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Mob Wives Recap – Karen Gravano Grabs The ‘Bull’ By The Balls

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 19, 2011

Karen Gravano, Drita D’avanzo, Carla Facciolo and Renee Graziano of Mob Wives


If I take anything away from this show, I will no longer say mobster but ‘mahbsta!.  The accents are off the hook and now I know that Jersey is getting a bad rap!  All people who have such accents here in Jersey migrate from Staten Island!  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

The women are in various ways affiliated with da mahb and are serving the following sentences for their crime:

“Doing hard time without ever being behind bars”

“Life as an informants daughter”


“10 – 12 years as a single mom”

8 Years of raising twins alone

We begin with Renee Graziano whose father is Anthony Graziano.   Renee was raised with glitz and glamour and misses her strength and power.   She is a single mother of a 16-year-old and appears to spend a lot of money per the camera’s and we know how that worked out for the Guidice’s. 

Karen Gravano is up next who is the daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano.  If you don’t know who that is, then stop watching this show now.  You will be clueless for the rest of the season and story line.    She currently lives in Arizona and has had to go into hiding while her father ratted on his crime buddies. 

Renee and Karen used to be friends but severed ties from Karen’s father turning evidence.  Karen is returning to Staten Island in order to complete her book and I don’t know about you guys, but Karen… YOU IN DANGER GIRL!!  I wonder how much VH1 security was assigned to Karen to ensure her safety. 

Carla Facciolo is the wife to Joseph Ferragamo.   Carla plans to divorce her husband.  Carla’s father and uncles have also served time so her husband going away was just another work trip.  Her kids have no clue their father is serving time and I bet after this show airs they will soon know.

Drita D’Avanzo is the wife to Lee D’Avanzo.    This is the toughest cookie of them all and I would not underestimate her small frame.  She looks like she can chew rocks and spit them in your face.  Drita is proud of beating bitches and taking names.  She skears me.

For full Bio’s on the ladies.. click here

All these woman are single mothers and I wonder how they obtain cash for such lifestyle’s of clothing, cars and jewelry.

Lee calls Drita and how funny is the shopping list he gives her?  I had no idea you can send food to prisons and thought prisoners had to only eat the slop they are served as additional punishment?  Anyone else have experience sending food to prisons?   Come on, spill it.   This totally triggers my memory to scenes in Goodfellas where Ray Liota and the others are having mini banquets.  Mahbsta Prison stories..     I now can’t get the scene out of my head with the slicing of the garlic with a razor.  lol

Drita and Carla are working out and Drita picks up some dumbbells and she comments on how these are good weapons.. this woman scares me.   They discuss how hard it is to maintain marriages while their men are incarcerated.   Carla doesn’t plan on sticking it out anymore.  Drita tells her husband “Ya lucky I aint a ho”.  All men should run and hide if they see Drita.  She will snip off their balls and send it to Lee in prison disguised at meat balls.

Karen plans on the temporary move to Staten Island and she has her fathers approval.  She is leaving her daughter home in Arizona with family so she can scope out the danger zone.   Karen, you got ‘Sammy The Bull’ balls and you are currently my favorite character.

Drita, Carla and Renee arrive to a restaurant and they commiserate on the shared experience of family members in da clink and speak about meeting men.  Drita suggest’s that they go on the Match thing on the computer and they all start to come up with likes and dislikes.  Drita wins with adding liking AK47’s to the list.  lol

Renee doesn’t look at their choice of men as bad guys cause “they don’t bring harm to their family”.  Harming other families is ok cause Renee can continue shopping with a clear conscience. 

Karen is getting a send off from her Arizona gal friends and we learn that Staten Island is a breeding ground for Mafia and still is today.  Looking at Karen with her girlfriends, you would totally think she was born and raised in Arizona and not Staten Island.  I think her look is going to change once she hits NY and her girlfriends are going to see a different side to Karen.   It may be awe or fear and I think maybe a little bit of both.

