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Bethenny Ever After Preview – “Thin Ice, Ugly Sweaters”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on May 2, 2011


  It’s Christmas tonight at the Hoppy’s town and I am thinking we might have a bit of stress trying to create all the Christmas spirit. 

Tonight, Ethan and Bethenny compete in the “Skating With the Stars” finals then Bethenny goes on tour.

 Rule number one for Bethenny Frankel is no number two!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Santa’s Dump TruckThis is not what Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy expected Santa’s sleigh to be.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

40 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After Preview – “Thin Ice, Ugly Sweaters””

  1. Dy said

    I gotta agree with Queen B. about no pooping on the Skinny Girl wanna be Rock Star Bus( lol, OY how freakin corny is that) Oh well good way not ot pay for it Queen B gotta hand it to ya.

    Lord have Mercy..I hope to God she doesn’t lose it for Christmas,and mess up another Holiday..Watch what happens..

  2. Say WHAT ! said

    Ohhhh Poooor Jason. I had my hands covering my eyes laughing so hard, everytime she stuck her butt in the air. Lol

  3. Dy said

    She was really proud of that Ass, My God..Actually she looked good with some junk in her trunk, too bad it was fake..I would have been proud of her if she would have let one rip

  4. Dy said

    Omg Jason is a freakin saint..First wearing red long johns on the santa train, then the worst Christmas sweater ever..Saint I’ll tell ya!

  5. Say WHAT ! said

    From this day forward he shall be named St. Jason!!! So let it be written, so let it be done. With justa teeny weeny side of flatulence. Wait…. WAIT!!!

    St. Jason Von Rip!!! Saint of the Flatulence.


  6. Dy said

    @5 lol

    This episode is the only one I have enjoyed all season..I swear can’t even rip on it, WTF..Don’t get too happy though, I’m still not a Fan 😉

  7. Dy said

    Sorry, I gotta say this..RT has a recap of this episode last night, and I lmao!! This Mary that wrote it, is hysterical.. Really snarky, but completely fair. 🙂

  8. Bryan said

    @7, Good Morning Dy, I loved it, it was funny, poor Mary is getting grief from some of the cult members but some others like myself are defending her.

  9. Dy said

    Hi Bryan 🙂

    It’s a good recap..It wasn’t mean, it’s honest,IMO. Some of these Queen B. fans can not take that,they think everything B. says and does is just so awesome and perfect. But let someone that they don’t like, like Tammy Sue, Teresa or Jill say and do some of that stuff that B. does and they would be all over it.
    I thought it was a good episode last night( you can tell by my comments above) But I’m not gonna build a shrine, or worship SGM, I’m still not a fan, never have been,never will be..
    I’m a fan of Brynn and Cookie

  10. Bryan said

    @9 Dy, I wanted to see Cookie pee on the xmas tree and get zapped, that would have fit right into the script.

  11. Okay, I read it, and I think we all know I’m a Bethenny fan. I didn’t find it harsh at all. What am I missing? Was there a secret Bethenny bashing code within the text? Like, if I read every 14th letter does it spell out redrum or something?

  12. Dy said

    @11 It was a honest funny recap, snarky but certainly not mean or harsh in my opinion. I like that kind of recap, not biased at all. Just saying what went on on the episode,and snarky remarks from the writer..Some of these Bethenny fans are the type that if you don’t praise every freakin thing she says and does, you are a hater, jealous, whatever,and you will all burn in Hell.It’s ridicules they act like little teenage girls with crush on Justin Beiber or something. They really need to back away from the tv, do they really think that Bethenny could give 2 shits about them if she weren’t making money off of them..Sheesh!

    This is all JMO.

  13. I totally loved this episode and Jason cracks me up! I thought the new Bethenny Butt was hysterical and I would of done the same thing to mr man. He would of wanted to drag me upstairs stat as well. Did you see Jason say.. I need just a few minutes of your time and someone has to take Bryn?? That was hysterical!

  14. @ijs This episode was by far My Favorite. I laughed so hard at the fake booty & how B was puttin it all up in Jasons face to see. I too heard Jason say to Bethenny, “Someone needs to take the baby, for a few minutes so We can lay down. Said, Won’t take but 3-4 minutes tops.” God love cracked me up.. I enjoyed their Christmas tree adventure, Celebration, everything. I see that next weeks episode is finale, and looks like Bethenny & Jason share about the Sell of Skinnygirl Cocktails.. Gonna be a good one *For Me* 😉 I got all teary eyed watching preview, when B was talking & crying with Jason about how she “Could have Never imagined everything that’s happened in her life.”
    I’m Happy & Proud for Her.

