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Now It’s Time For Twinkley Tweet’s With Sonja Morgan.. LET THEM EAT CAKE WIT NO TEEF!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 29, 2011


TVTINSEL.. I promise I will go to bed like a good girl and study for my exam.. shmooches

Well I would imagine that eating cake with no teeth is a simple feat but veal?  or um steak?  Maybe Sonja has more information then I do on how to digest non chewed meat in the digestive tract and maybe has a body cleanse solution for that.  Hey, I heard that it takes a week to digest meat so that makes me worry.. madly.  Now I get the digestive issue’s that is regurgitated and rotting in my organs makes me weary of ever eating salami again!  I havent been eating meat since knowing of this fact.  Oh.. I once told a huge man of this fact and he disagreed with me telling me he knows he digested the next day.  I asked him how did he know” and he told me to trust him.  Ok this is getting off the beating path and too much TMI.  HEY THATS HOW I ROLL!!

Ok tonight Mr Man came home early due to his flight being cancelled and how lucky for him the earlier flight was delayed with seats that he could hop on and come home early to me.  Not so good since I rely on him coming home in the wee hours and the environment was not ready.  Anyone gets that klugy statement? 

Any who.. I had to re watch Survivor ugh because he demanded it.  Don’t think for a moment I give into demands but when a man who brings in the bacon but does not stir it up in a pan wants to relax with his favorite guilty pleasure.. I had to go to DVR in lieu of watching my favorite programs of the night cause I am still in love with my diamond necklace and gold earring from my birthday.  HEY!! THAT’S HOW I ROLL!!

Any who.. we watched “Survivor” while he ate what I ordered, (cause that’s how I roll) and had to pause for ice cream scoops in a glass.  Please can we press play again??  YOUR KILLIN ME!!   I finally told him this will take 2 hours to view if he doesn’t sit his ass in the chair so I can watch “Real Housewives Of New York” which I am already assuming is going to be a boor of a bore since posting the preview but I don’t want to miss the twitter fodder. 

Yep.. you guessed it.  I missed all the twitter fodder since I finally started the show at like 10:30 eastern which is way behind.  I am thinking.. you can fast forward and catch up.  Nope, the phone rings like 4 times and finally I was not polite anymore.. LET ME WATCH MY SHOW!!!

Can people be more rude?  Well glad I got that off my chest.  So I began to watch and Sonja is all over this episode and somehow I am thinking Sonja is gonna sink in relatability and fan favorite.  She did a good job last season and people were certainly loving her kindness, sensibility and voice of reason.  This year not so much.

I got a bit miffed at her one on one’s at some sort of back stabbing and not being so friendly to Cindy Barshop and took it to twitter.  Yes people, I went to a place of no return..  My night turned into HOLY CHIT to WTF and eventually LMAOO!!

Ok.. long story you finally get to see the “Twinkly Tweets” on my rants and responses..

And this is when Sonja followed me and we where we went into deep DM. (that’s private messages to you unknown twitter peeps) We laughed, we cried and Sonja told me of all her sexcapades in Central Park and we even have a friend with benefits in common!! She is the bomb and my new best buddie!

I will not divulge the DM’s we shared and cried over together.

Mazel Sonja for being a good sport and so much fun!

More tweets from the aftermath.

How great is Sonja to interact. I floved it and thinks she is a good ol gal.. Mazel Sonja.. I had a good time..

Sonja’s morning after cigarette! I Love it!


One Response to “Now It’s Time For Twinkley Tweet’s With Sonja Morgan.. LET THEM EAT CAKE WIT NO TEEF!”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    How crappy must Cindy’s veneers be to come off eating pistacios and on a regular basis no less? And TK was right on her recap, why bring them with you to lunch/shop when they came off the night before? Glue em on at home idiot and go to the dentist fist thing in am for real fix, free of charge for dental incompetence.

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