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Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3 Airs May 16 plus SNEAK PEAK VIDEO!!

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 13, 2011


Bravo’s watercooler hit The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicks off the summer lineup on Monday, May 16, at 9/8 c with an extended 90-minute episode.  

Season 3 is all about family as Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo, and her sister-in-law, Jacqueline Laurita, all return and welcome new housewives Melissa Gorga, Teresa’s sister-in-law, and Kathy Wakile, Teresa’s first cousin. The drama picks up where last season left off when holidays are celebrated, children leave the nest and tensions run high between housewives.

I thought Ashley was not filming for season 3 so I guess I thought wrong.  This season looks like nothing but drama and they do show filming on the trip to the Dominican Republic so lets only pray we get some video of the bar fight.  I do not see Bravo editing that out since it could bring the show’s highest ratings.

Lets hope time flies to May 16 since I am full of anticipation and angst for this season to begin!

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga joins The Real Housewives of New Jersey for Season 3, but is already part of the family as her husband Joe is Teresa’s brother. Melissa is a sassy Italian who is known for her witty, fun, and loving personality. After graduating from New Jersey City University with a B.A. degree in education and psychology, she is now a stay at home mom whose life is all about her family. Melissa and Joe have been married for almost seven years and met while both were away on spring break in Cancun. They live in an ornate mansion that her husband, a successful real estate developer, built and Melissa decorated. Melissa and Joe have three beautiful children, Antonia, five, Gino, three, and Joey 11 months.


Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile is one of the new faces on Season 3 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but is no stranger to the cast as she is a first cousin with fellow Housewife, Teresa Giudice. Kathy resides in Wayne, New Jersey with her husband of more than 19 years, Rich, and their two children, Victoria, 17, and Joseph, 15. Kathy works hard to keep her family’s world in order and carefully monitors her children’s social lives. However she loves to party and have a good time. Whether Kathy is hosting a theme night with her girlfriends or celebrating Victoria’s Sweet 16 birthday party with belly dancers, Kathy and her family definitely live life to the fullest.


Vodpod videos no longer available.



16 Responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 3 Airs May 16 plus SNEAK PEAK VIDEO!!”

  1. BobLHead said

    Squeeeelllllll! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

  2. Bryan said

    Pizza and salad on premiere night!!!!

  3. Bryan said

    But I already miss Strega!!!! =(

  4. Dy said

    Freakin Thank God.. Love, Love, Love Jersey!!!

  5. BobLHead said

    Looking forward to those new chicks fling some poo at the APE for a change. Maybe flip a table on her or something?

  6. Dy said

    Oh it looks like Teresa will get some shit thrown at her no doubt, Bob..But nothing My Girl Teresa won’t be able to handle, nobody can flip a table or go off like Teresa. Love, Love, Love her, I have never changed my mind 🙂

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  8. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    wow….just wow…can’t wait,,,the tight family is coming apart

  9. Dy said

    Me too Olive..
    Love Jersey!! Got my eye on that Melissa though

  10. Bryan said

    Every time I ever see Mama Manzo on twitter she is going on and on about Agave nectar,

  11. Bryan said

    New Nickname, Melissa Gorgon why Gorgon, read this…………

    “GORGON”…..In Greek mythology, the Gorgon (plural: Gorgons) (Greek: Γοργών or Γοργώ Gorgon/Gorgo) was a terrifying female creature. It derives from the Greek word gorgós, which means “dreadful.” While descriptions of Gorgons vary across Greek literature, the term commonly refers to any of three sisters who had hair of living, venomous snakes, and a horrifying visage that turned those who beheld it to stone. Traditionally, while two of the Gorgons were immortal, Stheno and Euryale, their sister Medusa was not, and was slain by the mythical hero Perseus.

    Gorgons were a popular image of Greek mythology, appearing in the earliest of written records of Ancient Greek religious beliefs such as those of Homer. Because of their legendary gaze, images of the Gorgons were put upon objects and buildings for protection. For example, an image of a Gorgon holds the primary location at the pediment of the temple at Corfu. It is the oldest stone pediment in Greece and is dated to c. 600 BC.

  12. Dy said

    @11 Omg Bryan..I Love it!

  13. Bryan said

    @12 Dy , thanks Dy, I can see Tinsel cutting and pasting snakes to a photo right now

  14. Dy said

    @13 Bryan..Lol..

  15. Dy said

    @11 Bryan

    I was just gonna call her Messy..But your name for her is so much better, I known you would come up with a good one 🙂

  16. LWoo said

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! They look like the Munchichi dolls! LOL! I can’t hear it because I’m at work, but I’ll listen when I get home.

    Teresa looks great. Caroline looks the same, as does Jacqueline. WTF is up with Kathy’s eyes?!

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