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The Real Story Here Is That There Were Profits

Posted by tinselkitty on April 16, 2011

Gretchen should have rolled with the princess thing – don’t they get some sort of diplomatic immunity?


Are Gretchen and Slade engaged? According to rumors, the Real Housewives of Orange Countylovebirds got engaged–in front of the Bravo cameras–at the end of season six. A rumor last year, Gretchen Rossi’s makeup line, Gretchen Christine Beaute was, ‘shady’ with the news people who ordered the makeup from Gretchen’s website were instructed to use Slade Smiley’s Paypal address.

One year later Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are now officially engaged in a lawsuit related to Gretchen’s makeup line, Gretchen Christine Beaute, the lawsuit-we’ve seen the documents–filed by Gretchen’s business partner-Gretchen’s long time and now former makeup artist and extremely angry former friend RonAnn Meyers.

RonAnn appeared in season five of RHOOC in Bravo footage which seems to bolster her claim she was a partner in Gretchen’s makeup line. (One wonders if Bravo is happy about having yet another cast member embroiled in a lawsuit where Bravo footage might be aired in court, a la former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Danielle Staub?)

On April 13, 2011, RonAnn filed a lawsuit naming Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley as the defendants in a 37-page lawsuit. Some of RonAnn’s claims: ‘breach of oral contract’, ‘fraud/deceit’ and ‘fraudulent conspiracy’. RonAnn is seeking in excess of $100,000 in damages and a trial before a jury.

In other Gretchen Rossi court related news, Gretchen has until next week to cough up another big chunk of change, over $40,000 to her ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou.

The latest lawsuit involves both Gretchen and Slade as defendants. Slade’s other court case, Slade’s October 2010 court claim he’s too destitute and indigent to pay back child support for his son Grayson who suffers from a rare form of brain cancer. While Slade’s case has yet to be resolved a judge ordered Slade to ‘get a job’ outside of the entertainment and real estate title company business.

Excerpt from RonAnn Meyers vs Gretchen Rossi, Slade Smiley lawsuit:

Over at the Bravo footage vault, scenes from season five, episode 14, the episode where Gretchen and RonAnn worked together on selecting the right shades of makeup and cosmetic containers for the new makeup line.

Season Five, Episode 14


Gretchen Rossi’s long time makeup artist and current business partner, Ronn Ann, discuss preparations for the upcoming Women’s Empowerment Expo where Gretchen will unveil her new makeup line.

In the lawsuit RonAnn claimed she had been Gretchen’s friend and personal makeup artist for seven years.

RonAnn claimed in February of 2009 after RonAnn mentioned she was planning her own makeup line, ‘Wiinks’, Gretchen ‘expressed an immediate interest’ in becoming RonAnn’s business partner.

The partnership was a 50/50 deal in ownership, control, and profits.

Agreeing to ‘pool their resources’, Gretchen and RonAnn each deposited $5,000 in a joint business bank account. RonAnn claimed that at a later date Gretchen cleaned out the account–over $2,100–without informing RonAnn. RonAnn had to pay the overcharge fees and close the account.

RonAnn claimed in February of 2009, Gretchen and Slade Smiley ‘unilaterally moved to change the name of the makeup line’ eliminating ‘Wiinks’.

RonAnn had a long established relationship with Lady Burd, a private label manufacturer.

RonAnn claimed Gretchen and Slade cut her out of the loop, negotiating a deal with Lady Burd Cosmetic’s New York office.

The ‘pesky’ Bravo footage that could be used as evidence against Gretchen and Slade:

A potential witness, Gretchen’s assistant, David Sanders:

RonAnn claimed she has yet to receive one dime in profits.

More Damning Details:

From Hush Hush Hair Salon

RonAnn Meyers is a professional makeup artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She has been capturing beauty and bridal makeup for over eight years. Her training and skills have included studying with some of the most famous makeup artists in Beverly Hills. Along with her years of makeup knowledge and experience, RonAnn has also obtained her esthetician’s license which she uses to sculpt perfect eyebrows for her countless loyal clients.

In those years, Ronann has perfected her talent using a technique known as “Airbrushing.” This look creates a polished but natural appearance rather than a heavy makeup feeling which other makeup brands can produce. A bride should look fresh, glowing, and overall beautiful. RonAnn’s motto is to seize the essence of a bride’s beauty on her most important day.


4 Responses to “The Real Story Here Is That There Were Profits”

  1. Dy said

    She will lose this law suit. She already owes that Jay a ton of money from the law suits he has won against her. She sure is in a pile of Slade! If she used up all the money Jeff left her on all these business’ that she started and these records and such Poor Gerty,she will be the next one to file bankrupcty.

  2. @tweatcyn said

    What a sleezeball couple they are. Great find. thanks for sharing.

  3. Fleur said

    She has awful skin, wears a ton of make up and looks like a horse when she smiles. Who in the world would ever buy anything this woman sells? She and Slade Slimey deserve everything they get, and then some. Any woman who’s stupid enough to be with a POS like him isn’t much in my book.

  4. Rosie said

    Gerty said in last week’s episode, that she’s known for integrity.. Ha! If that’s true, why is she constantly being sued, and losing the lawsuits? She’s ridicules and a bad business woman. She invested in Jo’s music catalogue too, lol, I’m sure the money is just flying in from that BS.
    It was very clear, last season, that the makeup artist, was her business partner.

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