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Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight – Whine Pairings

Posted by tinselkitty on May 1, 2011

Ugh. What is it about this season of Orange County that is just dragging along? How many episodes are there in a typical Housewives season? Tonight is episode #9. That means we’re almost done, right?

Tonight’s teaser –

Peggy and Micah throwing their annual dinner party and hire celebrity chefs, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Miliken of Border Grill, to cater the event. Tamra’s new boyfriend, Eddie, meets the ladies for the first time. During the party, Alexis causes a scene and flees the table, leaving Peggy livid and Donn is shocked by Vicki’s comment to the group about wishing they had started their own family together. Mary Sue Miliken of Border Grill is a contestant on Top Chef Masters 3.

For those who have not been looking forward to watching Vicki and Donn’s relationship hit the skids, steel yourselves. We are in for an uncomfortable hour tonight. The subject of kids brings out the anger, and, for the first time I can recall, Vicki can’t look at the camera while she talks (click the pic to watch the video).

Tinselkitty is assigning additional homework tonight – Housewife Twitter watching. Even though Peggy went through Bravo media training, she missed the part about not blaming the editing team. She and Micah both hit up Twitter this week to claim their own edition of BAD EDIT! and try to play off their gastronomical ignorance. Let’s see what they try to distance themselves from this week.


49 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight – Whine Pairings”

  1. absurd said

    Great! Read my take on the Gretchen Rossi drama that was edited out

    Peggy Tanous Serves; Gretchen Rossi Gets Served on the Real Housewives of Orange County. –

  2. Dy said

    Vicki just seems so upset/ angry with Donn this season..It’s sad, the poor guy keeps taking hit after hit,and it seems he doesn’t know where it’s coming from.. I still say there is more to Vicki’s angier than just not wanting to be married anymore, something is up. She I think is pretty upset in the video,and didn’t want to look at the camera, cause to me she looks like she is on the verge of crying..Jmo.

  3. Bryan said

    Tinsel, I like that, “gastronomical ignorance” very good, I must borrow that from time to time, if you don’t mind. good thing Mary Sue was also there to deal with this nightmare, at least Susan wasn’t alone. Hi Dy, I wonder Vick is more angrier and frustrated with herself because Donn seems to have given up, which I can understand considering her overworking ethtic.

  4. Dy said

    Hi Bryan

    Maybe..Seems the poor guy can’t say or do anything right, so why try right? It happens ya know..As I said before those 2 are on different pages and need to close the book. Very sad to watch for me 😦

  5. Bryan said

    @ 1 Absurd, I just read that blog, Chef-boy-r-dee IS better suited for THAT group my six year old nephew has a more sophisticated pallet then these clowns, given a choice of going to In and out burger recently or Chinese he preferred Chinese and wanted Mu-shu.

  6. Dy said

    Seems like it didn’t take Peggy and Micah long to blame the editing thing..They jumped right on that train as soon as they got some not so nice fed back..They are offical Bravolebrities now

  7. Bryan said

    @6 Dy, it is sad, they seem like a nice match at first, good contrast I guess even that doesn’t work.

  8. Bryan who are you talking to in comment number 2 & 3?

  9. Dy said

    @9 Hi Bryan

    I really thought after last season and the renewal thing they were both ok, she was so tough on him the previous season with the whole love tank thing ugh!..Something really changed really bad, I have read people are blaming Tamra’s divorce and Vicki wanting to be single and such, but I think that is ridicules. I don’t believe that for a minute, Vicki wants out,she is angry and hurt, you can see it..JMO.

  10. Dy said

    @ 10 IJS

    That was Bryant..Not Bryan..

  11. Dy.. thanks for clearing that up! I thought maybe absurd which would be even more absurd! LOL!

  12. Dy said

    IJS..I have no idea what 2&3 is talking about :/.. None of my bee wax

  13. Dy.. its the same person over a month ago attacked Tinsel claiming she had a similar writing style as Jenn Sale.. that whole blogger mess from mid March. On another blog, a comment was made very similar last night about me so I can assume they are the same person. Its a troll looking for trouble who is either Jenn Sale herself or one of her minions. No biggie. just a troll. Seriously, peeps have too much time on their hands..

  14. G-sus said

    Hey Donn, watch out for the bus heading your way, Vicki is about to throw you under it.

    My take on Vicki’s interview is that the producers pressed Vicki to talk about it, she didn’t want to, but relented. She looks more annoyed than teary.

    And MIcah and Peggy still don’t get it. Their tweets show their ignorance. It is possible to have a formal dinner that is latin inspired. The talents of chefs like Mary Sue and Susan are wasted on these people.

  15. Dy said

    @ IJS..Oh Brother..Blog Wars, Tweet Wars.. Lions and Tigers and Bears..Oy!

  16. Dani said

    Donn strikes me as a guy with little tolerance for BS. Nobody knows for sure what goes on between two people and I wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone but maybe in this case it is best. They seem to be at differenct places in their lives with different priorities. I get the feeling the affection between them has sort of withered on the vine.

  17. Dy said

    HI G.

    Hi Dani..I agree.

  18. G-sus said

    Hi Dy and Dani

    Dani, I agree. Always sad to me that they let it play out on television. I’m sure that Donn isn’t okay with it being aired so publicly and behind his back.

  19. Bryan said

    We’ve heard what Vicki has been up too lately going to Cabo again or her birthday an filming some other show, I wonder what Donn is up too and if he is seeing anyone else and if he is I wonder how Vick would be with that?

