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HBO Special in Comedy: “Talking Funny” with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 21, 2011


Tomorrow night HBO will air what looks to be one of the funniest conversations among comedians we will ever see: “Talking Funny” with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais.

The special is unique in that it doesn’t have a host or moderator. It’s just four comedy legends matching wits, talking shop and making each other laugh in a purely conversational manner. Check out the exclusive preview below and find it on HBO when it airs on April 22.

The group spend an hour debating the nature of comedy.   Some of the topics are what makes something funny, unfunny, offensive — in addition to looking back on their best and worst jokes.  Trailer below:


42 Responses to “HBO Special in Comedy: “Talking Funny” with Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    Holy Moley, Simon is the new Breakout Singing Housewife Star. Just found this at Terry’s blog. I LUUURV it!

  2. Bryan said


  3. Dy said

    @1 I posted about it on the Danielle thread, a while ago.. Hey good for him, now maybe he should learn not to say anything about other housewives( oh thats right he’s not a housewive lol) recording a song or anything eles that he has critized the others for. There is room for all of them to capitalize on their Bravolebrity.

  4. Rosie said

    Hey IJS..
    Logan K is on the Danielle thread. Wasn’t she banned for threats against us??

  5. Rosie said

    Hi Dy & Bryan! 🙂

  6. Dy said

    HI RO! 🙂

    IJS..This special looks hysterical.

  7. Rosie said

    Hi Dy!
    This special does look good. Ricky G has been making the rounds on the talk shows, promoting it.

    Omg, Dy..
    I’m exhausted! Having Easter, and leaving for islands early Tuesday morning.

  8. Bryan said

    @7 Rosie, Hi Ro, have a nice trip!

  9. Dy said

    @7 Hi RO

    I’m sure you are, but sweetheart vacay starting Tuesday morning..Holy Cannoli what a beautiful thing!! What do you make for Easter? Bryan what do you have? I make homemade Cheese Raviolis,meatballs and sausage Ham, cheesey potatoes, brocoli rabe, salad, Italian bread.. dessert

    Ro did you get the joke i sent you?

  10. Rosie, keeping up with the trolls is a full time job and I hope I corrected it for now.. until new ways are invented to troll a site by people who have nothing better to do.

    Peeps.. can anyone else see the photo in the post? sometimes my puter refuses to cooperate..

  11. Dy said

    I can not IJS

  12. Rosie said

    Thanks IJS! @10

    @8 I will Bryan! Our annual honeymoon. 🙂

    @9 Dy.. No! I didn’t get it. When did you send it?
    I sent you an email a couple of days ago, did you get that one?
    On Easter.. Ham, string bean casserole, either scalloped potatos or mashed, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows. Bread and rolls. Shrimp and three pies for dessert.. I even colored eggs today! 🙂
    No wonder I’m not packed.. 😦

  13. Bryan said

    @12 Rosie, Oh that’s nice!!!!

  14. Rosie said

    @9 Dy..
    Yum! You’re dinner sounds great!

  15. Rosie said

    What are you doing on Easter? Dou you cook?

  16. BobLHead said

    Ummm….guys? BobL is feeling a bit neglected! Everytime I comment on a thread, you all move….boooohoooooo! (making pouty lip)

  17. Dy said

    @12 Ro, I got your email and responded, i sent the joke this afternnon..hum..i send them again, ok?..Your dinner sounds great..Mm,Mm,Mm!!

    @13 Bryan..boogerhead you didn’t answer me about Easter.. hey send me your email and I’ll send you a silly joke

  18. Dy said

    @16 ahh Bob.. no pouty lip :(..

  19. Bryan said

    I will be at my mom’s for easter we are having a Ham and I’m hiding easter eggs around her place so my nephew can go look for them, I hide those plastic eggs with candy stuck in them and one special one with a hot wheel in them.

  20. Bryan said


  21. Rosie said

    @17.. Dy,
    Omg! I didn’t get either one.. Uh oh. What the heck? I’ll look for them! I want to see the joke!!

    @19.. Bryan
    That’s great for the kids! I did that when my kids were small, and they loved it. I also put a couple of dollar bills and quarters in a few of the plastic eggs to add to the excitement… 🙂

  22. Rosie said

    Still nothing.. Maybe aol has gone insane again.. This is my backup one..

