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Adam Levine. ‘Nuff Said.

Posted by tinselkitty on April 27, 2011

Back in the days of yore, when Tinselkitty was but a mere ball o’ fluff in search of a cheezburger, there was no love for Adam Levine. He was one of those trashy, slutty boys who was getting inked every time I turned around. Yuck. I just didn’t get how he managed to cut a swath of sexual destruction wherever he went. I mean, c’mon. He’s not bad looking, but Don Draper he is not.

Then this happened.

For some reason, I had discovered this song before it got big and took an instant shine to it, frequently bopping out to it at top volume in my car while driving too fast. So when I happened upon the video, I checked it out. Right after that, other things happened but I don’t think IJS wants me to talk about those kinds of things here. Suffice it to say, I got it. I understood. On a deep, intimate level. Oh, yes. I see now.

Now he’s on The Voice. I highly recommend it, and Adam Levine isn’t even the main draw. But he sure is a mighty fine cherry on top of that particular sundae. I don’t know what it is about this guy, but I could watch him do pretty much anything and be happy as a clam. He’s just so frikkin’ sexy. Enjoy him now, y’all, because he just might be taking up full time residence in the TK closet soon.


56 Responses to “Adam Levine. ‘Nuff Said.”

  1. Dy said

    Sorry I do not see where there was anything to debate. Seems to me you came on looking for a headache/ argument,and really it wasn’t very nice..The back and forth started because YOU started it. You started with the insults ” silly man tricks is for kids” from your first post. Maybe if you reread your posts you will see how it all started. Just sayin…

  2. Say WHAT ! said

    Dy, I haven’t responded to you before because you were respectful and didn’t name call or label. Neither did I.

    Silly man tricks are for kids? Really a cereal commercial set this all off. I don’t think that’s what it was. But, thank you for your input.

  3. Dy said

    Well I guess it seemed to me that is how it all started with the first post,and comments, but I could be wrong, I am alot.;)

    I just think the whole thing has gotten out of hand,and become pretty nasty..No reason for it..JMO.

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