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“The View” Watch Recap 4/11/2011

Posted by stacee1 on April 11, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hosts at the table: Whoopi, Joy, Sherri, Elisabeth, Barbara

The first topic of the day was Barbara helping honor Regis Philbin at the TV Land Award Show last night. She was the presenter of the award. She also mentioned she saw Bill Cosby there, as well as the other actors from The Cosby Show.She talked about how he joked that he was disturbed to see Keisha Knight Pulham (“Rudy”) drinking champaigne.

Next topic was the Royal Wedding and how she will be reporting it. Apparently it’s being said that this will be a “knees up” event. Barb looked it up and apparently it means to engage in boisterous dancing. But what was reall annoying was Barb reading the definition using an English accent.

Sherri went to see Chalie Sheen at Radio City Music Hall last Friday. She said he was saying pretty much the same thing he’s ranted the past few weeks. Sherri also said he received a lot of boos. She described him as being “all over the place”. She showed reactions before the show where some said they came to see a trainwreck.

After break, they discussed last night’s Celebrity Apprentice episode where NeNe Leaks started arguing with LaToya Jackson. She told LaToya the only reason she’s gotten this far is because of her last name. Joy said NeNe has fights with everybody but agreed that LaToya did not deserve to win the reward with the rest of the group. Sherri said she liked that LaToya kept her composure.

They then discussed Sarah Palin, who has flip flopped and now jumped on the birther wagon with Donald Trump. Palin had initially called it a distraction but is now lauding Trump’s activities. Hasselbeck also called this a distraction and said to focus on the economy (which is something the JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! GOP seems to not be willing to do) Sherri wonders where Palin stands and if she will run for president. Barbara said there is no serious candidates on the Republican candidate. Hasselbeck then went to bat for Mitt Romney, saying he has a natural talent for fixing the economy.

Pia Toscano was voted of American Idol, something Joy found objectional. She said Pia is very talented and had the whole packaging going on. Sherri thinks the Idol judges compliment the contestants too much and that it lulls them into a false sense of security. Barbara said the judges give their opinion but the viewers decide who stays and who goes.

A woman wrote to New York Times asking whether she should take her young child to a wedding. The response she received was she should ask the bride and groom. Sherri, who is getting married later this year, said she’s not allowing kids at her wedding – except Jeffrey, who is walking her down the aisle. Barbara said it’s the bride and groom’s day.

The first guests to appear were Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant. Felicity Huffman is a film, stage, and television actress. She is known for her role as executive producer Dana Whitaker on the ABC television show Sports Night (1998—2000), which earned her an Golden Globe Award nomination, and as hectic supermom Lynette Scavo on the ABC show Desperate Housewives (2004—present), which has earned her an Emmy Award. Douglas Peter “Doug” Savant (born June 21, 1964) is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as Matt Fielding on Melrose Place. He currently plays Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives. Addressing the rumor that the show producer is planning to end the show after two more seasons, Felicity said she has not heard anything about that. Doug thinks the contracts end in two years but thinks the show should go on forever.
Felicity and Doug play a married couple on the Desperate Houswives. Though their character have fought about almost everything on the show, Felicity believe marriages are fragile and can break quickly. When asked if both of their (real life) marriages were okay, they both kinda looked at her like why would we tell the audience it was in trouble. Doug then joked that his marriage is all going south right now.
They then discussed the new storyline on the show, where Doug is getting paid a lot of money at his job. Felicity called it a new dynamic for “Tom”, saying he’s spending a lot of time at the office now.
“Desperate Housewives” airs Sunday on ABC.

The final guest to appear was Ashley Tisdale. Ashley is an actress and singer who rose to prominence portraying the candy-counter girl Maddie Fitzpatrick in Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and the female antagonist Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical film series. In 2009, she was cast in her first major broadcast role in The CW’s television series Hellcats as Savannah Monroe, an intense and very religious cheerleader. She said her sister is a cheerleader through college and does certain stunts on the show. Ashley discussed the success of High School Musical and her cute little dog.
Ashley’s new movie is called “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”. It is an upcoming direct-to video film and High School Musical spin-off following Sharpay Evans’ life after graduation trying to get a role in a Broadway show. Ashley said she read the script and fell in love with it.
“Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure” is scheduled to be released as a Blu-ray and DVD combination pack on April 19, 2011.

That concludes today’s show. Have a great day!


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