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“Jill is her own worst enemy.”

Posted by tinselkitty on April 13, 2011

Ramona hit that one square on the nose, eh?

From Hollywood Life

Team Ramona slaps Team Jill: Ramona says Jill tweeted fans asking them to vote for her — and still lost! What a smack in the face!

The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer can’t believe that her co-star Jill Zarin requested a recount on a poll when fans voted Ramona more likeable than Jill!

“When we were walking the carpet for TV Land [on April 10], people mentioned it to me saying, ‘Did you know she demanded a recount?’” Ramona tells exclusively. “I said, ‘Are you kidding me? Why would she do that?’”

“And then I found out that she tweeted everybody to please vote for her,” Ramona says. “She’s tweeting all of her fan base to vote for her — and she still lost!”

Ramona says Jill brings trouble on herself. “Jill is her own worst enemy,” says Ramona. “She’s very competitive. She doesn’t know how to let things go.”

“Obviously she was the most disliked housewife last season because the way she treatedBethenny Frankel,” continues Ramona. “And she’s trying to redeem herself this year. But then her first episode, she’s nasty to Alex behind her back and to me. So why are people going to vote her?”

Ramona on the other hand doesn’t try to cover up her faults like Jill does. “I may not say the nicest things to you, but at least I’m not playing a game behind your back,” she says. “I admit, my mouth is sometimes unedited. I’m ramontional. I don’t think before I speak, but at least I tell you to your face.”

Jill “pretends she’s all nice, nice, but it’s all about Jillousy,” Ramona says. “She’s like a suicide bomber. She’ll self-destruct.”

Andy Cohen said we were going to have a little vote on Team Ramona or Team Jill,” remembers Ramona. “I just thought OK, very cute. Whatever the result is, it is. I’m not so competitive and so anxious to win that I’m going to start tweeting while I’m on with Andy. But she did, which I had no clue about. I had no clue that she was so upset with the results that she demanded a recount.”

I happened to be poking around Jill’s Twitter that night and she did have multiple tweets up asking folks to vote for her. The only one left today is this one –

Jill, why the delete? It’s normal to want to win a contest. Just admit it. Hey, look, that should be your new motto for awhile. Just admit it. I swear on all that is good and garlicky, it will work for you. Just admit it.



30 Responses to ““Jill is her own worst enemy.””

  1. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I can change,,I have…yep..when u call a recount over a stupid tv poll and on the blogs all the HW had good and bad comments and yours didn’t appear til later that day,,yeah Jill u changed..

    that comment about Alex being at that wedding and it was soabove her,,OMG,,,that has to be one of lines I will always identify with Jill ..along with I can’t talk..I don’t have my notes…if u were besties as u say,,why do u need notes to talk? ok that was last season,,letting it go,,I used to love Jill and wanted to try again,,but can’t so Jill…I’m sorry,,it can and will never be,,it’su not me,,,we;re done…lol

    I’m being silly,,hope no one thinks I take this seriously…
    Reality is Not Real..

  2. Dy said

    Queen B. Fans are never ever gonna let go of last season HWoNY, no matter what. Until The Yenta throws herself in front of traffic they won’t be happy.

  3. Bryan said

    Good Morning ALL

    Well big deal, they do that on American Idol and Dancing with the stars , so what, Dy your right all of this because of AssHat Frankel , “how dare she be mean to her” This is another one of the reasons why I cant stand that Skeletal harpy. Bitch has got to go!!

  4. Bryan said

    Olive, she was right about Alex, she is always right about Alex, LuAnne ( the mistress of fabulous) knows how to handle that Society asshole sucking trick. Sonja tossing her out with the garbage did it with style.

    Alex has got to go, especially for abusing her sons by naming them Robespierre and Pierpont ( I know its not their names but it not far off)

  5. You know what the worst part is about this, Bryan? I really think she still has a chance to get her fans back. America loves a good redemption story and she’s certainly got the platform to do it. If she’d just suck it up, listen to her PR peeps and do some serious self-reflection, I bet she could come back stronger than before. She just refuses to listen to what everyone is telling her. She’s got to stop telling people how they should feel.

