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BRAVO MAXINE is a freaking Racist!! Let me Splain..

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 27, 2011


Just to bring you readers up to date.. we had a twitter turd named Tweet Maxine, The “Bravo Mole” and she was outlandish and just plain ugly to Real Housewife peeps and just mean to unsuspecting housewife’s who had no clue of their celebrity and background to be unveiled.  Hey it happens to the best of us!  But you don’t want chit to be made up like Maxine did.  SHe was ugly and just plainly made chit up!!  When the good stuff wasnt available.  so.. now she is back and making more chit up and is now a true racist and is unabashed.  She is loud and proud and all Housewives who are not born here or born a Christian of some sort is suspect to Maxine.  

If you’re a Real Housewives fan on Twitter, you no doubt have run into a character who calls herself “Tweet Maxine.” Insisting she’s got all kinds of connections, Maxine could be found tweeting long rants and “scoops” on the housewives 24 hours a day.

Maxine’s other obsessions appeared to be the cast of Desperate Housewives, Victoria Rowell, and conservative politics. While I first found her amusing, several comments about Jill Zarin and Andy Cohen’s religion completely turned me off. Her claims got more and more bizarre as time went on: claiming that Kandi Burruss had more to do with the death of her fiancee A.J. Jewell; claiming that Caroline and Dina Manzo had been fired from Real Housewives of New Jersey and claiming that Gretchen Rossi had been scouting wedding locations for season 6 of Real Housewives of Orange County. All of Maxine’s stories were based on conjecture that anyone who follows the housewives could have come up with. However, I noticed that many people were repeating her stories on forums and a few other blogs, believing her to be a real Bravo “insider.”

Maxine claimed her favorite housewife was Gretchen Rossi, probably because she was the only housewife who would regularly interact with her (most of them looked like they blocked her) and it was an interaction with Gretchen that saw the facade of Tweet Maxine start to crumble. Last week, Maxine said she spoke with Gretchen’s hair stylist Victor to learn her famous hair style. Unfortunatley she made this claim while Gretchen was sitting in Victor’s chair! Victor denied ever speaking to Maxine, which Gretchen tweeted.

Yesterday saw Maxine claiming to get “hundreds” of texts and e-mails from a hospital in New York about Bethenny Frankel’s new baby. Maxine swore it was a boy. Could Jill Zarin have been reading Maxine’s tweets when she congratulated Bethenny on her Facebook? By now, we all know that the heiress to the Skinnygirl fortune is a baby girl named Bryn.

Eager to see Maxine’s spin on this, I see she’s now locked her tweets. This was after dozens of tweets congratulating herself for breaking the story. Now that she’s been definitely proven wrong, could the Housewives’ craziest fan be closing up shop? Or will she re-emerge under an entirely new identity?

As for who Maxine is, I did some digging a few weeks ago and found her former identity as a commenter on political and law school blogs. I predict we’ll see Maxine again, perhaps under a whole new name. I also just saw that our friends at Absurd to Sublime also did some digging on Tweet Maxine and found a possible connection or source to her true identity; Maxine could be the alter-ego of Orange County blogger Zach Sire. The comments on this thread over at Trooper York are also interesting, they theorize that Maxine is a psychologist in his 60s from Southern California, and a known comment troll and owner of several Internet identities. Who is it? I’m dying to know.


Check out the latest tweets of the turd who was banned from Twitter as TweetMaxine who was just wrong and now back on as BravoMaxine who is not aligned with her beliefs which is truly reprehensible.   Who does this chit and who follows this shit!!


15 Responses to “BRAVO MAXINE is a freaking Racist!! Let me Splain..”

  1. Bobbi said

    Wow, I haven’t read this twitter feed since she came back. She is vicious! I’m surprised people aren’t after her for libel. (Using her and she because of the assumed identity. No idea which gender this person really is.)

  2. LWoo said

    I saw that retweet from you earlier and I replied back! What a silly, ignorant asshole!

  3. Dy said

    Uggh..Maxine at it again.. Why does anyone pay attention to this person, she(?) has never been right,and spews all kinds of nasty crap/lies about these housewives,but then again she isn’t alone. There are a bunch of people that do the same thing as she does..Goofy People.

  4. GingerTee said

    Yuck, we should round them all up and spray paint them….morning all, it’s me,

  5. Bryan said

    This might be a dumb question, but why hasn’t anyone just BLOCKED her on twitter?, Dy is right, Twitter is full of nit wits I got rid of my twitter for just that reason, I don’t even use facebook , its just as bad, why bother?

  6. GingerTee said

    Hi Bryn, I have twitter for my website but giving the world play by play access to my world creeps me out a bit. If I want a stalker I will tell certain posters exactly how and where to find me

  7. GingerTee said

    My facebook has an animal photo

  8. GingerTee said

    oops Bryan, (Bryn is Bethanny Baby)

  9. Dy said

    @5 Hi Bryan..Totally agree with you block the nut/ don’t read her tweets..Smh.

    Too many people on there with too much time on their hands tweeting/harassing housewives/bravolebrities spreading ,or creating rumors,or tweeting them nasty/mean tweets..No better than Maxine.

    Hi Ginger, Lwoo 🙂

  10. GingerTee said

    email me at, I will send you the link. It’s a public service site

  11. GingerTee said

    Hey Dy, Rosie commented at the Coffee Hut and a certain someone left her a smart aleck response.

  12. Dy said

    Hi Ginger..I saw that, Oy.. That one always right never wrong, smh! She was looking for a headache that wasn’t there.

  13. Bryan said

    @11 Ginger, Oh yeah, I like your website, you sent us there, I still have my Chowhound profile that doesn’t say much except favorite places to eat and favorite things I like to cook.

  14. Olive the other Reindeer said

    Put this wench Maxine and Trump together and u get….. well u get 2 bigots….and I am hating on the Donald,,big time! That moron is so full of himself,,,I still say the Star/ Nene fight was set up for ratings,,,,Star may have not been in on it,,but I’m sure Dumbald could have gotten to Nene,,,,it sounds so fake…just my opinion,,actually I stopped watching it,,not supporting a jerk like that.

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