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Real Housewives of New York Recap – “March Madness” & Grand Marshall Boneheadedness

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 15, 2011


Real Housewives of New York City episode 2 aired with (1.856 million viewers, #4; adults 18-49: 0.9, #3) which is down from last weeks ratings of (1.965 million viewers, #6; adults 18-49: 1.0, #T4).  I guess people were not as interested as in who was a “Thug in a Cocktail Dress” even thou we are not sure who that is yet but we can surely assume.  

We start out this week with LuAnn, Kelly and Jill gathering at Sonja’s home to prepare for the Marriage Equality March as we learn that Sonja has been appointed as the Grand Marshal being she is such a ‘gay icon’.   This is the first time I am hearing that Sonja is a ‘gay icon’ and me thinks she has delusions of grandeur since being knighted ‘Grand Marshall’.

Since when is Kelly the voice of reason to establish that they are there to march for marriage equality and not to promote themselves.   I find it odd that LuAnn says that Alex is taking this way too seriously and acting like an infomercial for gay marriage.   At this point I don’t have an issue with Alex promoting equal rights for anyone.   Some people just have the attitude that if it doesn’t affect them, it’s not a big deal.   Something also tells me LuAnn is just along for the ride and not really passionate on anything that is not countess related. 

Sonja is announcing over and over that she is the “Grand Marshall” and I am wondering if she thinks everyone is deaf.   The girls arrive to the event and Sonja is acting like the queen has arrived and eventually does the queen/pageant wave!

Alex learns from Simon that changes has been made as to who is appointed to give speeches and it appears Sonja told the organizers she wanted to be the only speaker for the housewives.  When confronted, Sonja admits;

 “Yes, it’s about me coming to speak”

Sonja then goes on about that she received documentation that only she was invited to speak.  SONJA IS A BIG FAT LIAR!   How much attention could one want on a day that really is not about you Sonja?  Here is a link to the actual flyer where there is no  mention of a “Grand Marshall” and it clearly lists Alex as a speaker.  At this point it really doesn’t matter since there were many qualified speakers, but this surely demonstrates how selfish Sonja is and also.. is A BIG FAT LIAR!!

Alex Glares at Sonja

 I would be guessing to say, but it appears Simon and Alex have been totally invested in the ’cause’ and seemed excited to participate and help make a difference especially since they are supporting very close friends of theirs.   The let down was not easy on the surrounding folks or the viewers.    I have some questions on people who are on the committee.  Does being on the committee mean you are lending your name or helping to organize the event?  I saw Kandi Burress and Kim Zolciak names on the list and didn’t see them at the event.  Is that was Jill means about a ‘Honoray Committee” list?   Very admirable of you Jill Zarin to announce that you are an “Honorary Committee” perp, who in reality, does nothing.  What’s the point?

Alex pleads with Sonja to allow Simon to give his speech and she flatly denies them.   Sonja wants Alex to suck it up while swallowing the pill and support her in her grandiose day.   What was this day about again?  Alex and Simon can’t seem to let this go and try their best to ensure that Sonja gets flustered.  Even LuAnn takes a stab at Sonja trying to convince her what the meaning of the event is for!   Sonja is not shaking her reigning moment and is trying to maintain her stoic look of.. HEY!! ITS ALL ABOUT ME!!!

Jill finally arrives with Ginger in tow because next Jill will be on the committee to March for “Dog Equality” for licking nostrils and hoping to snag a boogy scooby  snack.   Seriously Jill? 

Alex approaches Jill to thank her for coming and asked her if she was speaking at the event and right out of the gates Jill starts yelling at Alex for some misunderstanding that she would be attending the event. Why does that really matter now since she is there?   Jill then says Alex is making a big issue of it.. and to “WEAVE ME AWONE’!!!  and to stop picking on her.   What the hell is Jill talking about?  Alex just asked her if she was speaking at the event and it all went further south.  or north if you’re looking at Ginger above. 

Jill then says to Alex, “lets just have a good time” now that I tore you too shreds unprovoked.  I have said it once and I will say it again, Alex is no match for Jill since Jill truly is a master manipulator at picking a fight and making it look like the other person started it, looking like the victim and she nows appears like the bigger person for wanting to let it go and have fun.  I have a desire to slap some Jersey into Alex to even up the playing field.

