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UPDATE: Real Housewives of OC – The Tamra and Simon Texting War!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 18, 2011


Well well well.  We saw in this week’s episode, Tamra complaining to Vicky that Simon is harrassing her via texts while she was in spain.   We do learn that Tamra never told Simon she was leaving the country for 10 days and Tamra says she left the kids with her mother the entire time and gave her mother power of attorney in case of an emergency. 

First of all, Tamra is completely wrong in doing this.  In case of an emergency, Simon should be the person to address emergency issues since he is the childrens father.  I do not see any reason for Tamra to do this since Simon no longer makes decisions for her and this was truly irresponsible.

I found this little diddy at and she had noticed Simon posting something on his facebook a week ago speaking out about this particular issue and is refuting Tamra’s claims of harrassment.

I have always tried to be above all the Drama and lies this and last season. This is the one rare time that I have commented about her or the show. That being said; I just saw a commercial for next week’s episode of RHOC. My soon to be ex tells Vicki I was harassing her by text while she was in Spain. So I decided to look back at the texts I sent her when I found out she was in Spain, and my kids were being watch by 4 different people, including a minor. Maybe it’s me, but after reading it and I don’t see the harassment.Do you?
Simon add’s a photo of the texts:
Click to enlarge the photo..
Translated as below:

Tamra: I understand you picked up the kids? Next time ask, plz. I have Maddie coming today at 9:30

Simon: Next time tell me you are going out of the country for 5 days and leaving my kids with 4 different people especially a minor. And especially me their father offering to take them. U should have switched weekends. That would have been the best thing for the kids.

Tamra: Stop your games plzzzzzzz!!!! Read my email. If you were normal we would not have issues! I have Maddie coming at 9:30 to 1:00. Do u need her? FYI I don’t have to tell you were I am going unless I’m taking the kids!!!!I had my days covered! U want them at night then u are more than welcome to take them.

Simon: Doesn’t matter. You are irresponsible not working with me. if you cared about the kids. U would have made arrangements with me to switch. Even though I had plans I would have change them not to have my kids away from either of their parents for 5 days. You never gave me a chance. Why?

Tamra: Cuz your a pain in the ass to deal with! Grow up! Leave me alone. The kids are taking care of. Stop hurting them with your games. Do I need to cancle(sic) Maddie????? I’m filming so unless u want them part of the show I suggest u leave me alone

Simon: Whatever Tammy. The kids are what is important to me. You know That and so do they. Do y thing I would have a Problem if you asked to switch weekends and days while u were traveling??? I don’t understand why u would go to so much trouble not to just do that. ???

Tamra: Look with in! U harrasse(sic) me every time I ask for help. I don’t need or want your help. Everything comes with conditions with you. I feel bad for you, I worry about you. It is your right to pick them up if you chose I understand that and would never keep them from you. If you don’t answer me about Maddie I will call and cancle(sic) her. 

Simon: I have already handled Maddie and Andrea. What do thing I’m irresponsible. Ps get off your bo((sic) box about worrying about me. I’m still a great dad. And that is my Priority. Stop talking shit about me to people to draw attention from you. It’s not right. Especially after u did that on national TV. I think I deserve better than that from you. I’ve been nothing but nice to u considering what u have done.

Tamra: Ya okay …. whatever u think! Start worrying about the kids and stop worrying about me.

Simon: Who’s worrying about you????

Simon: I don’t care about you anymore  except when talk shit about me or fu it the kids. Get over it. I’m sorry that it bothers you. But you only have yourself to blame.

Tamra: I don’t talk about u ever! I never fuck my kids.

Simon: You did this week. Sophia was begging me Saturday to steal her from her Moms house when I was there. When they came over last night all three of them gave me the biggest longest hugs. And said they missed and loved me. Keeping them from me while you are gone. Is fucking the kids.

Simon: Do you think I would go away for a week and do that to them. No I would beg u to be with them instead of non parents. Especially now.

