I don’t begrudge her, her success.

  41. Dy said

    @44 Dani

    Hell no I don’t either, good for her. I don’t begrudge any of these Bravolebrites for doing their thing more power to them, seriously..It just kinda botheres me that most Bethennys Fans feel that she is the only one that should make money, is smart ,and everyone eles is copying her or whatever SMH….Let them all eat cake.

  42. Dani said

    Dy, that’s the great thing about this country and they all have to strike while the iron is hot so why not go for it.

  43. Dy said

    @46 So true Dani.

  44. @tweatcyn said

    TK, I loved how you channeled Dana Carvey’s Church Lady. LOL

  45. Peyton said

    Just an idea, perhaps Peggy was upset about Jim being a no show because they’re neighbors. They were friends before the show taping. She said she felt Alexis an Jim were avoiding her and Micah, they used to go out all the time. She and Alexis used to do playdates. Personally, I would be upset if a friend ditched my party. Also, ALEXIS had nerve acting like a bawl baby after she had a mini-breakdown over a mace joke at her event. No respect! That chic is from another planet. I, too, believe Alexis and Jim were having a dispute. Do you know how many insecure men use religion to control their women? just sayin’!

  46. […] Real Housewives &#959f Orange County RECAP – Whine Pairings « Tv Time 101 […]

  47. lisa said

    Tamra is so CRAZY; LOL!

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