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Now Its Time For Twinkley Tweets… Real Housewives of New York Episode 2 Will Live On!!! In Twitter Thats for sure

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 17, 2011

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Does Sonja still forget Simons name?? Is Dementia setting in?

And Doi!!!


65 Responses to “Now Its Time For Twinkley Tweets… Real Housewives of New York Episode 2 Will Live On!!! In Twitter Thats for sure”

  1. IJS, I vote to make this a regular feature – tweet patrol to showcase the after-show scramble to protect the image.

    Simon had the best tweet.

  2. Tinsle I agree!! P.S. I added u and me to follow on twatter to get up to date on all our illustrious and superficial tweets!!! smooches my cohort in crime!!

  3. carrot said

    Agreed, this would be a good feature for the site, guys.

    If part of Sonja’s contract said -she- was only allowed to speak, then MENY couldn’t very well allow Simon to speak, right? But then again, they initially deemed Sonja more important than any other guest speaker… which, after her “speech”, seemed like the wrong choice.

    and LOL @ Jill just ignoring it all.

  4. Dy said

    Good for Jill,and Sonja for ignorring the JackAss, geeze, always looking for attention and a headache huh Simon? Let it freakin go already you have people on your side, they have been bashing Sonja and want her head over this, and they already hate Jill, what the hell more do you want..I always knew you were a jackass, obnoxious, arrogant and pretentious..umm lets add petty to it also..Grow the F up!!

  5. LWoo said

    Okay, I just watched the issue at the MENA thing and the art event that Sonja had at her home.

    Sonja lost me; she’s turning into a Jill. Instead of listening to Alex’s side, Sonja got RUDE with her, kept cutting her off and telling her that SHE was rude. That was Sonja.

    Alex hasn’t been my fan so far this season, but that one was Sonja. She kept saying that MENA thing was HER day and it was all about HER. I believe she didn’t want anyone else to talk but her, and her speech SUCKED!

  6. Bryan said

    @4 Dy, this is getting stupider and stupider as the days go by. I come here and I have people trying to tell me I am wrong for doubting the sincerity of these two assholes. These two fuckers can’t keep off their twitter to save their life, going on and on about something so ridiculous and petty. Yeah these two may go to various functions for various causes, but like someone else said, and I will say it here, these two tricks will go to an opening of a box. its all show for these two.

  7. Bryan said

    @5 LWoo, it all sucked woo because the people who put it together were idiots, they wanted to get their stupid march on tv so they went to these tricks, and prayed on their vanity and it worked, it got them on tv. It CHEAPEND the whole idea of marriage equality, but it got them on tv.!

    Oh Tinsel, I saw your twitter post begging Simon for an interview, if you get it give him my worst!

  8. Dy said

    @6 Bryan

    I know. Talk about Attention Whore, Simon, I’m looking at you, JackAss!!

    I know, I’m sorry, I am not jumping on the I Hate Sonja Train, just like I never jumped on the I Hate Jill Zarin Train. Ya know next thing you know there will be a freakin Blog.

    I don’t trust their sincerity either Bryan.They would go to an opening of a freakin door and has!

    My mind has never changed about Alex and Simon. Just as it has never changed about Gerty and Bethenny,and Danielle..

  9. Bryan said

    @8 Tinsel, as much as that bitch likes to talk she’ll probably give you a lot more then a few questions too bad you can’t meet that lush in person, feed her some drinks and I bet she would sing!!! =)

    @9 Dy, I’m with you, I have rarely ever been part of the Mobocracy, funny thing about Jill I was over on the Bravo website I and expected to read a bunch of anti stuff on Jill’s blog but it was more positive then usual, or at least they only posted the positive ones. As for Horse and Hound, I do not get why people think these two POSERS, are so wonderful.