Tamra: Keeping them from you? Are you delusional? They were at my house on MY days not yours…God u need help

Simon: Please have Eddie read the last two texts and explain them to you

Simon: It’s like u can’t understand You read what you believe not what I’m saying

Tamra: Simon, I just read the entire history of this conversation. Your manipulation is transparent and Tamra sees right through you. The fact of that this entire conversation should be about the kids commonwealth. She can not ask you for the simplest favor (i.e. Covering her days so she can work) as such, she is making every effort to cover her days so she can work. She has never said that you cannot see your kids. Anyway, I suggest you think about the kid future mental and emotional stable. Stop making yourself a victim …. Eddie

Simon: Eddie. This is not your business I just asked u to translate.

Simon: Tammy. U both are Perfect for each other. Duh!

Tamra: Thank you that is the best compliment you have giving me, we are perfect together.

Simon: Here it is one last time.Read it slowly. Bottom line is you did not ask me to help. And you did not expect my help when I offered to watch the kids.Instand you had others watch them for 6 days while you were 7000 miles away. This is not the best thing for their safety and “mental health” And u did this knowing you were traveling out of the country. That was irresponsible for the kids. I have always helped you when it comes to the Kids schedule to accommodate your business and social schedule. So there is no excuse. Do you know how bad this looks for you. Fortunately history has shown that I don’t exploit all the shit you do. Unlike you I don’t talk shit about you in the press or on your show. Next time let me help. What’s confusing is you have always asked before. Panama, chicago, ny, Mexico etc. etc. And I help every time So why so different this Time??????

Now I don’t know if Simon could of managed to manipulate the texts and I doubt it, but this tells a very different story then the one Tamra sold us.   Also we learn there were 4 babysitters and one a minor.  We have already seen Tamra lie like a rug so…. 

!!UPDATE!!  –


41 Responses to “UPDATE: Real Housewives of OC – The Tamra and Simon Texting War!”

  1. G-sus said

    Oh god, that was gross. First, reasoning with Tamra is a dead end issue, especially when she is in full on victim mode. Second, poor form for Simon to release the texts. Though I can imagine how hard it is for him to watch his ex continue to talk about him badly on TV , he should have taken the high road.
    His kids, friends and family know who he is and that is all that should matter.

    This part struck me as the worst of all of it:

    “Tamra: Do I need to cancle(sic) Maddie????? I’m filming so unless u want them part of the show I suggest u leave me alone”

    I already guessed that the kids weren’t included in filming this year because Simon wouldn’t allow it, but how sadistic to use your kids as an ultimatum. Someone needs to give her a swift kick in the arse.

    And she wants another kid? She needs to concentrate on the ones she has.

  2. Dy said

    Tamra no doubt should have told Simon that she was going to Spain, God forbid something should have happened to her or her children when they were in their fathers care, I said this a few weeks ago when she stated that he didn’t need to know she was going to Spain. Also I said it was going to bite her in the ASS ,and it did..Now on to Simon, he is a Jackass for releasing the texts plain and simple, he is no better than she is, playing his games..Just my opinion.

  3. Dy said

    @2 *would have.

  4. U 2? said

    Simon, I know someone that knows how you feel and what you are going through. For those that say Simon should take the high road and not make these texts public, you don’t understand. These Housewives morons go on national TV and slander their ex spouses, a really stupid reality show at that. Narcissits like Tamra act like idiots and think they can do whatever they want!

    I know a woman who stayed silent for 5 years after George Peterson of Centra Realty and Project Dimensions, the big Kahoona that married Lauri Waring, the Cat Crap Condo lady who exploited her own minor son in exchange for 3 years of TV time who finally began speaking out. George Peterson’s ex wife is still frantically trying to find her 14 year old daughter! She called the DA, the police, and George still won’t reveal where her child is. Yes, some parents who have exhausted all avenues do appear to be desperate. I don’t blame them.

    Check this out…

  5. Bryan said

    That was refreshing.

