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The Etiquette Lesson Faux Aristocrat LuAnn Failed

Posted by tinselkitty on April 29, 2011

Don’t ask an actual Brit to be critiqued on royal manners by an American who married into an aristocracy that no longer exists in yet a totally different country. Seriously, Andy, us regular folk everywhere know this one. How did you ever think that was a good idea? Somewhere, Lisa Vanderpump, Extraordinaire is devastated that you pulled that crap in front of Giggy.

Cat should have called YOU out, too Andy Cohen. Damn American jackholes. You are ruining royal wedding eve.


19 Responses to “The Etiquette Lesson Faux Aristocrat LuAnn Failed”

  1. Bryan said

    That whole aftershow was a mess, I think princess cohen had too much to drink and everything seemed just off

  2. Dy said

    I didn’t watch WWHL..I’ve read alot of comments saying Cat was wrong and was very very rude..I’ll see for myself..Even though I do not like Cat at all, I give it a fair shot 😉

    • Dy, I was full on Team Cat. When Andy had Luann critique Cat’s royal etiquette I was surprised as hell. You could tell Cat was immediately put off. She actually held her tongue more than I thought she should or would. I’ll be interested in what you think when you see it.

  3. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Cat started on the regular show and Andy interupted,,oh I can’t wait to get honme to watch the after show,,I was hoping Cat would take LuAnn to task. What country is she the Countess of and where in royalty does a Countess rank?

  4. Dani said

    Hi Dy, and Bryan.

    I did watch and the whole show and it was a mess. I too think Andy was drinking a bit much. He was not on his game at all. Cat seemed really annoyed with Luann and pretty much demanded what made her an authority on the British royalty. In Luann’s favor, she kept her cool and gave a matter of fact answer.

  5. Dy said

    Nope not a Cat Litter fan at all, she is rude, crude and full of herself. I just watched the show and aftershow.. Oy..she repeated herself a ton of times calling LuLu a shit stirrer and such. Gotta agree with her, but Cat Litter is no better.Cat seemed tipsy to me with a huge chip on her shoulder,( funny didn’t her show get the axe. she has alot of nerve) I agree LuLu kept her cool, In my opinion Cat Litter made a complete ass of herself ,JMO.Sorry I’m sure I’m in the minority here. Cat Litter could have made her point without being such a British Bitch, absolutely no class, in my opinion.

    Hi Dani, Hi Tinsel

  6. Dy said

    Opps..Hi Bryan. Hi Olive

  7. Sus said

    This is a very serious question. Is the dog that Andy was holding alive or a robot dog? Even when Lisa is holding the dog in interviews, I find myself wondering if it’s a real dog. It looks like they put fake fur on him – maybe because of his disease?

    If it was the real Giggy, where was Lisa?

    If I were going to be in the company of real royalty, I wouldn’t take LuLu’s or Cat’s advice. I’d get the real scoop from the protocol people.

  8. Dani said

    Sus, funny you mention Giggy because for the longest time I kept staring at the dog, trying to figure out if it was stuffed or the real thing. I think I finally saw the dog move at the end of the show and realized indeed it was alive. At one point, Andy had his hand resting on the head almost obliterating the dog’s head and I thought, well it must be stuffed.

  9. Dy said

    Wasn’t it a game Andy was having them play..Why would Cat take it seriously and stop playing because she didn’t like it..Oh Boo hoo.

  10. @tweatcyn said

    Dani, so funny. I did the exact same thing. I barely watched the show as my focus was purely on giggy. finally saw him open his eyes wide and stick his tongue out. I rejoiced “It’s ALIVE!!!”

  11. Sus said

    Dani and Tweatcyn, I saw the dog open its eyes and stick his tongue out but that didn’t convince me that it was alive. Really weird !

  12. KurlyHairedB said

    While I am glad that somebody stood up to LuLu, the way that Cat did it was extremely rude and off-putting. I’m surprised that LuLu kept her cool and just shrugged it off. If that was me, the proverbial gloves would have come off and we woulda been scrappin. Could you imagine her saying that to Carolina, Teresa, Vicki or heaven forbid Nene? They would have been picking bits and pieces of her off the set.

  13. GingerTee said

    I think that Cat gave Countless a dose of what Countless serves to other. I think that LuAnn Cat would be impresses her since she is British but Cat sees through her BS. I hope they sic her on Jil next.

  14. I couldnt stop looking at giggy either! that dog slept through the whole thing.. cracked me up! How funny is it that Jill Z wants the same notoriety for ginger? I can only imagine a boogie eatin doggie is not as favorable to Andy as the half haired giggy who never moves..

    Sus… Giggy has alapechia lost most of its hair why they dress the dog in clothes. bare on its back but not face and paws..

  15. Sus said

    So did Andy fly Giggy in for the show without Lisa?

    I bet Jill Z is crazy over all the Giggy appearances. I don’t think Andy would let Ginger lick his nose.

    • SOrry I didnt answer that question.. no Lisa was uptown at some event but her husband was there with Giggy.. I wouldnt let Ginger lick my nose either.. that alone is some freaky behavior to allow a dog to do that.. truly disgusting..

  16. Dy said

    Remember Ginger has a gass problem too..Last year when LuLu smelled something ripe,(when Lulu stayed over at Jills apt.) Jill said it was Ginger..I still think it was LuLu ( ya know she who smelt it..) Anyway just saying.. Ginger eats boogoties and farts..Something the Gigster, I’m sure would never ever do.

  17. […] The Etiquette Lesson Faux Aristocrat LuAnn Failed « Tv Time 101 Cat started on the regular show and Andy interupted, oh I can't wait to get honme to watch the after show I was hoping Cat would take LuAnn to task. What country is she the Countess of and where in royalty does a Countess rank? […]

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