    Sonja may have gone overboard with the whole grand marshall nonsense but the other two are worse because they believe they are going good works or at least want people to believe it, After all this twitter bullshit and his ridiculous blog, no way forget it

  10. Bryan said

    Correction: that should be DOING good works not GOING good works although I wish they would go, maybe they should go live in Australia for awhile, far far away, with the wallabys!

  11. Dy said

    @10 Bryan

    Because they do not like Jill Zarin, and make it known every chance they get. They jumped on that train last season ( with the whole Bethenny thing) and has not given up their seat, they are hanging on for dear life.

  12. Dudes.. all the dang housewives tweet.. I just like to pick the most interesting ones.. I omit the Jill Zarins tweets when she informs her fans when she is taking a dump..

  13. Jill Zarin tweeted today her favorite HW blog which I am pretty sure one of her assistants are writing and very interesting no comments are allowed.. Jill is a hack!

  14. G-sus said

    I just have to say this. First, there isn’t one of these women who wouldn’t go to the opening of an envelope. They all name-drop and are me-centered, IMO.
    Second, I don’t see the difference between not liking the continuing antics of Jill or Sonya’s antics last episode and the feelings some have against Silex or Bethenny. We all have our favorites and our not-so favorites. Don’t understand why disliking Jill all of a sudden makes someone Team Silex or a mobocracy. Some may find Jill somewhat endearing, I do not. Just as I am sure there isn’t much that those who don’t like B or Silex find endearing as well.

  15. Testify G-Sus!!! 😉

  16. Sonja’s attempt at staving off the haters…

  17. Simon trying to open another envelope… 😉

  18. Dy said

    The whole Simon and Alex going to a opening on an envelope( crawling through the air conditioning vents to get there if need be) was started by the beloved big mouth Bethenny and picked up by all the NY Housewives,and everyone since..Must be some truth to it.;) Everyone thought it was funny and true, now it’s not? Lol..
    Sonja was great, well liked up until last episode where she God forbid had a Diva moment or 3 and Oh My and it just happen to be against Alex and Simon, how dare she? What will all these Sonja haters do when Alex and her make up? You know they have.Simon is just being a little bitch continueing this bs on twitter, why because well, he is an ass!! Alex hasn’t, got to get her props for that..She posted a picture of her and Sonja and Simon at their premeire party yesterday, saying something like friends get past things or whatever.

    For the record I do not find Jill endearing, she is a Yenta, that at times needs to stuff a bagel in it.

    Sorry, I just don’t hate her for getting in a fight with Bethenny,The woman in my opinion has been through enough..And sorry I will not hate Sonja for being a Diva with Alex and Simon.

  19. Dy said

    Wonder how people would have felt if Sonja had her Diva moments against say..Jill or Kelly..I can just hear it now..They would be all Yay Sonja!

  20. G-sus said

    @ Dy, I guess what I am failing to understand is why it is that when people state their dislike for certain HW, and I use Jill as an example, is it made to seem that it is a direct attack against those who like or don’t mind her? I don’t think people base their dislike of Jill simply on Bethenny, it’s more of a dislike for her overall attitude and behavior. Sonya, she had a bad week and deserved criticism IMO, but I have no doubt she will rebound by the end of the season, that’s how it goes.

    Maybe I am wrong, so feel free to correct me, but when you call people Sonya haters or Jill haters are you talking about people who post on here? I guess that it was is rubbing me wrong. Because I don’t see the difference between the posts of people who comment here negatively about Jill or Sonya, then those who comment negatively about Silex and Bethenny. I don’t think that makes any of us “haters”.

    • G-Sus.. I think Sonja is not going to fare to well this season. I saw a preview of her explaining to Cindy Barshop in a highfalutin tone that there is a pecking order and Cindy is on the down there and Sonja is up here! lol That scene has already been played out!

      I agree with you that my dislike for Sonja so far has been her behavior and its not something I could ever identify with. I liked her last season and we will see what the majority of the fans will think as well. The majority of many different polls favor Alex right now. Actually in the first season I didnt care much for Silex but now they don’t rub me the wrong way either. Either way.. I don’t necessarily hate any of them. I can strongly dislike their tv personna’s greatly as a viewer.

