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Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo Does a “Clorissa Explains It All!!”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 19, 2011

Clarissa Explains It All

How can you begrudge a girl with a bedazzled hat who splains all things possible?  How do you promote a husbands residence in one town but not the primary residence?  Are you living separate lives?  Are you just creating a ruse for auditor’s sake?  Did you stock the closet with clothing to promote the ruse or is your husband really not living at home that we have seen so many times in Bravo video’s?   Why try so hard to convince Jersey peeps into wanting to believe that an apartment over the Brownstone is you mans primary residence?  So many questions and no answers..  I am tired of asking questions and just want the answer to why you man would list a primary residence at another town when he has been filmed countless of times in your family home.  ARRGH!!!

Caroline Manzo tweeted this chit.

Followed up with this CHIT!!

Documents show ousted water commissioner had valid Paterson address

Albert J. Manzo was kicked off the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission last month for allegedly misleading the state about his real address.

But records just released by the Christie administration suggest that Manzo, a Paterson restaurateur and husband to a star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” did have a legitimate residence at his eatery, The Brownstone.

In fact, Manzo fully declared his living arrangement to the Passaic County superintendent of elections in 2009. A subsequent investigation by two investigators from the county elections board concluded that Manzo’s primary residence was a fully furnished apartment above his popular restaurant and catering hall.

“He showed us a bedroom complete with a TV and a closet filled of clothes, a living room, kitchen, full bath and a private entrance leading to the apartment,” the investigators wrote in a July 2009 report.

The report also notes that Manzo disclosed that he keeps a home in the Bergen County borough of Franklin Lakes, where his wife and son live all the time.

Manzo, 50, also lists Paterson on his driver’s license and has been a registered Passaic County voter since 1978, never voting in Bergen County, the report says.

The investigation report, complete with photos of Manzo’s Paterson apartment and other documents listed as “exhibits,” was part of a March 2 package Manzo sent to the governor’s office. It was one of several lengthy responses members of the embattled water commission board sent to the administration in response to a Feb. 25 request for information about the commission’s hiring and compensation practices.

Christie maintained Manzo had concealed his address in Bergen County to sidestep the veto power of the state Senate delegation there.

During an interview conducted before he resigned from the commission, Manzo denied the assertion. He noted that, while he and his wife were covered by medical benefits provided by the water commission, he planned to donate his commissioner’s salary to charity.

The commission’s letters were released to The Record last month in response to a public-information request. The governor’s office said it was withholding a response from commission Executive Director Michael Restaino at his request because Restaino considered it a “personnel” issue.

What the hell?!?!?  Who stocks clothing in a closet just to convince others of a primary address to garner a political seat!!  We have seen you on tv frolicking in Franklen Lakes with your family in your lovely home!!  Which is it!!


40 Responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo Does a “Clorissa Explains It All!!””

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  2. Dy said

    I really do not see what the big deal is.. It’s all explained, sorry I don’t see anything shady here. :/

  3. BobLHead said

    Only shady thing I can think of is a little love nest for those NJ husbands to bang their hookers in…..but I’m just a sick puppy, and that’s how my brain works.

  4. Dy said

    @2 Bob..LOL

  5. Bryan said

    @3 Dy , Good Morning Dy, Contact Woodward and Bernstien, I see another “Watergate” here

  6. Dy said

    @4 Good Morning Bryan..LOL..SMH

  7. Bryan said

    @5 Dy, So who is the kid with the hat, is she someone local on public access trying to explain this situation to the general public?

  8. Dy said

    @6 Bryan..I have no idea

  9. Bryan said

    @7, I can’t stop laughing at this photo, with that hat trying to imagine her going on about Albert Manzo’s water crimes.

  10. Bryan said

    @7, Dy also I wondered if they checked to see if all the clothes in the closet were mens clothing or negligee’s ?

  11. Dy said

    @9 Bryan..Lol ..Oh that will be the next “scandal” that will come out.

    Me,I see nothing wrong with the guy keeping clothes at an apartment that he keeps above his place of busniess, and has for years according to this article.He stays there sometimes-alot, he’s admitted it, wtf? He owes a business that does not have 9-5 hours, M-F. Whats the big scandal?

  12. Bryan said

    @10 Dy, maybe the local government want to get in on the tv hijinks, maybe they hope Bravo might turn it into a show and call it something like “water wars”.

  13. Dy said

    @11 Bryan..Lol

  14. Dani said

    Hi Dy, Bryan and Bob.

    Bryan – there used to be a show with above Melissa Joan Hart called “Clarissa Explains it all”. I think it was back in the early nineties on Nickelodeon.

  15. Bobbi said

    Christie has been cleaning out the commissions around the state that are full of patronage beneficiaries and people that have been ripping off the state;s coffers. If Al Manzo is not a resident of Paterson, he wasn’t eligible for the salary he received, which he now says is going to charity, although that doesn’t matter if he shouldn’t have had the job. So the people paid for a salary and benefits for him and his family that we weren’t liable to pay. Christie’s AG has brought charges againt a number of others from other commissions for that type of fraud.