Sonja starts her speech to “say something that’s on my mind..”  She announces the word “Lurrrrve”  and flashes the peace signs.  lol  As soon as this happened I thought she was going to start to quote  “The Princess Bride”;

“Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam… 
And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…
So tweasure your wuv….”


They finally begin to cross the bridge and I don’t ever want to see these ladies in wedding dresses again.  I am so over this whole scene and issue’s with issue’s and causes and dog lickin.

We finally get to a scene with Cindy Barshop and again.. BORING!!!  The only thing that stands out in my mind is Cindy’s inability to engage in a conversation and has the attention span of a 2-year-old.  end scene.

Crap, we now have a reception at Alex and Simons and we still get to see the wedding dresses.  Champagne is popped and here we have Jill telling us she doesn’t want to hold onto petty issues.   I am pretty sure Jills middle name is ‘petty’ and I don’t think its going away anytime soon.

Alex and Jill decide to try to work things out after Jill’s trip to Australia and then Alex tells her son not to crawl up Jills leg!   Simon now gets to give his speech and he is trying to make a point that when he came to America and if he was a gay man, he would not have been able to obtain a green card or citizenship. 

Immigration is a Federal issue, so even in the states that allow same-sex marriage, you cannot get your same-sex partner citizenship.  I believe this was Simon’s point and now Sonja turns it into Simon announcing he is gay.  Are we sure Sonja is up to date on such issues and was rightly awarded the title of “Grand Master”?  Maybe for the gentleman’s club but not for the days events. 

Sonja now is getting a preview of the portrait Brian is painting of her.   Sonja thinks she looks 80 years old and doesn’t understand its a rough sketch.  She wants Brian to shave 40 years off the painting as well as give her a boob lift.  Can I also suggest to shave off the tip of her nose?  It really bothers me.

LuAnn and Sonja have lunch and Sonja refers to Alex and Simon as “Bridezilla and her Man”.   She now proceeds to tell LuAnn how she wants to be treated with respect?  How does that work for Sonja?  She can be as disrespectful as she wants but then demands respect from all.. because….  can anyone answer this for me?   I have never seen a bunch of women with the most entitlement and self-importance issue’s grace a reality show.  They really give faux socialites a bad name.

Very interesting here at this lunch.  LuAnn now says that Alex was annoying and going after Jill, but just earlier she stated in her one on one interview that Sonja was wrong in thinking this day was all about her and that everyone should have the right to speak at the event!  LuAnn is so two-faced and won’t really speak her mind to Sonja but really looks like the girl who will support you to your face while getting information out of you for a later time.   What really get’s me is LuAnn saying this:

“Alex finally found her voice but her voice is aggressive?  And no matter how hard she tries to climb up that social ladder, once you get to the top you have to be comfortable with who you are and she’s not that person”

Isn’t there a chapter in LuAnn’s book that talks about how to not compare yourselves to others in relevance to “I’m up here and your down there”?  Does New York City have a secret caste system that I am unaware of?

At the Gucci charity event, Alex fills in Ramona of the March Madness and it appears Ramona does not want to get involved and I can’t blame her.   Sonja and Kelly arrives and Sonja thinks everyone wants to talk to them.  Do you think it has to do with the camera’s following you Sonja that attracts attention?  Sonja now thinks she is a super model and is lapping up the attention.  Ramona didn’t invite Kelly to sit at their table and she is starting a Ramotional moment and decides to place a card for Kelly.   Obviously the women never confronted Kelly from the St Johns trip and some of the women are gun-shy around Kelly and I would be too.   Ramona speaks to Sonja about the Wedding March fiasco right in front of Alex and Simon and Sonja makes it clear that Alex and Simon better never disrespect her again because she won’t have it.  So.. what does that mean?   I have a feeling we are going to find out.

Sonja who is all over this episode and having the most ME ME episode, is hosting an Art Party where she will be unveiling a portrait of.. yep you guessed it, HERSELF!  I don’t know about you guys, but Sonja may be running neck and neck with Jill for the most self-serving housewife. 