Back to the scene at the restaurant and the discussion goes quickly to Karen’s balls.  AND THEY ARE HUGE!  Renee thinks it’s a big FU to the mob scene and Renee is acting as if Karen did the ratting and not her father.  Renee has been instructed to cut all ties cause she does what she is told.  Financial cut off to Renee is a huge deal!  Now we know where she gets her money.  From her fathers secret bank account in the yard shed.

Drita and Carla don’t have issue’s with Karen and don’t want to judge her.  Balls are growing all round!

Karen claims she is gangsta and she is coming home!!  

Karen calls Drita and we find out that they also were good friends and lost contact when Karen had to relocate.  How come not one person said the words ‘witness protection program’ yet?  We also learn that Drita ended up marrying “someone she (Karen) dated”.  I wonder if Lee was dating Karen when she had to flee?

Karen wants to settle unfinished business.   HOPE SHE AINT PACKIN!  😉

Renee is visiting Carla and they are talking about Carla’s birthday party and the invitation list and Renee is poking and prodding to whether Carla will invite Karen.  In some ways this sounds so high school but amped with rats, whacking people on work trips in da clink.  Well then again maybe its high school in Staten Island?  Hey just asking!!

Renee wants Carla to play on ‘Team Renee, or Team Go Away”!!  Pretty soon we are going to have the I am up here and you are down there scene!

Drita goes to meet with Karen and Drita is nervous!  I can’t believe that woman would be nervous about anything!  Actually it was a happy reunion and drinks are in order.  Drita addresses the Karen ex she married head on and it looks like Karen isn’t totally comfortable with it.    Turns out Karen was living with Lee for 7 years but all in all, your ex is someone else’s gain.  What the hell am I saying!!  He is incarcerated!!  Not much of a catch or a mahbsta all in all for getting caught..  😉

Carla has decided to invite Karen to the birthday party after she told Renee she wouldn’t but truly, I am sure the producers are pressing for this otherwise they have no-show.  If Danielle Staub did not go to the fashion show last year at the country club, the season would have been as dull as watching blood dry on a corpse who got whacked, in an alley, for ratting.  

How funny is it now that Karen is back in Staten Island and she looks like she is born and raised there her entire life?  She spoke like PollyAnna in Arizona and now in Staten Island she speaks GANGSTA!

Damn, Drita has the same phone as I do and every time her phone rings I think its my phone.  Bitch change your phone!  Chit I hope she doesn’t read this.  BRB, need to lock my doors.

Carla prepares for her birthday and Drita is a professional make up artist and lends her glam brushes to the event.  We find out Carla never told Renee Karen is coming and now the build up of the anticipation is killing me!

The birthday party scene starts to shake up with arrivals and Carla loves the look and feel of the party.  The drinks are flowing and we hear that Renee says she is not supposed to be drinking.  I am dying to know why?

The dreaded scene finally arrives, Karen gets out the hired car and makes her entrance!  Karen is three sheets to the wind and the gals are hoping the alcohol will help her make amends!  NOT!

Karen slips off her fur and heads straight to the gals and Renee books!  Per Drita, Renee has smoke poppin out of her ass.  lol

Renee comes back and tells the girls they are phony and runs out side.  Karen with all balls in hand and sporting balls earings,  a balls designer gown and a balls charm bracelet just decides to go outside and have this confrontation once and for all!  Karen claims this is all dramatical and Renee is upset that she did not know Karen was coming.  Karen offers to have a “sit down” cause that’s how mudda fudda’s do it!  OMG!!  I LOVE KAREN!!  I bet ‘Sammy The Bull” is so proud right now!  That’s my girl!!!

Ok had to go look up Karens twitter account and can’t find a personal one and this will have to do.  Says official but not verified.

