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Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight – Kiss and Tell

Posted by tinselkitty on April 24, 2011

According to Bravo, there is a shocking secret shared tonight, y’all. A shocking secret. And a fashion show. So, you know, just your standard Housewives episode.

In other completely shocking storylines, Slade disappoints Princess Gretchen again, Lynne floats into another gym and Peggy is visible only when she pokes her head out of either Tamra’s or Vicki’s ass.

What we do need to discuss, though, is Jeanna’s hair. What the hell? Yeah, she’s not a Richy McRicherson anymore and can’t afford a hairstylist, but doesn’t she own a brush? Surely she didn’t have to sell it, did she? The only reason I can come up with for that, uh, hairstyle, is that she drove over to the shoot with the windows down and was sporting one of Alexis’ super-couture trucker hats. Pardon? What do you mean, “What trucker hats?” You didn’t know? Well, let me drop some knowledge on you.

And kaboom! goes your mind. You didn’t realize this was the hat you’ve always wanted until you just saw it, did you? It’ll only set you back $60.00, or $75.00 if you want it autographed. Now we know how much Alexis’ autograph is worth – $15.00. You can buy your very own at Glitzy Bella, a site so frikkin’ glitzy it plays music when you open the site. Awesome! In 2004. For about five minutes, until everyone realized how annoying it was to have to scramble to turn down your speakers and then sit there and wait while the site took longer to load due to the music. Even better, the music selection is Glamorous by Fergie. From 2007. Four years ago. Best yet, it’s the line “If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home.” It’s just a massive, crystal crusted, stacked cake of win, with cascading fountains of fabulous on each side and filled with gooey layers of bling-a-da-bling.

While you’re over there picking out your hat, don’t forget to check out all their other crystallized crap. There are flip-flops and license plate holders and bikes. That’s right, Gretchen, a crystal covered bike, and it’s only $1,900. Maybe if you bought one of those for Slade he’d be a bit more careful about loading them onto the car. My personal favorite, though, is this pink Morgan tricycle. It has three wheels instead of two but it’s only $1,500! Who wouldn’t want more wheels for fewer dollars? Sadly, it’s not for sale ’cause it’s poisonous. No, really, I’m serious.

(This item is for display purposes only due to lead content.)

I’m sure those hats and slippers and big girl bikes are all totally okay on the lead content, though.


26 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight – Kiss and Tell”

  1. Debbie said

    I took at look at Glitzy Bella site after first muting the volume. All i have to say is “What a load of crap” . But thanks for sharing 😉

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  3. GingerTee said

    I’ll be honest, I have not been watching the OC. I can’t take too much of Tammy and Victrola. Tammy just really tries to hard to be loved by Vic and show us her love for Eddie…!.

  4. carrot said

    Glitzy Bella is fab. And that poisonous tricycle is win.

    I hear ya. I’ve been fast-forwarding through the last 3 episodes. Tonight looks juicy, but they’ll prob manage to flub it.

  5. G-sus said

    That site is the bomb. It’s like a bedazzler blew up at a trucker hat/wife-beater factory. Thanks for the laugh TK.

    I have a feeling that the secret shocker tonight has to do with Vicki and Donn. She said something in her blog last week about future episodes showing a struggle with their marriage commitment.

  6. Dani said

    You’re right about Jeanna’s hair. Other than the mess that it is, why does it look so different? Has she always had bangs or is it her eyebrows? Something is funky here.

    I have been watching OC this year. I swear though, I don’t think I can take Donn being demeaned and humiliated by Vicki anymore this year. If she drop the D-bomb on him tonight, I hope I get to see him dance a happy jig right out the door to greener pastures.

  7. Coffee FIRST said

    I had no opinion of Peg and hubby but do not diss Ms. Susan Feniger! (Opinion being formed NOW) These two are posers, nothing more. Disgusting!

  8. Fleur said

    I’m with you GingerTee.I can take the OC in small doses. Watching it now… Not a fan of any of the women on it and I just cannot stand Jeana. She just makes me sick with her whiny, two faced, judgemental self. UGH!!! Dani, what is Vicki’s problem? She and Gretchen are so mean to the men in their lives. Poor Donn needs to run for his life from that control freak and Slade Slimey deserves everything he gets from Wretchen.

  9. Coffee FIRST said

    The RH of OC is just a busted piece. Stick a fork in it…

  10. Dani said

    Hi all.

    @ Fleur, I don’t understand Jeana’s need to insert herself in the middle of Simon and Tamra’s divorce issues.

    Peggy’s husband was disrespectful to the chef and he came off as a douche.
    And seriously, Alexis cutting the sleeve off that dress, WTH. Would Jesus do that? I don’t think so Alexis. I thought the designer was going to cry.

  11. Coffee FIRST said

    Jeanna looks good.
    Still wouldn’t trust her.

  12. Fleur said

    Dani, I agree. Jeana’s the’s the one housewife out of all of them that I have the least respect for. I may not like some of the others but Jeana’s just “ICK, ICK, ICK!” I think she has a crush on Simon but knows she’ll never have him so she’s settling for being his litle minion. I think the bi*ch needs to get a LIFE!
    Not a fan of Peggy’s or Jesus Barbie’s at all either…

  13. Bryan said

    Coffee, First, I cannot believe Peggy and the hub didn’t do their research, Susan Feniger (who is one part of the chef team the Hot Tamales with Mary Sue Milliken’) and they are legends in the culinary arena as is their restaurants in the LA area, my favorite of their’s was MEXIA, I think its not longer there,? ( mmmmmmmm home made sweet corn tamales) My favorite book of their’s is “Mesa Mexicana’, some wonderful dishes that are really easy to make. I was watching these two clowns, tasting her fabulous food and wanting to kick them till their dead

    They obviously did not do their research, Bravo probably set the whole thing up since she appeared on one of the Top Chef shows

    Sorry forgive the rantings of a Chef seeing another Chef’s work get poo pooed on by PEASANTS!!!!!

