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Watch What Happens Live with Tamra and Eddie Recap PLUS After Show

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 18, 2011

Tamra and Eddie were the popular steadies And the king and the queen of the prom…..

Yep folks, Tamra and Eddie graced the club house of “Watch What Happens Live” to visit Andy and continue to keep talking shmack on Gretchin.  How old is this?

How interesting it is that Tamra talks about Peggy’s new rack as if they are too large but look at Tamra sporting a deep cleavage blouse with the girls ready to come out and play?  On the RHOC episode tonight, Tamra really shows us how two-faced she is and pretends that style is not all about money.  LMAOO!!  Tamra is really one jealous person!

Even Andy notices how out and proud Tamra’s rack is and now we both can’t stop looking at them! 

Andy brings up the mace thing with Alexis and Tamra reveals that behind the scenes, she doesn’t really have respect for the ‘Jesus Barbie’ because she ‘heard’ things and that’s how she forms her opinions on people.  We not only did I hear about Tamra doing nude sex scene’s in the hot tub..  but I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES and now my opinion of her is that she is a fame whore who will do ANYTHING to get screen time.  We also learn that next week, Eddie shares his Tamra with women????    hmmm   The verdict?  HO BAG!!  😉

Andy shows us how many times Gretchin has called Slade TubbaWubba and relentlessly teases him about his weight.  11 TIMES!!  Even Tamara feels sorry for Slade.  I don’t believe Tamra cause she doesn’t have a heart.  She is just using this opportunity to make Gretchin look bad and there is no need for that.  Gretchin did it to herself.

Andy is totally shocked at seeing Jim’s beef cake vintage photo.  Tamra says that Jim had a chin implant.  Seriously?

Andy of course has to replay the Jay Mohr video when Jay tells Andy that Gretchin and Slade was informing him of Eddie Judge sexuality.  You must watch the “After Show” below because it gets completely addressed by Gretchin and Slade via a telephone call.   Both video’s for the “After Show” address this and now Tamra and Eddie has lost out on their own time!  LMAOO!!

Tamra says that Gretchin and Slade has tried to sell stories to the press in regards to Eddie being a closeted gay?  I have never read one thing that supports that claim and believe me you, me and TinselKitty are all over news, rumors and gossip of anything housewife related..  Now Tamra directs everyone to the website that posted salacious pictures of Gretchin provided by Jay Photoglou, Gretchins ex and court nemesis.  Holy shit Tamra.. you are so evil!  Now I am posting this out of spite!

Tamara and Eddie in bathtub - pre fuzzinator
I am an Evil Bitch!! Right!!!

 Just as I posted the pic and press played.. they are now discussing the infamous scene above and Andy can’t get over at the Eddie wine chugging.   Eddie professes to being uncomfortable and nervous and now we learn that the camera’s stopped rolling so Eddie can get shots of tequila to continue the scene.   Tamra obviously had ample time to rethink this but she wanted her “close-up” Mr. Demille!!!

Tamra and Eddie want to make it clear that Eddie was not friends with Simon.  WHO CARES!!!

Looks Like Tamra has serious boom boom effects

A caller ask Tamra if she was pregnant and Tamra says she is just fat.  lmaoo   Well her chest is pretty fat..  😉  Tamra wants to hire someone to carry a baby for her.  I don’t blame her there, babies wreak havoc on our bodies!

Does Tamra have a sore on her lip?  or did she move her nipple above to her lip for Eddie’s pleasure?

Tamra wants Eddie to scratch his balls and burp a lot so people wont mistake him for gay.   I think his dimples are gay.  😉

 A question was asked about Tamra leaving the country for 10 days while not informing Simon and giving him the ability to have the kinds in lieu of 5 different babysitters.  I have to tell you that I think that is the most irresponsible thing to do on Tamra’s part.  The kids would be better off with Simon then 5 different babysitters.  What if there was an emergency?  I feel she violated Simons right to parent when she is absent and acted childish in stating that if she told Simon it would be a form on control.  No it wouldn’t Tamra.  Simon no longer makes decisions for you.  Don’t use a divorce to cover up your bad choices and not putting your children first.

 Jacqueline Laurita makes an appearance makes me start jonesing for the new season to premiere. 

Poll Results:  Who would you rather?   Eddie wins with 77%     Slade loses with 23%.  It’s a bit of a land slide!  I am actually shocked that Slade had received that many votes actually!

Below are the “After Show” videos where the feud with Gretchin lives on!


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


7 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live with Tamra and Eddie Recap PLUS After Show”

  1. G-sus said

    Ok, before I watch the video just wanted to point out that Tamra said after the infamous tub scene that they had to much to drink and “forgot” that the cameras were there. But now says they had to tell the cameras to stop filming so Eddie could get drunk. Liar, Liar, bitch pants on fire.

  2. Dy said

    I liked them on WWHL. I thought they were funny. Tammy Sue was sporting too much goop on her legs and she needs to drop some lbs cause holy cannoli, she was “bustin’ out all over, but otherwise I though she looked good. Guess I’m in the minority.

  3. Bryan said

    They were very entertaining

  4. Rosie said

    Hi guys..
    @2 Dy..
    I thought Tamra and Eddie were pretty funny on WWH, too. They had to talk about Gerty and Slade, because Andy played the clip from Jay M.
    What is with the greasy legs on WWH? Nene does the same thing.

  5. BobLHead said

    yea, the leg grease was gross!

  6. Lisa said

    Yup, that was a cold sore, she confirmed it on either twitter or facebook. Even all that disgusting lipstick and lip gloss couldnt cover up that herpes…probably from sucking too many different dirty dinkies….she’s old and gross….next!

  7. Lisa thanks!! I was wondering!?!?!? lmaooo I prefer to think it was a nipple transplant.. 😉

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