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Whoa, This Changes Everything!

Posted by tinselkitty on April 12, 2011

Well, maybe not everything, as I still find Jim particularly Neanderthalian in his demeanor. But if the Bellinos’ rule about no girls’ or guys’ nights out was set in place in anticipation of the chaos caused by a reality show, it gives me a whole new respect for Alexis. I’d love to know what the Bellinos’ other rules are.

From Zap2It


Guess who was on the “Dating On Reality TV” panel at the Reality Rocks Expo in Los Angeles Saturday (April 9)?



They’re not exactly dating, but they are carrying on a committed relationship on the marriage-killing Bravo series, “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”Jim and Alexis Bellino talked about how they stay together amid the pressures and temptations of being reality stars.

According to the couple, they did six months of couples therapy before they even signed the contracts to join the show, which Jim calls “preventative maintenance.”

“I think a lot of it is preventative maintenance and anticipating what’s coming,” he says. “I would never recommend anybody be on a reality show if you’re in a marriage. I mean if you think about it, three of the four married couples on the housewives are now divorced. We’re the only ones in the last few years who are married.”

Apparently, the world of reality TV (and its fans) do love themselves a breakup.

“We wanted to make sure that our foundation was strong enough that it can handle being rocked by every possible thing you can have thrown at you,” Alexis says. “And you do. Every temptation possible, every negativity possible, [Reality TV] wants to rip you apart. Not to mention that the producers would like that, because it makes the show’s ratings much better. I think we just stayed strong and true and we let each other be each other and we’re just trying to grow together through this instead of grow apart.”

In fact, the couple says they went into “Real Housewives” with several rules in place to avoid temptation and keep their bond strong.

“We had a contract between us and our therapist before we even started the show,” Jim explains. “And that was very important. We sat down and we wrote many rules.”

Here are just six of the rules the couple shared while on the panel:

1) If one of them doesn’t agree with something the producers have asked them to do, they won’t do it.

2) They don’t go to nightclubs without each other.

3) They won’t go out with anyone of the opposite sex (unless the person is Alexis’ gay assistant) without each other.

4) They don’t respond to Facebook friend requests from people of the opposite sex.

5) They know each other’s passwords on everything, including Facebook, Twitter and cell phones.

6) They won’t go out on a “girls night out” or a “guys out night.”




11 Responses to “Whoa, This Changes Everything!”

  1. Dani said

    And yet he disrespects his wife in so many small ways and from what is shown on TV, he is a crappy father too. JMO.

  2. Leigh said

    @Dani AMEN!

  3. Wildheart said

    I agree with Dani. In addition, he is a hypocritical, controlling, slimy pig. That is all.

  4. Yep, Jim is either a jerk or has pissed off the Bravo crew to no end and is getting his payback via Alexis’ storyline. So either way, a jerk. I’m just surprised out of all the people that have been on Real Housewives, these two seem to be the only ones who thought it through before going ahead with it. Sure, the first few seasons’ full of ladies didn’t know what was ahead of them, but no one in the last couple of years can lay claim to ignorance.

    Alexis’ personality intrigues me more this year as I wonder how much of her piety last year was due to Jim’s constant presence. Without him hovering, she’s much more relaxed.

  5. Bryan said

    Reguardless of who if came from, those are six smart rules to follow when doing this nonsense.

  6. LWoo said

    I HATE saying this: but it was smart of them (geez, my fingers hurt typing that) to come up with rules and get counselling before signing the contract. I think that was important. (God, that hurt!)

    To make myself feel better: I can’t stand Alexis and her husband. “God first, marriage second, kids last…” um….what?! A person who always has God First doesn’t have to SAY that God is first! It’s just a given. And the kids are first in line before the hubby! When you have kids, you live for THEM.

  7. Dy said

    Bryan and LWoo..I agree with you both.

    I’m not crazy about AlexAss or JimSlob, but their marriage seems to work for them,and they seem to work on it.

  8. @tweatcyn said

    Alexis has broken rule #6 several times this season already. She has gone out on many girls nights out without Jimbo.

  9. LWoo said

    @ 8 Tweat: Indeed she has. But I think Jim stays away because he doesn’t want to be deemed as another Simon. Who wants their friend’s hubby to come hang out on girl’s night out? I went out on Friday for the same thing and one of the girls looked at me cross-eyed when she found out that I’m taken. I told her, “Girl, he goes out with the fellas and I can go out with the girls! We have our own lives beside each other.”

    Then we get together and gossip about what our friends did on those nights! LOL!

    Didn’t Jim meet them somewhere, though? They went to an island or something like that and he met them?

  10. G-sus said

    I think it is smart for them to get preventative therapy especially given the statistics, but the rules, really? I think #1 is smart but to me the others show either a lack of trust or insecurity.
    My thinking on Jim is that he has found a way to be a sexist pig under the guise of religion.

  11. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    Amen G-Sus! He is soooo controlling,,,and so condescending…

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