  20. Bryan said

    Hi, Dani,and G!!!!

  21. Dani said

    Hi all. Happy Sunday. Love Sundays.

  22. Dani said

    The food looks fantastic at the dinner party but the guests leave something to be desired. Wow, rudeness would be an understatement.

  23. LWoo said

    WTF is up with Alexis?! I love my man & plan on spending the rest of my life with him. But we need our space away from one another as well. You can be married and keep your individuality. I mean, damn!

    But I also thought it was mean of Vicki and Tamra to dwell on it. Just have a good time!

    Oh hell no…don’t mess with Peggy, Alexis! LOL!

  24. LWoo said

    Alexis is never wrong.

  25. KurlyHairedB said

    Bin Laden is dead. President Obama is coming on soon to make a statement.

  26. Dani said

    Hi LWoo.

    The dinner party from hell tradition is alive and well in OC too. That was dysfuction all over the place. I don’t even know who the good guys were in that mess. Most all of them were stinkers tonight.

  27. LWoo said

    Osama bin Laden is dead!

  28. LWoo said

    Oh, I didn’t update the page before I typed that! LOL! Hi Dani, IJS & KHB!

  29. KurlyHairedB said

    Waiting for Pres Obama to come on. So glad that we got him, but scared of what reprisals will come. We lost friends on 9/11 at the Pentagon, hope something like that never happens again.

  30. LWoo said

    Amen to that, Kurly. I hope everyone realizes that bringing death to people is NEVER the answer.

  31. LWoo said

    Karen Gravano tweeted to me! 🙂

    KarenGravanoVH1 Karen Gravano
    @ @LeslieWoo Thanks girl….
    1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply »

  32. Bryan said

    Andy Cohen needs to lay off the booze when he is doing his little show, he’s a mess

  33. Bryan said

    While its a good thing this man is dead, I can’t really rejoice and feel as if the war on terror is over. I wonder what madman will replace him and how dangerous he might be. I hope his death at least begins to weaken things…I hope

  34. Bryan said

    @30KHB, I just saw your post, I was thinking the same thing

  35. Coffee FIRST said

    I’m truly livid!! What a damn shame to see Chef Susan Feniger waste her craft on these D-list losers!!

    AMEN to Bin Laden DEAD!!

    It’s beyond about time.

  36. Coffee FIRST said

    @34 Bryan, Wow, my sentiments exactly.
    I can’t help but wonder how many want to fill his shoes and I’m positive there’s way too many. It’s a never ending sick cycle,period.

  37. Dy said

    The dinner party was beautiful. The presentation of the food( it looked fantastic) the table setting everything..Too bad they all had to act like jerks,and really did not seem to appreciate anything..
    Alex’s was over the top, something eles was going on there, I don’t care what she says, spending all that time in the bathroom being upset over what? Serously..

    @ 34Bryan..I agree

  38. BobLHead said

    Morning All! Wow, 10 years to find him….

    OK, this is personal, but I need to vent! I had my party Saturday (it was GREAT). I invited this guy I have a crush on, after many glasses of wine, there was some snogging….and it was nice! Seriously, haven’t been kissed in a year! And I was digging it…next day, he sends me an email thanking me for the party, and asking for another guests phone number, a very pretty guest!

    I was crushed! You know he’s “not really in to you” when he asks for another chicks phone number the day after you made out.

    Sigh…I’m going to be alone until I croak!

    • BobL, I have a feeling I know what happened with your dude. He went home, looked you up online and saw that Jill Zarin blocked you. You dodged a bullet, there, my friend.

  39. BobLHead said

    Is 45 to young to give up on men entirely?

  40. Dy said

    AWWW Bob..What a freakin Jerk..Let me at ’em..Let me at ’em!! Who the F does that?

    Don’t give up Babydoll, he is just an Ass..You deserve better.

    Glad your party was great, though 🙂

  41. BobLHead said

    It was an amazing party! Everyone dressed up and we had a blast!

    I even got a “morning after” massage…with the exception of the ass, it was a perfect weekend! All my roomies rock!

  42. BobLHead said

    And you’re right? Who the heck does that? Men! (rolling eyes)

  43. Dy said

    @ 43 Not all men Babydoll..Just that POS, What freakin weiner! I hope you either deleted his email, or told his sorry ass off.. Both would have been perfect! Me, I would have told his sorry ass off..Who the f makes out with the B’day girl,and then emails said b’day girl to ask for another guests phone number..WTF?? Find it your own damn self you POS, WHAT A DOUCHE!

  44. @tweatcyn said

    Susan Fenniger was on TC Masters season 2. She and Mary Sue have great cullinary reps over a long period of time. Very successful Food network shows and restaurants.

  45. Bryan said

    Bob, honey, first off, you have roomies? is it okay to ask why? is this family or, well anyway, Also your 45 no more making out at parties, if some dude wants your candy make the fucker work for it, and if fucker can’t see your worth, and isn’t up for possibly something wonderful, dude needs to go!

    Now if you just want nookie, that’s a whole other story , there is nothing wrong with have booty call buddies, I highly recommend it, but choose wisely, make sure you are both on the same page and its just going to be booty nook, Some people are great for sex but you do not want to share closet space with them or want them around on a regular basis.

    Dude who wanted the other FiFi’s number, well since you took a taste and you seem to like it and if he is cute and might be good as someone for a booty call, keep him around but kick him out when your done, no need to wake up with that.

  46. Sandy said

    I loved tamras necklace that she wore during this episode (light turquoise), anyone know where I can find one like it?

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