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Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Recap: “I Need Some Lovin’ From My Oven”

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 19, 2011

The episode this week has an interesting style on how it first starts with Bethenny in therapy and reviews the week events and Bethenny self-professed “I cracked” moment.   It appears Bethenny had taken on too much for a single week and thought she could pull off a Thanksgiving meal at the very end.   Well I think she could have, if it weren’t for the oven failing in the cooking process.   Everything was going smoothly until the final end and Bethenny lost her chit.

Lets start at the beginning.  Bethenny has been practising skating for six weeks and now its time to premiere her routine on “Dancing With The Stars”.  She packs and heads out to Los Angeles.  While Bethenny is packing, she reviews her competition and she correctly points out her true competition.   Bethenny has already identified Sean Young as a hot mess and I do remember some of us speculation if she was drunk while skating and we all know she ended up in “Celebrity Rehab” replacing Michaele Salahi after it was discovered that the only addiction Michaele has is ‘Fame Whoring’.

Bethenny speculates that getting everything you want at one time maybe is too much?  I think so.

Gina informs Bethenny that she will have to take leave as Super Nanny because she needs surgery.   This is very upsetting to both Bethenny and Gina and they both break down and Bethenny wants to be sure Gina is being taken care of while recovering.  Bethenny wants Gina to approve of a new nanny and Bethenny is having a melt down at the thought of trying to replace Gina.

While the show was airing, Bethenny received a lot of tweets concerned for Gina and this was her response.

We end up back in the present again in the therapist office and we are back to talking about ‘Turkey Gate’, but first we need to get to LA.  Bethenny and entourage arrive, and Bethenny, Jason and Bryn in a stroller are strolling down Rodeo Drive window shopping.   I thought this scene looked odd because people who stroll down Rodeo Drive never usually has kids in tow since they are usually the kind of people who have a staff of nannies to manage the kids while the mommy works hard on shopping and body/face maintenance.  You can see the street in Bethenny with her dark hair and not one blonde highlight and Jason’s Hazelton style clothing.  We do see Bethenny being approached by a lot of fans and they are so surprised how nice people are in Beverly Hills.  LMAOO!!  

The first time I traveled for work many years ago, I ended up at the Crown Plaza in Atlanta.  The next morning as I entered the elevator, gentlemen inside the elevator held the door for me and told me ‘good morning’.  I freaked.. like..  “whaddya want?”.  I was not used to strangers greeting each other out of courtesy.  lol    

Bethenny and Jason discuss where they may live if they choose to move out there and Jason doesn’t want to live in any neighborhood that OJ lived in.  lmaoo  he has standards!  They discuss ice skating and Bethenny says she is “Out to cut a bitch!!”  I love it!  See street girl again on Rodeo Drive.

I love the banter between Bethenny and Jason.  They each throw jabs back and forth to each other and cracks each other up.  and me as well.

The arrive to the practice skating rink and they are worried they may get murdered in this location.  Bethenny and Ethan practice their routine after some banter and Jason is beaming with pride.   Hey I am not making this corny stuff up.  I am just recapping..  😉

We are back in the therapist office still trying to get down to the core issue of “Turkey Gate”.   But we need to first test out Bethenny and Jason’s street cred for breaking and entering.   As I watch them jump the fence I realized cameras are still following them and am wondering how the hell did the whole crew get over the fence? 

As they break into the back yard, Jason is surprised that there is a pool.  LMAOOO!!  Jason must not get out much.  Almost every home that does not experience north-eastern/midwest style winters have pools.  Unlike here in Jersey, you can only enjoy your pool 3 months out of the year as well as the pool boy.  It sucks! 

Bethenny now gets worried that they need to quickly leave before they get arrested and now hopping the fence to exit is not as easy as entering.   It’s a calamity!    Jason thumb looks like it got disjointed and at this point, they need to beat feet!

After 3 attempts to give Bryn a bath Bethenny and Jason head out to dinner.   The banter is not too funny this time and the discussions take a turn to bordering on a fight!   Lets not go back to the parents discussion again!  Moving on.

Its skating day and Bethenny heads off by herself first in order to get her drag queen look rocking.   Jason is worried and nervous for Bethenny since I think he knows her pretty well by now.

Back to the therapists office and I don’t think we are any closer to correcting Thanksgiving.   Finally,  Bethenny takes the ice for her first performance and I noticed a few things.   The actual song was not in the audio part of the scene but I could imagine that Bravo didn’t want the additional expense to license the song “Right Round”.  Also  I noticed something else.   Was Johnny Weir missing because that looks like Pinocchio below to me.   Now I am wondering if Bethenny as a producer purposely omitted Weir or Weir would not sign off using his scenes?  Either way I didn’t miss the pursed lips and fluttering eye lashes. 