Karen says she wants to talk about it to Renee and Karen calls her a “weak-minded individual”.  Renee just responds with mentioning the size of Karens balls.. again.  Karen asks Renee to tell her she wants her to leave and after a brief pause, Renee takes the bait!  Karen responds “No” and Renee is stunned.  This may be the first time in Renee’s life that a non family member has challenged her and made her look like an ass.  Renee tells Karen “What I believe is that what your father did was fukin wrong and destroyed a lot of families”.  Love Karens response..  “You have a problem with that (gangsta) lifestyle?  You don’t have a problem that my father was a gangsta and possibly put a gun to someone head, that whole lifestyle doesn’t destroy families?”   TOUCHE Karen!!   I want to party with Karen.  Now the finger-pointing.

Karen:  “Go ahead bitch cause I’m not leaving!!”   Damn Karen.. can we be facebook friends?

Karen tells Renee to leave if she is so uncomfortable in her presence and now its a dare.  God I love high school dares..  I triple dog dare you!!!  Renee responds with the dramatical..  “I don’t leave no where!!”

Karen:  “Well I don’t leave either” and with that Karen rejoins the party while Renee is muttering words like “Jerk Off” and toking on cigs.   I haven’t heard “Jerk Off” since high school as well.  😉

The party continues next week and we see some strangling and hair pulling!!  I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!  I wonder if they are green lit yet for a season 2.   You guys notice that when Drita is pissed all the veins pop out on her face and neck?  Karen, don’t mess with Drita.  I am sure she has a few buried bodies somewhere in Staten Island.  (allegedly)

How funny is it that we were just talking about the 100 + mobstas taken down a few months ago and now will be featured on this show and involving Renee’s ex husband!  you have to listen to the video below and the Mafiosa nicknames.  lmaoo

The Drama Queen of The Damned is awarded to Renee!!  

Until next week peeps!!

I have always thought this is the way things should be handled.


13 Responses to “Mob Wives Recap – Karen Gravano Grabs The ‘Bull’ By The Balls”

  1. LWoo said

    LOVE the recap! I only caught the last of it yesterday after work. I LOVE Karen, too! She didn’t back down and Renee didn’t know what to do with herself. I think Renee was scared. Did you get that from her? She’s all mouth!

    I didn’t see much of Drita and Carla. Carla seems pretty calm to me, though…considering.

    Renee, I don’t like. And I agree with what Karen said to Renee about ruining families. Touche’ indeed, Karen! Good point.

    I read up on mobs/ The Five Families/ La Cosa Nostra…whatever you want to call it. The only reason someone will snitch is a. if a hit was made on them and they found out- thereby escaping the hit, then turning informant or b. they were injured from a hit and survived it! Usually, they don’t turn informant just for shits & giggles.

  2. Dy said

    Good recap..
    I love this show so far. Karen has a huge set on her, God Bless her, Holy Cannoli!

    These are some tough Chicas

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  4. Dy said

    @4 Thats way cool IJS!!! Yay!

  5. Bryan said

    @5 Dy, I haven’t watched this show, but I might if the arguments between the women are settled with gunfire, let me know please if that begins.

  6. Dy said

    @6 OMG Bryan..You gotta see this show, it’s freakin great..Theses Chicas are no freakin joke..There isn’t a weak one among them, they all tough, over the freakin top!! lMAO!!

  7. Bryan said

    @7 Dy, with New Jersey coming up I don’t think I could takes two groups like this, unless guns are used, then I could give it a shot.

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  9. Dy said

    @8 Bryan..LOL!!!

    Jersey has nothing, nothing on these on these ladies, Holy Cannoli..They are the real freakin deal, like the real Soparnos..Bada freakin Bing..How you doin’??

    Still love love love My Jersey Ladies though..No one can go off or flip a table like Teresa!

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  11. LWoo said

    I’m I bad for following Karen on Twitter? lol

  12. HOT ROR ROMANO said


    (no way should you put ur personal info online) (Admin IMA)

    reach her on twitter @KarenGravanoVH1 Maybe you can get some attention there.


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