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Did You Hear About Jill’s New Yoga Routine?

Posted by tinselkitty on April 15, 2011

It’s a whole lot of stretchin’ and reachin’. Jill is doing a live UStream broadcast on Thursday nights and that nice lady there, @PutYourHairUp of the blog Reality Crack House (formerly RealCityHousewife) took one for the team and tuned in to get the goods. This was her tweet shortly after the Sonja/Alex poll results were announced. Ray Kurzweil was right, the Singularity is upon us. I, for one, welcome our new robotic Simon overlord and will be purchasing a pair of official red leather pants tomorrow in celebration. Cheers!

FYI – just because I included a link to PYHU’s blog doesn’t mean you have to go over there. It’s not funny. Or sarcastic. Not at all. Really, she’s just a horrible writer. Trust me. I am doing you a favor by shielding you from the horror. Stay here. I’m the funny one. Trust me. You can trust me. I wouldn’t lie. I mean, c’mon, she so shifty she wears her sunglasses in her Twitter avatar. How can you trust someone like that over a fluffy, sparkly cat like me? No, don’t go! Don’t click on it! Arrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!


16 Responses to “Did You Hear About Jill’s New Yoga Routine?”

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    now I know why Jill and Kelly get along,,they are both crazy

  2. G-sus said

    If anyone knows about how to try to sway polls it’s Jill. She’s just pissed that her PR robo-team let her down when it was Jill vs. Ramona.

  3. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    so true G-sus…those social climbing remarks they make,,,omg,,Jill was working in a store,,her sister reminded her that she was “regular” person,,but Jill said I don’t keep up with the Jonses,,I am the Jonses..Sonja maried an 80 year old..that’s not social climbing,,sleeping with grandpa?

  4. Dy said

    Uggh..How freakin stupid!! Geeze!

  5. Rosie said

    @3.. Olive
    It really bugs me when the women make remarks about Alex being of a lower class..
    Jill, Lulu & Kelly, and Sonja all married men that were/are very old for them, which is how they gained their status (or semi-status).

  6. Bryan said

    @5 Rosie, sometimes the truth is more painful, Alex is lower class, she is a peasant.

  7. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    @5 Rosie,,I agree,,,that remark at that weeding that it was so above Alex,,just really bugs me,,,they all married grandpa,,,and what is the difference between them and a mistress or prostitute is they married the guys,,big whoop…I am really not liking Sonya this year and last year I liked her…

    Ramona is hard to take some time,,but she tells u in no uncertain terms what she is thinking..(except when she got caught talking about Cindy’s brother and his girlfriend and cigar gate)..

  8. @tweatcyn said

    Fanny Brice was a major Diva Biotch last night. What an ego she displayed. She contradicted herself on WWHL about when she was contacted for the Grand Marshall position and how it came to be that she was the only one to speak in her group. What a liar and drunk driver. I lost all respect for her after her DUI arrest and this solidifies it.

  9. Fleur said

    LOL Olive, Dy and Bry I agree. Kelly’s Krazy is contagious. I just find Jill Zarin fake, bratty and immature. She said before that she wasn’t popular or well liked in school. Well, duh! She’s not popular or well liked NOW either. I would never want to be friends with someone that shallow and backstabbing.

    TweatCyn, it looks like Sonja Morgan’s showing her true colors this season and they aren’t pretty or classy at all. She might live uptown but she’s got the morals of a $20.00 Street Ho. And that picture of her was awful! I think that Alex’s anger regarding the ME March was justified but I would’ve directed it at the people in charge and not Sonja even though she was perfectly bitchy. Whoever was running the event was who accepted Sonja as a speaker and agreed on the terms. That’s who I’d have raised hell with.

  10. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    @9..omg Fleur,,u made me choke on my soda,,, laffing,,too funny,,,what I don’t get ,,why was Sonya so insecure that she needed to know who was speaking from their group and why did she have a need to be the only speaker? Her answers on Andy’s show did not fly…and I totally liked her last year,,just goes to show how TV changes people.

  11. Bryan said

    @10 Olive, I have to agree, I don’t know what the heck got into her about that silly march, what is it with these new york queens of all people to ask to speak at something like this but those Sonyak, Horse and Hound, but I do highly approve of removing unwelcome sex workers who crash parties,

  12. Dy said

    Who knows, Sonja had a freakin Diva moment for the cameras. Seems like it was a competetion for who could act the fool the worst for the cameras, Simon and Alex win in my opinion.
    LuLu and Kelly were the voice of reason there, again in my opinion.
    I don’t care I still like Sonja,I think she is a hoot!

  13. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    @11 Bryan,,I’m lost,,who is a sex worker crashing a party?

    I hope Sonya gets back to being a hoot Dy,,,I don’t like a diva,,,I go back and forth on NeNe,,maybe Sonya did have her Diva moment,,but I thought she was so great handling the whole St. Bart’s thing last year,,it was strange seeing her like this,,I didn’t think she took herself so seriously and loved that about her,,,,ok we’ll see,,,

  14. Dy said

    @13 Hi Olive..Bryan is talking about Alex

    Sonja is a hoot to me, no eles has to think it.I like her. I realize that she got fans panties in a bunch last night,thats fine. Me, I have being involved in so many events,marches, etc.I have seen and heard it all, believe me Sonja was nothing nothing compared to what I have witnessed 😉

    Sonja is all about herself,and has a high opinion of herself, but that part cracks me up “I’m the straw that stirs the drink”. Her being a Diva, big deal, they all have and will continue to have Diva moments. I know she has a heart because she was the ONLY one that showed any mercy to Kelly on ST John, she is the only one that got those women to shut up, and stop making fun out of her.

  15. Bryan said

    @14 Dy, I will take Sonja over Alex anytime, and if that drunken Kangaroo was in her ear during that march crap, I don’t blame her, who wants his hot booze stenched breath on their neck. She was obviously having a moment, and your right they all do.

  16. Dy said

    @15 Bryan

    I think that part, Simon in Sonja’s ear buzzing away being so rude and obnoxious pissed me off that most.I would have swatted that nat away so freakin fast, he would have fallen on his drunken ass. The lady said freakin No, LET IT GO!

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