Alex enters the party to be immediately lambasted greeted by Sonja.

“I adore you,” she begins. “But wanted to say that I don’t ever want to have Simon – is that your husband’s name? – Simon, in my ear like that again. That was horrible!”

“Actually what was horrible,” Alex spits back, her eyes blazing, “Is you hijacking the entire event to make it about you and not marriage equality.”

Now Sonja has been filming for 2 seasons now and she forgets Simons name?  Or more like.. your husband whose name is not worthy of mentioning because he wears rainbow sparkly jackets to support gay events….   hey.. I’m just saying….

Alex then tries to explain her side of the story, but Sonja cuts her off and says that when the organization approached her, she merely told them she would only speak if it were as Sonja Morgan, philanthropist, not Sonja Morgan, “Real Housewife,” alongside her fellow reality TV stars.

Alex tries again and again to say her piece, but Sonja isn’t having it and Alex gets the boot!  Alex is like a dog after a bone trying to jam some sense into Sonja’s highfalutin noggin and now refuses to leave until she utters ‘marriage equality’ for the 50th time!

LuAnn gathers inspiration from her book,  The Countess of Class with;

“I don’t know what Alex was wearing to Sonja’s party, It was some sort of S&M bondage thing. I would have kicked her out just for the dress.”

Sonja keeps talking about wanting to enjoy her day, her night and so far this entire episode is all about Sonja.  I think every minute of every day is all about Sonja in her world.

Sonja said she was so nice and so respectful to Alex and it completely came out of nowhere!!!  Sonja.. you started it! 

The painting unveiling had left most of the guests speechless and garnered a lot of criticism in regards to whether or not it was flattering.  I am just going to say it.  Sonja looks like she is airing out her girly region for various reasons and I dare not to explain. 

 Update:  I just went to read the blogs and found this hypocrisy:

Sonja’s blog excerpt:

Marriage Equality of NY did not cancel Simon after booking him to speak. I would never muscle someone out, and push my way in. Not my style. He was NOT speaking when MENY first asked me to speak in the spring, and they made that clear to me when I asked who I would be slated to speak with and who my company was. They told me that I would be the only one from our show. MENY had let me know that Alex planned on marching and that Jill would be on the printed materials. They had said they would be happy if I marched, but it was not necessary.

Didn’t Sonja say on WWHL that she was asked to participate in the march way before she even signed up for RHONY and before she knew she was filming and hammered out the deal then?  Sonja needs to learn the art of keeping her story straight.   I already see an explosive reunion just two episodes in. 


31 Responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap – “March Madness” & Grand Marshall Boneheadedness”

  1. Bryan said

    Hopefully what it means is that Sonja does something worse then murdering them and that is black balling them in NY society, that would kill them both since they spend large amounts of time sucking up to the rich.

    They need to stay in Brooklyn where they belong!

  2. Dy said

    @1 Bryan..LMAO!

    Sonja was in her Diva Mode, Smell Me. Alex and Simon were in their Obnoxious, Pretentious, Arrogant Mode. Get over Yourselves!

    ” Sonja looks like she is airing out her girly region”.. LMAO!

  3. When exactly did Alex find her voice in St. John? She was pretty quiet for the bulk of that trip from what I remember. What am I forgetting?

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  5. @tweatcyn said

    Great recap. Love the Princess bride dialogue and the Porky Pig ending. LOL!

    • Thanks Cyn!! seriously.. I immediately thought of the “Mawidge” dialogue. 😉 I first ended with th th thats all folks and thought.. ya know. there is a pic out there somewhere..

  6. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    ok,,on my soapbox and then u are all rid of me,,,,I so agree with your recap IJS,,,these are points I tried to make ,,but you did it so well..I found Sonja offensive and ignorant,,”our gays?” that is as offensive as Trumps saying “the blacks”. So what if Simon came out? would Sonja bolt for the door? Laugh? And this is the gay icon?,,give me a break. If this is society, I’ll be a peasant and love it.