  6. Dy said

    @3 Bryan

    In my opinion it’s freakin ridicules. Oy Enough!

    @4 I can’t wait for the whole thing to go down with Sonja, and then LuLu. I read that Simon and Alex are selling T shirts with the ” thug in a cocktail dress” logo on them for like 40.00..WT.. It isn’t even a funny line,(at least I don’t think it is) If this is true, do they really think people will buy these?? Oh wait I know who will buy them 😉

  7. Bryan said

    @6 Dy, I think Sonja should make up a T-shirt with Alex’s face on it and this saying..

    “A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
    And this one’ll talk ’til Her voice is hoarse. ”

    @5 Tinsel, is it worth it?, she does have fans, But I think your talking about the Bethenny Fans, they want her to commit some kind of Seppuku. She needs to shit or get off the fence, Embrace the bitch or not.

  8. Dy said

    @6 Tinsel

    I don’t believe that, people are taking this crap that happened with Queen B Too freakin seriously,and personally that even if the woman stuck needles in her eyes,and ripped out her tounge they would still want her to throw herself in front of traffic.. She apologized to the hilt on the reunion last year, cried over and over again, Bethenny accepted it,and called a end to the craziness with Andy, when he started reading more questions and crap..But that wasn’t enough..People were saying it wasn’t sincere enough WTF?? It was ok for Bethenny( on the reunion) but then what once she found out what the feed back was then she had to go and say ummm it wasn’t sincere Jill will never change..Thats bullshit, she kept the crap going when it all could have ended and should have..She wanted and still wants Jill hated..Sorry that is my opinion. No one has to agree

  9. Dy said

    @7 Bryan..Lol

  10. Dy said

    opps I meant @5 Tinsel, on my post @8

  11. Bryan said

    Someone on RT posted that Jill and Kelly are not “Mature” enough to be on a show like the housewives. LOL, I told them, if maturity was a pre-requisite most of them would not be on, and the shows would be no where as fun and train wreck.

  12. Dy said

    @11 true..
    I think so many people forget that these shows are for freakin entertainment, to get so wrapped up in the goofy ridicules stuff these these women say and do ( on or off tv) is freakin hysterical to me.

    RT Just posted the preview clip for the upcoming season of Jersey..Love Love Love it.

  13. Bryan said

    @12 Dy, oh my god I saw that, now remember when I made some crack about the Dominican republic and someone posted here how wrong I was about it and how fabulous it was….They may have some nice beaches, but alot of that still looked like a dump I would not want to go too. give me the Hawaiian islands anytime.

    Hey that Kathy Wilkie person, please she looks like that loud mouth mom from Jersey Couture, just a little thinner, and I see Madame Manzo is releasing her in inner tramp, she should hook up with Deputy Dog and Barnyard for a wild weekend in Cabo, at least it looked better in the DR.

    Where was Kim G, I mean some of them made her look like LuAnne!

  14. Dy said

    @13 Bryan..

    She does look like that Jersey Couture lady you are right, maybe they are related. I know she is Teresa’s first cousin..I don’t think that Melissa is so pretty, I remember when it was first rumored that she was going to be on, so many people were going on and on about how pretty she is..Sorry I don’t see it and I’ll tell you what..Teresa is much better looking with a better body. Also this Melissa is on my bad side from the get cause she started talking trash and crap on FB and twitter about Teresa,( she finally stopped when people were giving her crap about it) you don’t do that about family. Teresa never said shit about her and neither has that Kathy talked about Teresa. We’ll see about this chica.

  15. Bryan said

    @14 Dy looks like alot of fights already between family members and Caroline trying to keep things on an even keel, but I must say, one thing is missing.