  6. Dy said

    @5 Bryan…LOL

  7. Sus said

    LOL @ Simon and Tamara taking divorce lessons from the Ex-Mrs. Peterson.

  8. Rosie said

    Tamra was wrong not to tell Simon where she was going… When my kids were little, I always offered their father the first option of taking the kids when I was away. That being said.. She was probably worried he would give her a huge load of crap, and call her a bad mother.. Which he did anyway, right on schedule. Releasing the texts was a nasty, low-blow.. Very tacky, and will probably make Tamra more weary of communicating with him, verbally or written.

  9. Dani said

    Tamra should have definitely notified Simon. Having said that, it is evident that their warped relationship controls their’ reactions to each other. That whole conversation was about each person trying to justify their own actions but using the kids as pawns. Simon is condescending to Tamra and Tamra can’t get past the control issues she has had w/Simon. I think they are both talking out of their asses. JMO.

  10. LWoo said

    Amen, G-Sus #1!

    On one hand, I wonder if Simon texted the way he did because he knew he’d release them. I just can’t see him being so…understanding. On the other hand, Tamra wasn’t understanding what his issue is & she was in victim mode, like G-Sus said. It WAS irresponsible to not let their father know she was going to be out of the country.

    I don’t think it was right to release those texts, but I can see Simon’s point in doing so- being that Tamra talks smack about him on the show. BUT, we’ve seen Simon in action with our own two eyes and we ALL KNOW that he is a controlling asshole.

    They should both get counseling on co-parenting. They’re acting like stupid asses- using the kids to argue back & forth. It’s sad.

  11. Lisa said

    If you read why he released the text messages you’d get it. Every episode this season so far has her saying nasty shit about Simon with about 1.5 million ppl watching. This was the only way he was able to defend himself as he does not have a tv program to use as his platform for lies and manipulation. Tammy Sue needs to get a clue. She looks like a complete douche bag this season running around with her boyfriend that she cheated on her husband with. If you talk with other castmates from previous seasons , they will tell you that what you see is what you get with Tamra, a backstabbing bitch. There is a reason why most previous housewives dont like her. They got to know her. She looks ridiculous with all the botox she has had . Her face doesnt move at all, just her herpes laced upper lip. I wish Bravo would do away with this trailer trash. Her shit talking about Simon on RHOOC shouldnt be allowed. She does not think about her children. Just because they dont watch the show, there is internet, cell phones have internet. Im sure her kids are already having a hard time adjusting without having to see or hear that their mother was in a bathtub on national tv with her boytoy. She’s talking about having another baby. How do her kids feel about that? Does she even care. The “rumormill” is claiming that she starts drinking most days about noon. Is it true? For her childrens sake, I hope not. Clean up your act Tammy Sue and think about someone other than yourself and your rapidly declining looks.

  12. U 2? said

    NO SUS – Tamra took lessons from George Peterson!

    Simon, just keep doing whatever you have to do to defend yourself and protect your kids from the lies Tamra will drum up, and trust me, she will. Shout it from the roof top, take out a website, youtube, whatever you have to in order to defend your reputation, and in the long run, help your children.

    The Housewives, especially Tamra and Lauri Waring are crazy! They do drastic things thinking they are saving their (already tainted) reputations – George just helped Lauri kick his and hers into high gear.

  13. Dy said

    @Dani and Rosie.. I agree with you both 🙂

  14. BobLHead said

    Oh TamTam…bad move. Don’t care how bad the ex is, if HIS kids are involved, you let him know the plan. Duh!

    And Simon, keep you’re texts for the custody trial…geez.

  15. BobLHead said

    These two make me nuts…it’s all about them, not the kids. Those poor kids.

  16. U 2? said

    I hope for the sake of the Barney kids Tamra doesn’t take it as far as this but I wouldn’t put it past her….

