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Watch What Happens Live with Peggy and Jay Recap AND After Show

Posted by ImaJustSaying on April 12, 2011

Who besides me wants to see Jay Morh on WWHL more often?  Jay was hysterical Sunday night and I can’t believe a straight man knows as much about the housewives as I do!   I actually think Jay watches Housewives just to get material for his act because it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Joy even points out how Alexis throws Peggy under the bus for saying that she went to the wrong doctor after viewing the results.  LMAOO  I WANT MORE JAY ON BRAVO!!!

Jay imitating Tracy Morgan acting in a scene of Real Housewives?  Now I want Tracy AND Jay on Bravo!!

The Vicky montage was funny.  How does Vicky not get how inappropriate she is?  Who actually has no clue on office interaction behavior and is even willing to film it?  Vicky that’s who.   Vicky actually scares Jay because of Vicky asking her kids if her friends are proud of her.  Vicky is totally creeping out Jay and thank you Jay for saying what Andy wont!

All the talk about Peggy’s boobs is really boring me and I want Peggy to shut up so it gives more time for Jay..  WHAT THE BOOB!!?!?!?!?


Jay’s analysis and impersonation of Jill was funny.  His Christopher Walken voice is amazing..  I want to party with this guy!

I am so glad Jay’s wife gave Andy that whistle.  It is so necessary especially at the reunions. 

Did anyone else notice Peggy’s hand during the boob game??  She has creepy long fingers and she likes to wave them and snap them ALOT.   Those hands wrapped around her husbands.. er um.. bum gives me the jeepers creepers..  

Poll Results:  Who deserves a spanking? 

Vicky – 29%
Alexis – 27%
Tamra – 21%
Gretchin – 21%
Peggy – 2%

 After Show video’s below
Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


8 Responses to “Watch What Happens Live with Peggy and Jay Recap AND After Show”

  1. Wildheart said

    Jay was so darn funny! They should make him the cohost. The way he razzed Andy about staring at Peggy’s twins was hysterical!

  2. Dy said

    Jay had me laughing my ass off..I would love to see him on WWHL, more

  3. do you know of any android app which will update me everytime you do a new post?

  4. Leigh said

    All I could think about was Jay’s wife Nikki Cox..She was a beautiful young woman and then had plastic surgery! Heartbreaking!!!!

  5. Leigh did you see Jay trying to avoid staring at Peggy’s rack at all costs!! lmaoo yeah.. Nikki Cox really over did it in the plastics department. such a shame..

  6. Dy said

    Isn’t Jay’s wife Nikki a big fan of the Housewives,and thats how he got hooked? Did I read that or did he say that?

  7. Say WHATTTT ! said

    Did Nikki lips get stung from a Puffer fish????? Holy Shite!!

  8. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    I just told my boyfriend I hope Jay does Walken and he did,,,this guy cracks me up,,he was great on SNL…he had a recurring Walken scetch…

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