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Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight – Riches to Rags

Posted by tinselkitty on April 17, 2011

There will be no mindless watching tonight, my friends, for Alexis is going to school us on the intricacies of real estate foreclosures. There will be a test afterwards so pay attention.

Gretchen’s obsessed with others’ weight, Vicki stirs the pot and a spa getaway for Vicki and Donn proves less than  relaxing. And since I know you want it, here’s another hit –

Bow chica wow wow!


37 Responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Tonight – Riches to Rags”

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  3. Bryan said

    Tamra and Eddie were very funny on WWHL.

  4. G-sus said

    This episode was too much. First and foremost, Tamra needs to realize that it’s not funny or cool to call someone a retard. That makes her dipshidiot #1 in my book. And enough with the ripping on Simon. He is your kids’ dad. Get over your petty BS and start coparenting. You should have told him you went out of the country and given him the chance to keep the kids during that time. Those kids probably are having enough problems, would have kept their life a little more normal while she was gone. Bitch move on her part IMO.
    And Vicki and Don’s date felt more like a blind or first date to me. Too bad that filling Don’s love tank is way down on Vicki’s to do list. I can’t even believe that she said it was difficult to schedule time for him because then it leaves no time for herself. Seems she gets a lot of alone time often when she stays at the office until 1am.
    I am trying to think of anything positive to say about these housewives but it’s hard. Seems each one is more annoying then the other. Bring back Lynn, Jeana, Laurie or Tammy, at least they had some endearing qualities.

  5. Dy said

    I didn’t like the term Tamra used either G. It struck a cord with me. I have heard Gerty use it too in the past(she called Sladester it last season) and I do not like it.

    I felt terrible for Donn, no matter what that guy does, he’s wrong or gets on Vicki’s nerves. Sad. Vicki is not coming across very well that is for sure.

    Gerty is wrong in my opinion to get on Sladester about his weight,I actually felt bad for him, at the Park..Why was he wearing Gerty’s clothes Lol Saving money? Lol.

    AlexAss gets on my nerves.

    You get to see Obnoxious, Passive Agressive Jeana next week..The bitch, sorry I do not like her.

    I did like Tammy Knickerbocker though.
    Laurie..Meh, not so much.

  6. Oy Vey said

    Hi Dy!
    I agree about Gerty at the park. And at the vet, how was that Slades fault? She threw the dog into his arms, how could he catch the other one? Even the vet had the wtf face.

    Vicki needs to get slapped. She is on my last nerve this season. I like Don, and she’s treating him like crap.

    Kind of liking Peggy, she has the best fake smile. I actually like her husband, he’s pretty funny.

  7. Dy said

    @6 Hi OY!!! XO 🙂

    Oh, I forgot about the Vet. Geeze Gerty SMH.

    I realize there are 2 sides to every story,and I’m sure she isn’t the soul reason for their problems. But Vicki,Vicki,Vicki, all anyone is seeing is You being a Bitch!!

    I can’t get a read on Peggy yet, seems ok, but at the same time maybe playing both sides of the fence, hard to tell yet for me.

    Even though Tamera upset me with that term last night. She is still making me laugh this season,and is bothering me the least out of all of them.

  8. Oy Vey said

    True about Tamara, although the whole “Baby” “Baby” thing she and Eddie do gets on my nerves. It’s like they’re in high school.

  9. Dy said

    @8 Oh I know..OVERKILL, Geeze!

    Who was the other housewive tht was on the first season, that moved to Chicago, I can never remember her name..I liked her she seemed normal, nice house, nice family, pretty.

  10. Dani said

    Good evening to everyone.

    Peggy and hubby seem pretty laid back and quirky. Anyway, I don’t get any mean vibe out of them up to this point.

    Tamra needs to watch what she says. Don’t most people realize how offensive that term is? Very classless and insensitive to say the least.

    I thought the argument about the mace was or should have been a nonargument.

    But I have to say that Vicki’s treatment of Donn is the saddest thing I watched on that show. She obviously has chosen not to make her marriage a priority. She is willing to work hard on her career but not her relationship. It is no surprise they are divorcing. I mean that was just painful watching the scene in the restaurant. I think Vicki has unreal expectations of the people in her life

    Gretchen almost made me feel sorry for Slade but then I remember his ill child. Don’t care for either one of them. Gretchen has gone from this care free person to an angry vindictive person IMO. Slade needs to take control of his life and find his manhood again. He can’t be feeling too good about himself.

  11. Dy said

    I had to laugh at the whole testing to see if Micah would be allergic to Gertys lip gloss or whatever..The stuff was sealed..Geeze!! SMH..

    I agree Dani, they are quirky…Nightly BJ’S keep a happy marriage..lmao!!

  12. Bryan said

    @11 Dy, next week’s episode looks like it could be interesting.

