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Go ‘Head, Girl, Go ‘Head, Get Down

Posted by tinselkitty on April 28, 2011

Rowr! Cat’s gone and traded up nicely, if I do say so myself. Before we get to the story, I would like to pause a moment to give Radar Online two official slaps with a wet noodle. The first slap is for including a link for exclusive (of course, it’s Radar’s middle name) photos of the Salahis at home. No. Do not want to see. The second slap is for the paparazzi shot below. Creepy much?

From Radar Online

The Real Housewives of DC show is over, but that isn’t stopping one of the stars from going on extravagant vacation in her rockin’  bikini.

Catherine “Cat” Ommanney, the British national who’s said to have had a fling withPrince Harry, showed off her killer bikini bod last week in Barbados, and RadarOnline has the exclusive photos from her trip!

In her sexy black bikini, Cat got frisky with new beau Ricky Martino in the surf, seductively wrapping her legs around him while they passionately kissed.

The pair spent time at a luxurious resort and a source who spotted them told RadarOnline: “They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.”
“He’s lovely, funny, talented and ambitious,” Ommanney said of Martino. “I’m totally relaxed. There’s no expectations. We’re having a nice time. We’re having fun.”

Ommanney has yet to be divorced from White House photographer Charles Ommanney, but still she decided to start dating. And that, she said, improved her looks!

“I think I look several years younger,” she said, adding that she can’t wait to be divorced.  Ommanney added she’s working on the second book, a sequel to her Inbox Full.

“It’s about moving to America,” she said, “and starting a new life.”

So, what’s she looking for in a man these days?

“Well, he should not have huge issues that I’m not qualified for,” she said. “I have been attracted to some of the most dysfunctional wounded souls . . . on the planet. Enough already. I want someone who’s hard working and Independent, with stacks of energy and no paranoia or jealousy.

“You see? I’m not that high maintenance!


One Response to “Go ‘Head, Girl, Go ‘Head, Get Down”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    Bollocks I say. I adore Cat!

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