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How Bethenny Frankel Used Her Reality Show to Make $120 Million

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 22, 2011

Skinny Girl Margarita: skinnygirlmargaritabug


Whether you liked Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Margarita or not, it really doesn’t make any difference since she just made mad buco bucks from her brand.  Some are speculating as much as $120,000,000.00 bucks!  Did you count those zero’s?  Dang, thats more then all the Kardashians put together!   Bethenny can now afford to buy her own Hamptons summer home and have 6 nannies, 4 cooks or chefs and now join the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Move over Camille!!  We got a new rich bitch in town!!

P.S.  Do you think Bethenny can hire a cook/chef for next years Thanksgiving?  lol I just thought of that one..

The Hollywoodreporter is reporting:

The former natural-foods chef, who developed the cocktail line in 2009 with partner David Kanbar (formerly of Skyy Vodka), has become the next personality-turned-mega-entrepreneur on a growing (but still somewhat short) list of reality stars who have turned the tables on producers and networks and found a way to capitalize on their fame through business ventures wholly their own.


Seemingly, though, no personality has leveraged reality quite as well as Frankel. As cameras prepare to roll on the third season of Frankel’s irreverent series following her personal and professional life in New York (the first-season premiere was Bravo’s highest-rated series bow to date), it bears noting that this one-woman, low-cost operation made more money through her liquor sale than what David O. Russell’s layered, complicated, Oscar-nominated film The Fighter grossed domestically ($93.6 million).

To this day, Frankel operates largely independent of Bravo, the network that put her on the air in 2008 on The Real Housewives of New York. Under her personal business umbrella called Bethenny Frankel, the reality star has amassed a fiercely loyal social media following (Twitter, Facebook and, lucrative endorsement deals (Pampers, Bluefly, Hanes), a successful publishing franchise, a Body by Bethenny workout DVD, Skinnygirl extensions (including a shapewear line, a diet cleanse and weight-loss supplements), speaking engagements, a stint on ABC’s Skating With the Stars and, of course, that epic liquor deal. It is likely Frankel ranks among reality TV’s wealthiest self-made stars.

You can read the rest at the above link..


27 Responses to “How Bethenny Frankel Used Her Reality Show to Make $120 Million”

  1. Dy said

    Yea, I read about this on the net today good for her 120 million is no joke and I think she still will draw some kind of salary from the company too..I wonder if Jason ever went to work for her( opps I mean with her) and how much input he had in this, I’m thinking alot. Anyway good for her.

    Now she needs to spend some of that money,and get a place to live, you know something decent with room for that beautiful baby and possibly furniture that isn’t from IKEA

  2. Dy I agree!! I would splurge on a new home and furnishings. Thats no chumps change. amazing..

  3. I am pretty sure she is splitting with her partner and after taxes.. still no chumps change! 😉

  4. Dy said

    Queen no slacker,very smart, and pretty much self made. She took the exposure of The Housewives,and made it work for her that was always her plan can’t fault her for that.

    Just don’t like her as a person, but I give props were props are due.

  5. True dat Dy and Jason didnt know he was knocking up a rich bitch either! Happy Hoppys all round! i would love to hear the details of the deal. This is so lucrative. making a few mill is all u can usually hope for as a hw. but dang.. this will also bring power with future endorsements.

  6. Dy look at the P.S. I just added to the post.. lol

  7. Fleur said

    I think B’s a brilliant business woman and I’m really happy for her. Looks like her life was really hard growing up and she’s turned things around. I find her honesty refreshing and her show fun to watch. I really wish her the best.

  8. Dy said

    This was/ is her freakin lively hood. She had this all planned out, she knew that once she got on the show HWoNYC, she only had what little time she had to make a name for herself and put all her ducks in order, she is no dummy..Then to top it off after her sucess at her business, thanks to the exposure of the show and all the fans that she has..Freakin BINGO, They give her her own show..Freakin Winning!!! ” This is how you do it”

  9. Dy said

    @6 IJS…lmao..Gotta add, maybe a new therapist too..Sorry that guy is NOT helping her Lord have Mercy!!

  10. I agree Fleur. Its a dream come true driven by a smart cookie. Peeps can say what they want about her.. but dang.. you cant argue with such great sucess.

    Dy.. when she first started HW’s she was a natural foods chef trying to sell gluten free bakery items which failed. SHe picked herself up and dusted herself off and ventured onto new things. I think thats amazing.. Failure was not an option for her and I think she is addressing her marriage the same way. Failure not an option. I hope it all works out.