  16. Dy said

    @15 Bryan..It looks like that from the previews.
    I’m talking about Melissa saying shit to the press and on twitter and fb. when the rumors came out that she was going to be on the show.. I have no respect for that shit, who the^&** was she anyway, she never would have been on the show if it weren’t for Teresa. And isn’t this Chica the same one that befriended the Strega? Thats what The Strega was saying all along and at the reunion last year..Yea, I got my eye on this chica..

  17. Dy said

    @13 Bryan

    Yea,I wonder if Kim G ( or as I like to refer to her as Geritol) will be on.. Oh she is a freakin hoot!, and the mouth on that chica..Holy Cannoli!

  18. Rosie said

    Hi guys!
    Lmao on the comments, especially Mr Ed, Bryan.

    I still don’t like Jill, but it’s not because of B. I think there is just something “rotten” inside of Jill. JMO 🙂

  19. Dy said

    @18 Rosie

    Ramona is my favorite, hands down from the first season. Lost my love for LuLu in the second season, but it is coming back, she still and always will have that passive aggressive way about her. Sonja I like. Alex works my nerves, always has.
    Jill does not bother me, she is a Yenta,and as the title of this article, her own worst enemy.

  20. Bryan said

    @18, Rosie, thanks, can’t you see the song being played in a video with the words and Alex’s disembodied head bouncing from word to word making the owie face everytime it hits a word.

  21. Bryan said

    That show needs Kim G, it needs a wealthy horny dowager keeping the new money in line and Kim G is the one!!!

  22. Rosie said

    Ramona is my favorite too.. And I do like Sonja also..
    I also like Lulu in general, if she keeps her passive agressive/school teacher act in check..
    Alex was totally annoying last week, I hope she cuts the attack dog bit. She’s awful at it! She never used to bother me, until she started doing that. I liked her better before..
    The Yenta… 😦

  23. Rosie said

    @20 Bryan..
    Love your characters!
    Vicky = Deputy Dog
    Alex = horse/any description of a horse
    Tamra = Barnyard
    B = Temple Beth Frankel
    Jill = Limon Zigra (?)

    Who did I forget, Bryan? Lmao

  24. Dy said

    @21 Bryan..
    She is a freakin hoot,and I for one hope she is on..She’s got that evil smirk going all the time, cracks me up!

    @22 Ro..
    Alex just works my nerve because she seems like she is always looking for a headache. I can’t take the “smell me” attitude..LuLu can at least pull that one off, Alex can’t. And another thing where the hell is her sense of humor?? One thing I do have to say is, she does have a heart, I have seen that.

  25. Bryan said

    @23 Rosie, yes Jill is Mrs Limon Zirga, ummm lets see who else…

    Strega = Danielle
    Temple Beth Frankel = Bethenny
    La Bruja = Elsa
    Wig = Kim Z
    Neigh Neigh = Nene
    Sonyak = Sonja

    and not to be left out

    Princess Cohen = Andy

  26. Bryan said

    @22, Rosie, I want Alex to keep acting up and “finding her voice” just so we get to see more of Lulu cutting her to the quick and Sonyak tossing her out of more functions,

    All the while this will be playing in the background soundtrack…….

  27. Rosie said

    @24 Dy
    Yes, she has a heart..

    @25 Bryan..
    I did get Temple Beth Frankel..
    But, how could I forget Neigh Neigh & Princess Cohen??? Lmao!

    Looks like Sonja and Lulu slice Alex up pretty good tomorrow

  28. Dy said

    Swear to God Bryan, LOL..You are too freakin funny for your own self

  29. Rosie said

    @26.. Ha!! Just saw the link. Lol.
    I actually remembered the words. 🙂

  30. Dy said

    Happy NY Day Everyone

    Can’t wait to see Sonja and Alex go at it..I hope they show( tonight) LuLu telling Alex about her Herman Munster shoes..Bwaaaah!

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