    • G-Sus.. like this hypocrisy!! Jill’s nose must be getting really long now.. 😉

  21. Dy said

    @ G..Oh I disagree..People HATE JILL because of the fight between herself and Bethenny, Aperson even starteda Ihate Jill Zarin Blog oevrthe whole thing and it is very very popular. She was a favorite until she fell from grace last season.

    You are wrong..I am speaking in general G. If I was speaking of anyone particulary I would direct my posts to that person/ persons..

    I read a few blogs and the Jill haters have latched on to Sonja because she had her Diva moments and they happen to be against Alex and Simon( The new Bethenny)..Oh God forbid..

  22. G-sus said

    @ Dy I do think there are people who hate these housewives and take it too far, but I do think they are the minority. I am sure most of these wives have a blog somewhere dedicated to hating them. Most who dislike certain HW and don’t get so personally invested into hating someone they never met.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me, I would hate to be labeled a hater just because I don’t like her. If that were the case, we would all be haters I guess.

  23. G-sus said

    IJS Jill owes her PR team a big fat thank you for their plastic surgery story they planted last week. Maybe Dr. Wexler is picking up the tab? She received quite a bit of free publicity from it as well.

    • Yes she did G-SuS!! I bet that Dr Wexler’s phone is off the hook! But one thing, she is also the Dr to Joan Rivers.. she is a bit over done even thou I love the woman..

  24. Dy said

    @G There IS a Blog I Hate Jill Zarin( right hand to God, on my children) And when it is not all about every freakin thing that Jill Zarin has done( really mean) or spewing all love and light about Bethenny and Alex and Simon. It is actually very good. That is the only Blog that Iam aware of that is like that. This person WAS a big Sonja fan( even interviewed her and raved about her) up until the episode Thursday.

    I don’t get the hate for people you have never met, never did anything to your family etc. I hate none of these housewives / bravolebrities, they entertain me. There are some that I do not like ( Gerty, Danielle, Bethenny, Alex and Simon) but I would never wish them harm, twitter harass them or their families, that to me steps over the line..JMO

  25. IJS @23 – it doesn’t matter how long her nose gets now if she’s got someone handy to fix it.

  26. G-sus said

    @ Dy I am aware of the IHJZ blog, it’s been referenced here several times. I was just trying to say that those who truly hate Jill or whatever HW are the exception not the rule IMO.

    @ TK and IJS Joan Rivers-uffda. Not good. Though she is hilarious. And if Jill truly believes she has more twitter or FB friends because most of them like her, she’s delusional. Everyone knows that in order to comment good or bad on facebook you have to hit “like”. And all these women edit their twitter and facebook to delete any negative comments. And Jill’s bravo blog, uggh, it’s apparent they allow these ladies some leeway in what gets posted and what doesn’t.

  27. Bryan said

    Dy, is right, and you guys can spin it anyway you like it all comes down to Jill’s fight with Snake Oil Saleswoman Frankel, she sold you women on her tale of woe and her ridiculous food eating habits ( yes diet advice from a someone with an eating disorder, the healthy way to go!!) her tell it like it is nonsense. so now anyone that crosses her or her minions like Horse and Hound, how dare they, they must die and those associated with them must like this poor cosmetic whatever, because Jill was her client she will now be torn apart here.

    • Bryan.. your now sounding like telling us that we are a bunch of idiots for being a Bethenny fan.. You seem to be angry that Bethenny has fans. You can hate on her all you want makes no difference to me and I will certainly sleep at night. But now your trying to hard to convince us that we are brainwashed. I nor GSus have truly challenged anyone who is not a Bethenny fan. I just make my peace.

      Who is tearing apart Dr Wexler because her bio was posted to show she is also a surgeon? I dont know what post your reading..