    I don’t know the truth of this situation and whether or not Al Manzo lives in Franklin Lakes or not. But, it does matter whether or not he was breaking the law, because it was our tax dollars he was getting paid with! Who knew I was providing the Manzos their health insurance with my tax dollars? I guar-damn-tee you they can afford it better than I can!

  16. Dy said

    Thanks Dani..mystery solved!

  17. Bryan said

    @15 Dy and she did it all with that hat.

  18. Dy said

    How long was Big AL on this Comm.( ie: getting bennies,already has given his salary to charity) Was he breaking the law, has that been proven? Seems to me they proved he has a residence at the Browstone in Patterson, is a reg. voter from there and his D.L. is issued from there. I’m just wondering, not looking for a headache.

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  20. Dy said

    RT Has pictures of Tay Tay up asking if people think she is too thin…OMG She is Freakin Skeletor, Scary Skinny..Worse than Bethenny, seriously, I hope she is ok.

    • Dy, that post I did on Taylor a few days ago made mention of her looking skinnier than usual but I honestly don’t see much difference. Does she really look like she lost weight? I always thought she was super tiny to begin with. What I noticed most appearance-wise was that she looked really uptight and tense, understandable given the public dislike she’s been getting. I’m sure I wouldn’t deal well with that, thus the no showbiz thing for TK.

  21. Dy said

    @21 Hi Tinsel,To me, I think she looks thinner, her arms, and her veins are sticking out like crazy, ribs are sticking out too, Oy! Maybe cause she is in a bikini. I think she is really tiny too,and probably always been that way ( ya know tall and lean). But this is too much, she really looks under weight. Maybe it is the stress of her marriage and stuff like you posted in that article. Who knows..Stress can do it..Look at Bethenny.

    • If that source is correct in saying a 20 pound loss, that’s a huge amount for her. I do see what you’re talking about with the veins in her arms. I hope she’s not just pumping iron so she’s ready to whip out a can of Oklahoma this season.

  22. Dy said

    @23 Tinsel..LOL..Kim could take her (TayTay’s) Non Ass in a heart beat now, with both freakin hands tied behind her back! This chica is not gonna be going Oklahoma on anyones Ass, she doesn’t have the freakin strength..Did you notice absolutely no muscle tone at all..Wow, scary shit

  23. Dy said

    @25 Tinsel, LOL.. Ya know she does have the brow thing going LOL..Rumor back in the day was that anyone doing roids had that heavy brow bone thing, always wondered if it was

  24. Bryan said

    @26 Dy, Do you think the girl in the hat could explain it for us?

  25. Dy said

    @27 Bryan…LMAO.. I Love ya, swear to God!!

  26. Dy said

    Hey Tinsel, IJS…Have you guys seen the stuff about Danielle being fired from that show Social or whatever it is called..I was just on LH’S Blog and she has a link about it..check it out.. Oy another show lets her go..
    I know she is fliming a show for VH1, something about openning a resturant in just a few days or whatever, seems like it will be like Top Chef when they do resturant wars or something, I don’t know..:/

  27. Bryan said

    @29 Dy, What, what outrage, how dare they fire “Italian Glamor”, I must read this!!

  28. Bryan said

    @29 Dy, LOL, that was pretty funny, flew her to Vegas to fire her!

  29. Dy said

    @31 Bryan..Un freakinbelivable that one,and she still freakin says that she was not fired from Bravo, did you see that interview she did? No way would she have left Housewives on her own, who is she trying to kid?

  30. Dy said

    The Bravo site has another sneak preview of The Jersey Season..Holy Cannoli..Looks like the infamous Christenning Scene.

    Buckle the frig up, looks like we are goin be in for a freakin bumpy ride..Love Love Love it!!!

  31. Bryan said

    @32 Dy maybe if she keeps saying they fireed her she think that will eventually be the real reason

  32. Bryan said

    @33 Dy, okay I just watched the preview, good lord!!!

  33. Dy said

    @34 Bryan LOL..Whatever gets her through the night..

  34. Dy said

    @35 Bryan..Doesn’t it look good…Wow ..Still got my eye on the SIL, and cousin, where the hell would they be if it weren’t for Teresa, they weren’t asked to be housewives the firat season of NJ. Also talking smack about her on fb and twitter,( they just recently stopped cause people were giving them a hard time) not cool, she has never ever said anything about them. The brother Mama may, calling his sister garbage on national tv, not cool..

  35. Bryan said

    If it gets really crazy, they need to have some wild event where everyone is loosing it and then at the last minute, in walks Strega!!!

  36. Dy said

    @38 Bryan LMAO!!

    Oh yea, thats another rumor that has been floating around for a while..The brother and sil befriended the strega,after season 1( the strega even said it on her twitter,and in interviews)..Well I’ll tell ya, if that shit is true..Oh hell no,( smack my hands together) these 2 are on my list!!

  37. Terry Grant said

    It is not his primary residence. The benefits are substantial, have you shopped for medical insurance lately. It also qualifies for a pension. He has a history of less than forth right financial dealings with some 30 liens and judgements. These people are shady plain and simple.

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