  14. Bryan said

    The Tres leche cake is amazing, AMAZING!!!!! so good, Peggy you flithy C word, ( you don’t care about the food?? ) Gag you bitch and die!!!!

  15. Bryan said

    That poor woman working with Jesus Barbie, Anyway this trick had NO idea what Couture or Haute couture means

    (French for “high sewing” or “high dressmaking”; pronounced: [ot kutyʁ], English pronunciation: /ˌoʊt kuːˈtʊər/) refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Haute couture is made to order for a specific customer, and it is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. Couture is a common abbreviation of haute couture and refers to the same thing in spirit.[1]

    It originally referred to Englishman Charles Frederick Worth’s work, produced in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century.[2] In modern France, haute couture is a “protected name” that can be used only by firms that meet certain well-defined standards. However, the term is also used loosely to describe all high-fashion custom-fitted clothing, whether it is produced in Paris or in other fashion capitals such as Milan, London, New York and Tokyo.

    Alexis “Hookers from Heaven” design’s are not.

  16. Leigh said

    No one on this show has any redeemable qualities! The scene with Susan Feniger made me want to punch the tranny and her john in the throat.
    For a true look at reality tv,watch Cinema Verite on HBO!!!!

  17. Rosie said

    Wow.. Jeanna may have lost some weight, but she looked horrible. Her hair was indeed a mess, and her bangs were too short. It looks like she hacked them herself. She also looked like she’s aged since last year. Whatever you think of Tamra, I thinks it’s horrible for Jeanna to take sides like that. Just because Jeanna is comfortable with abusive men, doesn’t mean everyone else has to be..

    @15 Bryan.. Lol on the meaning of couture.. You mean it doesn’t mean “rich”? 🙂
    Omg. She’s drunk with nonexistent power. Her taste is ridicules.

    Peggy and hubby with that poor chef, was just sad!

  18. Bryan said

    @16 Leigh, Amen!!!

    @17 Rosie, Oh my god, Rosie, talk about cringing scene after scene!!! I went over to the bravo site to look at a video for next week from Peggy’s dinner party, good lord clone after blonde bimb clone same clothes, same kind of weaves, same everything else.

    Jeana, speaking of bad weaves’ what was she thinking, she looked a little better during the fashion show.

  19. Dani said

    Vicki needs to let her relationship with her daughter evolve. She is not a teen living at home anymore. She is pushing her daughter away.

    Alexis showed her lack of intelligence last night regarding her clothing line and the couture comment. And news flash Alexis, most women want to look put together when they step out and age appropriate.

    Rosie, totally agree about Jeana. For her to make that comment about Tamra being wrong for leaving Simon is not for her to make. Pure arrogance on her part in saying that. That is between the two of them.

  20. lisa said

    1st- Gretchen & Slade are not going to make it to the alter unless Slade hits the lottery. Additionally, I think Gretchen is SUPER jealous of Tamra’s HOT boyfriend Eddie because Gretchen seemed to get more on Slade’s case when she saw Tamra’s new man. Hey Gretchen, I would be jealous to if I were you; JUST SAYIN!

    2nd- Fernanda is in love with Tamra. I don’t know what they shared in that bathroom but it wasn’t anything profound; not from Tamra’s point of view. Out of curiosity, a sense of freedom or alcohol, Tamra kissing Fernanda was nothing more than that moment.

    3rd- This dress line Alexis is attempting to launch will most likely be short lived. Having a successful clothing line takes more than “fashion sense” but Alexis will come to that realization just like Lisa and Sheree on Atlanta Housewives did; and not in a good way.

    4th – Vickie is Vickie; I am curious to see how much longer her and Don are going to play this game. They obviously no longer love each other. I will say this though: if they do split, Vicky is going to wich they hadn’t.

  21. G-sus said

    Alexis made me laugh, what a joke. Not only can she not say the word “couture” correctly, it looks like she tried to memorize the wikipedia definition of the word and failed miserably. Girl has no clue. You can’t just bedazzle shit and call it high fashion.

    Susan Feniger should have kicked Peggy and hubby out of the restaurant on their sorry asses. Great food is lost on people like this. They should just have Outback Steakhouse cater their party. Then hubby can have his steak and mashed potatoes.

    And okay, I know I am hard on Tamra, but come on! I read her blog where she admitted kissing Fernanda but that she kisses all her “friends”. That party was the FIRST times she met Fernanda, so she was not her friend, she was a stranger. And secondly, who kisses anyone in a bathroom? I swear, each week she is a little worse than the last.

  22. Fleur said

    Oh snap!! I just realized why I can’t stand old Jeana. She reminds me of my least favorite white trash cousin, Dana. Sneaky, snakey, phony and bitchy. The worst kind of female. I once “accidentally” pushed her off a warf at our bayou house when we were kids. It’s true y’all. Sh*t really does float! My Momma didn’t punish me for my “misdeed,” cause she wanted to push her off that wharf too! 😉

  23. LWoo said

    LMAO @ Fleur!!!!!

  24. Fleur said

    😉 LWOO I’d love to push her off that wharf again. HAHA She’s on her 4th or 5th husband and each one gets dumber, older, uglier and more obnoxious than the last one. When a family funeral comes up we take bets to see WHAT she’s gonna show up with. One of her husbands is actually gay now and even her kids don’t like her. Her pets keep running away from home too. Go figure!

  25. Dy said


    You’re killin’ me, lmao!

    I do not like Jeana either,never could. Bleeck! Passive agressive, Nosey Rosie.I never understood how people found her so great, she is always minding other peoples business.

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