  28. G-sus said

    @ Bryan You just expressed exactly what was rubbing me the wrong way. For some reason because I dislike Jill Zarin then all of a sudden you make the assumption I am a huge B fan, I am not. Why is it that no one can dislike this woman and not be generalized as a hater or a B fan? That is just ridiculous IMO. And honestly, I don’t see many people bringing up B and Jill’s fight, except in comments like yours @ 32.
    I certainly don’t take all your harsh comments about Silex and Bethenny to mean that you worship Jill. So I guess I don’t understand why you are so ready to jump on anyone who comments negatively on Jill or happen to take Silex’s side of a fight like the one with Sonya. Honestly, before I saw that last episode, I was giving Sonya the benefit of a doubt and thinking Alex was going to make an ass of herself again. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could side with Sonya on once I saw the episode.

  29. Passerby said

    I’ve been lurking for quite some time and I find it funny that Dy is constantly telling people to get over it or who cares. Funny because on RT you were famaous for sprewing ‘I hate Danielle’ comments so to me, it seems like when it’s something/someone you’re interested in it’s okay or someone you want to ‘hate’ on(yes, I know you said you don’t hate any of them…so I’m using hate for lack of a better word). Why is it when you don’t care or when you’re over it everyone else must be to? Isn’t the purpose of these blogs to snark, bitch and comment till the cows come home? If not, then what?

  30. Good lord, what the hell? What is the big deal if some people hate on Jill Zarin? No one is going to be universally loved. There are peeps that can’t stand Lisa Vanderpump, and I think we can all admit that she’s pretty goddamned popular. Since there are so many arrows getting tossed around, I’m going to flap my jaws a bit on why I have no love at all for Jill.

    1. She lies. I can’t stand liars. I’ve had too many of them in my life and I am sick of cleaning up their shit. So liars are at the top of my list, always and forever. Jill lied before the Bethenny fiasco. Jill lied during the Bethenny fiasco. Jill lies now. Jill will never stop lying.

    2. She lives according to a double standard. She flips out when people do certain things but when she does it, it’s okay or it’s done for a “good reason”. That makes her a hypocrite. Two strikes on my top three most hated characteristics.

    3. When she gets caught in a lie, she tries to turn it around to make it the other person’s fault. I have never, not once, heard her ‘fess up, apologize and not offer an excuse. She’s done one, sometimes two of those things, but never all three. And when she does apologize, she only does so to get something she wants. It’s not done out of sheer sincerity, it’s done to get the other person to stop being mad at her or because she needs something from them or she’s figured out her image is taking a whacking because of something she did so now she needs to do damage control.

    4. She doesn’t allow others to have their own feelings. As far as she is concerned, if she apologized, you have to stop being mad at her right then and if you don’t, then the apology is retracted. There is no recognition that whatever she did to necessitate the apology might have indeed been a shitty thing.

    5. She doesn’t afford the same luxury to those that offend her. That whole forget but not forgive (I assume she meant it the other way but she said it this way) bullshit is just that – bullshit. When she apologizes (again, not usually sincerely) the issue must be put to rest but if someone does her wrong and apologizes to her, it’s not enough. There must be groveling and pleading and begging and then maybe, just maybe, she’ll consider it.

    6. She keeps saying she’s changed but she hasn’t. She keeps trying to manipulate the public’s perception of her instead of either A)doing some serious self reflection and putting forth the effort to make some real changes or B)admitting that this is how she is and if people don’t like it, telling them to suck it. The middle ground she is trying so hard to force is not working. People keep telling her it’s not working and she’s decided that she knows more than everyone else and no one else’s opinion is worth bupkiss.

    Now, with that all being said, I didn’t like Jill from the get go. She had a huge fan base but I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t hate her but I knew there was something there that I didn’t trust or like. Season 2 was more Jill love and I still didn’t get on board. Season 3 finally put the point on the pencil for me and a whole bunch of other people. Yes, it happened to be Bethenny she went after, but Bethenny is not why I do not like Jill. Had Jill treated any of those women that way, I would have been equally as disgusted.

