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Watch What Happens Live After Show with Countess LuAnn and Cat Shmackdown!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 29, 2011

Holy shit batman!!! Cat is now my biggest hero and HOLY SHIT! We already saw the tension between LuAnn and Cat in the live show, now we see the best ever shmack down in history on the after show! At first Andy seemed to be annoyed with Cat’s air of “Why Am I Here?” attitude but then Cat did not dissapoint!

In Part 2 of the after show, she really lets LuAnn have it for her condescending, I am up here dahling behavior and I have to say, I didn’t feel sorry for LuAnn one bit!

Cat said everything I wish I had the opportunity to say! LuAnn didn’t have a single comeback since she was not infront of a camera taping her digs at the other housewives being 2 faced and trying to be witty. Cat took the sails out of her Countess title and why am I smiling? Oh yeah.. cause I live for this chit.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


37 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live After Show with Countess LuAnn and Cat Shmackdown!”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Cat is my hero!!!!! I agree,,that Countess Dahling has been a bit toooo much,,she is condescending,,,plus Jaques DOES NOT look like Adrian Brody!!!!!!!!!!! That Pepe Lepeau looking Ross.,,,that social climber statement,,Iknow Alex and Simon did do that..but what was LuAnn before she married the Count? And again I ask,,,where does a Countess rank in the royal food chain? No one does Royalty like the Brits,,,

    • Olive, glad to see you’re back! A bit of Luann’s background –

      Her nickname, which is not actually an official title bestowed from France, comes from her previous marriage to Frenchman Alexandre de Lesseps, a descendant of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the architect of the Suez Canal.

  2. Dy said

    Sorry I think Cat Litter was a British Bitch,and made a Ass out of herself. LuLu held her own and didn’t stoop to Cat Litters level.
    Cat Litter is just as 2 faced as LuLu and just as condescending. JMO.

  3. carrot said

    Exactly Olive. Most of the women on the show have climbed a ladder– they need to get real. Cat +1 LuAnn 0

  4. Linda said

    All I can say is….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bryan said

    Cat must want to be one the Next Season’s NY housewives

  6. Bryan said

    Lulu was right, the prince is too young for her but then after 2 am anything can happen

  7. Dy said

    Cat Litter had a crumpet( sp) stuck up her coolie..
    Aww too bad, so sad that your show got the axe Cat Litter.

  8. GingerTee said

    I loved every minute of it. LuAnn had it coming for a longtime. For so long LuAnn has tried to tell all of us what is correct as far as Europeans and royalty (because the Countless knows). Yesterday Cat called her out. Why should we believe what LuAnn says, if she really a proper lady of royalty, she would not be so condescending and she would rise above certain situations. If you gonna be a bitch then be able to get bitched at. I’m so happy Cat called her out that if I was there I would have kissed her (Cat). LuAnn is responsible for a lot of what happened with Bethenney and Jill and finally someone told her about herself. The truth is painful for many people. It’s sad that Cat called her out on national TV, but LuAnn was about to rip Alex apart herself, you know what they say (what goes around……). They are all social climbers so who is she to talk about Alex. What was the whole NYC vs. DC shot? I mean I like NYC but I’m not blown away by it, it’s just alright for me, no biggie.

  9. Dy said

    OK..Who watched the Royal Wedding?? I thought it was beautiful..I though she looked gorgeous, refined and elegant..Loved her dress

  10. G-sus said

    Cat took Luann to town! Loved it! Both Luann and Jill are constantly talking about social circles. Get over yourself ladies, it’s 2011. And the Counts title wasn’t earned, it was bought. And Luann didn’t earn it either, she married it. So sick of Luann’s pompous ass telling everyone how to behave all the while talking smack with a shit-eating grin on her face. Bring on more Cat, less Countless IMO.

  11. GingerTee said

    Hey Dy, I watched it in parts but I loved what I saw. I think Princess Diana would be proud. That young man looks so much like her, especially his sutle gaze. I loved all the pomp and circumstance. I wonder what happened to invitation for the Countless. She should contact USPS and complain.

  12. carrot said

    OOOOH— what model doesn’t love a good pout? “A pout is never good.” Victoria Beckham is so anti-anything, I think she’s fabulous. Shush Lu, we all cannot have fake plastered smiles 24/7.

  13. Dy said

    Hi Ginger

    I watched the recap on E.They had it on until 2pm..It was so beautiful. I kept thinking about his mother and if he was thinking of her.He does look just like her, I agree..LOL about LuLu…Off with their heads, she didn’t get her invite, maybe she deleted the evite by mistake 😉 Lol
    I’m thinking that must have been up Cat’s coolie too, ya know Harry not inviting her to the wedding as his date. I’m sure he doesn’t even remember that old trick.