  13. Dy said

    Looked like Tamra was working that goop that NeNe uses on her legs last night when she was on WWHL. Too much! I thought they were good on it and funny. Eddie it seems to me does not care for the catty crap of these ladies. Seems he thinks it stupid or something, just an impression I got from his facial expressions and stuff..I don’t know . :/

  14. Dy said

    @12 Hi Bryan

    I didn’t see the previews..Whats up?

  15. Bryan said

    @14, Jeana is back she runs into Tamra at a store, and then later, Lynn is at the gym with Fernanda. mentions something about Tamra liking men and Fernanda says something to the effect, “I cant take this or deal with this” and leaves upset.

  16. Dani said

    Dy, I laughed too because it was at that point I totally got the connection between the two of them. They are definitely on the same page. Yep that and lots of BJ’s make for a happy marriage or at the least a very contented man.

  17. G-sus said

    @ Dy Kimberly, I keep forgetting her. Loved her. This cast is really missing someone who is down to earth and positive.
    Good question about the muscle testing, I wonder if it does actually work if it is sealed in plastic? I actually watched someone get muscle tested once. Very interesting. Someone with fibromyalgia. The doc had them raise their arm and then tested their strength while they were holding things like sugar, flour, etc. in the other hand. It was really interesting.

  18. Bryan said

    @13 Dy, they surprised me especially Tamra she was quite funny especially when she was doing Slade’s little move with those masks, I can appreciate that kind of silly ness, Yes Eddie may just not be into the nonsense.

  19. Dy said

    @15 Bryan Great..Freakin Jeana..Ugh..Wonder what kinda of snide remark is she going to make. Umm Feranda..Whats up with that?

    @16 Dani..LOL

    @17 G..Thanks..Kimberly Brandt. Yea, I wonder about that..Hmm, but maybe if your really really sensitive, I don’t know.

    @18 Bryan..She funny really in my opinion, has some good one liners she just pisses people off alot. Lol. Didn’t Eddie seem like WTF with these ladies?

  20. Bryan said

    @19 Dy, there is a clip over on the bravo site, I think Jeana got some extentions of she is letting her hair grow, something didn’t look right about it.

  21. Bryan said

    @19 Dy, Eddie probably feels a bit out of place , maybe.

  22. Dy said

    @20 Bryan

    I just checked it out..It does look like she has extentions and not very good ones. But I have to say she looks great as far as her weight and dress. Of course she had to make a snide remark about the x thing what does she care, everyone refers to their xhusband as their x..Wtf??

  23. Bryan said

    @22 Dy, yeah she looks good, When she was talking about Simon, I thought, oh not good getting involved with him, this isn’t going to work out well, I understand where she wanted to still befriend him but it seems more like she picked a side , she should have tried to stay neutral.

  24. Dy said

    @23 Bryan

    Yea, and she was like kinda ” put off” that Tamra didn’t say hello or whatever to her, umm why should she, who is she?
    Jeana always has butted her nose in where it didn’t belong she did it with Vicki, Lynn and Gerty also. But then plays like she is all nice and everything to their faces, she got called out by them all the first season Tamera and Gerty were on. She is not a very nice person.

  25. Bryan said

    @24 Dy, hey check this out, this is pretty funny and the fist time I ever heard pregnancy compared to THIS!!!

    If She and Tamra were on the outs, why would she expect her to say hello to begin with? was she suppose to?

  26. Dy said

    @25 Bryan Thanks that was great!…Bwahhh ” Kate’s lips need to assume the stfu postion” lmao!!..

    Yea, I don’t get Jeana, never have. Thinks he can say or do anything,and no one is suppose to react or whatever. In this case Tamera choose to ingore her,and she still had to say something to piss her off something that didn’t concern her, see what I mean?..

  27. Rosie said

    Hi everyone..
    Next week looks good. Dy, you’re right, X or Ex is the fastest, easiest way to describe, well.. an EX.
    I saw the clip of Jeanna, and she seems a little creepy to me. So passive aggressive, as usual..
    Her mid section looked good, but her face did not.
    Is Fernanda in love with Tamra?

  28. Dy said

    @27 Rosie!! 🙂

    Ohh that Jeana just works my last nerve, always the passive agressive bitch. I don’t know about the Fernanda thing, do you think she hasa crush on Tammy Sue?

  29. Bryan said

    @28 Dy, Fernanda probably couldn’t deal with Lynn’s questions, she still seems a bit scattered.

  30. Dy said

    @29 Hi Tinsel..Thats so weird, she knows that she is with Eddie..SMH. Maybe she thinks she’s Bi? I don’t know, I guess we will see whats up next week.

  31. Dy said


    Oh OK Bryan. Thats probably it.

  32. Bryan said

    @31, Dy, maybe she runs out because she has an upset tum?

  33. Dy said

    Yep me too Tinsel..You know Lynne( Cheech, back away from the bong) Curtin.

  34. Bryan said

    @35 Dy, Or Lynn gave her the upset tum reeking of bong water breath, or she ran into Kate Hudson’s womb.

  35. Dy said

    @ 36 Bryan..BWAHHHH!

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