  23. Dy said

    Ok Ro i sent the email one to both emails . the joke to both also.. let me know

    Bryan I sent you the joke too. let me know if you got it.

    I do the Easter eggs hiding for my grand daughter Annalina, brings back memories of when my babies were that young..Oh that child is my heart, Holy cannoli, I have her tommorow.. We are gonna make meatballs..”I’m making meatballs over here over here, I ‘M making meatballs over here, over here. Making meatballs making meatballs and I’m feeling very fine, making meatballs making meatballs and I drink a little wine..Hey Ho!!”..I taught her that song, she giggles and laughes..I LOVE IT!!

  24. BobLHead said

    I so miss the Easter egg hunt! Used to love to do it when I was a kid, and when I was a teen, I got to hide the eggs…Good times! I miss having a big family Easter thing. When I was a little tot, my and my 12 cousins all gathered at my G-Ma’s house for a big celebration. Now, not so much. I do believe I’ll be cleaning carpets to prep for my big “That 70’s Party” bday bash! We’re going to play twister (well, not me, I’m officially to old for that chit) and have a make your own pet rock station!

    Thanks Dy! I will unpout a little bit now.

  25. BobLHead said

    PS, love the meatball song!

  26. Dy said


    I sent you a easter joke..Hope you got it.. The meatball song is from the vh1 show, my big friggin wedding .This guy johnny meatballs hasa business making meatballs and he made up this song, check out the left side on the site and go under My big friggin wediing..its on there
    your party seem to be coming along great, how fun!!

  27. Rosie said

    @23. Dy..
    I got them on Gmail but not aol! What the heck? I wonder what’s wrong on aol. I wrote back to you.. Haven’t opened the joke yet..
    Omg! Your granddaughter for Easter! How adorable. They are so cute singing! I want one!!!!

    @24 Bob.. When is your Birthday? Your party sounds great! 70’s is a great theme and there was great music too (and bad). 🙂

  28. BobLHead said

    Oh yes Ro, great and bad music, fashion, food. My actual bday is May 3, but the party is the Saturday before! So much to do!

    I’ll check my email Dy, and I’ll check out the meatball song. I’m going to make my roomie sing it next time she makes meatballs!

  29. Rosie said

    Oh no Bob! Never you!!!! I’ve been super busy lately, and just throwing in a comment here and there on the go! Please never think that. Today is the first day I’ve gotten to chat with anyone in days!

  30. Dy said

    Oh RO, Ya gotta hear her, when she is singing Ariel songs,From Little Mermaid oh she closes her eyes. so serious.. Lmao, not in front of her of course but holy cannoli it’s rough to hold it in. You’ll get one soon enough, you’ll see. Such a gift..

  31. Rosie said

    @28 Bob
    Awwww. Sounds like so much fun. Oh the fashion! That was not a pretty decade!
    I’ll be away on my French island on the 3rd, so..
    Happy Birthday!! 

    In advance from me! 🙂

  32. BobLHead said

    She sounds cute Dy…and Ro, totally understand! I’ve been popping in and out myself!

  33. BobLHead said

    Thanks Ro! Seriously, the only reason I’m having a 70’s party is that I wanted a ligit excuse to go braless!

  34. Rosie said

    Omg! Sounds too cute for words! I bet she dances too. The little ones love to dance!

  35. FYI – I did the redacting for safety purposes. I left them up long enough for the intended recipients to get and then deleted. I can return them if you’d like but since we are not a closed group it makes me twitchy.

  36. Rosie said

    @33 Bob..
    Lol.. Classic!

  37. BobL, I think you’ve got the party prep backwards. If the party’s good enough, you’re going to want to be cleaning those carpets afterwards.

  38. Rosie said

    @35. TK..
    Thanks sweetie! Good thinking!

  39. BobLHead said

    Good point TK…maybe I can hide some Easter eggs for my pack o dogs instead?

  40. Bryan said

    @35 Tinsel, no need to put it back up, I didn’t know another way to give it to Dy

    • No problem, I just don’t want anyone getting troll spam in their emails. Bad enough when it’s ’round here. WordPress needs an option where we can allow peeps to contact each other somehow.

  41. Rosie said

    I’m good.
    Most peeps have mine, but my aol has been screwy this week..
    Outgoing is ok, but incoming is screwed up.
    That was my backup.

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