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Bethenny Ever After Preview – ‘Don’t Get Fat and Bloated’

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 25, 2011

Tonight, Bethenny business flourishes and Bethenny takes Nick out to dinner.  The food guru.  Plus…

Bethenny Frankel Confirms She’s Eyeing Her Own Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel, Bravo’s most beloved reality-TV star, doesn’t plan to document her day-to-day life on television forever. “Frankel only anticipates another season or two of Bethenny Ever After,” according to a lengthy Hollywood Reporter profile. “I like to leave a party when it’s in full swing,” Frankel said. “I don’t want to be there at 3 in the morning with the scary guy in the bad sweater with no teeth.” The margarita mogul plans to parlay her work into something more of “a conversation,” she said. “Like a talk show.” Frankel’s rep wouldn’t confirm reports that the Place of Yes author is already in talks with Telepictures, the company behind Tyra Banks and Ellen, but Oprah’s departure will leave a hole in our collective American heart. So we’re already anticipating the Jill Zarin reunion episode, airing approximately ten years from now

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Vodpod videos no longer available.


12 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After Preview – ‘Don’t Get Fat and Bloated’”

  1. Bobbi said

    The last time Bethenny was on Ellen, Ellen made an under-the-breath remark about them now possibly working together. As soon as this rumor started, it made sense to me. I think Bethenny would be a natural at a talk show. I’d sure watch!

  2. Hey Bobbi.. I think this is the video where Bethenny was last on the show and Ellen did say “Now that we are working together..”

    Sounds like you are right!

  3. Bobbi said

    Thank you! It confused me at the time, but makes sense with this news, doesn’t it?

    • It certainly does Bobbi.. One could think Ellen meant that she hires Bethenny to appear on the show but I dont think that means they are working together. I imagine Ellen is going to do for Bethenny what Oprah has done for others and its still NBC/Bravo related so it makes lots of sense..

  4. Dy said

    Really Queen B..Scooping the inside out of a bagel? What cause you’re afraid to gain an ounce, after complaining you’re too thin..WTF?

    Could you have gone back to your hotel suite to change, maybe put on your bra, or take it off or whatever you were doing in that stupid scene was? SMH.

    Loved the house in Malibu.

  5. Dy said

    Oh and another and oww-ing and going from room to room in that hotel suite..Give me a break, like we are suppose to believe that she has never seen a laid out suite? Please I call bullshit..This poor me, and rags to riches routine is a bit much..JMO

  6. Bryan said

    @5&6 Dy, Remember it’s in the script.

  7. Dy said

    @7 It sure is Bryan

  8. amy said

    What happen to the scene of Bethany taking foodie Nick out to dinner. I watched the show “Don’t get fat and bloated” episode where it said Bethany takes Nick out to dinner but I never saw that when the show aired. What happen to that scene?

  9. Dy said

    @9 Who knows, maybe it wasn’t a great scene,and she had them edit it out, because she was mean to Nick or something. There was suppose to be a scene where they ran out of books at the book signing she was at too. Was that Julies fault also?

    Why was this episode called Don’t get fat and bloated? I guess I missed something cause I didn’t get it. :/

  10. Bryan said

    @10 Dy, It was edited out of the script.

  11. Dy said


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