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18 Responses to “Social by Wealth TV – Complete with Cheesy Adverts”

  1. Dy said

    This goof can’t keep a job can she. Gets canned from Bravo and now this from this show? Well this show was no big loss, Oy, how cheap and freakin boring( from the clips never saw it, myself) If she wasn’t such a freakin whack she would have still been with Bravo. Anway it is all over the net that she is fliming with VH1 for a show in the Fall..Famous Food.. We will see how that will work for her. :/

  2. LWoo said

    She makes me sick.

  3. Dy said

    @2 Hi Lwoo Lol..
    You know how I feel about the Strega, Lol. The worst of the bunch in my opinion hands down..Loved how she lied once again and said she wasn’t canned from Bravo, Bitch Please.. You know darn well she would have still been on there if they didn’t send her off on her freakin broom!

  4. Bryan said

    Mmmmmmmmmm Italian Glamor!

  5. BobLHead said

    I watched one episode of this trainwreck….one was one too many!

  6. Dy said

    Simon now has a song out..I’m Real.Check out Popeater it’s on there.. To me it sounds like euro dance club music. Well I guess he has jumped on the singing train like the others, hey whatever. Just know that he should not have said anything about the others. Let them all do whatever they want, is what I say. They all have a right to capitalize on their Bravolebrity.

  7. Dy said

    RT has Simons song on her site too..check it out

  8. LWoo said

    Hi Dy, Bob, Bryan….I just can’t stand this chick. Why anyone would want to offer HER a job doing something that’s considered classy is beyond me.

  9. Rosie said

    Just watched the videos..
    Ugh, yuck, shudder..
    Her Guest did most of the talking. Nothing informative from DD… Boring
    She’s already been fired from this show.. Lmao!! We warned you, Wealth TV!

  10. Bryan said

    @8 Dy, when will the Auto tune madeness end?

  11. Dy said

    @10 Bryan..LOL

    Everybody is a Singer..SMH!

  12. Bryan said

    Now I remember what this song of his reminds me of, back in the mid to late 80’s this was the type of tune that used to accompany many a sex scene in the gay porn by non other then Gay Porn legend William Higgins, he used to do alot of porn with college age guys, feathered hair bike shorts , Izod shirts and jordache and 501 jeans, and this type of tune, beat and sound everything was what was playing in the background, very europop

    What’s next simon, annoucing your Bisexuality lol????

  13. Dy said

    @12 Bryan..Funny I called it Euro dance club

    Did you see that he is wearing a ” Thug in a cocktail dress” t shirt in that one picture rt has up? why why why.. dumb, dumb,dumb..
    Stupid saying anyway, these ny ladies are no thugs,..Geeze!

  14. BobLHead said

    Simon, just because you wear plastic pants doesn’t mean you’re Lady Gaga….no more reality “star” music please. What’s next, Snooki singing “When will my Prince Guido” arrive?

  15. Logan K said

    Shoot! Just when I had almost forgetten who she was. The show looks like an organized mess LoL

  16. Rosie said

    Hi Dy, Bryan & Bob..
    I just heard Simon’s song.. It does sound like 80’s Euro.. Yawn!
    Such bafoonery.

  17. Rosie said

    Logan.. What are you doing here? Didn’t IJS ban you?

  18. Fleur said

    I really wish someone would push the Strega, Turkey and Salad, Speidi and the entire cast of Jersey Shore into a tank full of starving pirahanas. Enough of these stupid people already! 😉 Oh, I love the part where The Strega called herself a “Socialite.” No; she’s a Prostitution Whore!

    Simon’s Song? Ummm….All I could think was Bee Gees Reject! Poor, poor dear….

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