    You know I loves Me some Bethenny! (Don’t Worship her tho, As some peeps think..Ha!)—Hey Dy & Bryan..xo 😉

    • Me too Tweetingma! I did laugh the whole episode and wished I was in on the celebration. Just goes to show you that you can make the holiday anywhere you go as long as you have a luvvin family in tow. I once when the kids where younger took them to Vermont skiing for the Xmas holiday. Kids didnt like it so much since the family was not there just us. I even brought a small fake xmas tree with decorations and all the food I brought from home since I was not sure I could find specific things in local stores. They loved the week of skiing and sledding but missed the Xmas eve party at my home. I dont think this show was actually xmas thou and they wanted to have festivities the week prior.

  15. Bryan said

    @14 Granny, if your getting teary eyed at the preview, its too late your for ,You’ve become part of “the body” =)

  16. Dy said

    @16 Bryan


  17. Bryan.. TweetinGma.. was not commenting on the preview but the episode if you read her comment. She clearly commented on scenes that were not a preview. Its just her opinion

  18. Bryan said

    @18, It was just mine too. =)

    • Bryan its different when someone comes in to comment to express their opinion and you swoop in to discount their opinions. You did not attack but you have a way to make people feel silly so most peeps will never comment again and wonder why new commentors will never return again.. yeah you think ur smart but you have no idea. Truly you have no idea what you do and why people stand off and dont comment. They dont have any comfort in making any mention without you contridiction in their thoughts. can you ever let people have an opinon that is not looked like its silly or crazy? This is getting tiresome for me. Tweetingma is one of my good friends on twitter and she cant even come here to comment with out your behavior who for people and just take the opportunity to just make them look silly. I really dont get your game and dont know who pisses in your corn flakes each day. Just let a person speak their mind and not make them feel silly. I really want to know what is up with your intention to fly swap newbies..

  19. Bryan said

    @20-23 IJS, I Only responded to your friend because she addressed both Dy and myself in her comment, it was meant as a gentle nudge or joke. I CANNOT make her or anyone look silly online and I haven’t, and I cannot intimidate people online. I am not and will not be responsible for someone else’s good time. so excuse me but I call BULLSHIT on all this.

    I do have a question where were YOU when your sister was tossing homophobic slurs around, or did you feel as she did that they weren’t or that because of some past imagined trangression I deserved it? Or should I have just let her have her opinions as they were from the start more of an attack toward me, I ask again where were YOU ??

    You keep accusing me of this same thing over and over again, obviously there is more to this and your just hiding it behind these RIDICULOUS accusations I think its a number of things first off I didn’t support your boycott, whatever happen with that btw?, Also, I and a few others are not fans of Bethenny and have been vocal about that which you don’t like AT ALL. You have accused me of acting “holier then thou”!?!?!? Your words. I thought the purpose of a blog was to share differing views. Well I thought I could do that, but I guess not. I have commented on the nonsense of twitter a service you spend a great deal of time on and engage in these twitter wars with various people. In a way aren’t you doing the same thing on twitter that you accuse me of doing?

  20. Dy said

    Wow..SMH.. All this over a innocent comment @16, it was a joke, Bryan put a smile at the end of his comment. Just as TG did at the end of her comment directed at Bryan and myself.

    I’m sorry IJS,( in my opinion) Bryan did not deserve all that.

    I agree with you Bryan @24.

  21. Bryan.. did my sister chuck slurs at you? What did she say?

  22. Bryan i didnt need you to wave a power to the peeps flag and didnt ask you too. Why are you harping on that or my twitter activity? I dont engage with twitter wars and only mention people I have a friendship with and why do you need this explanation? You sound like an old woman with your nose in places where it dont belong. ya want to know what I had for lunch too?

    yes. blog is for different views that is true.. not to bash others..

  23. Say WHAT ! said

    OHHHH no you didn’t…. lol.

    If you had the ability to call BULLSHIT, you would have called it on yourself.

    Why am I responding? You dragged me into this. Bears a repeat: Just when I thought I was out… they keep pulling me back in. Where was she? Letting her little sis stick up for herself cause I a big gurl now, I wear big gurl panties. A day old, but I’m wearing them.

    Don’t you just get tired of accusing people of being homophobic? To answer my own question, apparently not. Your argument in tired and boring.

