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Real Housewives of New York Preview – “Ramona D”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 28, 2011

Tonight looks like another boring installment of Real Housewives of New York.  So far, we see invitations that are debated whether or not they are received and Ramona needing her Pinot.  If the previews are any reflection to tonights episode, we might as well skip it.  Tonight, Cindy tries to get Kelly and Ramona together and LuMan throws a cocktail party.  Big whoops.  Is it possible that we may miss Jill and her crazy antics that give us fodder?  How crazy is it that Kelly is not so crazy this season?   Does anyone think she is heavily medicated?  Please RH gods.. bring back crazy kellybeenshmokin and more fake lying from Jill.  This franchise is going south fast!   We do have to look forward to Morroco and wake me up when that airs.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


15 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Preview – “Ramona D””

  1. Dy said

    I like the season so far, NY is my favorite! At least it’s not all about Bethenny and Jill..Ugh, Thank God!

    Oy whats up with Cindy not having Ramonas Pinot ready for her, what a rookie mistake..SMH

  2. Fleur said

    It’s nice not having so much Jill on my tv screen However; Sonja Morgan is rapidly becoming every bit as self absorbed and annoying! Ramona’s the only one who makes me laugh. The rest of ’em I can do without!

  3. KurlyHairedB said

    I’m here, I’m here, I’m here. After we lost our power last night and the computer came back up, for some strange reason I can now read the comments and post again. I rebooted about a hundred times before, even tried signing up for wordpress and I still couldn’t see or post comments. Another mystery in my life that won’t be solved.

    I hope that everybody and their families are safe after those storms barrelled thru yesterday and this morning. I know that we are scattered all over the country and my thoughts and prayers are with everybody.

  4. Bryan said

    @3 KHB, glad your okay, those terrible storms!!!

  5. KurlyHairedB said

    We had a lot of company last night. In our little cul de sac there are only 3 houses that have basements. When things started getting bad (tornado watches, then warnings), we activated our own little version of the phone tree and got as many of our neighbors to our house as we could. Hubs drove around and picked up everybody, then deposited them in the garage, then went out and got more. We didn’t have any tornadoes, but in a 4 hour time period we got over 2.5″ of rain and winds that were unreal. Lost power a couple of times. Lots of branches down and a couple of windows broken, but everybody stayed safe.

    we had a great cookout and sat around and listened to stories about how things used to be with no phones/electricy/modern conveniences. It is great having wonderful neighbors. Funny thing was we got a ton of calls on our cell phone from the neighbors family members who called us when they couldn’t get in touch with their moms/dads. They figured that we had rounded everybody up.

  6. Fleur said

    Watching WWHL. Cat is NOT loving the Classless Countess tonight. Love it!

  7. Coffee First said

    Just watching WWHL and thought that was a stuffed animal of Giggy on Andy’s lap!!.. OMG, It moved!! It’s Giggy and I can only think poor dog, you’re so being pimped out! lol

  8. Coffee First said

    Cat is not a fan of the Countess! lmao

  9. Coffee First said

    Andy Cohen tweeted:

    BravoAndy:Um.Cat called Luan OUT on afershow.Felt more like some kind of reunion show. We’ll post tomorrow.#NotGonnaBeBesties

    Not a big fan of Cat’s but maybe she should move to NY. She can certainly hold her own!

  10. Coffee First said

    @10 Team Cat too! I for one am so looking forward to seeing the aftershow! m-e-o-w!

  11. Coffee First said

    Btw..just Team Cat for the moment, I’m sure that will change. lol
    I’d love it if they brought Cat on in NY, that would change it up and be hilarious to watch!

  12. KHB.. I am so glad you found reverence in lieu of crazy in the moment. you and hubby sound like a great host for a tornado party.. I AM COMING OVER!!

  13. KHB u sound like me.. hope the dumb and pray for a part-ay. I want to par-tay with your peeps. sounds like a blast and on my radar.. dats how i roll!!

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