  14. Kwame said

    I’m glad Cat told Luann about herself. She so OBVIOUSLY thinks she’s better than other people for some reason because she’s a countess or whatever. Get over yourself and get REAL!

  15. Holy schnikes, this really must have whipped IJS’s sails up right nice and fluffy. She said shit instead of chit. Twice! Cat Ommanney has some sort of superpower.

  16. LMAOOOO TINSEL!!! man good observation and I hesitated before I typed and thought. what the hell.. 😉

  17. Loving that Cat put Countless in her place. Loved when Cat asked LuLu, what makes u a “Class Expert” HA! LuLu was slow to answer, cuz when answer finally came it was just STUPID. *smh* So she’s saying b/c she was married to a Count (Who Dumped her “Countless Ass”) that somehow makes her an expert. BULLSH*T!! “A Countess is either wife of an Earl or a Count. In case of LuAnn, it’s waaaaaay down in “Royalty”. She’s nowhere near being any part of Royalty.. Only in her Dreams. (Floved your thoughts ijs & I too, feel that Cat said things to “LuLu No Class” that I would have jumped at the Chance to say to Her myself!..Anywho, U da Bomb Woman)

    BTW: Stayed up all night & watched Royal Wedding. Loved every minute of it. (I feel a Kindred Bond with William & Harry, Especially after the tragic loss of their Dearly Loved Mum, “The Peoples Princess/Queen of Our Hearts”..I’m all Mushy when comes to Diana’s Sons, but that’s just Me!) Kate was an Elegant Beauty, Very “Grace Kelly-ish” 🙂 William looked Handsome as well..(Both Looked in LOVE & HAPPY) All around Beautiful, Elegant & Touching Ceremony. Easy to see how much In Love they are.
    Ok..I’m Done.. 🙂 Enjoy your Weekend peeps 🙂

  18. Kris said

    Both come off as common little schoolgirls. No wonder they’re both divorced.

  19. cali said

    Cat was spot on regarding LuAnn!

    Being european myself, I can tell you ‘etiquette 101’ is to stay above the fray-never get involved in gossip, talking out of two corners of your mouth backstabbing those who you be nice in their face.
    LuAnn plays this so-called ‘good manners’ expert, and she’s anything but…

    She needs to get off her high horse, and face reality-she’s no countess, whether by title nor by her actions!

  20. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Dy… I got up at 4 am ready for work and watched the wedding,,,crying like a fool…as I’ve stated before,,I watch a lot of movies ,,documentaries of the monarchy and this just fascinates me,,,Pillars of the Earth showed how a church was built in the 1500’s like Westminster Abbey…it was so very good,,I recommend it to everyone,,,with the crude tools that they used and to make something so very beautiful..I found the service surprisingly similar to a Catholic mass,,after Henry the VIII broke with Rome,,,(watch the Tudors 4 very good)

    This was a beautiful article,,the subtle homage that was paid to Diana

    When I got to work,,they had plastic tiaras and king hats..for the ladies and men,,and we watched the balcony scene at work…
    I think the whole world is in love with this couple,,,her dress was BEAUTIFUL..retro..a throwback,,loved that part at the altar when Harry looked back and saw her before William,,it’s nice to see 2 Royal siblings have the love,,because in history we know how treachorous they were to each other..

    Tinsel,,sorry I was away,,returned to work and it is quarter end,,,one of my busiest times,,,so I was dvr-ing a lot of shows and falling asleep when I got home,,just getting my sea legs back. I have a note Mr. Kotter…Thank u for the answer on Alexander De Selepps…so she is nothing more than the title of Lady so and so in England….at least Judi Dench is Dame ( a knighted woman ) and Sir Elton John,,they both have LuAnn beat,,,speaking of LUAnn and I wanted to make sure before I wrote this,,is it me,,or does her cheeks look more and more like Joan Rivers? Methinks she had a lift,,she’s getting that Joan Rivers look,,I kept trying to catch her profile,,yep,,I am certain…

    Thank you for answering the countess question Tweetingranny,,,I knew it wasn’t up there on the chain,,I had to laff when I watched the regular Andy clubhouse show,,,he was getting uncomfortable because he knew Cat was ready to strike,,,lol,,,she’s great,,,she doesn’t buy bullchit,,BULLOCKS!!!!!! And the after show did not disappoint,,,how dare someone tell LuAnn to her face,,doesn’t Cat know she is supposed to go to the “Confessional” and be a talking head and say that behind LuAnn’s back?,,,it’s on page 35 in LuAnn’s book,,,and I quote….”Never talk to ME like that,,now LEAVE!!!” u can see Jill and Sonja have read her book.