    If you keep getting accused of the same thing over and over… Wake up! THEN maybe your ARE doing it!!! A view is an opinion. (@14 Granny, if your getting teary eyed at the preview, its too late your for ,You’ve become part of “the body” =) ) Where is the View or Opinion in that? There isn’t. It’s a take down.

    Twitter wars? No deflecting or changing the subject here. This isn’t twitter.

    This is sing along… I don’t know but I’ve been told… Your Bullshit is getting Old. Sound off.. ONE, TWO… Sound off… THREE, FOUR.

  24. Say WHAT ! said

    Bears Bares Aawweeeee did it again. Ya know spell check really doesn’t do a good job. lol

  25. Bryan said

    @26 IJS, You know exactly what she said, and where to find it, if not, ( which I don’t believe because your on everything that is posted here) ask, either Carrot or Olive or Dy, they can tell you, they were there. And as for the twitter wars when someone comes here to call you on it, ( you said they meant you not Tinsel) and then posted the link to show us what your up too, You must have ticked off some people. It was interesting to see you do what you do on another blog what you accuse me of.

    Also, It looks like you did what you accuse me of to this Cali person this morning, I don’t agree with his or her’s comment, but isn’t what you did the same thing?

    See your argument isn’t holding up, what’s next if I say, good morning to Dy and not to anyone else and one of these “newbie” posters or one of your “friends” whines to you and says, “he didn’t say good morning to me” is that another bash, another intimidation, it can get really ridiculous fast, it already has.

  26. Dy said

    I was there Bryan, and it was not called for( the Adam Levine thread)..It was mean.

    I don’t get where you bash anyone, you bash on these bravolebrities, but not anyone, UNLESS you are replying to someone that ripped on you, then you defend yourself. I would not call that bashing.
    I think YOU are the one that is being bashed on, and it is not nice.

  27. BobLHead said

    OK, I’m not involved, but I will say, I’m really saddened that this is turning into a fighting blog. Bryan is all snark, and funny as hell, why all the negative stuff? I just don’t get it. I’m not gonna bash IJS’s sister, but would it hurt you to let a comment just go by without all the negativity?

  28. BobLHead said

    (I did go back and read the Adam thread, and I have to agree with Dy.)

  29. BobLHead said

    That being said, I feel like this is starting to fall apart, and didn’t IJS set it up to keep us all together? I’m sad!

    Be good to each other, I’ll be watching!

  30. Say WHAT ! said

    “……..You got your nose bent out of shape and because it appears I hit a little close to home with some of my comments in response to your first little diatribe. That’s not my problem , you brought this on yourself! Brought to YOU by one big mean gay man in San Diego who has no time for Tricks dot com ”

    I turned the tables. If ya can’t take the heat….. I’m sure you know the rest…..

    Thank you for your input and have a good evening.

  31. ugh.. Bryan.. I dont see gay slurs and you really have to stop using that on everyone. You are not at all innocent in your exchange and I am not calling you names to sum up your behavior.

    I am just tired of the emails and people taking to twitter to comment on blog posts.

    Twitter wars with random people have no place on this blog. Hence the reason for my other blog which is just posting the silly and OTHER people’s blogs who RECAP twitter wars leaving open dialogue for fodder. That is the purpose of some other blogs. This one is not that kind. This is a blog about tv programs for people to chat about but you have on more then a few occasions result to telling people who dont agree with you that they watch too much tv.

    Bryan, I think its time for you to find a new home to hang your hat on. Your style of slinging and ducking and denying is getting old on me.

    People can agree or disagree but I am done with it.

  32. And lastly Bryan.. the twitter wars are not mine. I have not engaged with the wars in twitter even thou people are still trying to pull me into today. If you are goign to take the word of trolls who is trying to stir up chit here by trying to drag me into the rediculous wars.. well then I really dont have anything more to say to you. This is redicoulsy childish. So again.. how is my twitter activity any of your business.. seriously..

  33. Bryan said

    Eileen Don’t make it sound like such a big deal ,being thrown out of a place like this is significantly better than being thrown out of a leper colony.

  34. Dy said

    If you are asking Bryan to find another home..Well I’m going too. This is sad, really sad.. Bryan has been a loyal poster on this site,he is on every day, a few times a day. His humor/snark is one of the best I have ever read. This has all gotten out of hand..

  35. Who the hell is Eileen?

    Bry.. if this is a leper colony, you have been a resident leper..

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