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Jethro’s take on the Real Housewives of New York!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 29, 2011

From Inside the Box

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Oh, there has been a shift in the tides over on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” And for some strange reason, it has to do with the blondes on the show.

Does everyone remember the funny, flirty Sonja Morgan of last season? Now, we’re thinking she had us all fooled. Did the notoriety of being a housewife get to her head or what? This season, she’s acting like a know-it-all, arrogant, sex-crazed uptown snob. Does someone need to tell her the role of Samantha on “Sex and the City” has been cast?

In Thursday’s (April 28) episode, she decided it’s her job to get Ramona Singer and Kelly Killoren Bensimon back together. Along the way, someone filled Sonja’s head with the idea that she was some kind of peacekeeper (please refer to gay wedding march-gate, Sonja). Sure, it wasn’t Cindy Barshop’s place to warn Kelly that Sonja was planning some kind of friend intervention while the kids played tiddlywinks in the other room. But, we feel she had to do what she had to do. While the show producers would have loved to capture that awkward setup, Cindy probably saved both Ramona and Kelly from ripping each other’s heads off in front of the little ones and the therapy sessions that would have required afterward.

What better example of Sonja’s misguided belief that she is queen of the world than the horse basically throwing her off?


When sand angels are the craziest thing Kelly does, something’s not right in NYC.

Then, we have Ramona who has been very single-minded lately (yes, more than usual). Ramona does what she wants and doesn’t really think about the consequences, sure. Forget that she insulted both Cindy and LuAnn De Lesseps that first night in the Hamptons. That’s to be expected from her. But, now she just seems to need a whole lot more attention and seems to get wound up way too easily. She walks into a room and no one could get a word in edgewise. Get that woman her pinot already! Does she have to ask twice or seven times?

Later at Cindy’s non-birthday birthday party, Ramona was so determined to get her beef with Cindy’s brother out and over with that she forgot where she was. She was this panicky blonde bobble head and if we didn’t know better we’d think she skipped her meds that day.

You know things aren’t quite right in the world when Kelly no longer speaks in tongues and comes off the sane one. We can only hope that when Jill Zarin gets back from Australia, her antics will even out the playing field. Who knew we’d ever miss her?

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Photo/Video credit: Bravo


5 Responses to “Jethro’s take on the Real Housewives of New York!”

  1. cali said

    Alex, more than anyone this season is getting on my nerves the most-she’s a wannabee, and not good at it. Her flat-chested ego, and self protrayal of good looks is beyond annoying.
    Next is Ramona, and Sonja! I believe Sonja is a ‘nymphomanic’, behaving very inappropriate for her age. Ramona has become ‘full of herself’, thinking she’s btter than anyone-although can be very funny at times!

  2. GingerTee said

    Ooh I like Alex, if the rest of them can pretend to be young rich, fab and royal then Alex should be able to do the same. At least she admitted that she is modeling for money. The light company needs their money. On another note, I think Jill is being filmed less so that when and if all hell breaks loose, she can give her opinion but use her absence as an excuse for not being a part of the wrong. Think about it, Jill is the biggest fame whore of them all, do you really think she is being excluded from filming because they needed a vacation. I also think she is going with “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” She wants to be missed and is hoping that her time away will help repair her image. I think it is a cowardly move.

  3. Bryan said

    @1 Cali, I agree, Alex bugs me too, but last night she was no where the nut ball Princess Pinot was. I was waiting for her to foam at the mouth and bite someone.

  4. Dy said

    I do not like Alex or Simon, never have. As far as famewhores.. No one worse than Queen B. In my opinion.

    I still like Sonja, Ramona. Cindy with her “above the drama or whatever” b.s. is full of shit, why did she agree to do the show..Thats what it all is..SMH. I think I don’t like her, she’s shady,..JMO.

  5. @tweatcyn said

    Jill, missed? Pray tell by whom Jethro? A day without Jill is like a day without the pox.

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