    We have a friend who came out to his family before he went to college,,,to keep this story short,,well his parents disowned him,,so when he came home for break or summer,,he stayed at my Dad’ he has HIV,,do u think they are going to accept him ever? It’s sad and he is just the best person…when they make light of gay marriage,,,I think of the poem “Then they came for me,,by that time there was no one to speak up for me…

    There is a group..Christian conservatives who want to stop using the word gay..because using gay was conceding ground,,they should instead use “same sex attraction” or and I quote “engaging in same sex intercourse or sodomy”…how intolerant can we get?
    I know it’s just a tv show,,but if you are the grand marshall,,have some empathy…

    ok,,that’s all I have to say,,I’m off my soapbox….and OUT

  7. Bryan said

    @8, Olive, this is what I am talking about people being fashonably bi and fashonably gay. Sonja is no gay icon, she was stupid enough to believe that, because those queens that were running that walk of lame, are obviously huge bravo fans and thought somehow these women and Simon and his ridiculous wardrobe are relevant to the cause. Also I doubt the sincerity of Alex and Simon support for gay issues, these two seek the limelight like any moth seeking a little bit of light

    Our society is full of people who just cannot wrap their head around a lifestyle that is not condoned by most clergy. Olive it’s sad about your friend who’s family shunned him, but I have to tell you, that’s a story that’s sadly been repeated so many times. I have met so many gays and lesbians over the years who have experienced the same sort of rejection. It took me a long time to decide to come out to mine. I was lucky in the sense mine had a feeling I was, my sister always had a clue. So my story had a more positive outcome.

    So when I see this kind of bullshit, on these shows where you have a bunch of “well meaning breeders” using Issues we ( gays and lesbians) take very seriously, for their own selfish gain. It pisses me off, but in the long run its not Sonja’s fault its not Alex or Simon’s fault its the fault of the organizers, Who think these people matter and that they have some kind of message that is relevant, I mean we heard Sonja’s message, what the fuck!?!?! and Simon???? I think Simon’s would play better for those with Immigration issues.

    The Organizers didn’t fully instruct these people on what was expected of them, I doubt those two queens at Simon’s and Alex’s really gave a damn they were probably more excited to be drinking champagne with these women, how it looked to me.

  8. Dy said

    @ Bryan…Amen Baby

    If the organizer REALLY wanted Alex to speak,( then Alex decided she wanted Simon to speak instead) they would have had him speak. No G.M. would have been able to veto anyone from speaking.. But then again $onja just might have cut a bigger check.. ;)..It happens.

    Anyway it seems that they have gotten past the bullshit,and are friends again.
    Geeze it’s over, MENYgate is over.

  9. Dy said

    The organizer probably gave $onja the G.M. status because she cut a big check, JMO. Also on the Flyer when listing the speakers, it says subject to change.

  10. Brooklynite said


    Your dislike and disgust for Silex is evident, however it is unfair to make light of the work they have done for marriage equality and other gay issues. While you may believe they are searching for the limelight, I have to say gay issues just aren’t as sexy as you believe. Why paint themselves as activists for a cause that is looked down on by the society you claim they strive to reach? They could easily be working on Cancer Cures, Juvenile Diabetes, Restoring Architechture or Scholarships for the “poor”. Why rally for a bunch of queers, going to any and all events to lend support and call attention to the rights of gay men and women? Probably because they love and support members of this community and want them to have the respect and rights given to all people regardless of sexual orientation. Unlike the other housewives Alex doesn’t treat her gay friends as pets or accessories to be trotted out when they need a plus 1, adoration, styling, hair or makeup. To dislike Silex is fashionable, however to ignore their dedication to the gay community in order to pay homage to egotistical shrew like Sonja is reprehensible.

    BTW one thing they are not making more of in NYC is land. Those looking for a home go to Brooklyn, while those looking for a shoebox stay in “the city”. Likewise Silex has earned their home, while Sonja, Jill and Kelly screwed nasty old men for theirs and Luman screwed an old man in a rental! LOL

  11. @ Brooklynite !!! LMFAOOOO!!!! TOUCHE TOUCHE!!!!!! I appreciate the work Simon and Alex do for the gay community and not everyone has to agree, but it appears to be genuine to me since we have seen the friends in previous seasons way before this march was planned and why even doubt the sincerity?

