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“The View” Watch Recap 4/18/2011

Posted by stacee1 on April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

On Today’s Show: First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden


Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth,Barbara

The audience was filled with members of the military and their families. Barbara told them “You stood up for us, I’d like all of us to stand up for you”. Then all the hosts stood for them.

Hasselbeck said she was excited to see the First Lady and started telling her story about her daughter making a cards for Sascha and Malia Obama. One said what a good president Obama is and the other said Obama is so brave.

They then started discussing soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live being canceled. Joy said those were the only soaps she knew as a child and adult. Barbara sites the reason the shows are ending are because of the reality shows. Sherri said as a little girl, she would sit and watch Erica Kane while she got her hair plaited ( she pronounced it like you would “plates”, which I’d never heard said like that before)

Whoopi then started talking about how Disney gives money to military families. However, she was so horrible in reading the prompter that she screwed up what she was saying. I have no idea what she was talking about – I think it has to do with giving money or books away.

Nextt, Barbara plugged her upcoming Royal Wedding Special. She said she went to London to do it and describes it as interviews with people who know Kate and William. It airs tonight at 10ET on ABC.

After the break, First Lady Michelle Obama and wife of the Vice President, Dr. Jill Biden came onstage. The First Lady said the Obamas and the Biden family instantly clicked and that she and Dr. Biden have a great relationship. Dr. Biden said they travel together and have fun.

On the issue of parenting, Jill said parents should hold the kids close, support them and not be judgmental. FLOTUS Obama said that she does a lot of talking with her daughters. When asked about how they deal with their husbands being criticized, Dr. Biden said it comes with the territory. FLOTUS said she thinks about all the good stuff that comes with their position and said what we have to do in this country is to remember who we are as a country.

They were there to discuss how we can help military families. The campaign is called “Joining Forces” and it aimed at letting the public know how much the sacrifice the military does for us. FLOTUS Obama said she met so many military spouses on the campaign trail whose stories moved her. She said their focus is on employment, mental health and wellness and education. Dr. Biden advised people to go to their schools, churches or communities to find out what families are and commit to helping them. FLOTUS mentioned “Gold Star Families’, who are people who have lost a loved one. She said we should know about these families as they are in every community. Barbara then asked the First Lady what she would say to Americans who want to get out of Afghanistan. I don’t think the First Lady should have answered that, but she said no one likes war but it’s necessary and is part of our democracy. She also said the end of a war does not mean the end of support. Dr. Biden said that is what “Joining Forces” is about; changing the culture of America. Regarding the controversial appointment of General McCrystal to their board, FLOTUS said he was the best choice. She cited his decades of service, the respect of his community, who understands the issues. She also mentioned Patty Schinseke is on the board as well, and she handles the education issues.
The First Lady then mentioned World War II and how it was during that time that the whole country went to war. This was due to how there was someone in everyone’s family that was involved. She said nowadays this is not the case for the members now, who volunteer to serve.

They then spoke to some audience members who devote their time to making sure the military families get all the support they need. Sonia Patton talked about the Fort Drum Family Team program, which works by empowering the service member by educating them on the Army life style and Army family. Tiffany Winger – who was voted Fort Drum’s 2011 Volunteer of the year – discussed how she helps to assist families in learning about opportunities that are out there. She said their froup spreads morale and keeps the service members motivated.

You can go to to find out how you can help in your community.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


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