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Boo Hoo, Jill Zarin Blocked Me :(

Posted by tinselkitty on April 12, 2011

Tinselkitty’s in the big leagues, now, bitches! Jill Zarin’s done blocked me because of this tweet. And here I was trying to do something nice and offer some free advice. I wasn’t even being sarcastic, I really think it’d help her. Everything she does pisses people off, so the obvious course of action is to either quit doing anything all or do the opposite of her first idea. Or, you know, stop caring and roll with it, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Whatevs.

So what does this mean? As far as I can tell, not a damn thing other than now I know Jill saw my little ol’ tweet. I can still watch her twitstream and I can still say whatever I want about her. The only difference is that now I’ve been officially stamped Housewife Certified! Yee haw, I’m off to celebrate!

PS to Jill – I totally think you had some sort of plastic surgery done and when I figure it out, I’m totally posting that shit. My guess is a nose job, in Australia or Aruba, with a dull scalpel. You probably should have gone to Alexis’ doc, too. Colonel Mustard ain’t got nothing on me. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t have given a rat’s ass if you did if you hadn’t lied about it. For shit’s sake, Jill Zarin, at least learn from your damn mistakes.



27 Responses to “Boo Hoo, Jill Zarin Blocked Me :(”

  1. Bryan said

    You can always go to her website and leave messages there.

    • I’ve heard her PR peeps are all over her site scrubbing it of any nastiness almost as soon as it appears. Besides, that’s too much work for me. I can just sit here and bash her all day long.

      • I’m finally watching WWHL with Jay and I have to say, Peggy’s twins are absolutely NOT identical. She got way too much volume in her left one. She needs to have that sucker deflated a bit.

  2. G-sus said

    According to her radio interview today, you can sign up on her website to be a Superfan and get her EXCLUSIVE newsletter that includes what she really thinks about the episodes as they appear, the Bravo blog is just a beard. You can also join one of her Ustreams? What is that? Sounds like a urinary problem. But only, and she means only, if you are a Superfan. I say go for it, TK. Better you than me.

    • G-sus, if you go check out Jill’s Twitters, you’ll see several where she’s begging people to get online and chat with her when she does those Ustream things. It’s quite funny, actually. Now that I’ve been officially Jilled, maybe I’ll post those suckers over here, too.

  3. Bryan said

    Yeah TK do it, do it!!!!!!!

  4. Dy said

    I can see Jill or any of these other Houseswives or Bravolebrities blocking people when they say nasty ugly things to them or about their families, harass them or bully them. But what you said Tinsel wasn’t bad or mean.
    Btw..I don’t think she had any plastic surgery done, maybe fillers, injections, but no cutting.And if she did I could care less.

  5. @tweatcyn said

    The opposites tactic worked wonders for George Castanza. Shrill should try it.PS, Jill’s Fan blog is printed in it’s entirety in I Hate Jill Zarin Blog.

  6. G-sus said

    @ TK No doubt Jill has her PR team working overtime. I wonder how much she and Bobby shell out for all of this. I suppose they look at it as an advertising expense. It seems sketchy to me judging from all the pro comments over on Bravo (almost 100% pro-Jill) and that whole WWHL poll fiasco.
    I find it really funny that she immediately questioned the WWHL poll. Really? How did you know the numbers weren’t correct unless you had people working overtime to sway the numbers? She really can’t be that delusional to think that the majority of viewers are Team Jill. Especially when paired against Ramona. Now if it were Jill v. Alex, the numbers may be more 50-50.

  7. G-sus said

    @ Tweatcyn, Oh my, don’t let Zarin know, it’s for EXCLUSIVE superfans only. She may wake her lawyers over that one.

  8. G-sus said

    Shhh, no sudden movements.

  9. G-sus said

    Better watch out TK, just as you possess the power of Woogle, Jill probably has the power of Joogle on her side. My guess is that she is staring at you outside your window as we speak.

    • Okay, G-sus, Joogle made me LOL. The woogle is still better, though, because it understands the value in keeping information free and flowing and not censoring the stuff you don’t want to hear. People that surround themselves with yes peeps end up with a fatally flawed sense of reality.

  10. Bryan said

    Its called Jill Zarin’s purity control, “The body must not be tainted with evil!!!”

  11. Dy said

    Oy, Oy, Oy…

  12. G-sus said

    Yeah, no matter how big her PR machine is, or how big of a bubble she surrounds herself with, that mouth will always give her true personality away. But to her credit, she does get us talking about her. I guess it is like that saying goes, no such thing as bad publicity.

  13. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    even on the Bravo site,,after the blogs ..all of the HW’s had comments,,not Jill,,zero,,nada,,then in the afternoon,,she had double digit comments…all rainbows and puppy dog tails,,,

    I have changed,,I can change,,,how many times have we heard that? Sorry,,,she just can’t help herself,,and people want to buy a self help book from this wench???? Ok,,calm down Olive,,,it’s only a tv show,,,,,
    I agree with Bryan “do it,,,do it”…lol

  14. BobLHead said

    OH TK, I’m so going to follow you on twitter, and repost that comment to Jill Zarin again! Teehee! I want to get Jilled.

  15. BobLHead said

    I’m a twidiot! How can you tell if you’ve been blocked?

    • BobL, I’m not sure if it’s the only way to do it but I had been following Jill and then she wasn’t in my list anymore. So I did a search for her and hit the follow button and it changes for a second to the green you get when you’re following someone but then flips right back to the grey follow. There might be a notice somewhere that tells you but I don’t tweet enough to be a SME.

  16. Bryan said

    We should all repost that comment to Mrs Limon Zirga, how dare she block you for offering good advice, please, look what she was wearing on Rumpus Room Live, gack!!!!

  17. LWoo said


  18. BobLHead said

    Bitch already blocked me!!!! I’ve been Jilled!

  19. Olive the Other Reindeer said

    BobL..u are my hero

  20. BobLHead said

    Awww….love you Olive!

  21. Bryan said

    A look into the future of Mrs Limon Zirga………… she diets………….

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