    I think Simon’s message was certainly slated to something he identifies as an immigrant which is another point of view or fact with current human rights that don’t exist in the US regardless of state laws.

    I am not gay nor have immediate family members who are but it doesn’t mean you have to be in order to support the cause of obtaining dignity in the country by law. I do not begrudge others who support their family & friends in doing so.

    I actually thought Simon wearing the “rainbow” inspired jacket which is the symbol for diversity and inclusivenes was fun and supportive.

    olive – I appreciate the line from First They came… – Pastor Martin Niemoller

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me

  12. G-sus said

    @ Brooklynite Nicely said about Silex not just using their gay friends as accessories.

    It would be refreshing if these ladies didn’t require their asses to be kissed in order to participate in these events. If being named Grand Marshall, be told you are a gay icon, and require that they are only interested in you and not any other HW’s is the reason why Sonya agreed to participate then that is a damn shame. Sonya even said, I was told that Alex would be marching and I said it was “okay”. WTH, did she have to approve all that marched as well? I agree with Bryan, these organizers should grow a pair and not cater to the egos of these women to get them to participate. Instead they should set the rules on how THEY will allow people to participate in THEIR event. They all have it ass backwards.

  13. Simons Episode 2 blog and today’s update

  14. Bryan said

    I do not see these two as noble as you seem to think they are, sorry I just do not buy any of it, Brooklyinite, good spin, and I hope for your sake your a gay or lesbian. I will say this, I would like to believe it, I would like to believe they care, I would like to know they do this without the camera’s around. but I am finding that a tough one to buy.

    Your comment about me thinking marriage equality is “sexy”, I don’t you know where you pulled that one out of but I wish people like Adam Bouska would not turn this into some kind of tittilating issue. To me its a very serious issue

    Now as for Alex and Simon, well especially Alex she has become a shrew as of late she seems to be going around with a massive chip on her shoulder left their from last season. She found her voice, she should be happy about it instead she seems to be angry all the time for the last few episodes, and from what it looks like it continues. Jill is going to be Jill, live with it, so are the rest, be happy your healthy have a loving “husband” and two healthy boys although naming them what she did, is still criminal. and your on a TV show, forget the others!, she doesn’t

    Now the whole argument with Sonja at her party did seem to come out of left field but Alex should have noticed with her new found senses that this woman was not to be reasoned with and she was asked to leave, she should have left, but she didn’t and probably made matters worse. When someone wants you out of their home you better fucking GO!!!

    I’m still with Lulu on the dress it needed to go mainly because she didn’t look good in it, she has the wrong body type to pull that off I think she doesn’t have the attitude or the confidence to carry something off like that. And lets face it we watch these shows to comment on their behavior and in some case poor dress sense. They need to stay away from serious real issues.

    Also Fashionably Bi and Gay has to do with people saying they are either , I have seen this happen more so with women claiming to be Fashionably Bi, because its the IN thing, I have heard of a few men doing this but its very very rare.

  15. Bryan said

    Oh how nice more spin from Simon!

  16. Dy said

    Wondering why MENY didn’t ask Alex and or Simon to be Head Honchos, them being so involved in the “Cause” and or Other Gay Issues? Just wondering..

    When Sonja said to Alex at her party..”Simon, is that your husbands name” ( bitch move, not necessary in my opinion) Alex should have said something like “Wow, yes that is my husbands name and your remark was not necessary. I am leaving now, have a good evenning”. And freaking left, period, that is how you handle a bitch move like Sonja did, not argue,cause a scene and have to be told to leave multiple times..Sonja would have had egg on her face and Alex would not have looked so freakin pathetic.

  17. Dy said

    @16 Bryan..Simon needs to let the shit go.. Geeze!!

  18. Dy.. I am wondering if a large donation was made from Sonja that stealed the deal for her being the grand poopa of the event.. I dont think we will ever know.

  19. Dy said

    @19 IJS..Thats what I said at 9&10.Especially the reason why Simon was told no about speaking, and Sonja being G.M.