  11. Dy I like that therapist! I think the opposite to your own character is necessary here. Other wise you just end up agreeing with each other.. lol

  12. Dy said

    @10 IJS, I agree about the business stuff, failure not being an option for her..

    I don’t know about the marriage stuff IJS, everything is Jasons fault, poor guy can’t even say how he feels.
    She has alot of growing up to do,( she is 40, when is this going to happen)and needs to stop all the self pity and become less self centered, she is very me,me, me,all about me and how i feel and what you do and blah blah blah. Oy.. I see love from Jason, but I see need from Bethenny. JMO.

  13. Dy said

    @11 I disagree IJS..He doesn’t challenge her, he pacifies her. The only thing that I thought that he hit the nail on the head was when he said she was like her mother, regarding Thanksgiving, but I think she is more like her mother in other ways also, JMO

  14. we will find out dy.. I think Bethenny does alot of apoligizing so there is some give and take and we only see whats edited. I think Jason handles Bethenny well and inserts his opinion and criticism very pointedly. Its totally what she needs is someone to challenge her and she is no dummy either. so.. I only hope for anyone’s mawidge. Divorce sucks..

  15. Bryan said

    @13 Dy, isn’t this old news, we knew she would make a lot of money for selling that swill, she should or it wasn’t worth it. So what’s new about ANY of this?

  16. Bryan said

    Hey some of you fans should contact her and tell her for your undying support its time to pay it forward and have her send some thank you cash your way….she might do it, good publicity!

  17. Bryan.. we are not contesting the taste advantage to the product.. well me alteast since I never bought it since I am a vino gal.. we are just talking about her willingness to succeed regardless what others think about her. She has a penchat for #WINNING!!!! lol I say lots of million is #WINNING!!!!

  18. Bryan said

    @18 IJS, I don’t care what you guys think about the taste of it, I already tried it and that was enough for me, but like everything else there is always a market. No one is saying she didn’t do good by selling it, in fact that was a really wise move something I have been saying, A willingness to succeed it something that is generally inherent in everyone. The show has really helped that penchant. She has been trolling for fame for years now from everything from Nanny-ing to Acting and she finally found her niche. This is not something unique, a lot of people have done this in various ways.

  19. Bryan said

    Oh Tinsel was wondering where I was earlier this evening, its Thursday so its poker night and I did a little bit of “winner”, we play nickle, dime quarter and with a five dollar buy in I did pretty good and made 28 bucks not counting my 5 dollar buy in, its not millions but It will pay for take out tomorrow night.

  20. GingerTee said

    now, this is all you go on a TV show and market yourself and she did not have to use zarinism to do it. This is why Jill, Kelly and the Countless REALLY hate her. Not only can B walk done their block, she can purchase a house and live there. Countless doesn’t even have 6 figures. Jill I am sure feels like all credit goes to her since she gave B a home (although I am not sure when letting someone spend the summer with you turned into giving them a home, especially since B was willing to rent her own home

  21. GingerTee said

    As for B’s personal issued, give her time. It took almost 4o years for her to become the wreck she became, we can’t expect clarity in 3-4 tv seasons. We only see such a small portion of her life its not really fair to judge when and how she should become a better person. She is trying and she owns up to her issues and that is the 1st and largest step for anyone. I’m cheering for her. We see that no matter how much you try, a person can still become that which detest so much. Remember her mom still gives much grief and thats crazy because she has not seen her.

  22. Rosie said

    Good morning everyone!

    I’m not surprised at the number that she made on this sale. I was surprised that the amount wasn’t published, at the time of the sale. She will still get to oversee her product, and have the big guns doing the manufacturing, sales and distribution… It’s a win-win for her.
    I knew B would never sell her Corp if it wasn’t a great deal all around…

    Maybe she will be able to calm herself down for the first time.. She was always worried about financial security, and now, she won’t have to micro manage every detail of the business.

  23. BobLHead said

    Hell, if I had that much cash, I’d find an island and retire!

  24. Rosie said

    Bob, me too!! Lol

  25. GingerTee said

    Hey all, I was at the Coffee House adding salt to the brew. There is an old open post from Nov 2010 and people are still commenting on it (well bite my butt). It is probably one of our last big brouhas(did I spell that right).. no more glitter fairies, magic wands or open bar.. It’s like remembering the 80’s when you could habe pink hair and no one thought you were weird. Happy Easter Bunnies in case I forget

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