  17. BobLHead said

    Speaking of crappy divorces!/notes/reality-tv-morons/details-of-alexis-bellino-jesus-barbie-first-marriage/196684933702783

  18. @tweatcyn said

    I agree with Lisa above. Simon needed to set the record straight on this one.
    Great find on Jesus Barbie BobLHead. Score!

  19. G-sus said

    Couldn’t Simon have placed a cease and desist on Tamra to keep her from talking about her on TV? Or a gag order from the court since they are still not yet divorced? Seems Tamra has no problem throwing a C&D around if anyone dares to talk about her. But I guess it is easier for her since Eddie is co-owner of a law firm with his Dad.
    I can see why Simon felt the need to say something publicly, but releasing the texts just brings him down to her level.

  20. G-sus said

    Speaking of JesusBarbie, nice of Tamra to act like she came up with that one all by herself.

  21. Dy said

    @ G.. Tamra states in her Blog on Bravo that she got the Jesus Barbie name from David Gilmore and puts his blog on there..Also to be fair Simon started all the mud slinging last year on his Bravo Blog,and going to the Press, (she countered after his attacks.)She got he c&d against Jena for running her mouth about things she has no bussines discussing to the Press, not her fight. They are now divorced I’m pretty sure, with joint custody.

  22. Dy said

    To be clear, I think they are both morons to be acting the way they are acting.

  23. G-sus said

    @ Dy, I haven’t read her blog yet, I was just going by the impression she gave on WWHL. I have to disagree with you on the mud-slinging, IMO, it was started by Tamra during the filming last season when she conveniently threw her husband under the bus. And I think Tamra’s C&D against Jeana was ridiculous, IMO. Sure, she was commenting on their marriage, but Tamra talks about her marriage every week on national tv. Doesn’t make it off limits for Jeana if she wants to defend Simon.

  24. G-sus said

    @ Dy, I don’t know that they are divorced yet. Simon refers to her as his soon to be ex-wife. They are probably just in that 6 month waiting period til it’s official. I agree, no matter what it’s fugly and they should knock it off.

  25. Dy said

    @23 Totally disagree with ya G..:) But that ok we have disagreed before. You and I have discussed the T&S situation from last season before,and of course the Jeana situation and we both see it completely differently, no need to rehash it. Lol. I respect your opinion, just don’t agree, as I’m sure you feel the same way 🙂

    @24 oh ok..I didn’t see that.. “soon to be x”

  26. U 2? said

    Let the ex spouses speak out!! Just because morons like Tamra, George, Lauri, Vicki, and a host of many more franchises that had to use the show to get their last dig into a lost relationship is childish and should be against the law. You have one finger pointing at someone, you have four pointing back at yourself.

    I say go for it Simon! And to all the other people who didn’t have any say in their ex husbands or wives talking smack about them on television, don’t take it any longer – stand up for yourself. My gawd people, grow up, you are not anywhere close to being celebrities, as if that has anything to do with your poor taste.

  27. not here, too said

    I see that deadbeat Gina Peterson’s mother is here. Hey moron, this is about Tamra and Simon, not George and Lauri. You and your crazy daughter need to get jobs instead of posting your vendetta crap all over the internet.

    Re Tamra:
    She’s living it up now but the time will come when she’ll try to crawl back to Simon. He’s the ultimate survivor in this mess.

  28. LWoo said

    I think they’re both wrong. Period. They have kids that they’re not thinking about. Divorce isn’t easy when there are children involved; they need to be understanding.

    But we can’t ignore that Simon is an asshole & we’ve seen him in action. Maybe he made Tamra miserable. Misery loves company.

  29. Bryan said

    Who’s Gina Peterson?

  30. U 2? said

    For, Not Here Too.

    So Kissing up to Simon now? You are THE major sucker upper -You would suck up a sewer if it meant you thought you would come out smelling better.

    George Peterson uses and lies about people whenever he feels it will benefit him!

    If you are reading here Simon, be very wary of the Peterson’s. I can tell you some things they have said about you; you would not be happy.