    It was mentioned in a previous post by another poster that Simon and Alex have worked hard for M.E. and other Gay Issues, the article that the Gawker said they are big supporters og the Gay Comm ( or words to that effect). They have been on the NY housewives longer,have had a ton of exposure, alot of fans ( not me, but who cares they don’t need me ;)..Why did MENY ignore them and ask Sonja in the Spring of last year? SMH..Something isn’t right.

  20. DY I agree.. Something surely is fishy and I am not talking about Sonja’s painting 😉

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  22. Dy said

    @21..I don’t know IJS, maybe they are not respected in the community. I just don’t get if they are so active, why were they snubbed?

  23. G-sus said

    @ Dy and IJS, It’s probably because unlike Sonya they don’t make demands on how and if they will be involved. Alex was on the committee and probably asked or agreed to speak. Silex may be annoying, but IMO they aren’t diva-ish.

  24. Bryan said

    I have a question, why after a unflattering diva moment, is Sonja public enemy number one?

  25. G-sus said

    Don’t think she is PE #1 Bryan. She was just the focus of this episode, so the focus is on her, next week everyone will be on to the next one who decides it’s their week to make a spectacle of themselves.

  26. Dy @17, I haven’t heard bitch move in forever but I can’t think of a better description for Sonja “forgetting” Simon’s name. That’s another phrase going into rotation in my vocabulary. Thanks!

  27. Dy said

    @25 Bryan

    She is not public enemy number one to me..I’m not fickle like that. I like Sonja always have, is she arrogant and full of herself, yes, we all saw that last season( thats why I get a kick out of her) I said the other day she had Diva moment or 3 big deal, they all have them.

  28. Dy said

    @24 G.

    I really do not think she made demands. I think she cut a big check and was given the G.M.Role,and only speaker role out of the group. The flyer itself states Alex ( among others as speakers) but it also states subject to change)

    Simon and Alex may not be Diva-ish, but they are Obnoxious, Arrogant,and Pretentious.


  29. BelaOne said

    Yes, I too agree that Sonja must have cut a very big check and therefore made some demands. I do think, however, that both Simon and Alex felt more passionately about the cause. I think Sonja should have found a way to let them know prior to the the event…..a phone call the day before could have sufficed.

    I have liked Sonja from the beginning and still do, but I do think she handled the whole incident poorly. And her inviting Alex to her shindig only to berate her and throw her out was in VERY poor taste.

    I had to re-watch the episode again, especially, the scene where Simon gives his much anticipated speech. At first I thought he was saying something about wishing Alex was Alexander instead of Alexandra, but what I got from my third viewing was that he said when he met Alex, (thank goodness) she was Alexandra and not Alexender because the would have been able to marry and stay in the country…..which to me was his attempt at connecting with the MENY cause…..whew!!! But, I don’t think he was clearly thought out. It could have been because of the disappointment of not speaking after all.

    LuAnn is becoming a real snub. It is at times like these that I wish Bethenny was still on the show because only she knew how to put both LuAnn and Kelly in their places…….

    Anyhoo…..RWHNYC is way more interesting than OC right now……

  30. LC61080 said

    Well I loved the ref. to “The Princess Bride”…

    How much effort do you think Sonja put into that speech? A 5th grader could have said something more heartfelt and inspiring if you asked them to speak about something they were passionate about…”unicorns and glitter”? Anyway the pissing contest between S and A wasn’t appropriately matched, Alex was drowning to try and make a point which was valid and Sonja being Sonja wasn’t going to listen or have a normal conversation like a human being…instead all we heard was “me, me, me, I, I, I, this is my day, rude, no manors and get out of my house”…when in doubt kick them out of your house instead of using your big girl words…NICE JOB

    Luann is SO BORRRIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGg….every time she has a segment I fast forward. She’s always preaching about what’s right and how to act and what to say…etc…I’m over it and she’s annoying. She should go back to the noble court that doesn’t exist in the USA.

    Jill, what can I say I’m a member of the group “I hate Jill Zarin” so that about sums it up.

    Love the recap and look forward to reading all the time pending I can find the most recent blogs…as we discussed on twitter this is a weakness I have.

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