    So yes, I don’t like Jill. Yes, because I don’t like Jill, and I have the ability to write online about it, I’m going to. Where ever there is a Jill lie to seize upon, you betcha, I’ll be all over it like stink on a skunk.

    However, if Jill were to openly and honestly put some effort into being less of an egotistical, lying bitch, I will absolutely give her a chance. If she quit trying to manipulate her image, I’d drop it. Hell, if she came out tomorrow and said “yep, I’m a first class bitch on wheels” I’d drop it. Because then she’s being honest about it. But until then, she will keep doing one thing while trying to convince us all she’s doing something else. And until then, I will keep on pointing out that no, she’s not doing what she says, she’s doing what she does.

    As for the Dr. Wexler article, Jill’s been pushing her name for a week, obviously trying to get people to hear it. So I looked her up. When I read her bio I was struck by the portions that I highlighted as being things Jill would have been delighted over because those are the same things she does. At no point was I making fun of Dr. Wexler. I was making fun of Jill’s penchant for thrusting herself into places where she might have brushes with celebrity, Jill’s desire to make sure everyone knows she always has/uses the best of the best and Jill’s obsessive Team Jill t-shirt campaign. Period.

    tl,dr – I hate Jill all on her own, not because of Bethenny. I like Bethenny all on her own, not because of what Jill did.

    • Tinsel!! LMFAOO!!!!! I FLOVE IT!! especially the ‘I’ll be all over it like stink on a skunk.” YOUR KILLIN ME!!! Your a proud hater loud and proud!! I FLOVE IT!! honesty at its best and non apollagitic! Girl you own ur bad ass and I want to vampire your ass.. lmaoooo!! 😉

  31. Dy said

    @35 Who are you and why do you care what I post? SMH… Whatever..

  32. No worries, Dy. Drivebys suck but they are usually over quickly.

  33. Dy said

    Thanks Tinsel..I just post my thoughts big deal, nobody has to agree,and I don’t have to agree with anyone..Just find it funny that somone comes on out of “lurking for sometime” to take a shot at me., or anyone for tht matter :/

  34. Bryan said

    G-sus and IJS First hate is a really really strong word that I don’t use because to hate someone you have to let them really get some kind of control over your life., I dont hate Bethenny never did never will I think she is sort of a joke, first and foremost she is an insult to a career I truly love for that she must pay alone. But its been fun watching her slowly unravel and turn into her mother, which is what she is doing. I will give her kudos for selling that crappy booze of her, that was a good move.

    I don’t need to convince any you of anything, Its just my opinion which you don’t like. Just like you do not care for my opinions on Horse and Hound, It was amusing that Simon mentioned Gawkers comment about seeing them at various other LGBT functions, of course they showed up for the cocktail party and the photo op, but do you think they have ever actually volunteered their time to really show their support, I doubt it, yeah show up for the fun but when it comes time to get your hands a little dirty, they couldn’t do it

    This is the kind of stuff that pisses me off, when they use causes that are near and dear to me, and they abuse them, Now Tinsel, reading your paragraph here, It sounds as if Jill has effected your life in some kind of personal fashion, do you know her? has she done anything to you personally all of that is quite telling for someone you watch on tv weekly.

    Or is it just because you’re all sucked into the Frankel Machine you both had to mention how much you like Bethenny and when Jill was mean to miss urchin cuddle bunny last year, all of the B lovers went insane, Blogs of hate were created because of it, people wrote to bravo demanding Jill be removed. Sympathy cards were sent to Zarin fabrics threats were made against her and family ??? WHY???? because it always comes back to little miss B

    All of this passion because two women got into a tiff.

