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Watch What Happens Live Recap with Sonja Morgan and David Arquette PLUS After Show

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 15, 2011


Sonja Morgan and David Arquette were Andy’s guest last night after the showing of the second episode of Real Housewives of New York.  It makes complete sense that Sonja was the guest last night since the episode last night was all about Sonja’s day, night, painting blah blah blah.

Most of us were wondering what questions Andy would ask Sonja in regards to her making the March for Equality her moment instead of making it about the cause. 

Andy was pretty slick here in not so much asking questions of his own, but certainly asking questions of viewers which is a pretty effective way of not inserting his opinions and keeping relationships with these crazy batchit housewives.  They fall into his prey every time in his WWHL Extravaganza!!!!

Andy starts out by telling the sheepish looking Sonja who is afeared of receiving a Jill Zarin style onslaught of criticism that people are pretty pissed with her for making the day about her.

Sonja deflects that she is misunderstood and claims she was honored which is being honored makes it her day?  DEFLECT DEFLECT!!!

Andy wants to solicit comments on Alex’s dress and asking David who dresses a bit nutty would not be the best person to ask.  I sort of don’t get all the hoopla about the dress in itself.  We have seen some crazy fashion worn by all the housewives at various times in various seasons and this is not the worst thing I have seen by Alex.  Remember that dress she wore to the event when Bethenny announced her engagement last season?  It was sort of long fringe showing off her ass cheeks by wearing a thong?  Now that would have been something to discuss.

Andy also tried to solicit comments on the Sonja portrait and David was not biting.  Sonja wasnt either!  I just want to know why her legs are so spread apart?  Oh yeah, Sonja said that the artist Brian painted this with HIS vision and she is standing behind the artist.  or under.. or over…

Again.. we have the head shot of Kelly adding some voice of reason here wondering whose day it was because she was marching for marriage equality.   Pigs are flying folks!!

Andy rips into both Sonja and Alex by being quite sarcastic about the tiff and directly asks Sonja while pointing a finger in her face for what does she think about when she saw the episode and I think I can start to see Alex like rashes break out on Sonja’s neck.   Sonja complains that she is embarrassed that she said “I am the Grand Marshall” six times and all of the six times was used in the episode over filming over 7 hours.  Sounds like Sonja is plagiarizing a chapter in Jill Zarins book “Secrets of Editing a Reality Show”.   Andy already dismisses her and moves on..while looking directly into the camera grimacing for what felt like 15 seconds!  

Sonja now spills the beans on the speculation of Jill’s latest work and says she was with Jill at the doctor office and Dr. Wexler is known for injectables?  I have no idea and don’t really care.  So at least we know Jill has had injectables.  Mazel.

Sonja was asked why wouldn’t she let Simon speak?  Sonja states that it was not up to her but only she was chosen to speak.  I do remember Alex telling Sonja that the organizers told Alex to ask Sonja for permission and Sonja would not give it.  Another chapter from Jill Zarin’s book “How to Lie With A Straight Face”

I don’t believe Sonja’s story on how this whole thing unfolded.  She said she was asked to speak at the event way before she signed up for RHONY.  That is possible but that would also mean she did not yet meet Alex & Simon or recognize their name on the committee.  Lets not forget this flyer that was published for months prior to the event that clearly lists Alex as a speaker and makes no mention of a Grand Marshall.  Its clear there was some last-minute changes.  How last-minute I don’t know but something smells fishy in that Sonja Morgan painting  😉

How funny was it when David pipes in on how can anyone not understand Sonja speaking at her own event?  Because it was your event right?  lmaoooooo   Andy nods in agreement.

Now we know that David only watched the episode since he was in the clubhouse and as a person way removed from housewife drama seemed to hit the nail on the head.

Sonja won’t answer the question whether or not she has slept with a woman and I can just say that not answering is answer enough for me!  Sonja has dipped into the lady pond!!!  (allegedly)

Poll Results:  Whose side are you on?   Alex wins with a landslide of 79% of the votes with Sonja only receiving 21% of the votes.  Sonja takes another chapter out of Jill Zarins book “How to get a recount and change results” by asking for a  Zarin style recount!  Sonja tries to explain that people are not aware of the behind the scene’s that make up for what is eventually aired.   Sonja has studied Jill well.

After Show Video’s below! 




Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


 Update:  I just went to read the blogs and found this hypocrisy:

Sonja’s blog excerpt:

Marriage Equality of NY did not cancel Simon after booking him to speak. I would never muscle someone out, and push my way in. Not my style. He was NOT speaking when MENY first asked me to speak in the spring, and they made that clear to me when I asked who I would be slated to speak with and who my company was. They told me that I would be the only one from our show. MENY had let me know that Alex planned on marching and that Jill would be on the printed materials. They had said they would be happy if I marched, but it was not necessary.

Didn’t Sonja say on WWHL that she was asked to participate in the march way before she even signed up for RHONY and before she knew she was filming and hammered out the deal then?  Sonja needs to learn the art of keeping her story straight.   I already see an explosive reunion just two episodes in. 


12 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live Recap with Sonja Morgan and David Arquette PLUS After Show”

  1. @tweatcyn said

    David was pretty funny for sure.

  2. Bryan said

    He was cute, I would go out with him, he needs to swtich teams, the sex would be better and I heard he’s been horny.

  3. […] Watch What Happens Live Recap with Sonja Morgan and David Arquette PLUS After Show […]

  4. margiella said

    She did lie about saying she signed on before RHONY. She totally contradicted herself when the caller called in from Louisiana and she said she wanted to make sure they just were not picking her because she was on the show….I was disappointed that Andy did not catch that or just decided not to call her out about it.

    • Marg I agree! again Sonja took out another chapter from Jill Zarin book.. “Lie with a Straight Face”!! WHen will these women learn humility and simply say that you may of been wrong.. or maybe over reacted.. or maybe is a natural born ass!! 😉 I think people would respect that more then a cover up and blatant lie.

  5. Oy Vey said

    Didn’t she even say in her “room” that they just called her and asked her. She really needs to learn to lie beter! About this crap, we all know she lies about the men she “sleeps” with.

  6. Oy Vey said

    The sad thing is Kelly plays on both sides of Pysco Street, and she is the voice of reason. “I was here to march”! Good for her (right now)!

  7. Oy Vey said

    Oh FU Sonia, when I was (with you sort of) I didn’t get freaking fillers! I age the way God intended me to, wrinkles and all!

  8. Oy Vey said

    oops………25 or whatever……………

  9. zando said

    @Bryan: Well if you take Courtney Cox’s word for it, he is supposed to be quite endowed. Can you handle it ;-)?

    Yeah Sonja is a major liar but then again so are all of them. That’s the whole drama. I mean come on, Luanne? Bethany has a horde of her own issues but calling her a snake was spot on. Because that’s what she is, a snake.

  10. Dd said

    Sonja says she was asked to speak at the march well before she was on the housewives, but then later says she thought they asked her because she was on the housewives. she lies.

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