The reviews of Bethenny’s performance was pretty scathing compared to others who fell on their arses and actually were praised by the judges.  I remember the whole hoopla over this and I even blogged bout it here.

We finally learn that the surgery went well for Gina and get to hear the phone message Gina left Bethenny and Jason and how funny was that!   Even thou they bleeped out the cursing, you certainly got the message.

“Turkey Gate” is finally coming to fruition as it appears it’s a fun day so far with guest’s arriving and vino sipping.  My kind of party!  😉   As they check on the turkey, it appears it’s not browning and Jason’s mom lends  a helping hand.   Some time later the turkey comes out and listen to Jason’s father throwing out all the compliments as the sweet man he is and elects to do the honor of carving the turkey.   Clearly the turkey is raw and Jason’s father just tried too deflect the impending melt down and says.. “Oh its fine” and I have to laugh!  THE TURKEY IS RAW AND YOU CANT EAT THAT OR THROW IT IN THE MICROWAVE!! 

The melt down begins and no one knows how to figure it out even thou I keep hearing “we will figure it out” and now it’s Julie’s job to FIX IT!. 

Jake makes the brilliant suggestion: “we could just dim the lights and pretend we don’t know”.  I love Jake and want him over my house next Thanksgiving.   He is comedy relief!

The melt down over raw turkey sends Bethenny into her bed room as the scene goes back at therapist office where we now delve into why Bethenny ‘cracked”?.   As we get down to the “intensity of the emotion” and we now revisit Bethenny’s earlier child hood stories for Thanksgiving,   we learn that Bethenny’s “cracking moment” was similar to her own mother’s when she prepared food for holidays.   Bethenny spoke of the embarrassment she would experience on such occasions in front of her friends and hiding and had the epiphany that her guests must have felt the same way with her reaction to the raw turkey and her inability to come up with a solution calmly.  I think this is a break through for Bethenny where she can review her behavior when dealing with others as sharply as she does at times.    Bethenny finally realizes she is like her own mother who she despises.  WOW!!

As Oprah Winfrey says..  “Once you know, you do better….”   Easier said then done Oprah!

We are back to the scene of the crime and Bethenny emerges from her room and immediately goes over to Julie to apologize.   Thank goodness for poor Julie!  I hope she is getting paid ALOT!  The men are preparing the turkey mumbling over and over “it will be fine” and you can clearly see they are walking on eggs shells with hands shaking.  lmaoo

Jake is supervising the men work and finally some comedy relief!  Julie exclaims that “Men are in the kitchen, while women are on the couch” which prompts making fun of Jake which is like water off a ducks back and he proceeds to say what he is thankful for and “EFF” the turkey.   The men are relieved and all is right again.  Its Turkey Time while the group settles down to a meal and I can’t imagine how much alcohol was consumed in order to get to this normal scene.


Next week we get to meet the new nanny who is already a hairdresser and more of the food guru.

Lata Tata’s!!


23 Responses to “Bethenny Ever After ♥♥♥ Recap: “I Need Some Lovin’ From My Oven””

  1. Dy said

    Geeze..I posted all my thoughts on the Preview Thread. Sorry, long story short, b.’s messed up, pretty messed up!
    Anyway I thought we met the Glam-Nanny last night,she was in Cali with them am I wrong ? ..
    Next week I think it’s the new one Tibitan, very Zen ( looks cute, seems sweet)I don’t think she does hair. Oy I hope she can take it.

  2. Bryan said

    @1 Dy, I can see the guests now after Turkey Gate, “note to self, if and when Bethenny invites us to dinner especially something holiday related, We have plans, but thanks anyway.”

  3. Dy said

    @2 Bryan..LOL. Birthday Partys check, Holidays check, No Freakin Way!!

    Julie and the gang all probably went to the nearest bar after they could escape the crazy,and got cranked, If Jason and his parents were smart they would have gone too..Holy Cannoli..Shots all around and keep ’em COMING!!

  4. Bryan said

    @3 Dy, oh god booze most needed after that fiasco!

  5. Rosie said

    Hi Dy & Bryan..
    This may be a naive question, but why didn’t B have a thermometer in that bird? I would never cook a turkey without one. If she was using one, she would have known early on, that it wasn’t cooking.

  6. Rosie said

    That was another painful episode..
    Why did they cut out JW?

  7. Dy said

    HI Rosie

    @5..Lord knows..That is cooking a Turkey 101.. “Miss I know Everything” should have known that.