    • Bryan.. Bethenny did not orchestrate any of the actions by others who were not happy with Jill. How would she be responsible for just crying alot of tv over a broken friendship?

      I am an avid viewer and fan of Bethenny’s for all kinds of reason and you seem to really take issue with any fans of Bethennys as sucked into a coma. I have never bought ANY HW’s products what so ever and dont begrudge anyone who does. I have never appeared any any HW event and again don’t begrudge others who do that either. Its a free world to select your tv programs and buy what you want and people shouldn’t be lambasted for it. You seem to be taking this to a level that is somewhat interesting. You are doing the same exact thing that you are acusing others of doing. You are defending a Dr that no one has rediculed and mostly in my opinion, defending Jill Zarins lies that most of us has already seen through. Whats the point? I could care if you like Bethenny or not. I could care if you like Silex or not. Let others have the freedom to express their opinion is really the issue without being disected as a bot of some kind who charges to the flame like a moth on skinny girl Margarita’s. This is getting tiresome. Let others comment as they please with the dignity that they are not in a cult of some kind. Its not respectful to others

    • Nope, Bryan, don’t know her personally at all. She hasn’t affected my life in any way other than giving me crap to write about. I have, however, had way too many people like Jill in my life and I’m sick of cleaning up their messes and getting dragged into shit I shouldn’t be in and wouldn’t be in if it weren’t for others. I’m just sick and tired of hearing how no one hates Jill outside of the Bethenny fiasco. I am perfectly capable of seeing her bullshit and lies and deception on my own, without the Frankel lenses you think I’ve got tattooed on my eyeballs.

      Besides, we write to stimulate conversation. There are plenty of people out there who want to discuss Jill and her unending river of whiny ass me me me shit. If I didn’t write here, I’d just watch her each week, call her a bitch a few times and be on my merry way. If she fell of the face of television tomorrow it wouldn’t affect me in the least. I’d find someone else to write about. I, for one, can’t wait for Taylor’s scheming ass comes back.

      And just to clarify in advance, I hate Taylor all on her own, too, totally independent of Kim. Her treatment of Kim makes her worse, but I find her thoroughly worthy of my venom all by herself.

      Jill is the one that keeps putting on the bitch pants. Tinselkitty is the one who will keep pointing at them and saying “look at those bitch pants!”

  35. Bryan said

    @39 Dy, there is always going to be something coming out from under a rock.

  36. G-sus said

    Sorry Bryan, I don’t get your response. Doesn’t look like you understood what I was trying to say, and frankly, I am tired of trying to explain it. If you want to believe that I don’t like Jill because of B then have at it. But I’ll say it again, the only one who keeps bringing up B and Jill’s fight is you when anyone happens to say something negative about Jill, thus IMO your the one that can’t seem to get past it.

    • touche G-Sus.. no one is really talking about Bethenny in relation to Jill. Jill is still an ass so far this season and mostly an ass for again letting the Bravo camera’s film Ginger licking scooby snacks out of her nose. OFF WITH HER HEAD!! 😉

  37. G-sus said

    Speaking of bitch pants, the first scene of OC tonight looks like both Vicki and Tamra put on their bitch pants, bitch undies, bitch bras, bitch undies, and every single one of their bitch accessories. But of course, their not mean, their just honest.

  38. G-sus said

    IJS, just finished watching the first 15 minutes. If you make your theme bitch pants, you have it summed up. Plus I think Gretchen has her period 365 days a year. She may want to get that checked out.

  39. G-sus said

    Have you watched it yet? I foresee another sit down with Tamra and her kids on how the R word is not acceptable. To me it’s ridiculous that someone still thinks it’s okay to call anyone that. But maybe I am just sensitive, since I have a nephew with Down’s.