    Pip pip and Cheerio!

  21. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    oh,,and the only Count I know is on Sesame comment aw aw aw aw…two comments aw aw aw…ooo I loved him,,and Cookie Monster,,,*Sigh

    Bet Tinsel is saying..Olive,,go back from whence u came..hahahah

    I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

  22. Dy said

    I loved watching the Royal Wedding Olive..They look so in love. She looked perfect. just perfect.. Loved seeing all the women and their hats, some were really nice others..Oy!!..Her mother looked beautiful also!

  23. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    omg….Dy,,,Fergie’s daughter’s were a hot mess….they looked like the wicked step sisters….sorry,,,but holy canoli….

    Yes, Kate’s mother was just so beautiful and the sister,,,wow!
    and her brother is handsome as well,,very good genes I’d say. Yes,,they do look so in love,,TLC had Charles and Diana’s wedding and what a huge difference…Diana was ill prepared and it was such a sad ending….

    Kate is her own woman and seems strong and we saw her poise…
    they are so in love…I loved it too Dy,,can’t get enough of it….maybe this year I may say yes,,hahahaha…

  24. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    lol…^5 Tinsel,,,,did u see the video I left for u on the madmen recap? lol…2 peas and all that…

    apparently the Middletons did not get Jill’s memo on anyone but the bride wearing white,,,,lmao…

  25. GingerTee said

    I know The Count (Sesame Street), Count Basie (RIP), Count Dracula (please stay RIP), and Count Duckula (Donald Duck’s Uncle or something). Maybe Countless BooAnn is with one of those guys

  26. GingerTee said

    Oh my, where is my manners …greetings all

    I think I need a session with Countless. I loved how she hid under her hat

  27. Kevin said

    I respect Cat a lot for being probably the most real person in all of the HouseWives series. Lu Ann can not handle her own reflection in the mirror, Tuff, Deal with it Darling! What Cat said about Lu Ann is true. Lu Ann is plastic and really needs intensive etiquette tutelage herself.
    Money hasn’t bought Lu Ann any class. Money can’t buy you GAS, and flatulence is churned and there is a lot of hot gas seeping out of the Royal Miss Countess. Moving on….

    • Kevin.. Cat calling out LuAnn over and over could not give me more pleasure. I wish she was a bit more articulate and saw she was a bit uncomfortable doing it as such.. but all in all.. It was all satchels and gold for me! Bethenny did once call out LuAnn and called her a snake but it was bad timing with her wanting to reduce the drama for what should of been a happy time in her life and she gave up the fight! Well atleast Cat took up where Bethenny left off and i am still dreaming of unicorns and lollipops!!

      Thanks for stopping by and do so more often!

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  29. Bfaz said

    I was a day late and a dollar short watching the after show, but dear lord was it good! Cat looks like the “cat” that swallowed the canary every time Lulu snarked out an expert commentary. I love Cat! And Luann had nothing to say about how she talks about people behind their backs. You are talking about people too,…? Whatever Lulu! Cat talks right to the people she has problems with (even if it is everyone). Ha!

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  32. Barb said

    Both of them are phony. Cat, though, should lighten up or she will have a damn stroke. She has no sense of humor in the least is always, always, always lashing out and finding fault, but she sure can’t take it from other people. Get some therapy, kiddo.

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  34. Bradie said

    LuAnn stop singing!!!! and Go Cat! The “Countess / Count” is so boring, her and Jill have so badly aged – what’s with Jill’s new madonna look – grow up and come out of your midlife crisis. The Counts’ boyfriend looks like someone ran over david schwimmer and his accent is so hilarious. She needs to get a life and stop attacking everyone and acting so pompas and maybe she can land someone more attractive. Wait, that is funny, no matter how much they make her look like a glammed up younger woman (or they tried to do the glam shot in her awful video), her ugly personality comes out. I wish Alex would have just punched her in the face at lunch because I have no idea how anyone could sit there and listen to that ugly old bag talk like she is better than them. Just Insane. She needs to read some blogs and go to therapy because anyone who thinks like she does must be teaching their children these awful things. Can you imagine, 2 more people in this world walking around thinking they are a wonderful example when in fact they are the worst example for our youth. If a child were to repeat half the things Luann says to her “friends” they would be responsible for a ********************** (Edited by Admin) I see why her husband left her.

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