    @6 I don’t know if that was an F you to him , or an F you from him. If she choose not to show it, that is not being very real of her is it?.

  8. Dy said

    Good Morning Everyone 🙂

  9. Bryan said

    @5 Rosie,

    I’m with Dy here, uh who knows, I use them especially with large birds.

  10. Bryan said

    Maybe JW didn’t sign the release to be on her show or didn’t want too?, just a guess

  11. GingerTee said

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that Bethenny never cooked a turkey before. It’s not that unusual before and many folks have not. She has been alone for a long time and this was probably her first big family Thanksgiving since her days with Mommie Dearest. I won’t lie, I am not a fan of turkey at Thanksgiving (shoot me alrerady), I eat the side dishes. As a kid I hated holiday dinners, with the exception of the ones that called for ribs. I don’t care how many people came over and how many care packs were given out, there was too many leftovers

  12. Dy said

    Hi Bryan

    @9 SMH, and @@ ( roll my eyes) That was ridicules. I posted my thoughts on this whole stupid mess, on the preview thread, no need to repeat, lol.

    @10..Could be, maybe…Didn’t I read somewhere that she had some kind of words with him after one of the shows or something over his critizimz(sp) of her,saying she doesn’t care about the judges, show, or what they had to say..

    I didn’t watch the show, when it was on but I did read about the unfair scores and reamrks by all the judges and especially JW. i just wonder where it all came from. I know it was rumored because of JW’s freindship with Jill. But I wonder why the others were so harsh on her, right out of the gate..From her preformance I saw on her show Monday, she wasn’t terrible, stiff, nervous, but not terrible. If I were a judge( and granted I know nothing about ice skating) I would have given her a 6.

  13. Dy said

    @11 She’s a Chef Ginger, it’s not that hard, seriously.. Plus they even have cooking bags makes it even easier.

    I think the bigger issue was the oven.

  14. Dani said

    Finally got to watch the show last night. The show was rolling along pretty good till the dinner fiasco. I tend to agree w/GingerT about this having been her first time cooking a big bird. Part of me wonders also if she just was so exhausted due to her schedule that she wasn’t all present. Sleep deprivation can do that.

    What bothers me is her inability to just suck it up and carry on in the best way possible. She doesn’t seem to possess the ability to do so, not even on a Holiday with in-laws present. I am wondering what they think of her at this point. One thing is for sure, she doesn’t need her mother in her life to beat her up emotionally because she does that all on her own and everyone around her has to suffer right along with her. JMO.

  15. Dy said

    @14Dani..She did say she just got off the red eye from Cali, went straight to skating practice ( for like 4 hours) yea, I’m thinking she was pretty exhausted. But as I have said, and it’s just my opinion, she brings all this shit on herself. And crys “it’s all too much” Doing swts, among all her other things she has going on plus SHE wanted to have Thannksgiving.

  16. Dani said

    Dy, I think she expects perfection at all times and it just isn’t realistic. Being a perfectionist is both a blessing and a curse but she seems to be suffering more the curse side of it.

    I believe she wanted to cook that meal for everybody and then when something goes wrong, she just goes off the deep end. It is very painful to watch, especially everybody’s reactions. You could just see the panic in their faces. She did make them all feel like they are walking on eggshells and that is a crappy place to be.

    Thank goodness for her friend, (can’t remember his name) that was able to turn the tables and set everyone at ease. You know I don’t dislike B but at times find her very difficult to watch.

    Did you catch the previews for next week? Jason is trying to get her to live in the moment and she sees only the negative side of her accomplishment regarding the 40 states. I think he was referring to her skinny girl marg distribution perhaps? All she could dwell on was what about the other 10.

  17. Dy said

    @16 Hi Dani

    I agree.

    Yep, I saw them, it always something with her..She is never freakin ” Hoppy”

  18. Bryan said

    @17 Dy, because its part of the script.

  19. Dy said

    @18 Totally agree Bryan..
    That show is very scripted, sorry just my opinion people.. Everything is all tied up in a neat little package at the end of each show.

  20. […] Bethenny Ever After Recap: “I Need Some Lovin' From My Oven” « Tv … […]

  21. Bryan said

    @19 Dy, Now I remember who Gina reminds me of, “Miss Cleo”!!!!

  22. Dy said

    @21 Bryan

    Omg..Thats it. LOL.

  23. Bryan said

    @22 Dy, You know what they could do, they could pull a “Darrin” like in “Bewitched” and just cast Miss Cleo as Gina, It worked for Bewitched so why not for BEA.

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