    If Gina’s mom does find her way around the Internet I would want her in my arena too. She would know a lot about George Peterson and probably feels really bad for her daughter and grandkids. Go Granny!

  31. LWoo said

    Huh? Who is Gina AND George AND Lauri?

  32. Sus said

    LWoo – Gina Peterson was married to George Peterson. George and Gina divorced. George married Lauri Waring from the Real Housewives of Orange County.

    Gina is going nutty all over the internet saying George and Lauri are eeping their kids from her.

    Gina’s youtube channel –
    Gina’s twitter – @REALexHousewife

  33. Sus said

    I forgot this: RCH posted a blog primer on the whole Gina vs. George and Lauri Peterson

  34. U 2? said

    SUS – Do you have kids? Were they legally kidnapped and abused by their father? If you had exhausted every option available to you thinking the legal system was your friend and would help you and your kids but your ex husband paid to shut you and your kids up would you turn your back and say, Oh Well, sorry kids, I fought for as long as I could, have a great life?!

    Try walking a day in that womans shoes and you might appear a little nutty yourself. Be grateful it hasn’t happened to you. Be extremely grateful you have never had to fight a narcissitic Bully like George Peterson of Centra Realyt and Project Dimensions who alledgedly beat his kids…according to their hand-written letters addressed to the judge!

  35. Sus said

    I don’t know anyone involved U 2. I have read everything that Gina has posted on Twitter and Facebook. I also watched Gina’s youtube videos. She appears nutty to me.

    Her daughter was posting on an another site that Gina never showed up for her supervised visits. It may have been unfair that her visits had to be supervised but I find it weird that she didn’t show up.

    Btw, I also think that George and Lauri are acting just as nutty. I feel sorry for all those kids. No one is the winner in that situation.

  36. U 2? said

    Had you had the opportunity to read one of the emails Bria, the youngest daughter sent to Gina begging her to NOT go to her 8th grade graduation because she didn’t want to deal with George’s drama and that she couldn’t talk on the phone at that time because “They” meaning, George and Lauri were listening, it might help others understand just how horrible it is for a child to grow up in such fear of their father, missing her mother and having the “manipulted” system side with your abusive father.

    The kids and their mom decided for the sake of the kids they would still have visitation in PRIVATE, via the telephone, text msg’s and sending photos via facebook. However, and over 2000 hits later, George was responsible in getting the flickr account as well as the facebook shut down. that is where some of George’s dirty antics were revealed. George must really be in fear not really knowing what else is in store, thus the reason to try to hide the truth!

    For a father to threaten his kids, to interrogate them for hours just for wanting to be with their mother is abuse of a child.

    Slayte, at age 17 1/2 ran away from George’s house, stayed in hiding, orchestrated secret meetings with his mother to prevent his mom from getting arrested….Yes, George would have jumped at that opportunity! At age 17 1/2 wouldn’t you think a young man could have the freedom to be with, live with, and visit his mother? NOT ACCORDING TO GEORGE!!!

    You could have read a lot of information that was provided coming directly from the kids but George made sure to close the curtains on certain Internet venues. But, now worries, the best is yet to come, and there is NOTHING George can do to stop it. His closing accounts, thinking he is hiding the truth, only makes him look even more guilty of the things his own kids have charged him with.

    Stay tuned!

  37. Sus said

    I did read the email that Bria wrote about her 8th grade graduation. It just showed that her parents are allowing her to board their crazy train.

    You didn’t answer my question regarding the supervised visitation. It doesn’t matter what Gina and her kids decide once a judge is involved and issues an order.

  38. U 2? said

    Sus, Do you not believe that corrupt, ruthless judges exist?

    Just forget about it.

  39. Sus said

    Like I said – cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo, oh wait I said nutty.

  40. U 2? said


    Tamra, as much as I detest her vocabulary and her behavior said it best, “You can’t argue with stupid.” Enough said.

  41. […] UPDATE: Real Housewives &#959f OC – Th&#1077 Tamra &#1072nd Simon Texting War … […]

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