  40. Coffee FIRST said

    @36 Tinselkitty,
    I had to dvr the ny epi from Thursday and just watched it tonight. What struck me funny was: Kelly, in a talking head, stated she forgives but doesn’t forget.(I believe it was @the Gucci event in regards to Ramona)
    What strikes me funny is your post@36 and your point#5…I can forgive but I won”t forget Jill mantra and now Kelly. LOL, just make ya go hmmmmm.. 😉

  41. Bryan said

    No Problem. I won’t say anything else about it.

  42. Dy said

    @7 Bryan

    I feel bad. 😦 Sorry you took heat for how you feel and your opinions. You, I feel were no worse than anyone expressing themseleves.

  43. Bryan said

    @8 Dy. Good Morning Dy. Please, don’t feel bad. sometimes its just par for the course.=)

  44. Dy said

    @9 Good Morning Bryan 😉

  45. LWoo said

    @ 7 Bryan: Exactly! I completely forgot what the event was; only that it was for…marriage equality? And I got that from the wedding dresses. Too much reality TV mixed with a good cause. And Sonja’s speech was an insult, imo. I did like that Crazy Kelly tried moving Sonja away from Simon & Alex, but only because I THOUGHT that they would shake up Sonja. Even still, I don’t think she put much thought in her speech anyhow.

    Since everyone’s fussing, I’m going to put in MY 2 cents. I like Bethenny. I like Bethenny because I, like her, don’t like passive-aggressive people. I put it out there and I say what I feel. However, I do have more tact than Miss B. 😉

    I don’t like Jill. Only because Jill is a phony bitch. I do agree with Alex when she said Jill is a mean girl. She is. All that talk about change, but she was talking shit about Cynthia having children at an older age on her own (which I find to be brave). When Bethenny wanted to talk to Jill, Jill had nothing to do with her and ignored her- even playing victim. Then, when Jill wanted to be forgiven, she wanted B to forgive her right then….all while STILL talking shit about her. I hate catty women.

    I don’t like Poo Poo LuAnn. I think she’s a phony broad. If she’s so classy and elegant, why subject herself to a reality show? Not saying that ALL reality shows are bad. But it’s the Real Housewives franchise! I mean, really? She’s so fake bourgeois that it makes me sick.

    I don’t like Kelly because she’s a huge hypocrite. But she’s so nutty that I don’t think she knows what she says herself- like eating gummi bears at the same time she’s claiming she doesn’t eat processed food. And saying that B is a cook when she didn’t even know that B is a chef.

    Alex, I don’t like anymore right now. I think she’s doing too much pot-stirring. I don’t blame her, however, for her fight at Sonja’s. Sonja brought the shit up and, just like Jill, played victim and acted as though Alex came there and confronted her in her home. But Alex should leave the shit alone with Jill and let Jill hang herself; I guarantee it won’t take long.

    Cindy, I like so far.

    As far as the bickering on here: stop it. We like one another too much for it. Do I have to bring out my paddle on you guys?

    P.S. If the lurker wants to come in here and start shit, then let them BRING IT! They will get cursed THE FUCK out! I won’t stand for anyone coming in here talking shit to Dy, Bryan, TK or anyone else from some silly bitch from RT!

    I am LWoo and I have spoken.

  46. Fleur said

    ….everything that LWoo just said!! 🙂

  47. Bryan said

    Okay. Thanks Woo and Fleur.

  48. Fleur said

    TinselKitty, I agree 100%. I don’t like liars or Jill either. I didn’t like her before, during or after the whole Bethenny nonsense. It’s lots of fun to say silly, sometimes bitchy things about these women but I’d never take it so seriously that I would actually get mad about it or wish any of these women ill. If I ever ran into any of them on the street I would be polite and respectful just like my Momma taught me to be. *grin*

  49. Say WHAT ! said

    And I was just going to ask for the two to CHANGE THE RECORD!! I salute you IJS, well said.

    Now…. Bitchy Pants??? Is that like Cranky Pants????

    My husband came home with a double bottle of wine and three boxes of chocolate Marshies.

    Who’s crancky??? ME! lol

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